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Anyone using Xero with ecommerce?

Started by Aaron Spence -   in Small Business

Is anyone using Xero with their e-commerce business. I am in the processing of setting up a web business and would appreciate opinions on what services I should be using. There are so many options, it is difficult to know where to start.

We run a Magento store and an eBay store and have just started using Xero.

Magento integrates via an extension called Fooman Connect, and eBay can integrate via OneSaas - but it has no functionality to separate sales to UK/EU and ROW as they have different tax rules.

In terms of ecommerce functionality - Magento is the leader right now.

We use PayPal for payment processing - which integrates quite nicely with Xero as well.

Hope that helps, let me know if you want any more info.

Fergus Macdonald  

You may've seen the e-commerce partners we have on our Add-ons page - will leave it up to those using them to tell you about their experiences and recommendations.

Catherine Walker (Community Manager)  

I have noticed a lot of businesses are using or switching to Magento, but I was wondering what people think of Shopify v Magento? I thought Shopify would be at least as popular as Magento due to it's ease of use... any ideas?

Tina Kaye  

I know a lot about Magento, but not much about Shopify. As far as I'm aware, Shopify is a competitor to Magento Go, rather than the self-hosted Magento variants. IE Shopify and Magento Go are hosted on their servers, so you just create an account and start selling.

Regular Magento is a self-hosted solution so you download it, install it on your server and then start selling. More complicated, but hugely more customisable.

Fergus Macdonald  

I have decided to go with Shopify. I trialled MagentoGo and while it is very powerful and full of features, I think you really need to be a web designer to get anything out of it. Shopify is a lot simpler to set up and still has plenty of customisations and applications available.

Aaron Spence  

Thanks Fergus and Aaron for your comments. I have been curious about this for ages... I think I'm getting a handle on the difference. Good luck with it Aaron.

Tina Kaye  

Aaron, I am using shopify for one of our Divisions and thinking of getting xero. How does the link work for you? Do you know if Xero can link to 2 seperate shopify websites as we have 2 divisions under one legal company?

Catherine Milne  

We've been using Xero successfully for a while now but 3 months ago we ran into a huge problem when it reached it's limit on PayPal transactions. We're now left with alot of information in Xero and no option to grow any further with Xero.

I would avoid Xero if you intend on doing over 200 sales/day on eBay.

Catherine Temple  

Hi, Neto offer a fully integrated ecommerce solution for Xero. You can find out more about this integration here: http://docs.neto.com.au/xero-ecommerce-website-integration

For those running an inventory or stock based business we also integrate with Unleashed to deliver a complete end-to-end solution for serious online retail or wholesale. See here: http://docs.neto.com.au/unleashed-ecommerce-software

Ryan Murtagh  

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Vijay Khandekar