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Budget Manager - Show running totals and actuals

Started by David Tyler in Feature Requests | Idea


I know that with the budget manager you can export to google docs or excel to perform additional analysis, but something I would find really useful would be to have running totals and actuals displayed in one place. For example, we've got regular income from a contract and every month I'd like to assign money to different accounts such as training or equipment purchases. I know that by the summer time I'd like to have enough set aside in the training budget to pay for a couple of courses. At the same time I want to put money away for some new equipment that I know is going to be released by the manufacturer in the autumn.

At the moment, I can put together the budget in Xero, but to be able to see how much I've got in each category month to month, I need to export to excel and add the formulas in manually. Likewise, when I want to plug in the actuals and see what impact that's had on my budget plan for categories where I'll be making purchases in 6 months time, I need to do that in Excel.

A product I've been using extensively for my personal finances is YNAB (You Need A Budget), which has a fantastic budget manager. It is more focussed on personal finance and so it does lack some of the budget variance reporting but it does handle everything else fatastically.

Is there a chance features like this will make it into the budget manager in Xero?

Official Xero Reply
We know there's a lot of work needing to be done with the Budget Manager, but isn't likely to happen for some time. We're currently rewriting our reporting framework and updating reports as we go, but our first priority is the financial reports, then contact reports. Later on down the track we'll be able to look into the Budget Manger to make it a much more useful report!

Brittany H (Community Manager)