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Show running totals and actuals in Budget Manager

Started by David Tyler -   in Feature Requests | Submitted


I know that with the budget manager you can export to google docs or excel to perform additional analysis, but something I would find really useful would be to have running totals and actuals displayed in one place. For example, we've got regular income from a contract and every month I'd like to assign money to different accounts such as training or equipment purchases. I know that by the summer time I'd like to have enough set aside in the training budget to pay for a couple of courses. At the same time I want to put money away for some new equipment that I know is going to be released by the manufacturer in the autumn.

At the moment, I can put together the budget in Xero, but to be able to see how much I've got in each category month to month, I need to export to excel and add the formulas in manually. Likewise, when I want to plug in the actuals and see what impact that's had on my budget plan for categories where I'll be making purchases in 6 months time, I need to do that in Excel.

A product I've been using extensively for my personal finances is YNAB (You Need A Budget), which has a fantastic budget manager. It is more focussed on personal finance and so it does lack some of the budget variance reporting but it does handle everything else fatastically.

Is there a chance features like this will make it into the budget manager in Xero?

We are definitely giving budget manager some love this year - thanks so much for sharing what you need - the team will certainly take a look.

Catherine Walker (Community Manager)  

I think this definitely needs some improvements. It would be great to be able to set a budget down to the tracking category level which means you could then track budget/actuals to projects etc.

Mark Lawton  

Yes I would love it if you could have a budget by tracking category! Please can you let me know when this is likely to happen? Thanks

Lauren Smith  

Please give the budget tracking implementation urgent attention - urgently needed now we start a new year.

Pauline Vella  

I agree this should be given urgent attention. Very frustrating to be able to track by category but not to be able to budget by category. Makes monitoring department budgets very difficult

Dawn Engelbrecht  

Merged: Tracking and Budgets

Can you advise when you will have budgets apply to tracking. Theres limited value in having tracking on actual data to see how u are going if there is no budget to compare.

John Horn  

I would like to see this feature as well. This would benefit a client I've started working with.

Jody Seibert  

Last month we released export-import of budgets in Xero (see a video here or export/import help here) and we have tracking up as the next improvement to make to budgets, not sure of the release date yet.

Catherine Walker (Community Manager)  

This is great news Catherine. We really need to be able to track actual to budget for our tracking elements.

Berend Van Aswegen  

And from today you can now budget on your tracking categories! Check out the blog for details and other features released today.

Catherine Walker (Community Manager)  

Still needs a budget vs actual - variance report

Simon Jenner