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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Payments

4.7 out of 5 stars
Based on 18 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Veem, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Veem

Whether you pay Vendors in US dollars or foreign currencies, Veem makes it easy to pay global suppliers for Xero users and accounting professionals. For more information, check out Veem.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Veem, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.
For general support, check out the Veem support centre or email clientservices@veem.com.

I thought this was going to save time, but it's been nothing but a headache.

1: When you connect Veem to Xero it takes up your Credit Card payment link spot, so if you want to offer your customers an ACH option and a Credit Card option on the same invoice, tough - you can't do it. I called.

2: It charges your customers $1 to pay their invoices. Maybe your clientele is fine with this, mine is not and they were not upfront about this fee when we signed up.

3: If you want to send payment to your vendors it is not as easy as putting in their bank info and sending the payment. The vendor has to be willing to make a Veem account and accept their payment. Our vendors just aren't interested in doing business this way.

This probably works well in some industries but it doesn't fit ours at all sadly. That said, I am at least glad I'm not out any money for giving it a try - just a lot of time getting it set up.

Megan Shell  

Paying our contractors (US and abroad) and vendor is a snap now, once we create them in Xero, payment is few clicks away. Our contractors are happy with Veem too, as the money go directly to their local bank account, on time, in their local currency after exchange at fair/competitive exchange rates.

Mohamad EL-Bawab  

Great application -easy to use. Notifications to those receiving payment are clear.

Allison Hawkins  

I absolutely LOVE VEEM for my company and my clients. The $0 fees is a no-brainer. However, the sync between Veem and Xero is seamless. After using other platforms and dealing with the headache of sync errors and other system limitations, I cannot recommend VEEM enough. The only thing I wish they had was a dedicated email where my vendors could send their bills directly.

Melissa Diaz  

I've been using Veem for about 18 months now and I LOVE it - not just for my business but I now also have the majority of my clients happily using it as well for their invoicing and bill payments. We have saved them a fortunate in wire charges and exchange rate losses!

Jackie Anthon  

We've been using Veem for about a year now and love it. After encouraging our partners to use Veem they've also found it really useful and now we have a nice payment ecosystem amongst us.

Brad Young  

Been using the Veem payment app to pay our contractors for several months. Once I get an invoice loaded into Xero, it is almost instantly there in Veem to effect the payment. Saves me a lot of time.

Dave Gran  

Superb payment app

Christopher Terrell  

The functionality of the app sold itself, super easy to use and extremely affordable (free). However the real win for Veem is their customer support - one of the best out of any of the apps we use!

Catherine Fogarty  

This is great. It is very quick to add invoices from Xero, and once your vendor sets up the accounts repeat payments are quick and effortless. I primarily moved to Veem to save on wire transfer costs ($25 every time) and effort - it is just a click now. And my vendors are happy too, as they can opt to receive in USD or local currency depending on who is giving them a better rate - Veem or their local bank.

Nava Rangasamy  

I haven't been using it for long, but Veem appears to be a super-simple way to send money to people. They've also created a simple integration with Xero (where we do accounting), allowing us to quickly pay outstanding bills that have been previously recorded in Xero with one click from in Veem.

Haakon Faste  

In addition to a user-friendly interface and exceptional support, Veem actually solved a problem my clients were facing on a daily basis. They needed to make fast international payments without huge wire fees, and Veem has proven to deliver that solution. It takes me about 1/4 the time I used to spend setting up wires, and I haven't had to spend any time thinking about the integration with Xero, which is exactly what I want in my Xero apps!

Jillian Plank  

Great app! We are always looking to improve payment entry time and integration quality. Veem provides both. An amazing solution for International Wires especially. Love the offering and looking forward to seeing the product evolve even more!

Slava Heretz  

As they say, "Time is money," and VEEM has allowed me to save time and save money! As a small business owner, Veem has been very helpful in streamlining my payments to subcontractors (domestically and internationally) and receiving payments from clients without having to pay wire fees. Brilliant! I recently connected Veem to Xero and now all my invoices and receivables can managed in one place too. Phew. I highly recommend Veem. Finally, something easy to understand and use. Give it a try!

Scott & Kate Hornsby  

Veem has been the best payment site out there to pay our company, MBSATA's International and domestic clients. It's very direct and simple to operate and our vendors seem to love the straight forwardness of just entering their bank info once and then future payments automatically go into their accounts. I love the integration between Xero and Veem. All you have to do is have the basic information down in Xero and it automatically syncs into veem. You then just enter which invoice you'd like to get pay in Veem and it automatically shows the invoice as paid in Xero. Veem also tracks the process of the payment from pending payment to completion so you can see status updates to make sure the transaction is a success every step of the way. It's great, and lets not forget to mention No Fees! I would highly recommend Veem to anyone!

Abby Rowzee  

Veem has been a great addition to our firm here at MBS Accounting Technology & Advisory. It's allowed us to smoothly pay our vendors, both domestic and international, through the app with a great integration to Xero while also keeping costs down.

Julie Hongkham  

MBS Accounting Technology & Advisory has been recommending Veem to our clients since we first found it. It is technologically on the cutting edge of the new paradigm in FinTech.

They have been incredible with customer support for us and for our clients.

It integrates with Xero and has allowed us to provide a seamless experience for our clients with international operations and payments.

Mark Gilbert  

I have used Veem now for several customers and I'm able to make payments globally for fraction of the price of competitors! The sync to Xero is instant and you can pay your AP very fast. If electronic payments is your primary method for paying vendors and other bills then Veem is perfect for you!

Nicholas Bird  

I totally agree with Brad. I've been using Veem since February, and from the very beginning, as impressive as are the no-fee transfers, that's second to their customer support: doggedly determined to solve any issue in a very timely manner. On top of that, their recent integration with Xero makes paying bills a breeze, whether to vendors in or outside of the U.S. Considering that I process ~10 or more bills/day, the time savings are significant.

Paul Hedquist  

Honestly I can't say enough good things about Veem. I can now upload my invoices into Xero, have them synced into Veem when I log in, and pay them within seconds. Not to mention NO fees!!! If that's not enough, the customer support has been second to none. Highly recommend giving it a try :)

Brad Schroeder