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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Reporting

5 out of 5 stars
Based on 35 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and BeanBox, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About BeanBox

Do you use Xero repeating invoices? BeanBox gives you instant forecasts of your repeating income for the next 12 months. Quick 2 min setup.
For more information, check out BeanBox.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with BeanBox, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.
For general support, check out the BeanBox support centre or contact support@beanbox.app

Please note, this app was formerly known as DonkeyBean
Great app - very handy for tracking recurring invoice revenue.

Elle Gerrand  

If you need reports based on un-posted repeating invoices - this is a great tool

Lora Johnson  

Very useful and makes data analysis much easier. Worth the money

Michael Richardson  

Beanbox is amazing and very affordable. If you have recurring invoicing and you're focusing on building your recurring revenue, you really cant go without it.

Ryan Furtner  

BeanBox has saved us hours of spreadsheet work which leads to inaccuracies. We can now forecast our repeating revenue with ease and it's so easy to use. We send out our reports using the data from BeanBox on a monthly basis.
It's very annoying that Xero doesn't do this automatically however this is a brilliant alternative.
I would recommend this to anyone.

Nishal Shah  

The software is easy to use and is fantastic for helping me plan my cashflow. I love that I can view my recurring invoices based on account codes and also as a customer list! Highly recommended.

Lenah Oduor  

Beanbox is a fantastic tool to assist in planning cashflow and determining if the business is moving in the right direction, as our repeating invoices are the base of the business.
Their support has been timely, helpful and supportive

Carl Huybers  

Absolutely brilliant. Support is excellent and they are constantly improving an already great system.

Darren Westall  

Beanbox is fabulous, super for getting some quick metrics, such as repeating invoices yet to be sent in the month

John Southall  

What a revelation. 70% of my invoices are monthly repeating software subscription invoices and BeanBox helps me understand and predict future cashflow for inclusion in our Cashflow reporting app.

Definitely recommend!

Paul Barnes  

Beanbox works well with our business, 99% of what we invoice is recurring and BeanBox helps us to see easily how our business is performing.

I look forward to future updates and new feature.

Elliot Borst  

As a SaaS company, this app is gold. We have a simple view of our renewal invoices and it is fully automated.

Highly recommended.

Patrick O'Connor  

Nice app that allows us to forecast a year ahead. We download the forecasts and share them with our accountant who can't seem to produce these reports for us!

Arno Joubert  

How did it take me so long to find this??

DB - you have saved my life............!

Awesome, awesome, awesome - we live & breathe repeating invoices so an absolute pain when working within Xero natively!

Giles Davis  

Beanbox is a great little app that does exactly what it says. Very easy to forecast if your income is mainly a 'drip'. Nice interface too!

Brent Morrison  

Beanbox saves us HOURS every month, every quarter. Our revenue is 90% repeating invoices and this app provides complete visibility to our revenue stream in upcoming months. As other reviewers have mentioned, I'm surprised this isn't a Xero core feature. Josh and his team to the rescue :-)

John Porten  

Love BeanBox, we have clients on Xero who are constantly asking us about their recurring invoices in Xero and there is just no reporting on it whatsoever which is ridiculous. But now we have BeanBox this isn't a problem.
Highly recommended.

Faye Dexter  

It was just wonderful to find Beanbox. We have a caravan storage yard and all invoicing is monthly repeating invoicing. We start invoicing from the day that the customer stores the caravan - not from 1st of the month. It was incredibly difficult to predict cash flow before Josh came along with this great App. I battled with inadequate reports and customers that come and go when trying to forecast out of Xero. God Bless Josh I reckon!

Alison Knibbs  

Great little app that addresses a glaringly obvious flaw within Xero. Highly recommended!

James Kay  

Donkey Bean has been amazing for our business so that we can accurately create forecasts of our recurring invoices. Xero does not enable export of recurring invoices which has proved very cumbersome when I try to forecast where cash will be coming from in 1, 3 and 12 months time. With one click of a button Donkey Bean automates this otherwise very manual job. Next Job for Josh is revenue recognition! :) Great Job Donkey Bean - highly recommend.
Fiona Tod
CFO Sine Group

Fiona Tod  

The only third party vendor that actually provides this data. Others purport to be forecasting providers but STILL don't include this data - excellent App!

Paul Ingram  

I like it a lot! great for my cashflow reporting

Christine Hills  

So delighted to have found this app. We have had clients asking how to forecast their repeating invoices and of course we want that capability as well for our own repeating invoices. It does what it says on the tin and more. Recommending it to everyone!

Penny Rowden  

Xero, please buy this so Josh and his team can develop more stuff for Xero users.

Donkey Bean is memorably named and works as explained.

Justin Prusiensky  

Does exactly what it says it does. Brilliant and useful simplicity. Wondered why your revenue had dropped then realised that some repeating invoices had expired? Not anymore! Get ahead with Donkeybean. Forecasting and analysing recurring revenue is a breeze.

Mark Drage  

Hi Josh

Just wanted to say that I have had a quick look around and it is EXACTLY what we need and have been looking for for 3 years

Thanks for building this!


Adam Maurice  

Looks great and gives a good overview of our current and future recurring revenue. The facility to drill into the account breakdown and the ability to edit the recurring invoice directly in Xero is really useful.

Martin Parkinson  

I Love DonkeyBean. It makes my forecasting a breeze and has helped hugely if I forget to set up a recurring invoice. I can download them all into excel and filter on the type to check everyone is paying the right amount and I have not missed anyone. Brilliant!

Jon Hassett  

So far so good! Very interesting to check the profile of each customers billing future and spot any upcoming issues.

Samuel Hields  

Excellent addition to Xero and something that should be included in the core product. Thankfully we found DonkeyBean (strange name thou) and have never looked back.

Would definitely say this is a must have add-on to anyone using recurring invoices in Xero.

Well done Josh and the Team. :-)

Paul Hampson  

We make extensive use of repeating invoices and absolutely must have detailed reporting on them. Xero really dropped the ball on that capability. DonkeyBean came to the rescue, thank goodness. Excellent implementation that we could not live without!!

Kevin Anderson  

A huge time saver for calculating future revenue from repeating invoices. DonkeyBean also does a good job with multi-currency repeating invoices.

Jaimie Blandford  

Absolutely essential for any business with a lot of income dependent on repeating invoices. DonkeyBean helps us to forecast our repeating income and client payment plans accurately so we can budget for what new sales we need to achieve in upcoming months.

Scott Maynard  

Moving from complicated (needed to be regularly & manually updated) Excel spreadsheets required to produce monthly forecasts, to one-click updates, is like going from dial-up to Ultra Fast.

DonkeyBean users will, I'm sure, wonder how they ever managed without DonkeyBean on their team.

The easy-to-afford subscription is worth its weight in gold many times over for ease of use and power of information it generates.

Thanks Josh and the team at DonkeyBean!

Julie South  

To be honest, I'm surprised that Xero doesn't do this.... it's so critical to our business! DonkeyBean fills the gap nicely. Shows all the information we require and in a format that not only looks good, but provides the information in a clear and concise manner. Don't know what we'd do without it!

Highly recommended!

David Nicholls  

Copy, paste and excel, and it’d only ever give us a month ahead! Barring complex API programming proper forecasting was impossible before DonkeyBean came along with the solution.

How does DonkeyBean help?

It makes forecasting a breeze, the breakdowns are exactly what we’d hoped they’d be, all in all it turns hours of inaccurate faffing into a couple of clicks.

Chris Tebb