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Discount on quotes

Started by John Pye -   in Small Business


This may well have been asked before and apologies if it has, but I have another newbie question on Quotes (Or Proposals as I prefer to call them).

We contract meeting and event space that has a standard Rack rate and a discounted rate i.e Meeting Rack Rate = £55, discounted rate £30. I want to be able to show my customer just how much they're saving on this Proposal. To achieve this I've been advised to use the Discount Percentage filed to apply the saving.

OK, so working it out I need to add a discount of 45.454545 but Xero only allows 2 decimal places so this becomes 45.45. If I sell 10 and apply this discount I get a value of £300.03 NOT £300.00 as expected.

I could add a further discount line in this case for just 3p to correct the mistake but this just make the whole proposal unprofessional and sloppy.

Ideally I'd like to add a discount amount of £25 which would solve the problem but without adding another line with a negative value of £25 this isn't achievable.

The alternative might be to add a hidden line correcting the 3p but I cant see if there's a way to do that.

This is another one of those things I've spent days trying to work out a solution and cant find an answer other than using Excel but that kinda defeats the one of the reason for having an Accounts Package.
I'm hoping someone with more brain cells than me can provide me with a solution that relieves me of yet another reason to keep paying Bill Gates :-)

Thanks in advance

Instead of having a set value for the discounted rate why not change to a round percentage of the standard rate? Eg standard rate is £55 per unit, client gets a 45% discount giving a discounted rate of £30.25? And no Xero calculation issues.

John Knight  

Hi John, thanks for the reply. Unfortunatly that wont work. If we negotiate a price with our clients, i cant increase the price by 25p to compensate for Xero. The price of £30 needs to sat as £30. Seems from reading other posts this isnt achievable on Xero which is really disappointing.... unless someone can answer?

John Pye  

I know with some other accounting packages that discounts can be deducted as a percentage or a set amount but I can't see a way to do that in Xero. (May be there is a feature request for this?)
If the negotiated rate is not a straight forward percentage why not have one item line on the quote for the standard price and the amount of discount as a separate, negative item line? Or have one line using the £30 rate but include text in the description about the standard £55 rate less a £25 discount?

John Knight  

Looks like the ability to include a discount amount may be coming https://community.xero.com/business/discussion/1715751#answer56816782

John Knight  

I have been wanting this since I changed over years ago...I have managed but it irritates me regularly as I often end up putting in the quoted price which loses the goodwill of showing the discount provided...In MYOB we would just override the amount due and it would calculate the percentage discount - this is the function I would really like - I am disappointed it has taken so long - I brought it up years ago...

Tanya Clonan  

I agree with all of the above! I need to be able to add a set amount for the discount not a percentage. How soon will this feature be available?

Jeffery Butler  

I have no idea when Angel, but I have started putting in a second line on the invoice with the discount amount as a negative which gives me a better result, still not ideal though and hope to be able to enter a discount amount soon.

Tanya Clonan