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Find & Recode - Reference field

Started by Oren Mori in Feature Requests | Idea

I would like to be able to find and recode multiple reference fields.
For example, when I download chase credit card transactions, the Reference shows up as sale but want to change it to "Chase CC". I know how to do in in the future before importing, but now that the data is in there, I don't want to remove or mess anything up
Are you referring to imported statement lines, Oren? Find & Recode allows for bulk editing of transactions that have been entered rather than the statement lines imported to reconcile with.
Right now, you could delete the full statement that you've imported, make the reference amendment to the import file, and re-import.

Kelly M (Community Manager)

I don't have the statement since someone else did the importing part.

Oren Mori

Inclined to suggest checking in with our Support team so we can better understand where you're wanting to see this reference, Oren. You would need to manually import the file to change the reference on imported statement lines. However, it sounds like you might want to see this reference somewhere else within Xero so would be best to get a bit more detail. I'm going to get one of the team in touch.

Kelly M (Community Manager)

Merged: Find & Recode by Reference Field

Find & Recode is an essential tool at this point, but it's still missing one feature that is very important for our organization – the ability to find and recode the Reference field.

Many of our clients have multiple bank accounts, so we put the account name in the reference field so they can see what account the money was spent from on reports (currently no other way to do this). We want to be able to set a rule for each account to mark all transactions in that account as "Credit Card" or "Checking Account", etc.

Thank you,

Adam Kramer

Hi Kelly,
Find & Recode does not allow for editing of the Reference field. As for re-importing, we've done a lot of changes to those files since importing, so that's not a realistic solution at this point (I work with Oren).

Adam Kramer

Hi Adam and Oren - You're right that it's not possible to edit the reference field of transactions using this feature.
As I noted earlier, Find & Recode only works on transactions that have been entered in the org, not bank statement data - However, I'm not sure we're on the same page of where you're wanting to see this information. There's no way to change bank statement data once imported into Xero.
I see that one of our team reached out (17/18 Aug) to help get a better understanding of exactly what you're looking to see and where you want to see this information. Could you please get back to them on this with some more detail and a screenshot or example the team could look into?

Kelly M (Community Manager)

Now I'm super confused – F&R only works on manually entered transactions? If a bank feed pulls in transactions, F&R won't see them? This is certainly getting off topic of the original issue though, which is that the Reference Field is not find/recodable.

Adam Kramer

Hi Adam, can see you've already posted on the existing request for this I'm going to merge your post there so we can keep the conversation on this all together and get an idea of the demand in Find & Recode for bulk updating reference field of transactions.
Support are always on hand if Oren, or yourself would like more detail on differences between bank statement data, and bank transactions in Xero.

Kelly M (Community Manager)

Merged: Find & Recode: Invoice/Reference

All of our invoices are imported with a job number as a prefix

I would like to find invoices with a certain number within the Inv# and recode

I would like to search for Invoice with e.g. "123-" as part of the Inv#/Reference and recode the tracking category to the corresponding Category option

Natalie Birdsall

We also need the ability to recode the reference field. We sell to pubs of which many are owned by a parent pub group. Our invoices are created external to Xero. We are implementing a change whereby on export of an invoice for a specific pub the parent group name will be plugged into the customer field, and the actual pub name moved into the reference field, thereby allowing us to send one statements to the parent covering all pubs. However I need to recode all the existing invoices which to do manually would take weeks.

Ian Goodall (hotmail)

I would also like to be able to recode the reference field. Please add this as a feature!!!!

Kristina Shires