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Freshbooks connection enhancements or full integration

Started by Scott Anderson -   in Using Xero Connected Apps

We are avid users of the Invoicing gurus at Freshbooks and couldn't be more pleased that Xero connects to their API!

We would love for Xero to pull "Received Invoices" from Freshbooks into our Accounts Payable. We have several vendors that also use Freshbooks to invoice us, and this would increase our productivity even more!
Merged: FULL Freshbooks Integration

I initially chose Xero because of it's ability to integrate with FreshBooks (and I love Xero) but I'm realising the integration is not 100%.

Not being able to import client credits is difficult enough but having to manually change any invoice that you edit in FreshBooks is a real problem. Especially as we have more than one person using FreshBooks but only one person using Xero, it's impossible to get everyone to report every time they change an invoice.

Any chance full integration is in the near future? I really don't want to have to give either application up.

Celiwe Villiers  

@Celiwe Yes the credit items in FreshBooks might not work how you expect them to in Xero because the 2 systems treat them differently - in FreshBooks a credit is a type of payment and in Xero it's actual credit note. In Xero, payments run through the bank account. So I can see where this is causing you frustration and you're right, without full integration, these differences are going to remain in each system. To be honest, we have no plans to do full integration right now. You might've seen my response to the thread FreshBooks and/or Xero - our primary reason for building this initially was to sync information from FreshBooks to Xero. Good question though and always keen to find out what people think of the integration.

Catherine Walker (Community Manager)  

Hi Everyone,

We've custom programmed an integration from Freshbooks to Xero via their respective API's for a customer due to the reasons you mentioned above like not automatically updating changed invoices, no foreign currency payment integration, no support for more than 1 revenue account, and no tracking codes.

Currently it fills in the g/l account code for line item distributions by using the item/inventory codes and looks at the country of the customer to allocate it to the respective tracking code of the regional office.

Our code can be adapted to other customer needs.

Contact us at Interlockit.com if this might be of interest.

Blair Collins

Blair Collins  

Hello All,

Is there any update on invoices not updating automatically? I know with Harvest there is a button you push that says copy to Xero so if you make changes it'll flow through. Is there anything like that in Freshbooks?

Thank you!

Danielle Reasoner  

It's still not fixed. Invoices don't update. The only option is to pay for and switch to the OneSaas integration.

Blair Collins  

Hi everyone, agree with Celiwe with "having to manually change any invoice that you edit in FreshBooks is a real problem."

Does integrating Xero and Freshbooks thru OneSaas really solves this problem? I wan't to make sure it does before I recommend it to my client. (in fact I also posted on another thread: https://community.xero.com/business/discussion/14308089/).

Thanks and looking forward to your positive response. :)

Benedict Acuña  

Loving Xero so far, and I'm looking into FreshBooks for tracking time etc. OneSaas seems to be the only option available - does anyone have an update to offer?

Francis Kim