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If you are a user of Xero and Synchroteam, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

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Beware. Had a decent 14 day trial to evaluate the features for a client. As with all apps, there were some strengths and weaknesses. However I submitted a ticket on 5 Nov 2020 to ask why the invoices were not flowing to my Xero organization (I was testing the Xero integration) by the end of the trial 13 days later, they were still investigating the issue. I emailed to request for an extension of the trial so that I can see the integration happen (not one invoice has appeared in Xero yet) but received no reply.

Note that the integration is manually triggered (you select the invoices, and click a button to push to Xero). So I wanted to test the integration to see what happens if I clicked the button twice for the same invoice or how the credit notes will flow into Xero, but I never got to these scenarios.

Edit: I'm editing the rating to 1 star, avoid this app. I was contacted eventually to extend my trial. I continue to follow up on the Xero integration issue, the invoices were still not coming over. No reply. Now about 2 weeks later, I get an email from their support, and the email has nothing else but just a copy paste of a technical error message that I am supposed to understand. The only line I understand says 'The contact name is not valid. < > are not permitted characters.' and none of my test data has the < > characters.