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Keyboard shortcuts in xero

Started by Angus Calder -   in Feature Requests | Submitted

I am new to xero and still finding out what it can and can not do.

Are there any keyboard shortcuts when entering a new payable invoice? I know there are some for the date but are there others?

Ideally I would like to be able to:
- add a new line without having to use the mouse - the tab key does not seem to take me to the "add new line" button.
- Copy the line above.
- Copy the field above.

These few features would save me loads of time when entering data.
keyboard shortcuts will take xero to the next level of efficency!

Michael Merlin  

I agree, when editing an invoice I would like to be able to add a new line without having to use the mouse. Overall, I am really enjoying using Xero so far :0)

Rachel Ervine  

@Rachel hmmmm, yes that's a little clumsy now - if you just keep tabbing through the last line of the invoice details the cursor pops onto the Add new line button which is high-lighted and you can hit enter to add a new line - however the cursor returns to the top of the grid and you need use tab and down arrows to get to the new line and once the cell you want is highlighted you can hit enter again to get it into edit mode. I'll raise this with the development team.

Catherine Walker (Community Manager)  

How about a shortcut for +30 on the due date of invoices payable? Currently I have to calculate the due date for payment terms like Net30 etc. manually which is a bit tedious.

Eva Kaupp  

In Cash Coding, they have already functioned quite good short-cuts as Web based system.
So I wonder if they can replicate this system to AP/AR?
That would make our world more sexy :)

Toshio Ishikura  

+1. I'm coming from Sage which had some nice single-key shortcuts for copying from above, and for copying from above and incrementing by 1.

Trevor Jobling  

I would love shortcut keys too. Specifically for me, I'd like a key command for 'Approve and view next' when approving draft invoices (sales invoices)

Sharron Betts  

A shortcut key for approve and add another whilst inputting purchase invoices would be excellent as I am often inputting many invoices at a time :-)

Anna Lucas  

I agree... a shortcut (similar to MYOB - Alt O) where you can save an invoice would be excellent as having to use the mouse all the time is painful.

Rebecca Low  

I have been looking around for a keyboard shortcut to use after entering a bill rather than having to click the approve button. Haven't found one yet.

But I did find these calendar shortcuts that you might find useful.


Ashley Knight  

My wife and I do our books in tandem and were trying to get past our issue with Xero and the inability to import sheets with item codes when we thought we'd be smart and pre-fabricate an invoice and then just modify it. However we have about 10-15% of our business which is always changing. Inserting / copy / move (blocks) would be very nice to have. I slam my head one more time into a missing feature which could save time.

I haven't had votes in a while, so my psychic +1 to this. I'll add one if I ever get one of my other request returned. ;-)

Andy Ciordia  

Would be great to have shortcut when reconciling bank or credit card transactions imported from sync. I get multiple deposits per day and it's a pain to have to grab my mousepad to click "OK" for each transaction. So far this is the one downfall that may make me go back to quickbooks where I can just hit the enter key...

Alex Furmansky  


There needs to be an Approve and a Bill Options/Copy hotkey.

Kellee Christie  

I have set all my bills up as repeating bills that save themselves as drafts.
So after every new bill I enter, I go back to the draft bills screen.
I use Google Chrome as my browser and I find this shortcut really useful!
Once set up. I press cmd+L, then d enter. Takes me straight to draft bills.
Instructions here:

Ashley Knight  

The app should have some customizable keyboard shortcuts.

Rustin Ross  

Not to rub salt on a wound... but Quickbooks Online let's you reconcile transactions by just hitting the Enter key. Makes reconciling much faster...

Alex Furmansky  

Hey everyone - thanks for all the great discussion here. Hopefully once some of the bigger features planned have been released, we’ll be able to look into these smaller (but very helpful!) additions.

In case you haven’t already seen, there’s a few Help Centre pages with hints on how to make getting around Xero as easy as possible: Xero Tips & Date Shortcuts

@Alex have you tried using Cash Coding? This makes reconciling cash transactions in Xero much faster.

Brittany H (Community Manager)  

@Brittany: Cash Coding is very helpful. That's all I needed. Thanks a lot!

Alex Furmansky  

@Alex +1
I need the ability to accept a downloaded transaction without having to click with the Mouse.
Appears pretty unprofessional to be clicking away at something...

Lyle Phipps  

Totally wish I could get through bank reconciliations with the keyboard and not have to click OK with the mouse. I can't even tab to the OK button!

Kevin Kaland  

In the next release, Manual Journals will automatically create a new line below when a field in the last line of the MJ is selected. May be a useful shortcut for those who use Manual Journals often!

Brittany H (Community Manager)  

With a keyboard shortcut for adding files I could do all expenses without the mouse - I thought I might be able to do it with Shirt Backspace but no joy - bit of a passion killer really. Also once one is in screen how difficult would it be for a cursor to already be blinking in the first box that requires entry??, then you could just enter and tab forward through the form.

Nigel Cowburn  

I'd like to vote for this as well. We still use Sage, QuickBooks and Quickfile for clients and all of them have keyboard shortcuts and it makes entering so much easier. I miss being able to do Alt + S to save.

Annamarie Angell  

I use Sage and QB and xero. I find xero the most time consuming. The mouse is used too much. I agree with all of the above, we should have shortcut keys on the keyboard. The rest of the system has some good features but so many silly time consuming things for the user. ...... I can do double the number of entries on my sage and QB clients as I can with my Xero clients. .... Getting around the screens and where xero return you to are unhelpful. So much use of the mouse is unhelpful. I could go on with specific examples for hours.......

Thanks for reading... bookkeeper having a rant!

Catherine Bishop  

I would love a keyboard shortcut for saving something (anything) in Xero as having to leave the keyboard to click with the mouse is painful in the extreme and slows data entry in Xero.
I would also love not to have to use a calculator to split bills or spend money transactions in Xero.

Freda Madden  

Anyone know whether I can create my own keyboard shortcuts in Xero. I need to input descriptive data in at times it can be repetitive to type the whole sentence 2-3 times? Just like creating keyboard shortcuts in iphones and ipads.

Natasha Woodnutt  

Hi Natasha
For descriptive data, copy and paste works well in Xero.

Freda Madden  

I'll add weight for the need for keyboard shortcuts - particularly Save and Save and Add Another. Standard ^S and Shift-^S would work nicely. For such entry-intensive work the UI should be able to operate almost entirely without the use of the mouse. As a recent convert (from MYOB) I'm loving Xero, but also finding some of these rough edges.

Steve Pretzel  

Merged: Keyboard Shortcuts

Is there a Keyboard Shortcut for the OK button

Andrew Fedorowicz  

Not right now Andrew, but I've merged your request to this existing one asking for more keyboard shortcuts in Xero.

Matt Oldfield (Community Manager)  

I also would love shortcut keys as found in MYOB :)

Robyn Coff  

C'mon Guys! You're letting the team down! A simple shortcut for 'OK'. It can't be that difficult C'mon!!!!!

Andrew Fedorowicz  

YES. Keyboard shortcuts are badly needed. Especially for Save. Hard to believe Xero is this mature of a product without having robust keyboard shortcuts. Gmail is loaded with them and for that reason alone I could almost never switch away from it.

I did manage to work around this problem and create my own keyboard shortcut, however, using a third party piece of software called Keyboard Maestro to create a macro that looks for the image of the Save button and clicks it for me whenever I hit Shift-Enter while using Google Chrome web browser. Works like a champ now!

Mason K  

Shortcut to open an invoice in a different tab from the all invoices area would be awesome too - when I Ctrl + left clicked on an invoice from the all tabs earlier, it worked... now it wont open a separate tab and opens the invoice in the same tab - GAH!

Kristen Sassella  

v for void (or vendetta, but let's keep it relevant)

Idan Kfir  

I badly need a shortcut for putting in the save and add another invoice, and a shortcut from getting from the item entry line to the save or add button. TAB-ing to the next items takes too long.

Hyung Wook Hamm  

Merged: Keyboard Shortcut for OK!

I asked about this Keyboard Shortcut the last time I did my BAS Statements. Has it been done yet? If not WHY NOT? With all of your computer skills and expertise surely it can't be that difficult to do. It would be so much easier if you could just hit Enter or Control/Enter or Alt/Enter instead of grabbing the Mouse, hovering the cursor over the OK button & Left Clicking.
I'm an architect - I use Graphisoft ArchiCAD - within that program there is a customisable ability to create your own keyboard shortcuts. It's fantastic.
Anyway, here's hoping!

Andrew Fedorowicz  

Hi Andrew, understand wanting to build traction on a request, however the best way for us to get a true feel of customer demand is by keeping relative interests together. Can see you’ve already posted, here. I'm going to merge, if there's any progress to the feature you’ll be notified there. Remember to return to add your vote!

Kelly M (Community Manager)  

+1 keyboard shortcut for hitting OK while reconciling would be fantastic.

Tim Bickers  

Yes, desperately need a shortcut for "add a new line"!

Delene Taylor  

Yes I couldn't agree more, I would love to see a shortcut for "add a new line"

Rachel Ervine  

I just want a keyboard shortcut for OK. I don't want to fly to the moon, climb Everest or even Bake a Cake! they're all insurmountable! Just a button for OK - PLEASE! C'mon you computer IT gurus - show us your stuff.

Andrew Fedorowicz  

Using a mouse is so last century :) Kudos on humor Andrew F.

Kristen Sassella  

After months of frustrations, I tried to twitter them and they said it's not a 'priority'. A SaaS company that thinks keyboard shortcuts is not a 'priority'.....they are complacent because MYOB is 10 times worse, but hey, at least MYOB have keyboard shortcuts.

It should take about 30 minutes to program keyboard shortcuts into a system, not sure what their programmers are doing.

They spent 18 million in 2014, and 49 million 2015 in software product design and development, but nope, not enough 'time' or 'developers' who can create program keyboard shortcuts.

Hyung Wook Hamm