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Global & improved search function over all bank accounts & transactions & fields

Started by Kim Maine in Feature Requests | No plans

I would absolutely love a global search option. I manage clients who constantly transfer odd amounts between their multiple bank accounts and credit cards. Being able to do a global search on amounts, descriptions dates etc would save me hours of time. Good for me and my clients.
Official Xero Reply
Hi everyone, we appreciate there are still many coming to this thread looking to understand and request on Xero's search capabilities.

Since this threads beginning in 2012 we've enhanced a lot of the search functionality within Xero, with the release of Xero Search within the blue navigation that went live in 2015 we've continued adding to this and the search breadth across all of Xero since.

Search is now available within the mobile app, from the bank statements tab, we've also added additional items like; Quote and Invoice #, amount, email address, business number and more.

Throughout this conversation and others in the forum there's been back & forth around the ease of implementing search across Xero - Building a platform search engine in itself is a massive feat. and there is a lot of complex work going on in the background to index data and allow for this functionality. The next level of the matrix comes with the amount of data that sits in the system, constantly changing and updating. As each piece of data is entered in searchable fields within Xero these pieces of data are indexed so Xero can include them within future search results.
In all, Xero's running super quick to try index new data asap, and there can be a short lag between an item being entered and it being searchable within Xero.

At this point in time, discussing with product internally we don't have plans for extending search any further. We're going to close the request here so everyone visiting can understand. If you'd like to better understand what is searchable within Xero have a read through our article here, if you feel there's discrepancy in the results that you're getting this is where our specialists at Xero Support would like to here from you so they can get detail to take a deeper look into and confirm the behaviour that you're experiencing.

Kelly M (Community Manager)