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Global & improved search function over all bank accounts & transactions & fields

Started by Kim Maine -   in Feature Requests | In Next Release

I would absolutely love a global search option. I manage clients who constantly transfer odd amounts between their multiple bank accounts and credit cards. Being able to do a global search on amounts, descriptions dates etc would save me hours of time. Good for me and my clients.
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UPDATE 25 June: we haven't forgotten this! We are getting closer to launching this - a few things to sort out first, but not long now. In the meantime have a look at Find & Recode.
Search is coming! It's built and in testing. While it's going through QA we're working out the deployment strategy for it (the engine behind the search is quite complicated - especially at our scale) so we don't delay the release.

I've been using it in our staging environments and it's very cool - we're really excited about it and going as fast as we can to get it live.

CTO @ Xero

Craig Walker (Xero Staff)  

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I am enjoying my evening today searching for 83 transactions throughout 13 different bank accounts. Because doing 83 searches through one bank account wasn't enough. I wanted to do redo the same search 13 times. {sarcasm}

Xero, it looks like this feature has been requested for 3 years now. I'd rather have the option to use it beta than not even be able to do a global search at all.

Laurie Schrimpf