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Global & improved search function over all bank accounts & transactions & fields

Started by Kim Maine -   in Feature Requests | Scheduled

I would absolutely love a global search option. I manage clients who constantly transfer odd amounts between their multiple bank accounts and credit cards. Being able to do a global search on amounts, descriptions dates etc would save me hours of time. Good for me and my clients.
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Official Xero Update - 4 April 2014

We actually have a few projects in play around this stuff. It is a complex problem - give us a bit more time to work through some other stuff and we'll get there. I know it's a big deal (I use Xero and I want it too!)

Just on the server processing power bit: we're offloading to a distributed indexing system that handles both the processing of the full-text indexing and searching in a separate set of servers - so that bit's pretty sorted. The work now is seeding that and building in all the necessary hooks into our transaction engine.

CTO @ Xero

Craig Walker (Xero Staff)