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Global & improved search function over all bank accounts & transactions & fields

Started by Kim Maine -   in Feature Requests | Started

I would absolutely love a global search option. I manage clients who constantly transfer odd amounts between their multiple bank accounts and credit cards. Being able to do a global search on amounts, descriptions dates etc would save me hours of time. Good for me and my clients.
Official Xero Reply
As some of you have noticed we have released Xero Search (https://help.xero.com/int/XeroSearch_Search). We're obviously really excited to finally get this out there, but it's going to be a journey to get it right.

We're actively tracking how our customers are using it - it's been fascinating to see how many people are already using search to navigate around Xero. We're not going to stop with this release - we're already tuning our indexing and our search algorithm. It'll only get better.

What amounts are you expecting to search on? We're currently indexing amount fields but we're hoping to use search data to get a feel for what our customers actually want. If you search for "100" what would you expect that to find (totals == 100? amount due == 100?)? We can do totals easily (we're adding that right now). But derived amounts (like paid or due) are not as easy (and won't happen quickly). But I want to know - so I know where to direct our efforts longer term.

Also investigating line item description search - that's something we turned off because it seriously bloated our index size. I knew it would come up - I can obviously see it's value - will be a good one to track.

Keep up the feedback. We need to hear it.


CTO @ Xero

Craig Walker (Xero Staff)  

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I think the search is magnificent.......I love that it immediately starts the search the moment you start typing...... BUT we need it to add $ amounts to search. Please of please add $ amounts Xero!

Zachary Call