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Global & improved search function over all bank accounts & transactions & fields

Started by Kim Maine -   in Feature Requests | Started

I would absolutely love a global search option. I manage clients who constantly transfer odd amounts between their multiple bank accounts and credit cards. Being able to do a global search on amounts, descriptions dates etc would save me hours of time. Good for me and my clients.
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UPDATE 25 June: we haven't forgotten this! We are getting closer to launching this - a few things to sort out first, but not long now.
Search is coming! It's built and in testing. While it's going through QA we're working out the deployment strategy for it (the engine behind the search is quite complicated - especially at our scale) so we don't delay the release.

I've been using it in our staging environments and it's very cool - we're really excited about it and going as fast as we can to get it live.

CTO @ Xero

Craig Walker (Xero Staff)  

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Well said Kim,

The huge delay in providing an important feature that the majority of (at present) loyal users are asking for is of great concern to me.

- Does Xero have the funds to continue developing into the future?
- Will Xero still be cutting edge modern software in 5 years time?

I have also been waiting for Workflow Max to be upgraded for a long time now too.. WFM has excellent bones, however really needs a complete refresh ASAP.. It concerns me that they are taking so long, will this be a continual problem "waiting for much needed features"?

- Will Xero + WFM become another of the thousands of second rate options out there now?

Xero excited me when i first found it, along with the promises of continual improvements and then a practice management solution with Xero core sounded like a perfect match.

Like Kim said "Please throw more resources at development"...

We want to keep using and recommending Xero + WFM, make it an easy decision for us..

Keiron Benson