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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Bills + Expenses

3.6 out of 5 stars
Based on 5 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Veryfi, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Veryfi

Extracts all the data from your receipts in real-time categorizes and pushes them into your Xero Purchases, Bank Transactions or Expense Claims. For more information, check out Veryfi.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Veryfi, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out the Veryfi support center or email support@veryfi.com.

This company now goes by the name Veryfi. Worth looking at, if they continue to enhance it, I believe it will be superior to every other expense app out there.

- Amazing speed on pictures/scans of receipts and amazing auto-recognition of all details (price, vendor, even hand written tips!) all of which get entered automatically. Truly in a class by itself.
- Integration with Xero blows away most other apps such as Expensify. For instance Expensify exports all transactions to Xero bank/credit accounts so the "to" and description" shows up as "Expensify". Veryfi does it so much better, every transaction has the "To" to the actual vendor and the description of what it actually was, and it even attached the receipt in Xero!
- Entries show up in Xero in seconds or minutes!
- Xero integration was crazy easy, I had it running in 2 minutes.
- Fantastic integration with a number of services, for instance all receipts can be synced with services such as DropBox for storage.

- Unless I am missing something, if a user has added an expense that came in on the bank feed without adding a receipt, there is no column to show whether a receipt has or hasn't been attached on the "My Team" or "My Documents" screen. Very bizarre and a huge issue.
- Bank feeds are nowhere as powerful as Expensify at this point. Expensify has evidently sunk a lot of money linking with corporate bank feeds such as Amex small business, where they are able to pull every card in on our account separately. Veryfi can only pull the owners card in with every transaction for the company, even if the company has 10 cards (Xero and QB bank feeds are no better at this, so this limitation is not unique to Veryfi). However it can still pull in other employees cards separately, it is only the owners card that presents an issue.
- Price seems a little high at $15 a user per month, and is 3x what they were charging just 6 months ago. IMO it should be less than $10 per user based on other market offerings.

FYI this is more of a receipt bank competitor at this point than an expense report management app. It lacks the advanced expense controls of a product like Expensify. But for a lot of small businesses, I think this will compete with Receipt Bank at a fraction of the price.

Conclusion - incredible potential but at least for our company we won't be able to use it until they add some more features. But for a lot of companies this may already be the perfect solution.

David Haddad  

I have tried IQBOXY, but first of all - integration with Xero fails each time.

But even the core functionality is not working properly. I have scanned 2 receipts, each in different currency. They were not recognized, not even a single detail from each receipt was registered in IQBOXY. Moreover, when I tried to edit the details manually, system was losing my edits.
So I have entered the amount (which was not recognized), then changed the currency. And noticed that the amount is again 0.00. So I have entered it again. Only to see that the currency returned to the base currency (which is actually set automatically based on my location, which is not the base currency for my business and not the main currency I have expenses in...).

Took me few minutes playing cat&mouse before I managed to edit this one receipt. It would be 10 times faster to enter it manually to Xero.

Perhaps it can improve in time, but my first impression is quite negative.

BartÅ‚omiej Wasiewski  

We recently switched to Xero from MYOB, and are very happy with this. As part of the switch I researched methods of uploading receipts etc into Xero, and felt that IQBoxy was worth a try. We are extremely happy with it, and the multiple ways in which documents can be imported. The specialised email address for sending/forwarding invoices etc is really good, and the photo/scanning technique also works very well.

We are also extremely happy with the speed and quality of the support we have received.

John Watson  

I like IQBoxy very much. At first I had some problems with the currency conversion, but it is now working perfectly. Honestly, I cannot even estimate how much time this has saved me. If I had to manually enter each receipt and then make a currency conversion and then separately import each transaction into Xero? My god, the administration work would be crazy. Instead, I just snap a photo and IQBoxy does everything else. Since I'll be abroad for my business quite a bit, I cannot live without this app.

Rachel Wilson  

IqBoxy has saved us incredible amounts of time from traditional scanning and upload processes. The automatic tag feature for frequent vendors is a huge time saver and the google drive sync is awesome. It just works.

Nicholas O'Connor  

iqBoxy is now an indispensable tool for my business accounting. As a self-employed individual, I started using iqBoxy in early 2015 in order to capture receipt images while traveling and out of the office. The goal was to find a user-friendly option to provide the receipt capture functionality at point of sale, integrate with Xero, and do these things without creating an ongoing IT headache. I had previously used Concur in my old W2 corporate job, which has been my basis for comparison.
IqBoxy was good in the beginning but the Xero integration wasn't quite where I needed it to be. I communicated with the iqBoxy team and received meaningful communication regarding my needs. Product enhancements began very quickly and I have watched iqBoxy continually improve. Almost one year later, I can say that that iqBoxy has now gone from good to great. Xero integration is tight and each individual receipt can be allocated to various accounts within Xero. For example, one receipt can be allocated as an expense claim within Xero while another may be allocated to checking or a corporate credit card. In addition, all receipts are backed up with Dropbox for safekeeping, the app improves continually, and the accuracy of receipt image OCR has done the same.
I am now comfortable enough with iqBoxy that I discard paper receipts immediately after capturing them with the iPhone app. IqBoxy is that good and highly recommended to anyone considering it as a solution for their needs.

Craig Borden