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Customer Statements and References

Started by Jumbo Administrator -   in Accounting

Hi, I am trying to find a way of ensuring that the statement I send to the customer has all the details they need to match invoices for payment. When I draw up the statement on to my Xero screen, it shows the full reference field in which I place the address for invoice matching. When I send the statement however, or export to pdf or Excel, the reference field then only shows the first about twenty characters so the whole address gets wiped out and that is the part that the customer needs.

I've tried putting the address after the invoice number but that then changed the numbering pattern. I've also put the address in the Description part of the invoice but that doesn't show either.

Can anyone come up with any idea as to how I can get this information to the customer. They do not want me to send them hundreds of invoices each week, they want a statement or something similar to show what is outstanding, but each item has to have the address on it for that particular sale.
Are you using a standard Xero template or have you customised it?
From your Invoice Settings you can download a Zip file containing templates that can be manipulated to show what you need to on the statement and then upload the template back into Xero. There are instructions on customising templates in the Xero help.

Michelle Kinscher  

Hi Tracey.

The Reference field is not intended for extra information unfortunately. As Michelle says, customising a docx template should give you more control over the space.

I'm an NZ Chartered Accountant, Xero Certified Advisor, add-on Developer and Xero's 2012 Most Valuable Professional. I support small businesses in NZ with professional accounting services and offer paid Xero support and implementation advice to clients all over the globe. Feel free to email me at peter at business-express.co.nz if you need a Xero MVP on your team! Visit my blog for various Xero articles.

Peter McCarroll  

Thanks for your help here Peter & Michelle! @Tracey, if you're using a Docx template for your Statements, you can swap the <Reference> merge field for <LongReference>. This will display the full (not shortened) reference when printing/emailing the statements, you can read more about doing this here. Let me know if you've got any questions, or touch base with Support. Cheers.

Matt Oldfield (Community Manager)  

Thanks Matt O, I was having the exact same issue and the <LongReference> field solved it!

Ruth Joiner  

I tried it and I couldn't get it to work.

Bernie Sinclair  

Bernie, can you get in touch with Support about this one? Make sure you include a copy of the file so they can look into it!

Brittany H (Community Manager)  

Hi Brittany.

I found there was a docx template with long reference already on it that I could use, so that worked. I couldn't add the LongReference field into my other cusotmised docx.

Bernie Sinclair  

Support can definitely help you with that, Bernie :)

Brittany H (Community Manager)  

Thanks @Matt_Oldfield, was looking for this - Having a lot of fun with the Docx Custom Templates.

Solution to Not Having your reference field limited to an amount of characters is to replace the <<Reference>> field with <<LongReference>>

Updated my Customer Payment reference to their account as apposed to the invoice reference now. The reference serves to help the customer identify what the outstanding invoices were for without opening up the invoice itself.

Jonathan Aspeling  

I have updated my template with <<LongReference>> however it still is not pulling through.
I am seeing other weird behaviour like the value «ContactName» is merging in the works STATEMENT instead of the client name.

Megan Quinn  

Heya Megan, you might not have seen yet, but we've recently updated this Topic to read-only. This is because we've just released Discussions on Xero Central, where you can ask & get help for these sorts of questions. Do feel free to ask this again over there, if you haven't found the answer you're after already.

Lauren C (Community Manager)