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Yodlee Bank Feeds

Started by Nick Porter -   in Small Business

I have had an email from Yodlee basically it seems you need to re sign up with them from the end of this month and reset up your feeds.
I have just tried but it will only let you sign up if you are US based so as I am UK based it seems like I will lose the feed, is there an alternative that can be used without switching banks (Santander)
Any advice appreciated.


Yodlee MoneyCenter Has a Fresh Look and a New Name

Dear User,
We've recently rolled out a brand new name and URL: Money by Envestnet | Yodlee at money.yodlee.com. As a result, we are retiring Yodlee MoneyCenter and Yodlee SmallBiz effective July 31, 2017.
To access our new financial tools, all you need to do is visit money.yodlee.com and register.
We've updated our features and security to give you the best consumer experience to maintain your financial wellness in this new site. Additionally with Money, you can access your financial tools anywhere, anytime, and on any device.
Please note that access to Yodlee MoneyCenter and Yodlee SmallBiz (yodleemoneycenter.com/yodleesmallbiz.com) will end on July 31st.
If you have any questions, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page here.
Hi, Nick!

Did you try to sign up as you are from the US by using a VPN changing application like tunnel bear?


mewan peiris  

Well that seems to have worked will now see if I can set it up in Xero Thanks.

Nick Porter  

Great Nick ! Good luck!


mewan peiris