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CRM or what do i need?

Started by Arron Johnson-Stark -   in Small Business

Hi all.

I'm looking for something that will use my client list out of Xero.
I need it to do email merge...

Anyone recommend anything?
Hi Arron,

Quite a few Xero partner applications have lots of functionality in the area of CRM, I guess it boils down to your specific needs. Have a look at Capsule CRM or Highrise but there are lots of options out there, take a look at the add-ons page on Xero.

Hope that helps :-)

Alan Griffin  


I have had a look at both of them, also been looking at Sugar CRM and Sage Act.
Sage Act is over priced i think, when one looks at all the other CRM.
I think i like the look of capsule.

At this stage I'm a one man band..... with in a year i hope to have a number of staff..
I just want to get peoples feed back i guess...


Arron Johnson-Stark  

CapsuleCRM integrates with Xero and is very affordable. Capsule also integrates with MailChimp.

Omed Habib  

Sweet :) Ok will give CapsuleCRM a shoot :)

Arron Johnson-Stark  

I use CapsuleCRM for one of my businesses and it integrates really well with Xero. It is quite basic but either does everything anyone really needs or integrates with another programme which will do the job, such as MailChimp or AliveDocs.

Aaron Spence  

Anyone got any tips or suggestions on a similar theme? We already run ACT (with thousands of contacts and 14-ish years of data) and are now running ACT in the cloud. Their interface is a shocker though (really, not good at all) and has major problems (e.g. it won't run on Safari - which, for a cloud service, is madness). We're trying to find a solution / product that will let us -

a) Get all our data out of ACT (including all notes + custom fields) and into a new "I play well with Xero" CRM service, OR connect ACT and Xero together; and

b) Integrate with Xero (so client xx in Xero is matched with client xx in ACT / CRM). The plan is that an invoice generated in Xero will be automatically posted as a note (or attachment) to the relevant client notes in ACT / CRM.

Just to make the wish-list a bit longer, the new CRM also needs to be available (as an app?) for iPhone / iPad, so everything can be accessed updated when out of the office.

In a perfect world a client update in Xero (e.g. an address change) would bounce straight to the CRM too (and the other way around). But, that might be pushing my luck just a bit too far.

Any help appreciated. Am happy to consider custom dev if that's a (reasonable) solution too.

Andrew Jones  

Hi Andrew,

Just a suggestion but talk to the guys at Trineo they do Salesforce integrations to Xero but are also capable of custom integrations. I'm not sure if they could help but I think you should ask them.http://trineo.co.nz/services.html#xero

Hope that helps

Alan Griffin  

Sorry meant to say I think you should ask them and if they can't help they should know where to look for assistance.


Alan Griffin  

Cool, thanks Alan. Have just dropped them a line.

Andrew Jones  

Hi Alan,

As suspected, this is far trickier than expected. However, assuming I can at least get some data out of ACT SaaS (and knowing that I want a cloud-based CRM solution, with mobile versions also available, and integration with Xero), are there any from this list that you (or anyone else) would particularly suggest or recommend?


Pretend I’m starting from scratch. Which one do you think is best? We don’t need sales tracking as such. We just need a cloud-based database of clients that we can add custom fields too, add notes (e.g. meeting notes), schedule reminders & meetings – and, of course, integrate with Xero (so invoices done in Xero show up in the CRM).

I’ve looked at Salesforce – but that seems to be total ‘sales’ overkill for us.

Any clues??

Thanks again,


Andrew Jones  

Hi Andrew,

I am guessing you have looked at the ACT! link? http://www.xactsoftware.co.nz/index.php If so and this doesn't help out then why not go through the list of Xero Partners you have identified and send an email to each asking for assistance, I've always found Xero & Xero Partners to be very approachable.

Keep in mind that both Xero and the Xero Partner add-ons are all relatively new. That means with every new challenge presented, such as your situation, it's often new ground that is being broken. It can make it somewhat frustrating when we can't find something straight away but also exciting when we finally get a solution that fits.

The important thing is to find a solution that can scale and adapt to fit your business needs. If an off the shelf solution doesn't present itself don't forget that you can also use the Xero API to get something developed specifically for your needs. Try the guys at onesaas they also may be able to advise on custom integration's that may suit.

Good luck with it and deep us posted on your progress as what works for you may also workout for someone else.

Alan Griffin  

Hi Andrew,

That's great to hear, we use basecamp with the guys at e360 and it's a nice app to work with as is most of the stuff from 37signals its very user friendly and they integrate with heaps of great apps like live chat.

If you use gmail then try adding in http://rapportive.com/ we love it!

Good luck and do let us know where to take a look when it's all up and running :-)

Alan Griffin  

Hi all

I'm looking for a CRM system to manage training course delivery that integrates with xero - does anyone have any recommendations?


ARCH Accounts  

There are a few CRM addon's into Xero, Practice Ignition is another not mentioned, it integrates into Workflowmax as well if that's what you are looking for.

Riley Alexander