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Started by Andy Howe -   in Small Business

Hi, Firstly I appologise if this it the wrong place to ask.
We are looking to move to Xero from Sage but need to make sure it can do what we need it to.
We need to complete a document be it a delivery note, quote or sales order note (without prices) for customers to sign.
We supply items to account customers. We need the customer to sign the screen to confirm they have received the items then we can convert this to an invoice.
It does not seem like much to ask but really struggling to find a solution.
How are you doing it in Sage?

Nancy Leach  

I use Sage at the minute for my accounts but was told its not possible by them so started looking elsewhere. I use a free app called Joist (independant of sage and xero) at the moment to generate a "worksheet" or delivery note containing all the information about the job and parts used. The app is fairly good but is not customisable so the document it produces and sends to the customer is called quote, I would prefer to call it worksheet and does not integrate with sage so all the information on there has to be input again on sage to produce an invoice.
It seem like a really usefull thing being able to collect a signature but accounts programs would prefer to give me 1001 different reports about finance that most people will never use!!

Andy Howe  

Sounds to me you will need to retain your customized program you currently use.........................

Julie Kite  

Thats why I want to change, We do twice as much data imput entering the details twice.
We want to enter the details once, the customer signs as acceptance, convert to invoice.

Andy Howe