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Reconcile a foreign currency invoice paid in another foreign currency

Started by Muhammad Hassan -   in Accounting

HI All,
Hope all are well, i am facing an issue exact to the link given below but with a difference in payment mode:

Our base currency is USD, we received bill from supplier in EURO, and we have made the payment in AED (Arab Emirates Dirhams).
Payment is done through credit card. Kindly be reminded that payment to credit to card is already enabled.
How will i reconcile this transaction.
I have created Euro Clearing Account.
I know steps upto Assigning payment from Credit card but after that i am unable to reconcile match the credit card amount to Euro clearing account like the link i have given above.
Apologies if i had not clearly explained my situation.
Quick response and help is requested.


Hi Muhammad - the Support team's multi-currency specialists can go through a specific example with you. Be sure to include the specific scenario (and maybe an invite to the org) reach out and let them know you've already consulted the Help Centre and Community. And let me know if you have any queries after that!

Tim S (Community Manager)  

Hi @Tim
Thanks for your response
I was about to explain my case further but unfortunately was unable to paste screenshots in comment section.
May i have your or Help centre email id so that i can send screenshots to you and your team for better understanding of the situation.

Muhammad Hassan  

Yeah no way to attach screenshots atm, but you can do so when contacting Support. Best way to contact is in app. More info here. :-)

Tim S (Community Manager)