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Quote - Asssigning a customer PO # to an accepted quote

Started by Stewart Fernandez -   in Small Business

its really disappointing that after spending so much time , I may literally forced to continue using xero that is really an all too simple - across the counter almost, accounting tool not at all design for any real business, -- how can any simple account or business tool like this NOT have a function to assign a customer PO to an accepted quote ? its like a whole world missing so you raise a quote and then hit a blank wall , how ridiculous, how is a sales or a work order handled ? How are back orders handled ? How do you assign multiple purchases from multiple vendors to one sales order ? basically I am finding out that xero is not at all what it is all beat up to be , really disappointed, that I wasted so much time and effort only to hit a blank wall - the worse part is that myob is too complex, I may have to dump xero and look at something else , as my business revolves around the open customer PO and this function is non existent , with no immediate or near future plan to incorporate this

and yes a sales order can be a whole world around itself but sure when designing this soft ware someone in the development team had a chat to any small business manufacturing or trade unit ? appears NOT
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I must agree with Stewart - attaching a PO to an accepted quote is very standard B2B business process - and it has been for many years. It would seem that the Reference field mentioned is not editable after a quote has been accepted.

Chris Hugman