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Reconcile invoices which don't match charges

Started by Clare Book-Keeper -   in Small Business

Through a mistake in a vendor's bookkeeping, I have three charges on my credit card, against three invoices which don't match:



The totals equal, but I don't know how to reconcile purchase invoices against the downloaded CC transactions in the Xero bank account.

Any advice?
Hi Clare,

Are you free at all tomorrow? I can talk you through this one over the phone.

If you know how to part pay invoices on Xero this is basically how you overcome your problem.

Allocate the 1105.31 againstvthe full invoice of 831.60 then allocate the remainder against the invoice for 311.21 by clicking on the checkbox for the 311.21 invoice then split

This will be much easier to talk through on the phone


Ben Quigley  

Hi, Ben has given you the solution on allocating the payment to the invoices. Another alternative is to code the payments on the bank rec to a suspense account. The go into Bills, Awaiting Payment, tick the three bills that are involved, use the batch payment functionality, with the Paid From being the suspense account. You will first need to make sure in your Chart of Accounts that the suspense account setup has "Enable payments to this account" ticked.

Margaret Haines  

Ben, Margaret, thanks both. I found the split that Ben suggested. All good. Many thanks,

Clare Book-Keeper