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Explanation of two active tracking codes limit

Started by Adam Nutall -   in Using Xero


Trying to understand what Xero means when it describes the tracking and states that two categories can be "active" at any one time.

This implies that you can have more than two, with the others not being active. I may be reading more into this than is meant. Are the others dormant or archived? Does it in fact mean there are actually ony two, not multiple categories?

Can postings be made to more than two? Can reports be done against non-active catrgories?

There doesn't appear to be any explanation beyond the two active categories comment.

Thanks for any input.

Tracking was designed for keeping track of non-moving parts of your organisation - for example: department, location, sales people. So you can add more locations, but it's assumed that you'll want to continue reporting on location going forward. You can actually archive Tracking Categories - meaning it's there for reporting purposes, but you won't be able add them to new transactions. To answer your question you can only have two active at any other time - any others would have to be archived.

It sounds like you've come across this, but adding it here for others that might want to read a little more on how archiving works.

Brittany H (Community Manager)