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Bank Feeds: Feed for Westpac Credit Cards

Started by Michael Porter in Feature Requests | Done!

We would love the ability to have the bank link work for our Westpac business credit cards, with 14 card holders, this would be even more useful than the main business account.
We have our Westpac credit cards for Australia loaded through Yoodle and I think you can have your NZ ones linked as well.

Cathy Hurley

Thanks Cathy, Westpac NZ are saying only personal credit cards can work through yodlee, our business one's can't link. Are your's business credit cards with individual login's, or company credit cards run through business online?

Michael Porter

I have the same problem with ASB business credit cards.

The cards are all accessible through FastNet Business internet banking, but Xero/Yodlee only supports FastNet Classic (personal) internet banking.

It's a royal pain as I have to manually download and import statements for each card.

Simon Garner

Our Westpac AU cards are corporate credit cards. If I can see them on the internet banking login I can set them up in Xero feeds, no problem.

Jacki Knight

Dear jacki knight,
compliments of the seasons,
i want you to help us set up our payoneer mastercard account in xero bank feed,i hope you can do it.
what of paypal can you do that too..
i await your reply.

john lava

My Westpac business credit card was working perfectly two weeks ago, but now its stopped. I get "There is a problem with this bank feed" error message. I have tried deactivating and reactivating and it still doesn't work. Can anyone suggest a solution?

Geoff Charnock

Best thing to do to sort bank feed issues is to get in touch with Support - which I can see you've just done Geoff. There isn't much we can do on Community, but the team will definitely be able to help.

Brittany H (Community Manager)

HOW do you contact support - this is nearly ridiculous - XERO has its own agenda and assisting users is definitely NOT ON IT - I have a new CC as the od one expired and it too is a Westpac card - and when I try to get bank feeds , the site say "
Your account isn’t supported by our automatic transaction import yet. You’ll need to manually import transactions for this account. "

Stewart Fernandez

Hi Stewart, you can contact Support at any time when logged in. Just type support.xero.com in your browser URL. More detail on this in our Help Centre.
We have lots of different resources you can use for help on using Xero and it's features including courses in Xero U, short videos in Xero TV, small business guides and articles on all the different pats of Xero in our Help Centre.
I've had a look and can see you've been in touch about this issue on a few different emails. Did you get Jeanette's response on how to disconnect and reactivate the feed with the new account details? Either way, I've escalated your latest email with the team and one of our specialists will be in touch very soon to help.

Kelly M (Community Manager)