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Supplier Batch Payment Reconcilliation

Started by Lisa Sophocleous -   in Small Business

Upon setting up Xero i had a stack of payments (accs payable) all made on the same day. So thinking i was being clever (and obviously not thinking!) i set them up as a batch and paid them off in the system but obviously did not pay them physically back to the creditors again. The batch file created fine and exported and appears as a Payment: multiple in the transactions list. The problem is now with the statement; when reconcilling it only shows the original individual payments that i made before using xero and obviously does not match the batch payment which now appears as a lump sum or multiple payment. now i cannot reconcile. Can i delete the batch and return the transactions back to unpaid and then continue to pay them individually ?
Found my own answer! In the help section: Accounts Payble>Enter a Batch Payment>Delete A Batch. I actually deleted one transaction from the batch first as a test and it put it back into payments list. Paid this in the system and was able to reconcille. I did this again with each transaction in the batch until only 1 was left and then was able to reconcille that last payment. Obviously the long way around as i wasnt brave enough to simple delete the batch; time consuming but it worked! Deleting entire batches in my previous software caused huge problems so just not sure what xero can do yet.

Lisa Sophocleous  

Well done you for digging around in Help Centre (which has a special place in my heart ...). For the benefit of others who might want to read about this in detail - please visit Batch payments: managing your suppliers'/creditor's invoices

Catherine Walker (Community Manager)  

Merged: Bank Rec Batch Payments....

Hi There,

I'm doing a bank rec for a client, but need help!!!!

They do not have a bank feed, so I have imported a .csv file for the last 2 months.

They have used batch payments for paying suppliers. (I've never used these before)

The bank .csv imported file has each supplier within the batch payment being paid as an individual transaction ie joe £10. fred £15 etc (not one total payment line of £25. as shown in the xero help section).

The 'xero' bank has these suppliers being paid by the bank as a total batch amount.ie £25.00

The totals all match on paper, but on xero bank reconcilliation how do you get the .csv file (individual transactions) match the xero bank transactions (one total amt).

Match & Find will not work. As it is not expecting the many bank transaction lines to match to just one xero transaction. It wants this the other way around ie lots of xero trans, to one bank transaction. (or am i doing something wrong?!)

Any help would be appreciated..

Many Thanks.

Jane Moore  

Hi Jane

One of the advantages of Xero is that it will try and match payments with individual supplier invoices so it is usually best to not enter the batch payment in the first place and let the bank reconciliation procedure deal with matching the payments.

Therefore, to get back to this position you can go to the account transaction tab of the bank account and delete the batch payments (will show as multiple items). Then, when you go back to the bank reconciliation the individual items will be available for matching.

Hope this helps


Charterhouse Accountants  

Thanks for your help David, I was absolutely stuck, as I haven't used batch payments and didn't realize you could delete a batch. I guess this will have no other consequence than to leave the invoices from that batch unpaid.

I'll do this tomorrow, as it's way past bed time and thats always a bad time to do accounting...except counting sheep.

Many Thanks.



Jane Moore  

Thanks David - spot on! Sounds like the batch payment is being used in Xero but not being used on the bank side - some banks allow you to upload and process a batch file. If the bank doesn't do this or you're not doing this, then you're right, you shouldn't use the batch payment feature in Xero. It's really great for matching one batch payment on the bank statement to the batch payment in Xero if this is being done on both sides (and here's a tip posted for New Zealander's using ASB Fastnet Business re statement options and batch payments).

Catherine Walker (Community Manager)  

If anyone else is in this mess and is intending to delete the multiple batch payment they should do a print of the batch breakdown first. They will need this list of all the invoice numbers and amounts as the bank rec will only match identical payments. A multiple payment made to one supplier will be hard to match if the invoice numbers / amounts are not known. So print out the batch payment before deleting.

Jane Moore  

Oops posted the above too soon. Meant to thank David for his help and ensure him that I didn't really get into too much of a mess when I lost all info regarding the invoices paid.
But warn other people, delete things at your peril!
Jane x

Jane Moore  

I have a batch that is multiple payments but is not reconciled in bank , the "bank batch" in Direct link was altered before posting so amount paid is higher than xero payment batch. ie physically paid more than xero. I cant edit the bill that the payment from batch is attached to until I edit/remove the payment, in edit mode on payment batch I try to change the amount but it wont save as it says "

An error occurred for the following reason:

Amount Paid exceeds the amount due

Help Please

Leanne Fromont  

Can see you got in touch with Support about this Leanne, and they called you to sort. If you have any more problems, let them know.

Matt Oldfield (Community Manager)