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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Bills + Expenses

4.2 out of 5 stars
Based on 19 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Scan2Invoice, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Scan2Invoice

The scan button for Xero, speeding up the scanning process significantly. Simply scan, enter data and upload your invoice in one go.
For more information, check out Scan2Invoice.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Scan2Invoice, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, contact Scan2Invoice support.

Love it. Simply works.

Sunny Handa  

I'm still reviewing Scan2invoice but so far have been very impressed with the app and also with the customer service. I have one gremlin which I am trying to sort out before I purchase bot so far very impressed. For the small startup guy/girl this is a great solution.

Michael Regan  

I just needed something simple to get a copy of the invoice in to XERO. I tried a few others, but they were a bit too complicated.
Whereas Scan2Invoice is very straight forward and does the job...thanks

James Bramley  

Happy to hear that you like Scan2Invoice Tracy. Thanks for the review.

Bjoern Krollner  

Awesome piece of software that has improved our productivity and simplified our processes. Very simple to use with Xero and when compared to the marketplace apps for scanning this software is a bargain. Would highly recommend this to others when searching for OCR imports

Tracy Evans  

Thanks Emmanuel for your feedback. Very much appreciated.

Bjoern Krollner  

This is wonderful! For a reasonable price, I have finally managed to automate my invoice processing! Thanks!

Emmanuel Zyambo  

Hi JnClaude, Scan2Invoice comes with a fully functional 30-day free trial. Please make use of the free trial period before purchasing a license. Bjoern

Bjoern Krollner  

Hello Bjoern. The Trial version does not come with a fully functional 30-days. see link to your website. http://www.scan2invoice.com/pricing/

Instead of address to problem, Bjoern proceeded in giving me a 1* on my business facebook page.
Having used several scan to invoice software, my experience with this software is very disappointing.

I tried the free trial version of the software however it is very limited and you cannot try out the important futures. After buying the Pro vasion for 123.48GBP, the Pro functions as advertised does not work. I tried several times but no luck.

I contacted Scan2Invoice for a refund but they refuse to give me one.Their responsed " Scan2Invoice comes with a 30-day fully functional trial that lets you evaluate Scan2Invoice to see if it suits your needs. Only after 30 days and if you are fully satisfied you need to buy a license.
This is intended to protect us from abuse where customers activate and use the software, but claim it does not suit them. For this reason we do not give refunds"

The only plus is Scan2Invoice is far cheaper than ReceiptBank (ReceiptBank works like a dream) and the other scan to invoice software but it dose not work and therefore a waste of money.

JnClaude Ernest Clifford  

I was using a mail-based service here in the U.S. to scan my receipts for me, but their integration with Xero broke and hasn't worked for several months. I came across Scan2Invoice as a potential replacement for my old way of handling receipts... and after a few weeks and a few hundred receipts... I'm extremely impressed.

Bjoern has been extremely responsive to a couple of minor issues that I had, even going so far as to make another release of the software to fix an issue I was having (within a day of reporting the issue I might add).

If you're looking for a time-saving way to scan and attach your receipts to expenses in Xero, look no further.

One suggested improvement to the software would be to allow for batch uploading of the receipts to Xero instead of one at a time. This would speed up the process even further by allowing users to reconcile all of the receipt details... save them locally... then upload all of them at once at the end. There is a small amount of time required for each receipt as it uploads. Moving the app to the cloud might also be advantageous.

Nathan Mars  

The new version is a great improvement and as any add-ons there will always be new versions being released. I started off with the free version and found that a blessing even, and then went to using the paid version I am able to scan and upload over 200 invoices per month stress free.

I must add our Accountant tried to steer me elsewhere which involved a third party and the price was unrealistic with the amount of invoices we are uploading, Scan2Invoice works for me and so does the one off charge!

I think what is equally as important is that their customer service (Bjoern) is quick to reply to any queries and always very helpful.

Thank you Bjoern


Dorothy Gauci  

Thanks Terresa for the great review. Very much appreciated. Bjoern

Bjoern Krollner  

We have used Scan2Invoice since 2015 and find it invaluable. Very quick and efficient way to upload invoices and letters for file into Xero. It has certainly made the task of entering a large quantity of invoices in for payment so much quicker too.
I have also found their help desk to be very helpful on the few occasions I needed them.

Terresa Fletcher  

Newest version is working well for us, we are entering hundreds of bills every month, Scan2Invoice definitely makes this job much easier.
Bjoern is very helpful and is quick to reply to emails and fix any issues. Cheers!

Mark Lundin  

Hi Ingrid, thanks for the feedback. Very much appreciated. Bjoern

Bjoern Krollner  

I have been using Scan2Invoice for 12 months and found it a great timesaver with processing paper work for clients that have large volumes of supplier invoices every week. There is no third party involved and the upload to Xero is instant.
The latest version has meant that I save even more time as the invoice lines can be split before they are uploaded and emailed pdf copies of the invoices can be imported into Scan2Invoice doing away with the need to print and scan.
I love it. Thank you Bjoern!

Ingrid Johnston  

Hi Spencer, thank you very much for your feedback and review. We are currently working on adding multiple lines in Scan2Invoice which will allow to split invoices into VAT/GST and zero tax rates. This new feature will be included in version 1.6.0 or newer (which we estimate to release mid June 2016).
Cheers, Bjoern

Bjoern Krollner  

It would be great if you could add extra lines. This is not just due to coding to different accounts but also that some invoices have zero rate and 20% VAT in the same invoice. I agree this enables the paperless office. Good stuff.

Spencer Nash  

Hi Angus, Thanks for trying out Scan2Invoice and leaving a review.

To your first point, if you tick the corresponding checkbox, Scan2Invoice will remember the account and tax rate for a contact and prefill this information the next time you receive an invoice from that contact.

In regards to multiple account codes, you are right Scan2Invoice currently only supports summary invoices. But even with only one account code, it is still a very quick way to create an invoice in Xero that then can be further edited directly in Xero if multiple account codes are required.

To your last point, Scan2Invoice will only fill in empty fields when you click recognise to avoid overwriting user input. I guess you wanted to click multiple PDFs one at a time to test how the recognition algorithm works. If you want to do this, you need to click the "clear" button before you click "recognise".

If you have further questions or suggestions I would be happy to discuss this with you:

And of course I hope I can change your mind about the 1 star review :-)

Kind regards,

Bjoern Krollner  

Great Idea Poor Delivery. The concept of this software is fantastic, and in the right developers hands it could revolutionise accounting practices. However it is too raw in its current form and needs some AI in order for it to learn from previous manual inputs.

Invoices from suppliers could include multiple Account Codes, there is no provision to add an additional line item.

If you add multiple PDFs clicking on one at a time, it does not update the Bill Data instead it uses the data from the previous one even after clicking recognise.

I am giving it 1 Star due to the idea only.

Angus Doyle  

Hi Jen, after uploading an invoice, you need to double click on the next invoice to bring it up the pdf viewer. After that the upload should work. If you need more help, please do not hesitate to contact me http://www.scan2invoice.com/contact/

Bjoern Krollner  

Hi, I have manage to get one invoice up loaded but gone to do my next invoice and it comes up with error no file selected. Have selected file but still error.

Jenny Stibbards  

Just quickly tried this program, can you please add tracking to it. Then i do not
need to go back into xero to edit.

Otherwise looks good and worked fine!

Alfia Dipalma  

Awesome product. Worked first time. And here, here to having a free limited version for people like us who have a small business and only use this feature occasionally.

Mandy M  

Hi Rod, Sorry to hear that your scanner does not work with Scan2Invoice. Our support team will be happy to assist you. http://www.scan2invoice.com/contact/

Bjoern Krollner  

Tried several attempts but won't connect to sharp scanner/copier. Given up due to no support

Rod Schober  

When you press the "Connect to Xero" button, a web page should open up where you need to enter your Xero username and password. Below is a link to a Youtube video that shows the connection process.


Our support team will be happy to assist you if you have any more questions.

Bjoern Krollner  

Not recommended. The product doesn't link with Xero (there is a link button but it doesn't do anything) and there are no instruction at all to help in solving this issue. This is inexcusable. Why not take the time to provide a small manual. It would only take a few hours.

Brian Owens  

Great add on! Not fancy but does a great job at automatically recognising text and uploading invoices. Highly recommended.

James Groom  

Really like this little add on. Makes entering and scanning of invoices directly into Xero much quicker than having to scan and save to desktop then attach as a file. If it was possible to create personalised 'default' settings for scanning ( the first option is always flat bed & I always have to pick the document feeder & the custom setting for each scan)....then it would be even better!

Marina Hill  

Great way to make you accounting completely paperless!
Simple to use, and, as you do all the 'work' yourself, INSTANTLY (unlike others like Entryless, that have a process time after uploading) above all: FREE!

Hope there will be a phone app for uploading files soon!

Nick Galama