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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Accountant tools

4.8 out of 5 stars
Based on 20 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Panalitix, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Panalitix

Business Advisory Software for Accountants. Identify, market, sell & deliver realtime business advisory solutions; PANALITIX is powerful & easy to use.
For more information, check out Panalitix.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Panalitix, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, visit the Panalitix learning centre or email Panalitix support or call 1-300-762-690.

Hi @Heather Smith - thanks so much for your observation and comments. We have over 10,000 business connections to Xero thanks to our incredible Members, who are all Accountants. We're thankful to have such an innovative and progressive group of Accountants as our Members, who are helping drive our mission to transform businesses.

Around the time of these testimonials, we were newly added to the Xero community. As such, we asked our members if they could write a review using their own honest opinions – which they happily volunteered for. All submissions are 100% genuinely written by real people who felt compelled to share their experience. Although listed under "reporting" it is not the primary way we help Accountants make a difference (so we've not since actively driven traffic to this page for that reason) - we offer so much more by way of business improvement resources.

It looks like you too are doing great things in the Accounting space, I'm sure we'd have synergies worth exploring. We'll definitely check out your Mastermind meetup and cloud Podcast - perhaps we could do one together? And hopefully find it appropriate to direct our audience your way too. Of course reach out if you'd like to chat further, or visit us at the next Xerocon!

Sonya Vanjicki  

The responses here make a farce of the rating system. Over 50% of responses occurred in May 2015. Several responders appear to be wearing the same outfit. If you hover over the name of the person you can see they have only made a single comment in the whole of the Xero ecosystem.

Heather Smith  

Panalitix is an integral tool for clients and their business advisers. It helps identify key areas to improve and grow our clients businesses, is easy to use and interpret and it's accessible anywhere anytime!

Tim Goode  

Panalitix is a great tool to help our clients get a better view of their business and allows us as their accountants to give them precise, up to date information to help grow that business.

Larissa Kydd  

The integration between Xero and Panalitix means that our clients can have a better understanding of their figures and what they mean. Resulting in clearer advice for our clients.

Karissa Fowkes  

Panalitix is a must and enables us to be well positioned to provide business advisory work.

Paul Dowler  

With Panalitix integrating seamlessly with Xero, it is a great tool to draw important information from a clients financial statements. We use this information to better engage with clients around their business performance and to help them build better businesses.

Ashley Carmichael  

Panalitix, has given our practice a distinct advantage in the business advisory space. Working with real time data and showing our clients the possibilities to grow their business. Truly amazing !

Bruno Zinghini  

The game changer! A Marriage made in heaven!

We all have heard the above. For us, Panalitix is the game changer. And, with the collaboration between Xero and Panalitix, this is a marriage made in heaven. Or should we say! 'A Marriage made in cloud that we solemnized on our smart devices every day…

Thanks to both, we are providing better services to our clients.

Salman Siddiqui  

Really good program, great to show clients in a quick easy way what they can achieve. Easy for clients to understand and follow. Only reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is that sometimes it can be a bit slow and chunky.

Katrina Scarborough  

Panalitix has really changed the way I work with my clients. The flexibility within the system and the vast array of functions that we can now perform are amazing. Every client is now presented with an overview of the business performance for the past 3 years and can even be shown the potential hidden away within the business.

From a service perspective, I can now work with them to unleash potential that they otherwise would not have found - they are happy to pay for this service - and - they are always looking forward to our next meeting.

Panalitix is the start of a new revolution.

Mark Said  

Panalitix has been a very useful resource for our firm. It provides a structure for us to work with our clients. The Growth Equation is really eye opening to clients - highlighting the potential for their business & positions us well for value added work. I can't wait to use the new cash flow 3 way forecast. I would recomend this for all accountants who want to have closer relationships with their clients in real time.

Warwick Jackson  

The value I am able to add to clients businesses with the help of Panaltix has been fantastic. Exciting times with the new release of their 3 way cash flow forecasting tool !!!

Luke Sutton  

Panalitix is truly a magnificent tool which helps us present client’s data and delivers value added services. I love the real time update of financial data that allows us to monitor what's going on in a client's business. The invention of PANALITIX makes an Accountant become proactive and a better advisor.

Lougene Castro  

Panalitix has changed the way we run our business. With the smooth integration between Xero and Panalitix we can see real time information to better service our clients.
This has been a great help to us and our clients I would recommend to all accountants

Kara Golding  

Panalitix is a genuinely great tool that simplifies processes in business communication through its readily-available data because of its features that synchronises other cloud accounting software. It has the real time opportunity to view, monitor and control over financial condition and statistics of clients.

A great help for Accountants.


Lorenzo Peco  

The coalition of Xero and Panalitix runs very smoothly. Panalitix is so easy to use that gives comprehensive results at a glance. It is such a great tool to evaluate our clients' business performance.

Highly endorsed to all accountants!

Fandy Tuazon  

Panalitix has changed the way we do things, how we present to clients and how we now interact with our clients. The seamless integration with Xero, the ease of use of the Growth Equation and how simple it is to show clients that if they make a small change what this will achieve for them.
Also very excited wit the Cashflow program that Panalitix has released and can't wait to make this available to clients.
All in all great people & great products!!!!

Fred Pane  

At Sky Accountants we run a fully documented Business Mentoring and Advisory program with 7 modules. Module 2 of the program is all about "Metrics". We use Panalitix to deliver this Metrics Module and it forms part of the monthly board meetings with clients. As an accountant if you don't start talking about your clients business and how to improve it, then someone else will. It's just a matter of time. Panalitix helps measure and manage any business. Just make a start. Make it a priority, a discipline and routine of your firm.


Jamie Johns  

Panalitix has helped our team deliver a business service like no other, the ability to show clients their potential to create income and drive profits by using their own numbers is second to none.

The opportunities that Panalitix has create for our business using live data seamlessly integrating from Xero has made smoothed our business processes so that we can deliver a more accurate and timely service to our client.

Cannot more highly recommend Panalitix to any accountants!

Michael Brockway  

Panalitix simply changed the way we approached our client meetings. All new clients receive a three year review and it highlights key issues. Value added services just flow from this report I wouldn't even want to guess what the dollar value of projects we have completed as a result of the analysis panalitix provides. The live feed into accounting systems then naturally lends itself to monitoring services.

Moreover, Panaltix allows you to show what is achievable in a clients business by making small changes to the key drivers of business. This exercise changes a client meeting from one of history telling and potentially doom and gloom to what is possible for a client.

Put simply this software has opened up numerous revenue opportunity for our firm and is now an integral part of all client meetings.

Ben Roberts  

As an Accountant and Business Advisor, Panalitix is a great tool to help me to show clients what's happening in their business and how their profit and cash flow can be improved. It is an absolute bonus that Xero seemlessly integrates with Panaltitix, this eliminates the need to re-key data and it ensures that the latest data is always reflected in the reports.

This enables me to alert clients quickly if there are areas of concern.

Its the way of the future for accountants.

Neville Hughes  

Panalitix has been a great tool for our business and clients as it is enabling us to work with our clients in a new way and change the way we engage with them. Being able to work with clients to complete a 3 year Business Performance review and setting targets for their business has been great as it has led to a number of new opportunities for our business. The direct data feed into Xero and ability to have live data available has been a real value add for our buisness.

Troy Townley