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Purchase order functionality needed in Xero

Started by Pyers Easton in Feature Requests | Done!

At the moment I am using 'draft' and 'awaiting approval' 'payable invoices' as a makeshift way of generating and tracking/managing purchase orders. This is really convenient as the purchase prices and descriptions are in the inventory items on Xero already. And when the actual supplier invoice comes in it can be checked against the PO and the invoice approved and converted to a purchase invoice

Here's where it falls apart though, there is NO WAY currently to customise the payable invoice as you can with receivable invoices, so the printed version to send to supplier says 'invoice' and gives our registered address (which cannot be changed) and not our physical address.

At the moment I am exporting the payable invoice as PDF, then using a proprietary PDF to Word DOC converter then editing in Word before re-printing PDF to send to supplier, clunky to say the least and could be avoided if the same customising options were available for payable as for receivable invoices.

So please may I make a request for functionality to allow the generation and management of purchase orders ASAP?

Any other suggestions from the community for workarounds would also be welcome in the meantime.
Best Reply as chosen by Brittany H (Community Manager)
...in case you missed the blog, http://blog.xero.com/2013/11/purchase-orders, we've got the first release of purchase orders over the line.

Thanks for your patience everyone.

Andrew Tokeley (Xero Staff)