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Purchase order functionality needed in Xero

Started by Pyers Easton -   in Feature Requests | Completed

At the moment I am using 'draft' and 'awaiting approval' 'payable invoices' as a makeshift way of generating and tracking/managing purchase orders. This is really convenient as the purchase prices and descriptions are in the inventory items on Xero already. And when the actual supplier invoice comes in it can be checked against the PO and the invoice approved and converted to a purchase invoice

Here's where it falls apart though, there is NO WAY currently to customise the payable invoice as you can with receivable invoices, so the printed version to send to supplier says 'invoice' and gives our registered address (which cannot be changed) and not our physical address.

At the moment I am exporting the payable invoice as PDF, then using a proprietary PDF to Word DOC converter then editing in Word before re-printing PDF to send to supplier, clunky to say the least and could be avoided if the same customising options were available for payable as for receivable invoices.

So please may I make a request for functionality to allow the generation and management of purchase orders ASAP?

Any other suggestions from the community for workarounds would also be welcome in the meantime.
+1 on this

Tom Castleman  

+1 - means I could give up on my manual purchase orders I have to do right now.

LCHost Accounts  

Surely this can't be that difficult Xero?? Almost every other accounting program runs purchase orders..........

Alistair Dent  

There are some Xero add-ons that handle purchase orders. One product I work on, Procision+, has strong support for POs, and believe others do also. Of course these add-ons provide lots of other functionality such as project management and time capture, which may be overkill if all you are looking for is simple purchasing.

Brendan Knowles  

Hi Brendan, I did look at add-ons and there are some good looking ones. The thing is, we do a few large value purchases and the add-ons were overkill and added an unnecessary layer of complexity to our operation. One day we may need to move to a partner system if we start doing more volume in smaller items.

It just seemed to me that the framework for handling basic POs was already in Xero. We already use receivables very successfully for quote (draft), customer order (awaiting approval) and final invoice, and would like to use payables the same way with our suppliers.

I have been told by Xero that it is on the way, but no timescale has been given, so I wanted to get it on here to garner comments from the community.

Pyers Easton  

I like the idea of another invoice state (like Draft) and a way of marking an order as "Sent". But even "simple" enhancements like this get complex because you then have a record in Xero, so what happens when the supplier sends you an invoice? Well if you process invoices manually you already have one to edit and approve which is handy, but things get trickier if you import or use Xero exchange. You could end up with two records and then you need a way of handling this. The next issue is whether orders should generate accounting entries (commitments and/or accruals) so you can report with or without orders and factor the orders into your cashflow ....... and then order to invoice matching comes into play! Same goes for Sales Orders of course.

Chris Dixon  

Hi Chris, I agree with what you say, and it could get complex if you go too far down that route.

All I am asking for though is a SIMPLE PO system. It is no different to the way I use 'receivable' invoices for quotes/sales orders. All that needs to be done to implement this is to allow customisation of purchase invoice templates. As I have said I am already using payables for PO handling and the only problem I am having is that I have to faff around changing the appearance of the print out from Xero.

I would be delighted if Xero launched a more powerful solution (with accruals etc), but that would also tend to imply the need for stock handling too, this might be a bridge too far for Xero who want to engage with partners to produce this sort of functionality as an add-on.

Pyers Easton  

Yeah lets not get into inventory and 3-way matching with price and quantity variances! Leave that to Netsuite and SAP. Agree on the benefits of a simple PO though.

Chris Dixon  

Indeed purchase orders is functionality we need to add and we've had a few requests to apply branding to supplier/payable invoices so we could look at doing this first. Thanks for raising and supporting!

Catherine Walker (Community Manager)  

Thanks for the official word Catherine.

Fully fledged PO handling would be nice of course, but simple branding would certainly work perfectly well for us right now, and would save the headaches of trying to re-brand the very basic output we have at the moment!

Pyers Easton  

Just got set up in Xero (a book keeper put us onto it and set it up for us) and it was the first thing I looked for (inset sad emoticon)....the boss (read:wife) does all the accounting side of the business and I am not yet savvy enough to use the previously mentioned work-around but as I need to purchase hundreds of different items repeatedly a simple PO generation function using the inventory list to populate the order is something I really need. I currently just make them up on an Excel template but this can be cumbersome and doesn't really track current pricing as well as a regularly updated inventory list would.....time is money after all !!

Scott Elvison  

I am also looking for this feature (Purchase Orders) and need it soon - Any idea when Xero will include this feature before I look at other add-ons

Wally Vicig  

Seems like a bit of an oversight to not include POs in an accounting programme...

Having spent the last few days setting this up and converting all our data from MYOB and importing into Xero, I got the Purchases only to realise, to my horror, that there are no POs!

Any idea when this function will be added?

Ces Terranova  

+ 1 on this

Ramon Rivera  

Catherine could you please confirm when some simple PO functionality will come online. I am looking to move to Xero but dont want to be like Ces & complete a big conversion over from the existing systems & not have PO functionality. Pretty important for an accounting system to provide basic cost control.

Thanks Richard

richard ambrose  

There is no fixed date for this yet but we're currently planning on releasing it this year.

Catherine Walker (Community Manager)  

Catherine, Xero has now had numerous requests for purchase orders........you can no longer say "this is currently not available; we will foward to our development team." Purchase orders are an important part of many businesses & this must be introduced ASAP. Also i am sure some fixed dates for release would assist as well...nothing like a bit of accountability!

Joshua Wiggins  

This would be a biggy for me. I quite like workflow max but its 'currency agnostic'...


Andrew Frazer  

I love the idea of being able to customise PO branding, using a draft payable invoice and being able to press an "Email" button, just like on the invoices receivable. It would be even better if the PDF filenames could say "Purchase Order" instead of "Invoice" too.
That would all help us a lot. We just started using draft invoices payable as POs and the suppliers understand - PO branding might even get them onto Xero too.

On that note, we use the draft invoices receivable to send quotes to customers, it would be great if the PDFs said "Draft Invoice" or "Quotation" rather than "Invoice" as if I send from Xero I have to put a note in the email saying "please ignore the word invoice", which isn't ideal.

Catherine, are you able to give us a (rough) idea on what PO functionality you are considering on releasing later in the year? Even if you don't have a specific date or specific plan.

Many thanks as ever for your hard work :-)

James Johnstone  

As an adviser I have spent a good deal of time laying the cloud computing fears to rest with potential and existing clients. It was all smiles until I lost two sales this week because:
a) No simple method of printing the PO with the company address (Logo would be luxury) and
b) No payment remittance advice to a supplier is available.

Both clients were ready to migrate from existing software and neither were prepared to accept my workarounds which is understandable.

This is letting down an otherwise very good product. These items, if dealt with simply (ie through just making printing a draft purchase invoice and batch payment available), don't require a major re-write.

Please, please make this a priority fix.

Chris Farrant  

It's unthinkable that an excellent solution such as Xero does not have PO functionality. I think this is a very serious oversight. Can we have a dates for the release of this very critical functionality.

Chuma Chukwujama  

Want to implement Xero with a client, but can't because of the lack of a PO function. Need this bad!

Sam Clark  

I think the delay may be due to a policy decision. Why?

Xero acquired WorkflowMAX which includes a full purchase order system, timesheet and job tracking option (but lacks stock control by the looks of it). Comments welcomed.

Chris Farrant  

+1 for purchase orders. Xero has been great so far, but this is the first real failing I have come up against.

Angus Grahame  

No policy decision. This is just honestly one of the many things we've had lots of requests for and has to be prioritised. No date for release yet sorry. Agree there is a spectrum of simple to complex for this functionality and we're not going to just chuck something out there, goes against the of grain ensuring a good user experience. However I know with it missing many of you are not having a good experience! And it's not good to hear some of you are losing clients because of it. We hear that and I'm keeping the team up to date with your requests and comments.

Catherine Walker (Community Manager)  

@JJ - you can change the name of the quote PDF - there are some instructions and a video in Help Centre - Create a quote.

Catherine Walker (Community Manager)  

+ 1 looking for this too please

Brad Stevens  

I saw that Xero recently bought Workflow Max - http://www.workflowmax.com/home.aspx which integrates with Xero and has purchase order functionality as well as job tracking, timesheets, CRM and other things. The cost is between $15 and $199/month, but if you were just going to use the purchase order functionality, you could probably get by with the solo license at $15/month. I agree that Purchase Order functionality would be nice to have directly in Xero, but if you were going to lose a client over this issue, $15/month would be worth it.

Brandon Smith  

I looked at Workflow Max and it looked great for businesses that primarily bill for time, but not so good for businesses like mine that are resellers of products. We need to manage POs and provide stock control for the products we sell. Billing for professional services is a small part of what we do. We could get away with just PO handling at the moment, and manage stock in a spreadsheet as we do now, hence my original post.

The thing is, my business, no doubt like many Xero users' businesses is growing, and the features of Xero need to grow with the businesses or users will be forced to move. The thought of moving to anything else other than Xero is an anathema to me, so I am hoping a home grown solution appears soon...

Pyers Easton  

@Pyers - You should check out Vendhq.com. Integrates with Xero and has a good inventory system that can also integrate with online stores like Shopify and Big Commerce. If you need really sophisticated inventory management, then Unleashed also integrates with Xero.

Brandon Smith  

We are just in the process of changing over to Xero from Quickbooks, and I have just realised to my dismay that there is no PO system in place. Would love to know when this will be in place as it will be an integral part of our new website that we are creating. We have switched to Xero purely for our website purposes, so the PO system is exceptionally important to us. Please Xero, can you put this on the urgent list - the rest of your system is excellent.

Admin (Enzemble)  

Sales / Accounts Receivable is great and have managed to customise to work with our business!! glad we changed from MYOB.
However the Purchase Order / Accounts Payable is not effective for us and i dare say most business's that would use a purchase order to order goods and track that status. MYOB purchase order systems worked quitre well and would recommend taking a look on how it worked (especially with the use of sequencial ORDER NUMBERS)

Jess Shilling  

+1 on all needing PO's. This is urgent for us and I am not sure how an accounting package cannot have them, it is part of the accounting / business workflow... Pls Xero give us PO's

Sven Lesicnik  

We too need the PO system running. At the very very least, being able to chose a customisable template would be great. That is all. Then you can take your time to make a robust version. Template will suffice just fine for now. Thanks!

Kavita Chhiba  

I also have clients pressing for PO system so please add one vote

Joanne Crumpton  

+1 For me too. Does seem a bit strange to leave out such a key part of any accounts package. Though having said that we only ever use this for large purchases we get "on account" like rapid prototyping or printing, from larger suppliers who request a purchase order number. Most of these things suppliers are just happy to invoice us, or rely on an email to confirm an order. So it's only something we do perhaps once a month.

However as we grow, this will need to become more systematic, as it's the proper way of tracking our liabilities and also being able to prove what we requested.

Andrew Redman  

At the Xero Workshops in Bristol and London last week the development "Road Map" has this item as being released (with other enhancements including on-line remittances etc) in the next major upgrade. No date given but the indications are that the worst case scenario is by the end of the Xero financial year.

Chris Farrant  

Supplier / Payable purchase orders would be very useful for our business too.

Jamie Lee Fraser  

desperately waiting for this too. would make a huge difference for us. we would use it DAILY!

Nic Poole  

@Catherine - any update regarding release of purchase orders?

Joshua Wiggins  

Has anyone discovered a bridge solution? Are there any add-ons offering a system for PO's to Xero? (Workflow Max is pretty good, but a bit lacking here.)

If only an enterprising developer were to read my post here. *cough, cough*

Chris Zerwas  

This is an absolute must for us as we start to use Xero seriously. We can wait a few months but will have to use something else if it doesn't appear in 2012

Piers Carey  

1. An absolute Must. I really do not understand why simple POs linked to SKUs is not possible.

2. Also you need to add 2 price lists per SKU (standard retail price RRP) and Sourcing Price (SP - our costs). Any % should be applicable to a PO or INVOICE on those 2 prices.

3. @Catherine: Any PO function you might add, PLEASE ENSURE IT IS SIMPLE (no overkill) and ACCESSIBLE VIA YOUR API.

We are currently designing our own STOCK CONTROL, STOCK PREDICTION and automated reordering model in a separate system in which we will manage POs. Once they are approved we would simply move them to XERO via the API.


Roderick Ruhl  

@Catherine: any update BTW?

Roderick Ruhl  

I don't get it. On a very basic level, are we not talking about having each purchase invoice generate a unique number? All the other functionalities people are requesting are based on this, are they not?

So I get that these advanced functions would take time to code and design, etc but why is a simple unique number generation so hard to implement?

Or have I got it wrong?


Ces Terranova  

Could you please update on the purchase order function.Last reply from XERO team is on 30 th June .
Could anyone update on this issue?
This is become very critical.Hope you understand
Thank You.

Mathew Rodrigues  

I desperately need this for two of my newest Xero clients. I've looked at Add-ons available but they don't quite offer exactly what most trade-type businsses need. It was mentioned at Xerocon in London last week but it would be good to know if it will be released this year.

Angie Major  

I'm adding my name to this, for what it is worth.
I'm struggling to believe that PO's were not part of Xero from the start - really basic accounting procedure that may cause us to switch to something else.

Hugh Griffiths  

Same here. Our accountants are pushing us to change to SAGE as they do not want to deal with any workaround solution. Would be a pitty as XERO has some great features over the SAGE solution.
Please XERO team, don't lave us hanging like this.

Roderick Ruhl  

We are also seriously considering moving clients to an alternate software because of functionality deficiencies, particularly with PO’s. This fundamental part of an accounting system really needs to be added ASAP. As always, I expect a reply from Xero saying, ‘We are working on this. There is no release date yet.’ This particular blog post has been active since Feb 2012 and yet not a word on a fixed release date. 8 months of no action is seriously worrying.

Joshua Wiggins  

I've just tweeted Rod Drury and Gary Turner and they said not to hold them to it but Purchase Orders are in development now, it is a big project as they are also working on stock/job workflow but they are planning to release early 2013

Angie Major  

Thanks Angie, that was good thinking!

Good news, it can't come soon enough as I am reaching the point of near insanity juggling spreadsheets for stock with having to manually purge POs using my workaround I detailed in the OP.

I love Xero and the mere thought of moving sends me into flagellation after my previous experiences with Sage and (much, much worse!) Exchequer. But I will have no choice other than move if this functionality does not appear in the next 6 months or so!

Fingers crossed...

Pyers Easton  

For the record I would NEVER go back to Sage :)

Pyers Easton  

Definitely +1. Several customers are waiting patiently for Purchase Order capability to be added to Xero.

Wendy Thompson  

This is absolutely RIDICULOUS that Xero does not have BASIC purchase order functionality. This oversight will literally make us switch "systems". How did we not catch this during testing? Getting a reply from Support that there may be "Add-ons" is like going to a restaurant and the waitress telling you that you need to get your own utensils to eat the food they are serving you. WTF???

Christopher Joyce  

To be fair, Xero does not pretend to support POs at present so if its a mandatory requirement for a user they need to move on at selection time. The same is true of a number of small business accounting systems. How many suppliers insist on an order number or a formal PO these days? So while I think this is a good feature to have, I think we just need a roadmap so we can see if and when and how it might be supported .......

Chris Dixon  

Chris Dixon you make it sound like it is a new science or frontier to be researched. PO functionality is one of the most BASIC aspects of almost any accounting system. Any business that manufactures lives by their POs. Off the shelf packages from 20+ years ago had this functionality and so should a cloud based system that is as good as Xero. We transferred over 4 of our companies to Xero because of all the positive aspects about it. But ignoring PO functionality is just not acceptable. It's Accounting 101.

Christopher Joyce  

XERO is a great program and i'm glad we've changed but Christopher Joyce is "Bang-On!"..... PO's are so important and we too missed it when we were looking at changing over. It's probably no worries if all you're doing is invoicing out your labours/services as all you're probably in-putting is business running cost etc. But when you buy & sell ontop of this, how do you expect to monitor/organise what is coming in??.....yep, that's right.... PURCHASE ORDERS!!
We won't change from Xero but we hope the Xero Team will have a nice surprise for us in the new year (hint, hint.....nudge,nudge)

Jess Shilling  

All I'm saying is what isn't there isn't there. I agree its a simple function to just produce a PO, but as I think I mentioned near the start of this thread, if you are referencing MRP systems they need to cope with inventory and multi-way matching and thats not a small deal. And anyway that level of functionality is Netsuite territory.The worst thing that could happen is a rushed solution that causes more problems than it solves. But it would be nice to hear something from Xero on this!

Chris Dixon  

I believe many of us started with XERO being small to medium sized and as the business and operations grow, POs and basic stock control become an URGENT matter. This is where XERO then starts loosing their happy customer base as they have not added a basic functionality at this point.
So, I am sure XERO is working on this right now.....

Roderick Ruhl  

I am just starting to use Xero and this morning I have stuffed around trying to find out how to raise a purchase order. Eventually I googled it and discovered to my horror that Xero does not have a means of raising a professional looking purchase order.
I am going to have to raise them manually with my own Excel based sheet. Such a shame that your cloud based modern system has such a basic shortcoming!
C'mon Xero, we need it and we need it now!

Ian Schmahmann  

+1 on needing POs. Have been told by the end of this year but no update.


Marc-Adrian Polo  


I also need to use word and excel to recreate a good looking PO for our suppliers and then enter the same data into a draft invoice for xero - very time consuming!

Eva Kaupp  

This would be a fantastic and well needed feature in Xero!!!

Noel Tiufino  

Hi Everyone,

Thought I'd give you an update on where we're at.

We certainly haven't made the progress we would have liked this year so apologies for the long wait. It will happen, I promise (a rare word from a Product Manager), and is identified as one of the more important features for us to deliver. That said, it is competing with other important features where there are no work-arounds, however, awkward.

We have completed the designs though and the next release has some changes to the AR/AP dashboards in preparation for POs and Quotes. However, full PO functionality won't be ready until next year.

Thanks for your patience.

Andrew Tokeley (Xero Staff)  

Many thanks for the official word Andrew, very encouraging. If you need a guinea pig to help with beta testing I am more than happy to oblige.

Pyers Easton  

Andrew you've made my day:) I have two customers - medical supply company and construction that are both looking for this asap. We'd like to see more SME's using PO's to help with cash flow projections so we can use it as a business tool once it's available. If we can help Beta test it let us know.

Wendy Thompson  

Some key things many people in our industry would require for Purchase Orders which are pretty standard in MYOB and others.

1. Making sure it is multi currency.
2. Ship to Address. We may order it, but it gets shipped to a different address or to client.
3. Required By/Finish By date - to enter date you require supplier to finish/ship.
4. Shipping options - allow drop down to choose and can also in Xero add custom methods (post, express post, courier, overnight courier, FOB, ex-Works, etc)
5. Can do a PO which enables service based AND item based line items.

Jason Crowle  

Some very good points there Jason. I'd agree with them all for my needs too.

Pyers Easton  

+1 on Jason's list
Need to be able to customise it like an invoice .docx for item codes

Wendy Thompson  

since we use POs to order container loads from manufacturers we would also need the following:

1. Every article in the article list in XERO would also have a VOLUME datafield (optional input)
2. In the PO the volume is then added up (if provided in the article details) to a TOTAL

The volume is always quoted by suppliers/manufacturers to double check that the order volume will fit a particular container.

3. Datafield for Tracking or Container ID. (just an input field linked to a PO)

4. Also important is an expected ARRIVAL DATE.

This is different from the Finish or Delivery date. Arrival date is when the container is expected to be at the warehouse or any other final location. This can be 4-7 weeks after the finish date (manufacturing date) and is important when planning stocks.

5. Great would also be when ADDITIONAL CONTAINER RELATED COSTS such as SHIPPING etc. can be linked to a particular container and then calculated to the articles sourcing price.

I know that request 5 is a bit more advanced but Requests 1-4 are simply data fields we need in a PO for reference. That should not be too hard. Thanks!

Roderick Ruhl  

I do find it odd just how many people have to request a basic function ! and we are still waiting, Its a bit like having to vote for a heater in a car - but then in the 50's that marked the difference between a deluxe car and a normal car.... we'll get there in the end.

Chris Adair  

This is the first i've found a feature request forum - from googling'PO xero'
Why not publish the feature request forum as a link within xero?
I'm sure you'll find more votes for PO and Quotes once you do.

Accounts EnergyOptions  

Can we know when "next year" is? I find it extraordinary not to have a PO system in Xero.

Alexander Duggan  

Agree with that. I think it is reasonable for Xero to tell us when "next year" is.

I'm not sure that all these comments are getting the visibility and recognition they need - it may be worth also adding them to the Xero facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/Xero.Accounting

Interesting to see that this feature request has the most discussion of any feature, and the second most votes right now (88). However, it doesn't feel like it is #1 or #2 on Xero's list right now...

Hugh Griffiths  

Xero, I'm afraid you've really blown it on this one. I was at a roadshow of yours at the start of this year, where purchase orders were promised 'this year'. Now we're told, 'sorry, next year'. This is pathetic, I can think of no other way to describe it. I absolutely echo @hugh comments above, where are your priorities Xero???

Alistair Dent  

To be fair this is a big task I am sure, I would rather wait a while (but not too long!) and get something that is well honed rather than a mere bandage.

Pyers Easton  

I am just taking on a new customer to Xero on the basis that PO will be there very soon - just hope that it does happen.We had a Xero partner news update a week ago that said Xero was working hard on PO functionality. So it should be soon !

Phil Cooper  

From the latest release notes:

"Sales invoices and bills
Most of our users aren't accountants, so we've decided to replace the use of the terms 'Accounts Receivable' and 'Accounts Payable'. So Bills are the new Accounts Payables and Sales Invoices are the new Accounts Receivables. We've also created two new dashboards for Sales and Purchases which are much better at highlighting key information. In a future release, the new dashboards will be launchpads for Quotes and Purchase Orders."

Sounds tantalisingly close now!

Pyers Easton  

Hi I am currently looking for a PO system too. We also need to give suppliers a PO number when generating a purchase request. Please can you let us know when a system will come on board? Vanessa

Vanessa Donald  

We are just starting a trial of Xero but without PO functionality it is unlikely we will take it forward. Can you please give a release date so we will know whether or not it will be worth our while continuing?

Helen Holloway  

Merged: Purchase orders for vendors or suppliers

Hello, I am new to Xero and I am trying to create a "purchase order" to send to a vendor. It appears that these are called Bills in Xero - is that correct ?
How can I alter the template for a bill so that I can print out a bill in PDF format that is customised to the way I want the bill to appear and I can then send it to the vendor for them to supply against ?

Also, is there a bill number that is generated like the invoice numbers so that the vendor can refer to which bill is being supplied ?


John McGill  

Hi John

Xero currently does not support purchase orders at this stage, however it is planned for release. You can't make any customisation to the bill templates.

Cassandra Scott  

When is is planned for release exactly please. It says in April 2012 on this stream 'this year' which has passed.

Claire Love  

The fact that this still shows as "scheduled", rather than "next release" indicates that this might be some time away yet.

I echo the sentiments above about this being pathetic, especially since Xero purchased WFM, which already had all of this (POs and quotes) built-in.

Come on guys, give us a date when we can expect this, something more solid than "this year" would be appreciated.

Matthew Duckett  

No PO? Seriously????

Chris Kamimura  

We are already developing our own PO and Multi-Warehouse stock functionality in our online stores.
We just need the PO in XERO to go live to push our POs via the API into XERO.

So.....don't forget to add the API to the PO feature!!!

Roderick Ruhl  

You need to sack your current programmers. Seriously, how hard is it?

Luke Dee  

I can't give you a release date but this is certainly one of the big features we're working on.

Catherine Walker (Community Manager)  

Thanks Catherine, but that is not new. You've been 'working on' purchase orders for over 12 months now. An indication of release date would be nice.

Alistair Dent  

@ Catherine - why can’t you give us a release date?
Are you saying that "Xero doesn't have the guts to be upfront & transparent with their customers?"
When you commit wholeheartedly to something it creates accountability and ensures whatever is promised is delivered...on time!
We are getting extremely sick of these 'fluffy' excuses..........................

Joshua Wiggins  

++1 Catherine - definitely need this purchase order feature. Just basic POs that can be reconciled against suppliers invoice. Very surprised to find this standard feature not available. I'm new to Xero and am enjoying the flexibility and functionality. Foolishly I didn't explore the PO feature when converting from MYOB. "I just assumed" it was there as there is inventory. Please put a high priority on the inclusion of purchase orders.

Greg Powley  

Until Xero releases a PO capability, it will remain in my company at least, as a curiosity - unsuitable for adoption or recommendation. PO capability is sine qua non. We are waiting...

Stephen Sheppard  

I see the status of this has changed to 'started'. This is good news, I await this feature avidly!

Pyers Easton  

Now that the status has changed to "started" can we get an expected date?

David Bann  

Could we get an ETA on this?

Long Tran  

Any news on this.... It's so important to us and as I can see many others. An ETA would be great. Thanks

Matt Edbrooke  

Xero, Please offer sequential Purchase Order capability. PO capability is essential. Can you please advise ETA?

Stephen Sheppard  

Hi all, quick update. Since my last comment we've entered into our build phase and are actively (as I speak) developing purchase order functionality (hence the change to Started). It's a reasonably big piece of work and I don't want to build expectations around a release date yet but it will be this year and I'd like to hope sooner to the middle than the end. As we get further through the work I'll have a better idea of progress and update you here. Thanks for your patience.

Andrew Tokeley (Xero Staff)  

Why so long??? You already own WFM, how on earth can it be so hard to integrate???

Disappointing Xero. You said early last year that it would be before the end of last year, then nothing happened, as you didn't even start on it in that 12 months... Now you're saying possibly in the first half of this year, but being very non-committal!

Then you have the guile to thank us for our patience! You don't need to be a genius to see that most people's patience has already run out, reading the comments here.

Pull finger Xero!

Matthew Duckett  

Matthew D - In 8 days time this project will celebrate its first birthday and still no eta - Do you really think they care? They obviously get more than 100 requests for other enhancements.
I have run out of patience

Wally Vicig  

Disappointing indeed.
Looking back through this thread, on the 20 April 2012 it was said that Xero was "...currently planning on releasing it this year". Which I took to mean having PO functionality by the end of 2012. Now it may be released in the second half of 2013.
I don't think Xero has done a very good job of managing people's expectations here.

Hugh Griffiths  

I'm very surprised that an essential business process like PO's is being developed so far along in a product roadmap. Is there a 'map' being used by Xero? Or is it a case of implementing any 'low hanging fruit' features that are easy to implement?

Chris Elder  

@Chris Elder - I think Xero do have a roadmap, they've just been using it upside down. I can't think of any other reason why pretty much the #1 request has been delayed so long, when huge releases such as online invoicing have been implemented with next to no demand at all. Priorities are somewhat skewed, one thinks....

Alistair Dent  

+1 on this feature, I always assumed this was standard in Xero but now I can not believe this has been out all this time.

Jarrod Barker  

Zoho CRM has a basic invoicing system. Can it be interfaced to Xero ??

Mark Berry  

Has anyone looked at http://tidystock.com/#xero for basic purchase ordering/stock control ?

Mark Berry  

Very disappointed to see how such a fundamental part of business is completely ignored by Xero on this. It's a very simple feature that would take a few days to implement. Looks as thought they're keeping key features out to force their customers to purchase extra plugins adding un needed costs and extra steps in workflow.. Canceling our corp account today due to this. Quickbooks online will be getting our business.

Scott Campbell  

Actually Scott, the most disappointing thing is the lack of fronting up by Xero on this. It is quite easy to see their focus on customer service is pretty damn low, when the only way possible to contact them is by email, and this just underlines the contempt they have for their many paying customers - when such a key feature is requested and continuously pushed out and out, without telling us.

Maybe time for Mr. Drury to front up.

Matthew Duckett  

I must say my experience of customer service form Xero has been absolutely excellent over the years, though I am obviously looking forward to PO functionality ASAP, I do understand that it is a big step, and needs to be done right, from the start.

Pyers Easton  

Can you please let me know when is the next release for Purchase order. in terms of quote I am happy using Quoteroller. I only need Purchase Order processing ASAP

Amine Dahimene  

Hi Xero,

I must support everyone above, that a basic inventory control system/purchase ordering system is the life blood of many small/medium and large businesses. Mine included.

As a customer, I am also dissapointed in the way Xero staff are dealing with the above peoples frustrations. I don't think its to much to ask for a specific date to manage peoples expectations. I personally, also don't think a comment every 6 months or so, with a time frame based in years is a professional way to handle the situation, and the information given regarding development is poor as best.

Kind Regards


Premium Lifestyle  

The Feature Tour of Xero opens with "All you need to run your business". Really? How about an ability to issue Purchase Orders? Please don't offer what you do not and to date, cannot deliver!!

Stephen Sheppard  

I have only just started using the trial editions and went looking how to create a purchase order and stumbled upon this forum page. With all of the frustrated users, and very little input from xero, it really makes me start to think of the lack of support and update by xero throughout this process. engaging with stakeholders, is key to successful project implementation and xero fails miserably on this account.


Early in 2012 they promised a release "this year" (2012). Not only did Xero miss this date, the didn't even start on purchase orders until last month, and aren't likely to release this half of 2013.

Meanwhile they've released that idiotic online invoice debacle and changed all the terminology and "Dashboards" so they're understandable to a 5 year old. These features weren't requested or desirable, yet they got priority over the two most requested (on conspicuously missing) features - purchase orders and quotes.

Oh, and they've also been working hard on giving Australian and American users more payroll functions while NZ users get nothing.

Chris Doms  


I know a number of you are getting pretty frustrated with having to wait for PO functionality - yes, it is taking a long time, no, we aren't ignoring you! We do care about what people are saying here and in other forums and it does impact what we release.

Back in October I wrote that we hadn't made the progress we would have liked and in February let you know work had begun in earnest. The team are still beavering away but there's actually quite a bit to do. I know it's tempting to think this should be a trivial addition (I even find myself believing this on the products I use regularly), adding PO functionality is not a weekend's work (@Scott Campbell - I'm looking at you!). We want it to be the best experience it can be and that takes time.

As a rule, we don't publish release dates - there are simply too many factors that can affect this and it would simply lead to more frustration were we to miss them.

Catherine and I will keep you in the loop as best we can - please hang in there, it will be worth it!

Andrew Tokeley (Xero Staff)  

Thanks for the update Andrew,

Please make sure that your release contains API functionality.


Roderick Ruhl  

...you guys took so long We had to develop our own PO and stock control. So we will need to feed those into XERO.


Roderick Ruhl  

Be careful what you ask for Rod - if they include API functionality, they might just extend the release date by another year ;-)

David Bann  

Hi Andrew,

I am not trying to tell Xero how to run its business, but from your posts i am getting the distinct impression that you are either facing a resource issue, or you have your developers all running in to many different directions. According to the feature request forum, you are currently working on 8 enhancements to the program which have been 'started', however two of these requests have well over the majority of the votes and have been around for years, while others requested only 2 months old which don't have a single vote have been started already. Why don't you prioritize them according to public opinion? otherwise the whole point of votes seems a waste or our time and energy.

Kind Regards

Premium Lifestyle  

I just want to support Craig's comments here. We really want to keep using Xero, but as our business grows, it is just becoming too difficult. It is missing such basic features. On the PO system, it appears you can get a Xero owned add-on that provides a PO system of sorts and integrates with Xero. It's very costly so we'd sooner switch to QuickBooks or MYOB. Maybe Xero is just using that as a way to get higher revenue from its clients for what should be basic included features? Naming the invoices feature "Purchases" is misleading and when we signed up a few months ago, we had assumed "Purchases" included PO's. The draft and approval options looked to be the thing. They should have named it Bills or Payables, but then it isn't really payables and that's a different problem...

Bob Cart  

Just signed up for the system and after getting switched across found we couldn't do PO's. As per other comment I am very surprised as would have thought it was a must have. Also as per earlier comments the ability to customise the format and print the Bill would have sufficed as a short term solution for us.

Andrew Tomes  

Yep just signed up too, went to do PO and can't do. The word is PO' will be released mid-year. So we're back doing PO's in MYOB.

Rod Stagg  

Waiting patiently for integration of a Quoting and Purchase Order function. Till then it's back to Quickbooks.

Matthew Calvi  

Another much needed function that would save a manual spreadsheet for these sorts of things

Darren McCabe  

Understand the development process as described in Xero staff posts above, but wanted to add my name to the list of users holding back from fully running with Xero for lack of PO functionality. I like the core product and so look forward to getting PO functionality built in, obviously the earlier the better!

Nathan Elstub  

I'm currently looking into other accounting software after using xero for 12 months. I figured you would have POs sorted out by now however it is evident you have not invested in this area at all. Very disappointing.

Georgia Beattie  

Can we please have an update on the progress of this? The organisation I'm now with would love to move to Xero but simply can't without purchase orders.

Chris Doms  

When will you be able to implement customisation of supplier invoices? It can't be that difficult, as this is already implemented for customer invoices?

As a small business it is really important to send our suppliers professional-looking Purchase Orders and supplier invoices, as this has a huge effect on how our company is perceived and hence the payment terms and credit we can get.
Sadly, this is the only area where Xero currently is totally inadequate

annette colton  

I signed up for a free trial with Xero and decided to try it out. It integrates with the CRM that I use and the reviews were good so I decided to give it a whirl. I got onboard and started looking into the features and came across this issue about purchase orders.

I got a call toward the end of March from one of the sales associates trying to get me to extend my trial in exchange for my billing information. I expressed my concern about the purchase order issue. He said they were working on it and he was expecting to have it implemented in April.

I'm canceling my trial with Xero after this post and don't have any intention of coming back. Frankly, I'm a little miffed that the sales guy would say that to get me onboard, but the thing that is most discouraging to me is that this issue has been known by the gang at Xero for at least 14 months and it is still unresolved.

Avery Kramer  

@ALC - you will be able to customise Purchase Orders in the same way sales invoices can be using DOCX and standard themes. However, we have not yet prioritised customising supplier invoices.

Andrew Tokeley (Xero Staff)  

What a disappointment to have such an amazing product with a major limitation that takes an incredible amount of time to "implement"

I reckon they aren't launching this feature so more people sign up to WorkFlowMax as well, which is way to expensive for simple purchase order functionality.

I'm really hoping something happens before end of financial year, as it is no doubt the quickest and easiest time to move to a new accounting system. I have a client who really needs to get on the Xero bandwagon, but it's looking like it will end up being something like MYOB Liveaccounts.

Bryan Ford  

How strange that it does not have PO feature as STANDARD! Wow.

Please listen to your customers, and implement a Purchase Order system - even a basic one, ASAP!

Jake Kim  

Very disappointed to see that this has not been completed and it doesn't look like it will be before EOFY. Clock is ticking 2 months to go. I'd be surprised if this will be done by end of 2013.

Robert Talevski  

Dear Andrew T (xero staffer),
In don't get it ... on the one hand, we've been told several times to be patient, as the released product needs to be fully functional with a comprehensive feature set, .... yet you say (while you're working on purchase order customisation), "we have not yet prioritised customising supplier invoices". Customising PO's can't be that hard when you already have code for publishing sales orders !
What other features/functions ARE prioritised ??

Mark Berry  

Can someone from Xero provide some useful update on this functionality. We asked for it on a linked in forum over 2 years ago when we lost clients from Xero becuase of it. How do you tell a client to sign up to another product to do one task?

Robert Moore  

I'd rather see Supplier Statements than Invoices! However, when an invoice is sent by Xero network it would be nice if the pdf invoice that gets sent by email is automatically added to the Bill, as otherwise you need to download it and upload it again.

Chris Dixon  

I'm just like many others here - i have potential clients who expect PO functionality. The lack of this feature is significant drawback. Can it please be pushed up the priority list. Surely this would be no where near as complex to add in as some of the other recently introduced features, which appear to me to be more peripheral.

Keith Berry  

I really cannot understand how this can be taking so long. Xero already have the damn functionality within a business they own!

I use and have a reasonably good understanding of development procedures/timelines for far more complex SaaS database type systems than Xero could ever hope to be. For us to have extremely complex "smartforms" offline methodology built into a system took approx 2 months development time. But most importantly, it tool willingness from the developer.

Pull finger Xero.

Matthew Duckett  

PO's please. Xero you are starting to waste my time. Almost two months without an update? Time to look for new accounting software

Sven Lesicnik  

Today I sent an email to the help desk asking for support on how to raise a PO as I couldn't see anything in Xero, I guess after reading these posts I may be waiting a very long time for an answer :(

Scott Carlton  

Agree - why on earth is this KEY function not available whilst you work on projects that have virtually no votes. Direct all resources to this I say

Robert Lickley  

It's fairly clear at this point that Xero have stopped paying attention to user requests and are instead directing their attention towards features that no one ever asked for, like self-promoting online invoices and the dumbing down of language. The lack of communication and disingenuous timelines has lead me to giving up waiting any more. There are other products which suitably fulfil my needs, and the competing developers focus more on features and less on sales and courting sharemarket investors.

Chris Doms  

Given that the most requested feature (presently this one) only has circa 180 votes and Xero has many tens (or even hundreds) of thousands subscribers I guess this community may not be considered representative. It would be good to see Xero publicising this forum more and encouraging people to contribute and vote.

Pyers Easton  

@ Pyers perhaps the LinkedIn group would be a better place as its a more open forum. Also each territory is supposed to have a user group, although I don't know who is on it. But the nail you may have hit on the head is that for every user that wants PO functionality there may be thousands who don't.

Chris Dixon  

The simplest accounting package MUST generate and log Purchase Orders. It is sine qua non. "Shame on you (Xero). Shame on you." From the film "A Late Quartet" delivered pointedly by Christopher Walken.

Stephen Sheppard  

@Chris Doms - back in March I clarified that we had begun actively working on PO functionality. I know it's taking longer than all of you are wanting but, please, don't mistake this to mean we are not paying attention. It's simply not true. Nor have I given any disingenuous timelines - on the contrary, I've been very open about not setting false expectations about when this feature will be released (and to be honest, this is what I normally get called out on!).

@Pyers/Chris - probably a combination of both. We have lots of existing and new customers who, for whatever reason, don't need PO functionality. We also have plenty of users who DO want it and don't participate on Community. My interpretation on the Community feedback is that it helps form a view of the relative importance of requested features. In that sense, the absolute numbers aren't as important. Good idea from Chris to promote it amongst your peers on forums like LinkedIn.

We do appreciate you all taking the time to comment here - it will happen!

Andrew Tokeley (Xero Staff)  

@Andrew, even in this discussion thread there is an indication from Catherine in April 2012 that the functionality will be ready in 2012. And that's not to mention the various discussions I've had with Xero sales staff who constantly promise that this feature is just around the corner. So yes, in this respect Xero most certainly have been disingenuous, both with the PO issue and with the related matter of quotes which have also been over-promised and under-delivered.

I'm not accusing you personally of giving misleading timelines (indeed I notice you've been deliberately vague, which is frustrating in itself), but as an organisation Xero has failed to meet expectations in this area.

Chris Doms  

Andrew from memory at the last Xero con I believe we were shown a demo of the PO or at least screen shots to do with this functionality. Why put it on the big screen after waiting so long, to then by the sounds of it, not even have it ready for this year's Xero Con. I love Xero but it is embarrassing to hear clients and lovers of other software mention PO as a chink in the armour. After all this is accounting software and a PO gets used by those businesses who use use them more than a credit note! I have clients who would pay for this feature!

Robert Moore  

We signed up with Xero in early 2012 with a promise from the Xero Partner that Purchase Orders would be operational before the end of the year. That time line proved to be a fiction and nothing I read in this forum makes me think Xero has this issue under control. The last posting from Andrew on May 14th seems to be more about damage control than any real progress report. With the financial year end near, it looks like we will be reverting to our previous system and writing Xero off as a promising but ultimately disappointing organisation. Xero, your customers only need to see a realistic feature release time line which you are prepared to commit to with some disciplined resource allocation. Standard software project management really.

Grahame Cover  

We only realised last night after swapping over last week that two fundamental functions (PO's and Quotes) were not included in Xero. Our Accountant was not aware either. We have had to go back to MYOB to generate these requirements.

What a shock and disappointing. It looked to be a great move until now. and without any promised dates of release, it's a frustrating concern.

Russell Harland  

I cannot believe that more than a year after this thread was started there has been almost no responses from Xero that indicate they are listening - will you listen more if we all move away Xero?!

I too signed up last year having heard that PO's were imminent, and alas Xero seem unable to commit to any deadlines, give any progress updates, or even respond. What a sham of a company. It feels to me like they know how to make nice web based software, but aren't as organised, or understand accounting or the needs of businesses anywhere near aswell as some of their competitors. Kashflow here I come.

I'm sure the Xero partner that we signed up through, for four separate businesses will be delighted to hear they are losing our business, and why, because Xero is incapable!

Disgruntled to say the least!

Al Higgs  


Steven Cox  

It would be easy to flame Xero for this lacking functionality. Guys, it's a fairly significant strategic gap in your product! How do I order anything from a supplier? Somewhat disappointed. Whilst nobody at Xero will loose sleep, I have two other business's we cannot move to Xero because there is no way to raise orders, I figure if we are in this position many others must also be in this position. Xero you are not accessing the customer revenue streams you could by implementing this fairly core functionality (come on.... MYOB & QB both have it). I love the product, love the functionality we do have, can only encourage you to get a wriggle on and get this gap fixed.

Chris Pope  

Is the PO delay due to Xero working on a inventory management system? I do hope so.. If not then I am very interested as I'm sure others are as to why this functionality is taking so long. What are the complications you're facing in coding this? Let us the customer know the troubles you're up against and we may well forgive the huge delay.

Matt Edbrooke  

@The Mac Man - fair question, some of which I've covered before but good to repeat.

- while Xero has talked about PO functionality for some time, we have only been in a position to mobilise development in Feb/Mar this year. So while we're "late" because everyone (ourselves included) wants this feature yesterday, we haven't been actively working on it for as long as we've been talking about it. Could argue we started talking too early, but that's always a balance we have to make.

- we do have to take into account where we're taking inventory as part of POs but it's not directly impacting our ability to deliver POs.

- we are investing in a fairly significant rework of Xero's interface. You may have noticed differences between recently released new pages (e.g. new sales and purchases dashboards) and older styled pages. This is more than simply a new skin and takes into account making pages more touch friendly (fat finger drop-downs, more whitespace...) and also provides an opportunity to make pages more maintainable moving forward. POs is the first major feature to be written against this new set of standards - and because it requires a new entry grid (one of the most complex UI elements in Xero), it is taking time.

- this investment is going to pay dividends beyond an improved interface. It will help us deliver Quotes, which will use a lot of the artefacts we're building for POs, and in time, will be rolled out to the other grid entry screen (invoices, SM/RM...)


Andrew Tokeley (Xero Staff)  

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for your response.

If you don't mind me saying - your response is still not giving anything away in terms of dates we can expect this functionality in place. If you read all the posts on this thread the overall theme seems to be a) surprise that Xero doesn't include quotes/PO's followed by b) quite a bit of frustration that Xero haven't committed to any dates, which to be honest I'm truly amazed at - there could be people in two camps reading this thread, those that havent swapped to Xero yet because of the lack of quotes/PO's who could well be tempted to signup if they knew that functionality was just round the corner, or, those like me that are truly considering switching to another product because I just have no idea how long before you guys implement the functionality that we all need. I run a software company myself, so I appreciate you may not want to commit to dates until you know them yourself - but that's really the point, if you appreciate how much the people on this thread (and they are just the people that have voiced their frustration, which I would estimate is no more than 15% of all the people that need this functionality) then why hasn't the project been prioritised internally and given a proper plan with some concrete deadlines?

I appreciate the response all the same, but, I have to say I dont think it is enough to satisfy those on this thread.


Al Higgs  


Like Al, I too have run software development. I wouldn't give a date either, but from a careful read of your post, it appears Xero hasn't started coding POs. WIth all due respect, determining the requirements and UI is a long way from coding. These 4 quotes are telling:

"we have only been in a position to mobilise development in Feb/Mar"
"we do have to take into account where we're taking inventory as part of POs but it's not directly impacting our ability to deliver POs".
"we are investing in a fairly significant rework of Xero's interface"
"POs is the first major feature to be written against this new set of standards"

When do you expect to not just be in position, but to have actual coding commence? Note I didn't say finish. I'm just asking about start.


Bob Cart  

@Bob - sorry not to be clearer, we have certainly started cutting code. As I mentioned in an earlier comment (and when the status of this thread was changed to "Started") we actively started development in Feb this year.

Andrew Tokeley (Xero Staff)  

@andrewt, thanks for the updates and actually informing us as to what's happening, as a former QB pro advisor I don't remember anything like this level of engagement with end users or it's partners.

With regards to PO's any additional functionality within Xero is greatly appreciated however, I'd hate for a fantastic product to be ruined by rushed programming and poor user experience.

What I'm struggling to understand though is why so many users here are struggling without PO's. Many of the worlds largest businesses operate without them in certain areas and if their clients are using one of the many excellent add-on partners there are PO functionality in. Out of them.

Keep up the good work and i look forward to hearing form yourself or Catherine on the progress.


I've heard there are other cloud accounting solutions, I've just not seen them yet.

Richard Adams  

Well Purchase orders are neat and tidy way to make sure order are all approved and the information centralised & shared in the accounts system. The supplier can see that they have been raised through the appropriate channels.
I am still quite amazed that Purchase Orders and Sales Quotes have not yet been built into Xero, I commented on this 18 Months ago, but still just a few re-assurances that Xero will do it one day.
Its just another sign that Xero, like all the rest of the accounts software people, seem to think accounting resides in the back office. Truth is as a company I try and put forward an organised and competent facade. Nicely presented Purchase Orders would aid this, and make the"back office" run smoother.
So yes I will carry on requesting this feature.

Chris Adair  

I know a lot of people are upset about this and my myself can't wait for the feature, because I am sure that WHEN it is implemented, it will improve my working life substantially. At the end of the day the product that you signed up for at present doesn't advertise PO's are available, much like Windows 8 doesn't advertise a start button. We would all like one, but for now, until the update, it's not there, take a deep breath and think about how much easier life currently is with XERO. We used to use QB FFS.....

RIchard Dyer  


Nice words Richard, but you are missing the point. The point is that Xero promised this feature over 12 months ago and it hasn't been delivered. A lot of other accounting software providers don't advertise purchase orders either, they just have them, because they are such an integral part of any accounting system. What is most annoying is that Xero have refused to implement customisable supplier invoice templates (as they have done with sales invoices to allow quotes) This would be a stop gap measure while we all wait for the proper purchase order system and would satisfy 80% of the people commenting here.

Alistair Dent  

It would be great if you could roll out even basic API support for Purchase Orders when you add the functionality. It's pretty much the missing piece of the puzzle for us at the moment.

Jonathan McAuliffe  

Would love to swap over to you guys right now and move away from crappy MYOB, but without purchase orders, I just can't do it.

joel malcolm  

Oh how exciting, because I'm sure Xero will get this nailed, so all the doubters and moaners ...lets hear it in a few releases.... Hope you will speak up to say: Thanks.
Community/user input is one of great things about Xero. They listen. The others don't.

Anja O'Connor  

I'm sure users who sign on to xero after this is standard functionality will be fine. In the meantime, current users are loudly complaining, and xero's missing out on potential sales from converts from myob etc. Madness. For such a basic functionality.
Should we say thanks when it is finally implemented? No. In other industries, eg those with SLA's, the vendor would have to start paying partial refunds for being late.

Ashley .  

Its not reasonable to compare this issue with the demands and costs of SLA development. I for one will cheer when the functionality is provided. For now the loss or penalty is potential business going to the competition. But Xero is still the best small business cloud based accounting software available and for that reason I would still recommend it but advise that for the moment use an add-on where purchase orders are required.

Chris Farrant  

XERO needs to have at least a simple PO system that generates automatic ascending PO numbers, like most accounting softwares! It's as simple as that! It should be standard.

Hoxton Street Studios  

+1. Need it ASAP. Considering dropping Xero because of this non-feature.

Nick Lowell  

I'm dropping Xero on July 1. Saasu has it out of the box, and for $9 a month instead of $49 for my 10-11 transactions per month.

Good luck to the rest of you in getting this feature.

Bryan Ford  

All that is needed is the same functionality as in Sales ie you can fully customise the purchases section and you can use the draft button for purchase orders

Any ETA on whats going on? I have clients not happy that cant do purchase orders.

Jason Skinner  

I've got two clients that really need this. Hopefully it will be released very soon.

Paul Young  

I'm yet to see an add-on that is worth it, and cost effective. Saasu is sounding like a good alternative option. What is the ETA Xero?

Michael Randall  

We have being using Zero for a week "live". Having come from a basic MYOB Version 15, going pretty well and satisfied with the functionality. This system desperately needs an "order" that can be converted to a "bill" for payment at the appropriate time.
It's hard to fathom why such a common function was not part of the initial specs a really dumb move.

Alan Curran  

Xero, will you be offering what Saasu has? Saasu already offers the following: http://saasu.com/features/inventory/. Xero, you really need to offer as a minimum, what your competitors are offering, and fast!

Michael Randall  

Working backwards...

@Michael - we are currently working specifically on Purchase Orders (rather than inventory generally). This will get released first. Obviously this forms part of the inventory supply chain and we will be working on adding inventory management features next. This will handle the accounting side of inventory assets, stocktaking (inventory checking), improved reporting... (will be showing more of this off at our upcoming XeroCon events). We have the first set of designs completed for this but it isn't likely to be ready until late this year or possibly next year.

@Alan - it's Xero!

@Jason - yep, that's along the lines of what we're doing. The devil's in the details though! I am planning to showcase the exact features of Purchase Orders soon. Want to make sure everyone knows what to expect before we release - probably do this via the blog and may follow up with some webinars. Stay tuned.

@Nick, @Brian - hate to see anyone leave Xero, especially over something that's being actively worked on as we speak!

Andrew Tokeley (Xero Staff)  

Thanks Andrew, please keep us updated. Hope it integrates nicely with Magento.

Michael Randall  

Catherine wrote on 21 April 2012: "There is no fixed date for this yet but we're currently planning on releasing it this year".
Now you are saying "showcase the exact features of Purchase Orders soon".
I'd like to see some accountability here i.e. when will it be available.
In the interim, you're losing customers not just because the feature is not available, but also because of the missed deadlines, veiled speech (eg "soon") and lack of accountability.
You say that you'd "hate to see anyone leave Xero, especially over something that's being actively worked on as we speak" but you seem to miss the point that it's not just about the feature not being available. It's about accountability and integrity too, and the fact that this has been worked on for well over a year now.
Customers are left wondering "if Xero can't meet their own deadline on PO functionality, then what else will they not do? Will they be that slow for other features?" It's this niggling doubt that will hurt your sales. I think we all expect faster turnaround in cloud based software over traditional software like myob. However this is turning out to be not the case.

Ashley .  

I'd like to add +1 to @Ashley M above, particularly the point about turnaround on cloud software development.

@Andrew Tokely - If all Xero is doing is basically replicating what already exists under receivables (i.e customising draft invoices to use as quotes) then surely this could have been implemented 12 months ago?? I was under the impression that we would be getting a "proper" PO system, after waiting more than 18 months....

Alistair Dent  

+10 to Alistair. We want a proper, well rounded PO system. It has to be at least as good as the competition if not better (eg. Saasu), or we walk.

Michael Randall  


Wow! Big money. Where is it all going? Surely SOME of that could hire more product developers?

The longer you guys fob customers off, the harder you wil fall.

Joshua Wiggins  

I must say I am not over the moon about the latest official update. Throughout this thread I have tried to urge restraint and calm, feeling confident that Xero would get the job done.

I am still a big fan of Xero, and it is unthinkable that I should consider moving my growing business somewhere else, but the latest information has made me start to consider it seriously for the first time.

I had secretly been hoping that the delays were because Xero were planning a pleasant surprise of dropping PO and stock functions in one go (it was the only plausible excuse I could see for the extended delay). It would seem from Andrew's post above that this is not going to happen.

Decision time for me will be end September as that is my year end. Believe me I want to stay, but my need for PO and Stock may well leave me no choice as running things the way we are is not only inefficient and frustrating, but also gives a poor impression of my company to suppliers through poorly presented POs.

Pyers Easton  

+ 10 to Ashley M, Alistair Dent, Michael Randall and Pyers!

I love Xero and rave about it, but always have to reluctantly admit the missing Sales Order and Purchase Order functionality, and the very weak and unprofessional looking Quote functionality. Our group company is using Xero, and a subsidiary is evaluating at the moment, but unfortunately it looks like we will have to move over to another product in the near future, purely because of the missing PO, SO and weak quote functions. We have tried to "make do" with what Xero has offered, in hopes of Xero coming to the party and providing the much needed and highly demanded functions, but it's been way too long since "coming soon" was announced.

David Bann  

Purchase Order capability is as core as features come and a very modest request.

According to this forum, this feature has been requested since Feb 2012.

Continuing to announce changes that do not include this much requested feature is simply infuriating.


Stephen Sheppard  

I am looking at changing to Saasu. Any thoughts ?

Scott Carlton  

Wait a minute... PO's coming later this year or next year??? Wow. When I last looked at this thread PO's appeared to be imminent. Also they are being mentioned on the updates. I was expecting to have this in weeks, not months. I also expected it to include inventory valuations and tracking. Currently I am moving over to Xero from QB. Guess I need to reconsider this move.
Very disappointing that this has been discussed for 18 months and still not Imminent. How can you have a professional accounting package that doesn't track in detail your most valuable and important asset?
Never heard of Saasu before... going to look at it now.

Thomas Eastham  

9 Months later from my original post and still no ability for POs. Amazing. And in that time we have basically stopped using Xero. Let me know when/if you actually get this because it looks like we are going to go another route for our manufacturing businesses.

Christopher Joyce  

What really gets on my nerve is that Andrew Tokeley and his buddies at Xero must think we're all stupid....

As I have mentioned previously, I have extensive experience working with SaaS databases and their developers, that are far more complex than Xero will ever be. For very extensive add-on modules, I can have these developers build, test and roll-out in a matter of weeks.

A PO module is already sitting there, it is just tweaks to the invoice module and essentially an upfront workflow.

There is something more to this than Andrew is letting on. Simple as that.

Matthew Duckett  

+1 Matthew, I think it has something to do with Unleashed. Seems Xero is very cosy with Unleashed. We looked at unleashed. Not only was it too expensive, it was clunky and unmanageable. Besides, inventory should be part of an accounting package for businesses. Oh, and the exorbitant fees that Interactive Accounting wanted to charge for installing Unleashed were obscene.

Michael Randall  

One thing is for sure, Xero have made a mockery of the idea that SAAS platforms offer the advantage of shorter release cycles.

Chris Doms  

I know this is frustrating and it's hard keeping track of this thread, but please make sure you read my earlier comments as they were written to try and stay open about what's happening to avoid giving you the wrong expectations.

@MatthewD - there's nothing more sinister going on. As I said in an earlier comment we aren't simply replicating what's there, we're completely rebuilding it. (5 June 2013) "we are investing in a fairly significant rework of Xero's interface. You may have noticed differences between recently released new pages (e.g. new sales and purchases dashboards) and older styled pages. This is more than simply a new skin and takes into account making pages more touch friendly (fat finger drop-downs, more whitespace...) and also provides an opportunity to make pages more maintainable moving forward. POs is the first major feature to be written against this new set of standards - and because it requires a new entry grid (one of the most complex UI elements in Xero), it is taking time."

@Michael - great conspiracy theory, but has nothing to do with Unleashed!

@Thomas - I was saying that inventory is coming later, not POs.

@Everyone - we've been actively developing since Feb this year, not since this thread was created or when we started talking about it.

Andrew Tokeley (Xero Staff)  

What gets me, Andrew, is why you didn't proceed with the development of POs separate to your new interface. You have managed to pi$$ off a whole bunch of people by putting the two together.

I asked my developers in the US to sign-up for a demo account and have a look at what they thought it would take to develop POs. their words:

"Considering the UI looks like it is Silverlight and all the necessary prefaces are already in place, I expect this to be very easy and would take no more than 3 weeks."

At the $105 an hour my developers charge me, this isn't going to cost a whole bunch. Maybe I should sub-contract them to you Andrew. Might get the job done then.....


Matthew Duckett  

Thanks to the community manager for choosing a 'best reply' on my behalf and hiding all the replies by default <rolleyes> Of course you wouldn't be trying to sweep the discontent expressed in this thread under the carpet would you...

Pyers Easton  

I see the community manager has effectively sanitised the thread by selecting a "best answer" on behalf of the thread starter, thereby hiding all of the negative responses from passionate but pissed off Xero users. I suppose we can't have that type of negative PR out there when Xero has a heavily inflated share price to support.

Chris Doms  

-1 for community manager sanitising and hiding feeds.

Michael Randall  

Hi. Sorry if 'best replying' that post offended some people. We're certainly not hiding anything and the whole conversation is still there in it's entirety to read.
As the thread is getting long now, I just want to ensure people are reading all of our responses before replying, as we are starting to cover familiar ground here.
By 'best replying' that response I was hoping to make it easier for people reading this, to find the most up to date and informative response from Xero.
I've undone this now and do apologise again if this unsettled anyone - but I would also encourage users to read through the discussion thoroughly before posting, so we can avoid repeating ourselves. Thanks.

Jules Desmond (Community Manager)  

Well, I'm with these other pissed off Xero users. I've looked at TradeGecko, Order Harmony, Unleashed, Dear, Tidy, and Cin7. Cin 7 could be a option but it's a NZD$6000 start up cost. No thanks. The others I've tried while they may be good packages, have limitations and restrictions with how they interact with Xero. Xero has excellent support and all my questions have always been answered, but my business has grown to the point now to where I need inventory control and I need purchase orders (with the ability to receive them at changing price levels), customer returns, supplier returns, etc. I want to know how much profit I can make (or have lost) on my inventory purchases or what profit or loss made from each invoice and the purchases and costs acquired to support that invoice. I don't think this is too much to ask from an accounting software. Xero is working on it, but when, when, when is it coming. I too am thinking of jumping ship because I need solutions that help me now. What other options are out there that meet my needs? Anyone? Xero, this is what you should also look at, what your competitors are doing and how you can be and stay #1.

Andrew French  

+1 Andrew. Why does it seem like a battle is being waged by Xero against its own customers? A decent inventory system is something that was requested over 1.5 years ago by Xero customers. And yet there is still no inventory system for Xero! If the inventory system that is being worked on now by Xero (hopefully they are working on it, and it is simply not a smoke-screen), is not comprehensive, we will be looking at moving to Saasu Accounting.

Michael Randall  

I think the initial Request was to "...customise the payable invoice as you can with receivable invoices..."

I have managed Developers before. I know what they are capable of.

I think Xero should have invested maybe 30 days of one Lead Developer: Get them to use the current code for Receivable invoices and tweak it for the Payable Invoice. You dont even need a Lead Developer for this as the code is already available, you just need a Developer that knows the code for the Receivable Invoices.

Once that is completed, they could have went back to focus on their new UI development and all the other stuff that they wanted done before the PO.

I believe the main problem here is that Xero has grown so big that they have lost sight of the smaller picture. They cannot manage projects properly anymore. Management has went to focus on new Users instead of looking after Existing Users...its good but sometimes, this can be bad as you will get a bad reputation for looking after existing Users.

This is one of the pitfall of being a big company.

Dai Ha Pty Ltd  

As promised, I've just posted some more details about what to expect when we deliver Purchase Orders, http://blog.xero.com/2013/07/purchase-orders-what-were-up-to.

Andrew Tokeley (Xero Staff)  

Well it's been nearly 2 months now and not a peep, and the shops have their Christmas displays out... Any news on this release???

Pyers Easton  

There was a big update on new features being released and their timescale at Xerocon in London this week. I think Tokes said PO feature would be released in October

Angie Major  

..... of course it could just be a Xerocon //gets coat

Chris Dixon  

That would please me immensely, but I wonder why they would not publicise it on here if it were coming that soon. It is only the most requested feature after all! Fingers crossed!

Pyers Easton  

Hello Xero. Any progress on this feature request? Thanks!

Sean Craig  

I couldn't wait any longer so signed my team up for tidystock.com today.

Pyers Easton  

Hello Xero, As with Sean's question of 7.10 above; Is there a date that PO functionality will be released? Thanking you in anticipation.

Stephen Sheppard  

The last update we had was nearly 3 months ago with Xero indicating late September/October for purchase orders. Late September has well and truly gone and October is heading the same way.... Once again Xero, you disappoint. (Understatement of the year)

Alistair Dent  

We look forward to the release as it will be great to streamline the PO function along with all the other great functions of XERO (current method to get around the current method PO numbering and control is very clunky & time consuming).
It would be really great to have a confirmed time-line for the release. I don't know what's involved in coding and implementing this process but it has been a while since it being identified as an issue to be fixed that is important to the users.

Jess Shilling  

@Alistair - ... your frustration is why almost all software companies don't let their customers know when a feature may land. Indicating a Sept/Oct was an estimate not a promise and meant to give you a rough sense of delivery.

As stated in the Purchase Order blog back in September we were aiming for a November release. As of this week we have official sign-off so this looking highly likely.

Andrew Tokeley (Xero Staff)  

Awesome news!!

Jess Shilling  

Not happy that we have all been waiting and waiting and waiting years for such an important aspect of an accounting program to arrive. Andrew, most people are annoyed, because inventory is at the heart of accounting, and for it not to be given equal importance with Xero, can be inferred that Xero is not really listening to it's customers. yes you're doing PO, but will this really address inventory in Xero? Probably not.

Michael Randall  

@Michael - yep, I know how it appear from the outside looking in but we are listening and know how important these requests are. Given limited resources, we're always having to juggle priorities and opportunities, but we'll get there in the end and have a proven track record of doing exactly that. It's never fast enough - for us as well as you!

You're right, purchase orders are being delivered first and inventory (which is a large project) won't be delivered until next year.

Again, it's about managing these expectations - we want to talk about the future and show what we're working on and thinking about (that's all part of what makes Xero open) but we have to be careful about setting expectations. POs is a great example, we first talked about it over two years ago (arguably a mistake) but didn't actively start building it until earlier this year.

Andrew Tokeley (Xero Staff)  

Drumroll as we enter November...

Nick Carter  

I got a nice email from Rod Drury, Xero CEO, proclaiming a recent US$160M capital raising and that Xero has grown to over 600 people. Good news indeed. But Andrew please don't persist with this line "Given limited resources, we're always having to juggle priorities and opportunities but we'll get there in the end" You're no longer a struggling little start-up. With a market capitalisation in excess of NZ$2B your resources are substantial. It really is all about commercial priorities and the relative importance of current customer requirements vs market growth. It's no longer a matter of managing expectations. It's now a matter of building the perception of company dependability. For the people represented in this Community that all depends on the delivery of a credible release of PO functionality in November.

Grahame Cover  

Grahame - The latest I read elsewhere is that this is not to be delivered until January next year. Please can Xero give us an update.

Bea Shrewsbury  

Seriously, for me, if it gets pushed out again, to next year, that would be the straw that broke the camels back. Purchase Order functionality should be the core of all accounting systems, just like invoicing. Also, if it is in fact pushed out, it's a perfect time to start with a NEW system, the beginning of the year. I can't think of a better time.

Andrew French  

The comment from Andrew re "Given limited resources..." on 16th October was a bit rich. I found the whole missive insulting.

Xero does many things well but we only use it as a sandbox for a wee daughter company. Its lack of a PO system makes it irrelevant for use in our other companies.

We still do not know when PO functionality will emerge. What we are certain of however is that the BS will continue. Prove me wrong Xero. Prove me wrong.

Stephen Sheppard  

...in case you missed the blog, http://blog.xero.com/2013/11/purchase-orders, we've got the first release of purchase orders over the line.

Thanks for your patience everyone.

Andrew Tokeley (Xero Staff)  


Without supplier part numbers we can't use it.

Ronnie Lennon  

Thank you for 'proving me wrong'!

Stephen Sheppard  

Now purchase orders are up and running may I suggest another home for your Xero vote.

If you are buying low value items on your purchase order you will soon run into issues with decimal places. Xero only allows two decimal places, meaning if you want to purchase 1000 items at 0.235 each Xero will not calculate the totals correctly. It also throws up issue with multi currency purchases.

Vote here for more decimal places!

Thomas Laird  

...or how about a feature to report and block spammers on the forums, like you!?

Matthew Minshull  

It's a shame that 'Copy to Invoice' and 'Mark as Billed' can only be done on a whole PO and not per item. We often place an order with a supplier for many items which then get resold to different clients.
Once again Xero have developed a much needed feature in the most unhelpful way possible.

Andy T  

Andy you can always Copy to Invoice, and delete the line items you don't need using the cross on the right. Once all line items have been resold, you can then Mark as Billed the whole Purchase Order. I do get how this would be useful though! How about you start your own Feature Request for this. This thread isn't as active as it used to be. Thanks

Brittany H (Community Manager)