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Consultants - cost of setting up Xero?

Started by Lee Nicholson -   in Small Business

Does anyone know what it might cost (ballpark figures) to get a xero consultant to perform the initial xero setup?
I'd be looking for someone to check all the Chart of Accounts (and associated Tax rates), import Conversion Balances (from Moneyworks), and get things to the point where things reconcile since 1 Jan 2012.
Good question. I would like to know as well.

Carson Coots  

This should be something your existing book-keeper or accountant should be able to do for you. If you don't already have one to do your compliance paperwork every year... I strongly recommend you consider one. Saves me having to keep track of compliance deadlines!

There is nothing special about Xero itself that means you need a Xero specialist. Anyone familiar with standard accounting practice should be able to readily do your conversions for you.

LCHost Accounts  

I would do this for one our clients free of charge as it helps us so much at the year end and more importantly gives the user information that they can use during the year to manage their business

Stephen Paul  

Normally if the client jumps on a plan we do it for free, but if not, its usually around $200-$1000 depending on the hours of work.

Rhys Evans (MPCC)  

As a Xero Training Partner we work with accounting practises to assist in the transferring of their clients onto Xero. We also provide end user training on how to smartly use Xero to keep it nice and tidy for the accountants EOY. We provide onsite and online training and are happy to work direct with clients or under the accountants firm. Set-ups as mentioned above are generally $200 to $1000 depending on the change over period, cleanliness of data etc. Happy to talk this through in more detail, I'm on 027 473 5963.

Louise Holmes  

Hi Lee - we've done several set ups ranging from 10hrs to 50hrs - totally depends on whether or not the client takes the opportunity to clean up their current software (ie contacts, chart of accounts etc) - it can be a real dooosie if it's a mess (90% of the time it is!) because those are the odds - best the client does it otherwise you will be pulling several all nighters (I know I did!) - Clean Files - $250 - Really bad $5000 ... up to client - hope that helps

Gayle Buchanan  

www.click2convert.com.au might help.........

Alistair Dent  

thanks Alistair - fab site

Gayle Buchanan  

Hi Lee, like Rhys, we currently offer free setup to clients if they select one our basic monthly bookkeeping packages. Otherwise, we charge AUD$300 for a simple conversion or AUD$600 for a more complex conversion. Hope that helps.

Elizabeth Salter  

Hi Lee, If you are still looking for help with this please feel free to give me a call - we have converted many of our clients from MYOB to Xero and I am familiar with Moneyworks too. I am happy to provide a quote when we know how much work is involved. Please look me up on www.abacussolutions.com.au. Cheers, Tina.

Tina Kaye  

Hi Lee - check out www.click2convert.com.au - they have been doing the Xero Roadshow here in Australia - great guys and a really good service


Tim Callcott  

Damn 0- just noticed Alistairs comment! Note to self - read all comments next time!!!!!

Tim Callcott  

Thanks all for your helpful responses.

I've been reading the xero help centre, and I think that I should be able to complete these steps myself. If I try it and find it too difficult I'll certainly be following up with some of the suggestions posted here.

I think the prices quoted seem quite reasonable for the service provided. If I do happen to use any of these services, I'll be sure to update this thread with my experience.

Lee Nicholson  

I encourage everybody to have a go setting up themselves. I don't have brains but managed to set it all up with n hassles- the help centre explains everything pretty well. The hardest bit I found was creating layouts that looked like our previous ones & I passed this onto our accountant to do. It would be a good feature if Xero offered a service for setting up layouts for new customers.


Hi all,

Thank you to Alistair and Tim for the plug.

Click 2 convert is live and ready to help Accountants and Bookkeepers convert their clients to Xero.

With our simple service offering we truly believe that we can help Accounting and Bookkeeping Xero partners to convert more clients, more efficiently and for less cost.

Click 2 Convert is a conversion service, converting any .zip MYOB or QuickBooks file (any version) in to a new Xero organisation. We provide conversion date balances (no transactions), opening debtors and creditors information as well as the chart of accounts and contact information.

The sign up process takes less than 2 minutes and in within 3 business day's the Accountant and/or Bookkeeper will be invited as a Xero user and the Xero subscription will be transferred over to their firm (with the latest promo code).

Each conversion costs only $199, irrespective of the size of the file.

All the details are on our website www.click2convert.com.au

Cheers, Paul.

Paul Meissner  

We've done a couple of conversions in the UK. To do everything manually can take about 20 hours and cost GBP500 to GBP1,000. Though I know there are simliar apps like Click 2 Convert on their way in the UK.

Tim Whitehouse
Caprica Online Accountants

Tim Whitehouse  

Depends on how bad the old data is, when in the year you are converting and what detailed history you want to bring in. I've done a couple of conversions where we brought in all the sales invoices for the current year and obtained the bank files so paying them off was fairly easy. Not something I'd have done with other systems!

Automated conversions are great as far as they go but there's inevitably some cleaning before or during the process and conversion is a great opportuntiy to get things as the client wants them and as you (the accountant) need them.

Chris Dixon  

Can I start using Xero now, and then import the historical data later? Or will it break everything...
My issue is that my accounts have never reconciled - from 1/6/10.
My first accountant didn't seem to worry about it (because I'm a sole-trader? No idea.)
My *new* accountant, however, had a slight fit over the non-reconciliation issue...

Lee Nicholson  

You can start now and enter the opening balances later on. :) Just the choose the date you want to start from carefully. Best to start from the beginning of a quarter i.e. July, October, January or April (at least for Aust) if you are registered for GST. If not registered for GST, the first of whichever month is easier. :)

Then your bookkeeper or accountant can tidy up the previous data for the financial year and enter your opening balances. Might not be perfect as it might taken depreciation in to account, but it sure does help. :)

Melissa North  


Our charge rates for Xero setup consulting work really depends on several factors including: data volume and request for rework, size of open invoices and volume, and the complexity of the client business.

This charge can range from any charge that is feasible for prevailing market conditions.

You might charge a basic client structure around $200-300 AUD right up to more than $3,000 for highly complex clients and clients whom require more rework due to data errors existing in their current accounting systems.

On average most clients are around the $500-700 AUD mark.


Steven Thomas  

ps: it isn't only about setting up Xero but adding value by ensure the whole business system works well.

Steven Thomas  

The actual conversion process takes very little time, some times under an hour.

However the key consideration is - don't take "rubbish" with you to a new house.

Spend the time and go through your accounts, ledgers, and so forth - use your accountant or book keeper there is huge value in building good foundations

Michael McCook