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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Invoicing + Jobs

4.8 out of 5 stars
Based on 45 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Roll, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Roll

Roll is simple yet smart workflow management software. Capture leads, send quotes, manage projects, assign tasks, track time, send invoices and get full visibility - all in one place. For more information, check out Roll.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Roll, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out the Roll Support Center or this page for information on connecting Roll to Xero.

Roll has allowed me to easily manage my workflow with a minimium of fuss. Simple gui allows you to see all the data you need while managing leads/quotes and invoices.

While I do not use all the functions in Roll the ability to pick and choose the features I want to use is a great benefit.

Highly recommend Roll to anyone after a simple easy to use system that synchronises seamlessly with xero.

Jeff Allen  

Roll has completely changed the way I manage my business. As a freelance designer, it allows me to easily keep track of all of the projects I am working on, and gives me full visibility of where and how I am spending my time. It's simple enough to use, but has all the functionality I need. Support is also fantastic. Well done

Frank Demaria  

We are a boutique HR Consulting firm and we came across Roll from a recommendation from our Bookkeeper. We were looking for a system that could incorporate our CRM as well as Project Management. We work with our clients on an hourly rate, as once-off fixed-price projects and with ongoing support packages and were struggling to find a system that was not overcomplicated AND was flexible to meet our needs.

Roll has changed the way we run our business. We streamlined a lot of our systems because of it and my whole team can see exactly where we are with all of our clients. The integration with Xero means my team can see if someone has paid before they send work off, removing the need for them to check with me. The ability to flexibly set the task lists means that we can all see what is happening with our clients without jumpin in and out of systems.

The team at Roll have always been super quick to assist with any issues and were very helpful during setup. I would highly recommend Roll (and have) to any business owner looking for an affordable, flexible solution.

Carli Saw, Director, http://strawberryseed.com.au/

Carli Saw  

We are a Digital Agency specialising in web design. Prior to Roll we had no visibility on our business. We didn't know how many projects we had at any given time, whether our projects were profitable, and more importantly the profitability of types of services we were offering.

With Roll, we are able to easily enter all our leads, manage projects and get full transerancy on the agency. My favourite tool is the Business Metrics reports which informs me of value of leads for the month, sales for the month, and I can track actual forecast cash.

The UX is intuitive, with little on-boarding and learning required and the application is fast! Super fast.

Highly recommend Roll HQ for any industry!

Michael Colman  

We are a web design, web development and SEO firm based in Perth WA. We were with MYOB for a long time and it was so clunky and it slowed the internal server down when you had more than one person using it. Despite it being a bit of work for staff and users, we moved over about 4 years ago and I am so glad. I can login anywhere I have a computer, whether in the Web Wizards office or at home or with clients.

Neville Greenwood  

We are a web design agency based in sydney and have been using this app for quite long time. Xero is fast and very reliable for our company.

Basheer Padanna  

We are a full service web design company called PWD and have begun using Roll, it's easy to use and intuitive, very impressed so far!

Oliver Wood  

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Aaqil Faraj  

I love this app and the best thing is it hooks up to xero. It's simple to use which means I use it and it keeps me informed of whats in my pipeline.

Nikki King  

We are a full service digital marketing agency and have begun using Roll, it's easy to use and intuitive, very impressed so far!

Oliver Wood  

We are a mid sized marketing strategy & research company with approx 40 staff. We find ROLL simple, user friendly and visually engaging. For us ROLL replaced a lot of manual and somewhat automated processes and probably it's best value has been to create transparency in teams and across the company of who is working on what and managing the associated workflows that go with that. WE are about to use ROLL in Australia as well and try to eliminate/automate other workflows during 2018

Keith Meyrick  

Web design and we development are so very related that for a normal person it is one and the same thing. But for us these are entirely different aspects. Web design City where deals with looks of the website, while web development has to do with coding and programming. Both the aspects play an important role in making business a success.

Rob sarah  

Roll is cool, and feature-rich for a good price. On the start of my business I've been looked for an affordable solution, and so far it is roll.
Reports great.


Klaudia Shultz  

Roll is clean, simple, and feature-rich for a very affordable price.
When starting my business I looked at a variety of solutions (even free ones) and found that Roll really stood out above the rest.
I love the reporting, ease of tracking costs and time, and integration with Xero which is seamless and fast.
Well done Roll team!

Loryan Strant  

It's an indispensable tool that runs a connective thread through our entire business, helping us track and project leads, quotes, projects, tasks, time, invoicing... it's basically our Swiss Army knife and we love it!

Garth Nicholls  

Roll has a wickedly intuitive user interface and clean design. It doesn't have the unnecessary bulk of some of its competitors which I have used in the past. I run a small structural engineering practice and this software is fantastic. At a click I can see the the value of work won, potential work in the pipeline, projected monthly invoicing vs breakeven point. This is so valuable as I can see if i need to be chasing work and chasing more staff to employ. Also, the technical support is super efficient! Well done guys.

Rob McGowan  

Having worked with various alternatives, Roll has provided our business with an exceptional winning formula which I would have no hesitation in recommending !

Jim Davies  

Genuinely don't know how I ran my business without Roll. It replaced two other apps I was juggling between, plus a job tracking Google Sheet - plus the task management is off the chain. Seriously smart piece of kit.

Helen Steemson  

We're a surveying company with just a few staff, meaning we all wear a few hats and are generally time-poor. We're used to invoicing through Xero but managing our projects and, more importantly, managing finances was not straight forward or nearly as time efficient as it is now that we're ROLL-ers.
I can spend a few minutes a day entering new prospects, updating projects or flicking out invoices and have comfort that a simple scan through the relevant headings will show me if a client's overdue a payment or that our staff have completed their allotted hours on a job. Too easy.

Jeremy Neilson  

We've been using Roll for over a year now in our Design studio, and from the outset we found it to be far easier to navigate & more intuitive than the previous job flow management app we'd been using. Saving large chunks of time, especially come the billing time of the month.
The Roll development team have really listened as well (which is refreshing) when suggestions were made regarding information we'd like to see captured or automated.

Have happily recommended Roll to colleagues throughout the creative/marketing industry.

Campbell Patterson  

Roll has been fantastic for my business! I love the simple but effective way that it all works. Myself and my team use it for time tracking, managing and keeping track of leads and projects, task management and invoicing and we've had no problems. I love how easily it syncs with Xero (makes life for someone with no financial skills much easier!). The Customer Support have always been really helpful and it's great how committed they are to continuing to improve the software!
Having Roll has improved the way my business functions and allows me more time to focus on other things - which I'm so thankful for!

Samantha Jensen  

I have been using Roll for some time now, and Roll is working very well for the business. It saves a lot of time in sending invoices to Xero, and I can see a list of projects and tasks that need to be done, and/or are getting done at any point in time. Any issues / bugs that I have found in the software have been fixed, sometimes within hours of showing the support people the bug. There support is very good, and I would recommend the app to others, for project management / time tracking / invoicing of jobs as it has put the 'system' into the business so we know what needs to be when, and what is coming up / in the pipeline.

Stephen Collard  

I'm still in setup mode for Rollhq with an architect client but really like the interface as it's easy to use and follow. Almost intuitive. The support is great and being able to have the Xero link is saving so much time.

Nicola Holman  

Roll is great for tracking my time and budgets across projects. It's really intuitive to use, yet surprisingly powerful. They are extremely good to deal with – always quick to reply if you need help, and even upgrading their software in response to requests from customers. The integration with Xero is fantastic of course. I appreciate spending as little time as is possible doing paperwork!

Belinda King  

After exploring several project management programs and being overwhelmed by their complexities, we thankfully came to learn about Roll from one of our clients. Roll has instantly consolidated our prospective clients and actively engaged clients into one easy space. The financial visibility is brilliant and XERO integration means invoicing completed work is a breeze. Roll has transformed my website design perth business within a month of adopting the program. Great work guys.

Craig Francis  

So far, we had very good experiences with Roll. Out in-house bookkeeper feel comfortable with easy & great user interface. Dynamic Web Solutions team is happy with Roll and you guys customer services .

Ash Dane  

RollHQ has transformed my time recording, work flow and billing process. Before I used three tools (GetHarvest, Asana and Xero). After migrating to RollHQ (and the RollHQ team were incredibly supportive), it is all streamlined into one product that syncs automatically into Xero. The time saving, high-level focus over my business and performance stats are invaluable to a growing Auckland Digital Marketing and Social Media Company.

Cathy Mellett  

Having a great time with Roll so far. Been easy to use with a great UI and v. responsive customer service.

Daniel Foster  

RollHQ stands out by miles over other apps in the workflow management, and infinitely better than the SalesForce app we used to use!

Web Design Sydney would recommend RollHq to any small and medium sized business.

Small Business Web Designs  

We moved to Roll after using Scoro for a few months unsuccessfully. In the graphic design industry we need something that is time efficient to use, even when we have small jobs that might only take us 20min to do. Roll has been easy to implement and become a great way for us to delegate tasks, move projects through the pipeline and track our time and costs. The invoices and contacts sync instantly with Xero and that has really streamlined admin on projects for us.
What we also love is the chat function with the Roll support team. We understand that because it's new, there are functions still in the pipeline and things that can be added/changed and improved. When we have raised ideas or questions, Roll have been on to it immediately and have even updated functions within minutes of us asking for it!

Bianca Punt  

Roll is the right fit for our business – it’s easy to use, intuitive and I love seeing faces attached to jobs because it means I get an instant sense of what’s happening when I look at the front page. My business was previously using Workflow Max, and while that’s also a great piece of software, it had more of a time-driven front page when compared to Roll’s task-driven visuals, making Roll a better match with my business model. I didn’t quite need the level of detail provided by Workflow Max; I have a small business and Roll is providing me with the perfect level of information.

Jasmine Hardy Mills  

We made the move to Roll as soon as we saw it online. The team at Roll are extremely helpful in making the transition as smooth as possible. The move to Roll also allowed us to move from MYOB Account Right live to Xero. The transition to Xero was straight forward as well. We have done a month of invoicing with ease after the syncing of the 2 accounts. I can't believe how easy it is. Roll with the Xero integration has shaved at least 8 hours off my time and that of our accounts manager. I have put at least 3 working management spreadsheets into the bin. Highly recommended. Works like a charm. Happy to discuss further via skype for insights into how we have been going. jeff.froster

Sign up for Roll today!! Spread the word.

Jeff Froster  

I’ve been using Roll for a couple of years at this point after having my leads, projects and invoicing spread across multiple applications and spreadsheets. Using one single application has simplified things greatly for me and I feel a lot more across my business. There is a lot less getting lost in the abyss.

I recently started using the Xero integration with Roll and now I really have an end to end solution for my business through one single app. It saves me a lot of unproductive time and frustration. I wish I’d done it sooner.

The invoicing in Roll is particularly easy, and having it sync with Xero means I’m not entering things in multiple places.

I’d highly recommend it.

James McFall  

Roll is the first time keeping product (after trying many) our Design Agency has found that has all the bases covered. It provides an accurate time keeping, budget tracking and invoicing framework that has streamlined our billing process and saved us valuable time. Great support from the team and excellent on boarding service too. Well done guys.

Sean O'Brien  

Roll is simple and effective and the team are constantly adding useful features. It's easy to tell how committed they are to making this a quality service - based on the decisions they've made to date I expect wherever they decide to take the product will be solid

Duncan McGill  

SocialKiwi is a full service digital agency providing web design & development, digital marketing across social media, email and search engines, SEO and website security solutions. We have struggled for months to find a system geared towards our industry without having to 'tac-on' heaps of add-ons until we found Roll.

It is simple and intuitive, easy to navigate and provides all the core features we need as a design agency for our one off jobs as well as our retainer work. The CRM captures all relevant client details without hoards of unused or wasted fields. The financial tracking is fantastic and gives amazing insights into how you are tracking and where your work is coming from and the task management is great.

One request would be the ability to assign subtasks to other members of our team. Although when I asked about this Tristan took the request to his developers and this has been added to the dev pipeline!! Great software and after sales service is AWESOME!!! SocialKiwi are happy to recommend RollHQ!

Jonathan Henning  

As a mobile book keeper, I use Roll across multiple companies to help manage their projects. I love that I can log in anytime, from anywhere and view my clients financial visibility and manage everything that I need to manage from one place.

I'm relieved I've found a simple product with 'big' features that I can recommend wholeheartedly to my clients. I've been really impressed with the customer service I've received from the team at Roll, nothing is too hard and no question too silly.

Thanks guys.

Susie Easterbrook  

As a business that is selling 'time' it's important that the time is captured. Roll has allowed us to do that - with the click of a button. It's so easy to use and allows us to chop and change the timing between our clients so simply. Also, at the end of each day at the click of a button we can see how 'productive' we've been, and if not, why not. We're now capturing everything in a day and can decide whether it's chargeable or not - whereas it used to be that we were only jotting down what time we 'thought' we'd spent on our jobs. We've increased our invoicing already, with the tracking of the clock!
With the pipeline we know what's in, what's due in and its made managing jobs so much easier. Gives us a great view of our workflow ahead.
The team at Roll have been amazing to work with, so responsive to our queries or suggestions and we love the constant upgrades. We love the simplicity of the software, yet its capturing something a lot more difficult to catch - time!
I'm so excited about this product I've recommended it to my business coach and accountant plus our clients who are just setting up business.


Karen May  

I'm new to running my own business and new to managing my own jobs and invoicing. Yet with Roll, I've got straight in there and am managing it easily and without fuss. I use at every day to keep track of what I have on my plate. It's simple and effective.

Mark Easterbrook  

After using Roll for just over 2 months we have managed to find over $1000 in lost billings due to small jobs not being recorded (in our old excel spreadsheet), plus all the benefits of being able to track billing in real time rather than waiting until the end of the month. Great product team, and also great support, not that you need it much.

Andrew Kay  

We have been using Roll for a few months now and have found it intuitive and simple with just the right functionality to help us manage our creative agency. Simplicity was a big selling point for me, as I didn't want to spend weeks getting familiar with a new system. Roll replaced a very manual, paper-based system in our company.

The fact that Roll syncronises with Xero is fantastic. We prepare our quotes and invoices via Roll and reconcile all costs and payments in Xero. All reconciled payments syncronise seamlessly with Roll overnight.

With Roll we now have a highly visible Pipeline of work, a place to store all our client contacts and of course the ability to track time and budgets on all our live projects and company performance overall.

The icing on the cake is the highly responsive team at Roll HQ, who answer any queries with speed and politeness. I have already recommended Roll to a least five or six others, in New Zealand and overseas.

Rob Holloway, Creative Director, Angle Limited

Rob Holloway  

We've been a user of Roll now for the last three months and simply put, it makes life easier. We have much more control and visibility of pipeline, projects, time management, timesheets, invoicing and most importantly cashflow.

With the new functionality, they keep adding I would and have recommended this to other businesses.

Thomas Evans  

So your looking for a system that can manage the lead, manage the project, quote and invoice and pull through to xero, do progress payments and best of all SHOW an overview of pipeline sales and current projects. (Drum Roll) Introducing RollHQ. Its so simple to use and best of all they have on-demand support in the dashboard! How easy! Thumbs up to the team at RollHQ.

Have recommended to other clients already. They are in the process to "Roll" over to Roll in a few months.

Quentosity Web Design is proud to recommend RollHq to any business.

Quentin Van Heerden  

I work with a team of freelancers, previous to Roll it was time consuming to add their hours to client projects. I can now track the time my team spend on projects, plus easily review the profitability of each project or retainer client.

The sync between Roll and Xero means I now only have to quote and invoice in the one place. At a glance I can see what's in my pipeline and what money is due in. A great, simple but powerful business tool.

The support is top notch with friendly and speedy replies.

Kiely Buttell  

Roll has finally brought our quoting, project management and invoicing together in one place. It integrates well with Xero, and is giving us the ability to get much better intelligence to guide our business operations.

Tim Grubb  

I'm so happy with the way Roll gives us the forward financial visibility we've found lacking in nearly every other tool we've used or trialled. The intuitive way of creating a progress payment plan for every job is something we've been searching for for several years. Fantastic.

Andrew Weston  

Roll is the only product I've found that naturally displays what you need to see at any given moment. You can quickly see meaningful information about projects, your pipeline, current invoices, planned payments, reference details, etc... the list goes on...
The big point of difference from every other T&M invoicing system? You're not forced to configure and use every setting on every project. Not being forced to estimate project hours then assign it to a job type and person was a big one for us. Just enter a project title and you are set, easy! Just enter a project total or planned invoice and it will add it to the monthly total and financial forecast. We tested all the major invoicing and timesheet systems out; Roll is the only thing I could find that does this so easily.
We're also really impressed with how Roll adds new features that compliment and enhance their system. The support we get is excellent; they're always on hand to answer questions we have (on the rare occasion we have them).
If you're tired of the dated, overly complex systems around, I highly recommend you give it a go!

Jonathan Cupples  

Roll has been super easy to set up and is a fast and easy way to see what's in the pipeline, so important for small business cashflow. I've been looking for a forecasting tool for a while and was surprised to find what I wanted in a CRM/Project addon. I don't need the complex (and expensive) features of salesforce so Roll met my needs perfectly. Especially loved being able to see visually where my leads are coming from - over the next six months I'm going to be fascinated to see a true picture emerge of where our business is coming from.

Jacinta Penn  

Simply put this app has removed two very important concerns that we had on a weekly basis, "How much money are we billing this month?", & "How much work is in the pipeline for the upcoming months?".

The Roll team have done a good job on the UI and features. It's easy to use and provides the financial transparency we needed. Thanks guys.

James Macfarlane