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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Invoicing + Jobs

4.6 out of 5 stars
Based on 18 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and LEAP, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About LEAP

By using LEAP and Xero, you have legal practice management and general ledger accounting that both you and your accountant can understand!
For more information, check out LEAP.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with LEAP, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, you can visit the LEAP support portal for a range of support options.

@James, we don't write, or moderate the reviews; unless they're inappropriate for a professional forum!
I can't speak to any issues you've had with Leap, but I do know you've spoken to Support a few times about your Conversion issues. We can't provide more information here, above and beyond the calls you've had with the team, but you're welcome to reach out to Support again if you need more help with this.

Brittany H (Community Manager)  

Horribly bit of software , cost recoveries in leap are not transferred to Xero so the office ledger balances never agree to the Xero office ledger balances. The support is appalling for leap and my problem is currently a week with no timeframe for a fix.

Xero has its problems to, the requirement for month end year ends have you never heard of sole practitioners doing this to the fiscal year end 5th april?

All this stuff is written by people with no reference to Accountants or Bookkeepers.

Xero support needs to be renamed ZERO support

We'll see how long this stays up before they moderate it down?

James Conway  

Simplicity itself for a Legal Firm, LEAP is a pleasure to use, SRA Complaint and has all a modern Legal Practice requires to maximise it's efficiency and their investment.

Busy Lawyers need simplicity each day, LEAP can help you with that and, as Practice Management Consultants, we should know that and how a system can fit perfectly into a busy Legal Practice to streamline it's internal business processes.

As LEAP UK Certified Consultants, LegalNeeds can't express enough how well LEAP interacts with XERO by seamlessly journalling office related entries whilst also displaying transactions on LEAP matter ledger cards.
LegalNeeds also offer Legal Cashier services to users of LEAP & XERO and use XERO for our own Accounts, and why not, we only work with the best! ...need we say anymore...

Mark O'Brien  

Having become a certified Advisor and now a Xero Silver Partner I have experienced first hand the excitement of combining Leap Legal Software with Xero Accounts. Managing the Client Account in Leap is a smart and powerful way to ensure compliance and the link with the Office Account in Xero works seamlessly. A quick reconciliation of Client Account in Leap allows all payments, receipts and transfers from Client to Office to be reviewed before one press synchronises Leap and Xero. The clients just love the ease with which the Office account can be reconciled and the dashboard shows the revenue, cash flow and management reports generated in Xero. It makes bookkeeping fun again!

Paul Wilkinson  

SpartanLaw has found the conversion from MYOB to Xero to be a significant benefit to our firm. The integration between Leap Cloud and Xero is fantastic. No more having to save and email MYOB files or worrying that we are not using the current company file. We have the confidence that our accounts are up to date and we can check in and review our records from anywhere and at a time which is convenient. We highly recommend any Law firm using LEAP to integrate with Xero. Leap support staff have also been highly responsive and quick to answer any queries.

Shane Petersen  

I am new to Leap and Xero and have been impressed with how they integrate. I have not had any issues with it in my first 6 weeks of use.

Caroline Lane  

We have been pleased with the way Leap integrates with Xero. With a click of a button in Leap all the entries import across to Xero effortlessly and I haven't encountered any major problems. The only thing I would like to see different is that when receipts are done in Leap, it would be good if the bank balance updates as soon as the receipts are imported to Xero rather than waiting for the bank deposit to be imported, which is at the end of the day.

Louise Shayler  

Very pleased the way Xero integrates with Leap Cloud. I am a new user but I found it very easy to work my way around the software, plus it save a lot of time as most things are automatically done.

Doris Zhang  

Xero as a platform is much more user friendly and portable than MYOB standard 19 which was what I was required to use as a LEAP V10 user.
The cloud interface compliments LEAP Cloud and means I can do my accounts from anywhere and have visibility on my financial reporting to a greater extent than before.
Leap and their consultants were responsive and helpful in facilitating the change. I now feel set up to be more productive and to have access to information and reporting wherever I am. The set up is simple and to date I’ve had no General Ledger link issues and really don’t expect to.

Rawle Watson-Jones  

LEAP integrates with Xero seamlessly, the helpdesk staff have been great in assisting me with any queries I have and whilst I am a relatively new user of Xero with LEAP everything is working well so far.

Sharon Mealing  

It was a good decision to use Xero with Leap. They combine seamlessly. I have found Xero to be easy to understand and user friendly. Its great when software works well!

Stanley Loader  

We've recently had LEAP installed and integrated with XERO. The information comes over from LEAP to XERO without any problems and I've found the support staff at LEAP helpful.

Tanya Barrett  

We originally signed up for Myob with our LEAP however quickly cancelled that subscription and waited for LEAP to launch its integration with XERO. Xero generally and the integration with Leap have not disappointed. Having used other legal practice management programmes over the years it surprises me just how easy it really can be. Managing our file work and the firm as a whole is quick and easy - the way it should be.

Leeha James  

Once it is set up the Xero Leap integration is excellent. Just keep your billing up to date as you progress a matter and the software does the rest.

Gianna Doyle  

We have been using Xero with Leap since May this year. It has been great so far and support staff have been very helpful too.

Junko Garnett  

Since recently discovering that Leap now integrates with Xero, we have converted from MYOB. Xero is a very user-friendly system. The link to our bank accounts makes for a great timesaver. It also allows my staff to access their own payroll data and enter timesheets and apply for leave. Both Leap and Xero support staff have been fantastic in sorting our a couple of minor issues when we first implemented the change, and it is now all running smoothly.

Sarah Jackson  

We have recently upgraded our business systems with new computers and implemented two Cloud products ie Leap & Xero. Leap takes care of Trust accounting and XERO our general ledger accounting. As was to be expected in navigating change we had a little troubleshooting with the initial conversion and migration from our previous legal software that was only used for Trust accounting. The LEAP support team come with our highest praise in that they were very supportive and timely in responding to our calls and quick to resolve any issues with LEAP & XERO integration. Our staff can highly recommend both products as an effective solution for legal accounting and we also have a very appreciative accountant who advised us to integrate with XERO as opposed to MYOB. A big thank you to all the LEAP & XERO support and technical staff for your commitment.

Margaret Roberts  

I have just started using Leap and Xero and have found that everything seems to integrate well. There were a few minor things that needed adjusting but the support team were able to sort them out straight away.

Sarah Rodrigo  

I have been using LEAP and XERO and they integrate wonderfully. I can do my accounts easier. I recommend the integration of LEAP and XERO as opposed to MYOB.

Norman Ayoub  

We are extremely pleased to now be able to use LEAP Cloud and Xero for all our general ledger accounting. The initial setup and migration of data raised a couple of minor issues but the LEAP support and technical staff were very helpful and quick to resolve the difficulties for us. The transition for our staff was relatively seamless given that there was no change to our data entry methods. Our bookkeeper is also able to work offsite without any down time for our other users in the office. The net result is that - after previously using MYOB - we are saving time and money and our reporting has also improved. Thank you for this add-on.

Michael Seton  

So far so good! One of my clients has just recently gone to the Cloud version of Leap and integrated with Xero. It's still early days but I am looking forward to finding out more about how the two work together, as the cloud is sorely under-represented in the legal practice management area! Will come back with some more feedback when we get a bit more into it.

Allison Gardiner