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Windows phone mobile client

Started by P R in Feature Requests | No plans

When will we be able to get a Windows Phone mobile client?
As Xero is written in .NET it should not be a huge stretch to port some functionality on to Windows Phone
Official Xero Reply
Hi, everyone. My name is Luke Gumbley and I'm the product manager for Mobile here at Xero. I wanted to take some time to address this thread because it's been a long time since the last Xero update (Nov '13!). Although I haven't been posting, I do read every post.

I understand the frustration you must all feel as Windows Phone customers given the general lack of support for the platform you've chosen. Many companies have a legacy of Microsoft technologies (Windows, Exchange, Office etc.) so I get that going with WP devices seems like the natural choice.

It's unfortunate that however much promise Windows Phone may have had in the early days (and I personally think it's a great OS), adoption has not been great and continues to be stalled at around the 2% mark globally (according to StatCounter and HitsLink). In terms of Xero customers, based on authenticated access to Xero Web, last month the WP device share was only 0.6% (376 individual devices). Although local markets do vary, our global platform investment still has to make sense and right now that'd get you approximately 1/10th of one developer!

That's not to say that we haven't considered other ways we could justify an investment in Windows Phone. One of the reasons this post has been a long time coming is that I've been looking in to it in some detail. Generally speaking a new option or stat to consider comes up at least once a month, so this is constantly on my mind. This isn't a final answer, either; just that right now, we have no plans to develop an official Windows Phone version of Xero Touch. I'd encourage you to keep voting and posting, and if you have some stats you think I should know about then I'd welcome that too.

A lot of the posts here are about this being a fight or a battle or 'WP vs. Xero'. Although I understand where that's coming from, it's absolutely not true on my side. I'm gutted that Philipp has left us. There are even comments that we're 'anti-Microsoft' or not fans of Microsoft products! Our entire software stack is Microsoft, from ASP to SQL! If we can find a way to provide a windows phone app, then we will.

Luke Gumbley (Xero Staff)