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Reporting - Custom report builder

Started by Steve Warner in Feature Requests | No plans

I'd really like to see Xero add a report builder to the solution. A number of times I've needed to produce a report from data that I know is in Xero, but none of the provided reports covers it.

For example, we run a UK limited company, but we have a French branch. We have to prepare accounts both in the UK and in France. Our French accountants need certain information in order to produce those accounts, but none of the reports have everything in one place.

I've asked this directly of Xero, and been told the request will be passed to product management for consideration.

I'm surprised that no-one else has asked for it here.....but I certainly need it!
Official Xero Reply
Hi everyone

We hope you've been enjoying the benefits of the new report layout editor. The team are working on extending it, as well as adding new reports; we have a lot more to do in this space.

This thread covers a very broad number of requests, and to get a better idea over what you want to see, we're returning your votes so you can add it to a more specific request.
See the below links, or if you're not covered then please add a new one.

- Reporting - Supplier Transaction & Payment Report: Done
- Profit & Loss Report - As a percentage (%) of sales: Done
- Reporting - Option to add account numbers & zero balances to financial statements: Idea
- Balance Sheet - Add Budgets for B/S accounts: Idea
- Statement of Cash Flow - Indirect Method GAAP: Done
- Reporting - Unallocated Prepayment Report: Idea
- New Account Transactions Report: Add a running balance column: Done
- Reporting - Sort by account code with option to not display code: Idea

On the other hand, if you want to get raw data out of Xero en masse to produce your own custom reports, then our API is the best option to pursue with a developer.

Kelly M (Community Manager)