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Default email message templates for invoices & statements

Started by Curiosity Cave Accounts in Feature Requests | Done!

This is a very basic request and one that is likely to be affecting everyone to one degree or another.

When sending an invoice via email, the email message field always appears blank. For most businesses, the contents of the field could afford to be pre-filled with a default message that is configured within account settings, to include a quick greeting (support for personalised fields to draw in the FirstName or ATTname of the company would be great), a courtesy message and email signature.

I'm guessing that most Xero users are handling this process via copying-and-pasting from Notepad or Evernote, but to have a default message appear in the box would save a good deal of time for high-volume accounts.

Hi all - there are a few comments on this thread about defining email signatures when emailing invoices from Xero - an email signature thread already exists so please add your comments & votes to that thread. Catherine
Official Xero Reply
Hi all - as those on the end of this thread know for sure, we released email templates yesterday! See our blog for the update.

It's important we don't lose sight of other items raised on this thread so I've raised a couple of new feature requests so we can track comments and votes on things that weren't included in the initial release of the email templates:
- Additional email template fields
- HTML email templates for sending invoices

I'm going to mark this request as 'Complete' - all your votes will be returned to you and the voting element of this thread will be closed. If you have any new requests you'd like to be able to collect votes on, please raise a new feature request.


Catherine Walker (Community Manager)