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Default email message templates for invoices & statements

Started by iOnline Accounts -   in Feature Requests | Completed

This is a very basic request and one that is likely to be affecting everyone to one degree or another.

When sending an invoice via email, the email message field always appears blank. For most businesses, the contents of the field could afford to be pre-filled with a default message that is configured within account settings, to include a quick greeting (support for personalised fields to draw in the FirstName or ATTname of the company would be great), a courtesy message and email signature.

I'm guessing that most Xero users are handling this process via copying-and-pasting from Notepad or Evernote, but to have a default message appear in the box would save a good deal of time for high-volume accounts.

Hi all - there are a few comments on this thread about defining email signatures when emailing invoices from Xero - an email signature thread already exists so please add your comments & votes to that thread. Catherine
Merged: HTML Email Templates and wildcard entries

I'd love to see email templates in Xero. Where you can select a "reminder 1" email or a "here is your invoice" email and with wildcards. Currently we just get a tiny text box to manually write plain text emails.


Hi {first name},

Your invoice {number} for {amount} is due in {number} days.

I still do not understand why Xero does not have this basic functionality. Nearly every other online accounting software offers this. It would not only save loads time, but it would make emails more informative and professional.

Luke B (w)  

Yes this would save a lot of time. We are doing over 100 invoices a month and to manually type a message every time is not only time consuming but a pain. Please add this feature.

Paul Egan  


Shane Keys  

+1 its a killer, we use copy, past, but its the one thing i cant under stand why it has not been added ages ago?

Arron Johnson-Stark  


For those using a mac, you can use textexpander to auto generate a response with proper text. You do have to pay for it, but it may help for the interim:

John Cushman  


At the very least the ability to have a predefined signature (which would then allow for some default text) would be much appreciated. For me this one addition would be fantastic.

Steve West  

Would love to see this too, as well as having a standard signature.

This should also be implemented for pay runs, as the tokens only work in the subject field - not the body!

Mark Harris  

Fully Agree- I would love this feature also


I would love some type of functionality to set default body content for different types of emails that Xero sends. A template for sending an invoice, a template for sending a statement, etc

Luke Rollans  


Adam Lavery  

We have several clients who have asked about this feature.

Chris Kemp  

+1 - I'm often asked about this by clients. Would be a great time-saver.

Tory Wagg  

Here here! I'd like this too please!

Nicki Hunt  

+1 for this!

Tom Castleman  

+1 for both

Tom Castleman  

+1 - easy to implement and an annoyance.

LCHost Accounts  

+1 I have repeatedly asked about this as have several of the people I've recommended to Xero. The stock answer of 'you can copy the text from a file' isn't good enough.

Tania Houston  


Steph Hinds  

Another +1

Andrew Jones  


Steph Hinds  

Any default email would be a huge improvement, but the option of HTML formatting too would be just great.

Tania Houston  

Next update, lets have this done xero!

Rhys Evans (MPCC)  

+1 from me also - please

Richard Beechey  

+1, this sounds great.

Lee Nicholson  

Irma you're so right. I actually spoke to Kevin from Xero about this and he assured me it is underway. This is such a no brainer. Ideally there would be the ability to have several different messages, depending on the situation you might use the default message, or a customised message for new clients etc. +1

Dan Gerard  


Dan Gerard  

+1 Yes this would really be an advantage to be able to do this.

Paul | River Media  

+1 Can't believe this option isn't already available and the ability to have more than one signature/message would be great.

Debbie Stelling  

Yes, I've wanted this for ages - it must be such a simple job but would save me so much time ! C'mon Xero ... make this a priority!

Melanie Tinson  

Thanks for the suggestion - definitely something we want to enhance after the small start we've made on this when you use the Approve and send option on Repeating invoices (accounts receivable). Templates and/or including an automatic email signature - we hear you :)

Catherine Walker (Community Manager)  


Mark Thomsen  

+1 especially if each message can be personalised from the contacts list

Jo Rees  

This would be massive! Agree!!!

Dan Gerard  

Another idea on the signature would be to set a default, or range of default messages based on who an invoice is being mailed to. Perhaps to use wildcards so one can choose how the email template translates such as name, product, invoice number etc. also to choose template bodies.

It would also be super cool to have some basic text formatting such as bold underline and italic

Grant Francis  

Definitely on my wishlist!

Jacki Knight  

Definitely voting for a template for each email type - invoice, statement, supplier remittance, payslip, etc.

Jacki Knight  

plus 10+

Seems crazy that these features are not included! Nearly every competitor offers them and they are important features to save time and delivery clear and accurate message. I think zoho books and freshbooks do this the best.
I had also listed these basic missing features in my request here https://community.xero.com/business/discussion/51011/

Luke B (w)  

+1+1 Please please

Jennie Smith  

I need to be able to log in on my account, and send invoices from my clients account using their email address not mine, as it stands I have to have a separate log in for every client I need to do this for which kind of defeats the point of me having a master account :-(


Helen Stothard  

I was going to add this as a request weeks ago but seems the OP beat me to it.

+ 1 from me as it is a PITA!

Alex Haines  

+ 1 Please

Trevor Spink  

definitely +1 from me!

but also thanks to John (above) for mentioning TextExpander! Awesome!!!

Ian Chilvers  


Jonathan Griffiths  

We recently launched a Xero add-on that contains email templating features (including wildcard support within subject lines and the email body, signature support and previews of both HTML and text-based versions of the message), but the add-on relates only to the chasing of overdue invoices.

For those interested in delivering personalised emails to bulk recipients for this purpose, check out xocashflow.

Joshua Smith  


Does xocashflow automatically send the reminders or do you have to login and send them, I am hoping it would be a set and forget arrangement.

Richard Beechey  

Hi Richard,

xocashflow does require you to login and to click "Sync/Send", then "Send Messages" to shoot out the reminders. We did this for a specific reason, in giving customers more control over when messages are sent (so that they can send reminders only after reconciling all income items in Xero, and to ensure that these go out at strategic times of the day and days of the week that produce the best results in their industry).

For a pure set-n-forget solution, DebtorDaddy (another Xero add-on) is a better fit. xocashflow is better suited to those who don't necessarily want to reconcile every day and to have reminders sent every day, but to have more hands-on control over who receives which notifications on which date, but who still want the simplicity of being able to send all reminders with a single click and to gather notes and feedback from debtors in a single interface.

For a look inside the system and to see how this differs from other products on the market, check out our screenshot gallery here:

Joshua Smith  

xo looks good, but another extra $10-$30 on top of xero's $50 for something that nearly all other online accounting software includes in typical subscription at a total of about $15-30 a month... getting a bit steep! eg. Zoho books (which by the way is a great software with loads of features), Saasu, freshbooks etc
PS. I do not work for Zoho, just trialled it and found it to be fantastic, but I'm pretty setup in Xero now and the transition would be too hard to make. I really hope that Xero pick up the balls on features like this REALLY soon!

Luke B (w)  

Hi Luke,

I totally understand where you're coming from. We're passionate Xero users ourselves and initially built the xocashflow system for our own use, as we felt this was an imporant feature missing from an otherwise comprehensive accounting package. Our product is only $10/month, so it's more affordable than most other add-ons and while it would be nice for Xero to include functionality like this, having been through the process of developing this (approx 200 hours of dev time was involved), I can see why they haven't. Making a feature of this type functional enough to be useful isn't as easy as it first appears.

Hopefully Xero will introduce similar functionality soon. Even if they do, though, it's likely to be quite a simplified offering, so customers who demand a little more control or reporting visibility will probably still find value in what some of the community's add-on developers have worked so hard to create.

Kind regards,

Joshua Smith  


Tim Miller  

Thanks for the reply Josh. I can understand you are trying to protect your product, but if it only took 200 hours, they should have done this years ago. Do you know how much investment Xero have? I am sure more than all other online accounting package (possibly QB and MYOB have more, Im not sure) But 200 hours is nothing! I suggest they get to it! OR maybe they can simply buy your offering and add it to their system. That would be GOLD for everyone! How about it Xero?

Luke B (w)  

I know people are frustrated and this seems easy to do from the outside and we will get to it. We're juggling priorities and development is only one part of new features - now that the product is getting deeper and broader in functionality with hundreds of thousands of users there is quite a lot of complexity behind the scenes so rather a lot of testing and co-ordination is required for any new feature, no matter how simple. We're building out the development team and making sure our platform still hums with our growing user base as some key priorities for our recent investment. We all wish we could go faster and we're doing everything we can to get to much requested features like this as well as bigger projects already in the pipelines. Please bear with us and keep telling us how Xero is working out for you.

Catherine Walker (Community Manager)  

Thanks for commenting Catherine. I understand your position. I am sure there is a lot more too it than meets the eye. Xero is a good solid systems also, you've done well. The bit that makes it frustrating is just seeing your competitors offering these features from the get go for less $$. Also that 3rd parties can develop a system that works perfectly with Xero. I guess thats what most people are looking at. But I do understand it's not quite that simple. Thanks again, thanks for listening and we look forward to see Xero continue to expand.

Luke B (w)  

Just another +1, this would vastly reduce the amount of time spent sending invoices, which would make Xero far more efficient purely from a speed perspective. Very excited to see this feature arrive in the future.

Accounts Department  

This would be very helpful. +1

Tyler Simmons  

We really need this Feature ......with the ability to have templates....Please ...Please...Please!!!!

Vahistad Patel  

+1 for auto signatures/email templates

Mick Gerrard  

+1 for html emails and templates.. I already use XOcashflow and love it, now go go xero +1 for adding new features all the time.. move this one up the list!

Daniel Buhler  

I agree, come on xero...even Quickbooks can do this!

Scott Whitwell  

I agree this seems to be such a basic request - its now October and this was raised in February (if not before)....very frustrating as we've just changed from MYOB this week where this is done reasonably well.

Lindsay Parkinson  

I was planning to switch over from Myob Live accounts this FY, however not having this feature is a deal breaker. I send out approx 20 invoices a day, and to manually having to type in a basic message and kisses and hugs is not on. I stayed with MYOB for another year.

thomas malmsten  

Hi all,

For what it's worth, Xero is due to implement templates soon. They demonstrated an email templating system in action at this year's Xerocon (July). I'm not sure as to exactly when this will be rolled out, but it seemed quite close to completion at the time.

This doesn't handle groups of invoices as well as xocashflow, or provide reporting facilities to help reduce your debtor days, but it will be a huge time-saver when invoices are first going out, as well as for those who just need to send a few individual reminders here and there to overdue debtors.

Catherine might have a firmer idea as to when email templates are being launched, but they are definitely coming and they should be soon.

Kind regards,
Josh - Team XO

Joshua Smith  

If there was a Like button, I'd be clicking it Josh!

Hope this really does happen soon...for my purposes email templates will make Xero nearly perfect (am sure others still require more features but this is personally my only issue with Xero).

Can't wait!

Steve West  

+1 - Really looking forward to seeing this facility too. Not enjoying copying and pasting at the moment!

Binaiferr Bowker  

+1 - This should be so easy to add ?

Christo Bresler  

Thanks for the update Josh. It has now been six months since your first response, Catherine - I know Xero is doing a great job overall and making other improvements, but email templates is one that would be a HUGE gain and a big vote-winner and, with hindsight, should have been implemented long ago.
I've lost track of the number of mistakes and typos that have crept in to the many invoices we send because I just can't spend so many hours to get invoices out there. It affects the professional image of our company and that is not good. My only option at the moment is to spend more time making sure each invoice is proofread and double-checked, and that would either reduce my effectiveness at work, or at even more into my personal life.
Fingers and thumbs crossed we'll get an update soon.
Bath, UK

Deep Blue Sky Finance  

Plus 1 for me here!

Contabilidad CR Hosting  

OK, so new features rolled out today (yes, one of them was high on the request list) but still no email customisation? Surely this is simply a framework (or whatever you call it) commonly seen in CRM's like WordPress and Joomla etc? Not trying to stir anyone up but this one feature seems to be getting a lot of requests from users but still no sign of it in Xero?

There's even bold, italic and link buttons for the Post box I'm typing into right now!

Steve West  

I would find this extremely useful as well. I look forward to this feature being implemented in the near future :)

Jamie Lee Fraser  

I agree Steve I was a bit disappointed when I did not see "email customization" in this release.

Im sure they are going to release it, let's just hope its soon.


Contabilidad CR Hosting  

couldn't agree more

Luke B (w)  

Just remembering the last text I entered on the "Email" invoice screen would be sufficient for now....


Darren Woods  

Even something as simple as a standard signature with contact details that could be setup in the settings area would be great.

Invoices from Xero look great and make sole traders look professional, but a plain text email with no email signature just looks cheap and nasty when it arrives in a client's inbox.

Panel Recruitment Services  

I've noticed that there's some generic text in the email when you send the new online invoices, it would be good to be able to personalise this with other text and even better be able to do it in HTML or rich text so it looked more like my normal emails.

Ian Chilvers  

The new online invoices make this feature even more important. The emails look like a mess. They are very unprofessional looking, time consuming to write and emphasis can not be made through basic formatting. Even this forum has the ability to bold and italics!

We REALLY need:
- Email templates (new invoice, overdue, statement etc)
- Basic formatting (or at least allow HTML)
- Wildcard field (name, invoice number, amount due etc)
- Signature (with company logo would be nice, but not essential)
- Be able to format where the online invoice link goes and the words used
- Ability to send from another address other than logged in account

Luke B (w)  

+1 to all Luke said.
As it stands now, I can't even start what I type in the box with a greeting, because it's not the first thing that shows in the email, the online invoice link comes first!

Stephanie Rockell  

All I want is a preset signature and the ability to add a logo to the signature so the Xero emails look the same as all of the company "internally sent" ones. I am sick of downloading every invoice and attaching it to an email in-house. Business today is ALL about branding, so, Xero, MAKE THIS HAPPEN PLEASE.

If you are unsure what your customers want, check the forums or send us a questionair.. just dont make it an online one though becuase, by the looks of your recent efforts it will have important bits missing… btw, why don't you just use the standard image and offer a link to the PDF file, which, with only a little programming could be generated from right inside the database and downloaded.. as it is within the software.

Grant Francis  

I stand corrected, the PDF button does show everything and i had not realised it was there.. i like the online invoices, i WANT the ability to set signatures.

Grant Francis  

Could you also have a google fonts plugin too, or at least Microsoft Century Gothic as an option. Thanks

Grant Francis  

Another one for the signature please - right hassle to keep adding our name and business contact details. This is the only item that is missing to what we already think is a great product.
Aqua Narrowboats

Justin Hudson-Oldroyd  

Now that we are at it.. I think this is a good idea also


Contabilidad CR Hosting  

An update: if you haven't seen our latest blog post (Online invoicing update), we're getting closer to releasing email templates to control the presentation of the emails (including your signature) that go along with your invoice PDF or online invoice link. The blog contains a sneak preview of a screen from our designers.

This will be released in stages to save you waiting for all the parts of this feature - auto signatures and controlling the 'Reply to'/ 'From' address will be released individually. You can see a full discussion in the comments on the blog post.

Thanks again for your patience - great to get all your comments.

Catherine Walker (Community Manager)  

One step closer, thank you soooooo much, but what about the rest?
- Email templates (new invoice, overdue, statement etc) TICK
- Basic formatting (or at least allow HTML) MISSING
- Wildcard field (name, invoice number, amount due etc) TICK
- Signature (with company logo would be nice, but not essential) MISSING
- Be able to format where the online invoice link goes and the words used MISSING
- Ability to send from another address other than logged in account MISSING

Luke Burrell  

We are using Xero for invoicing, but the email option is basic.

I agree with all of LB's comments, these are needed.

Dale Pickles  

Hi all - with the introduction of voting on the Community and the ability for us to track progress on items I wanted to point out that the request for email signature setting on invoices already exists as a separate thread. Good to see all the comments and support to date on this thread, but if you want to vote, comment or follow that request specifically, please do so here on the email signature thread. Thanks.

Catherine Walker (Community Manager)  

How about a message of the month function too - so we can set up recurring monthly invoices for all our clients, change the message of the month, and promote a different product or service to all our clients each month.

Phil Donaldson  

And, while we're talking about email templates, an automated "your superannuation has been paid" kinda thing (that sends out to staff) would be killer too.

Andrew Jones  

Please allow rich format (HTML) email templates. Nobody uses plain text anymore - it's nasty.

Brett Lester  

Great Idea, but needs to be HTML please so we can include a logo in the signature at the bottom. Also would be great to be able to save the message sent in the invoice notes section so that we have a record of the entire conversation about this invoice with the client.

We would need to be able to choose which message to send and they need different signatures. I have two divisions so have a slightly different logo for each. Thanks Peter

Peter Crawley-Boevey  

This was the biggest feature that was stopping us from switching over to Xero from our old invoicing system. We are putting up with it (just) for now but really need to get these emails looking far more professional.

Lee Haskings  


Jason Hulme  

Why has it taken Xero over a year of people asking for this to get to this point? ALL WE WANT IS HTML TEMPLATES.

Sorry all I'm getting so dam sick of this.. just fix it! I bet if you gave the job to one of your good coders they would have it done in 2 to 4 days tops.

Arron Johnson-Stark  

I don't get it either. They are either working on it and its done or they are not working on it. I'm pretty sure every competitor has this basic feature and more for a fraction of the price. Zoho books does it beautifully!

Luke Burrell  

Please note at the top of this request the label 'in next release'. Thanks for your patience!

Catherine Walker (Community Manager)  

Hi, Sorry but at the top of the page?? That is almost a year ago now!
If you post something like that then your next release should be within the next ½ year.
I love Xero only due to the fact that it is on line. What we are asking for and paying for is substandard when one looks at almost all of your opposition.
All We are asking for is something that works!

Arron Johnson-Stark  

Sounds harsh but I decided at the beginning of this year that I'm going to start shopping around if this feature didn't make it in by the end of the year. I hate putting a time limit on things but to me this feature was more important than online invoices.

Is your comment implying (Catherine) that HTML templates/sigs are coming soon (because the Next Release is just around the corner)?

Steve West  

I found a great solution called Zoho books, I know I keep saying it but its half the price and has had this feature since day one. Not to mention many other basic request people have been asking for including automatic overdue invoice reminders (included for free as part of the standard offering). I just wish I had gone down that path before getting to far down this path that I feel a bit trapped in now. Just trying to help others not make the same mistake.

Luke Burrell  

Woot! Catherine, does this ( "The release window is scheduled to begin 4:30 a.m. on Monday, 10th December NZDT / 3:30 p.m. on Sunday, 9th December in the UK." ) mean these email features will be here next week??

Deep Blue Sky Finance  

Pretty sure Catherine can't reply (one way or the other)...then it wouldn't be a surprise!

Steve West  

Also, @LB I took a look at SOHO Books and it's lacking in other areas (like invoice customisation). Think I'll stick with the New Zealanders for now and hope they get this to where we need it to be!

Steve West  

YAY - looks like this is getting implemented soon
It would be great to put "hey If you are using Xero, here is our Xero connect #" in emails"

Josie Berry (Ironclad)  

I like invoices to come from a person not just an organisation so I need a 'User' PlaceHolder eg:

Kind regards,



Kind regards,
Cadimage Group

Campbell Yule  

I hope this does not get marked as done with recent release. I dont think Xero could have done less in terms of email capability. Still not HTML, no default signature, no sending address changes, no automated reminder emails... poor effort!

Luke Burrell  

Getting there!

Our priority add-on request is:

- Bcc (so, for example, we can automatically Bcc a Highrise dropbox)

And, at some stage:


Andrew Jones  

Hi all - as those on the end of this thread know for sure, we released email templates yesterday! See our blog for the update.

I'm going to mark this request as 'Complete' - all your votes will be returned to you and the voting element of this thread will be closed. If you have any new requests you'd like to be able to collect votes on, please raise a new feature request. Thanks!

Catherine Walker (Community Manager)  

Me again. It's important we don't loose sight of other items raised on this thread so I've raised a couple of new feature requests so we can track comments and votes on things that weren't included in the initial release of the email templates:
- Additional email template fields
- HTML email templates for sending invoices

Catherine Walker (Community Manager)  

Ability to insert the Reference as a placeholder into a Sales email please!

Zac Zavos  

Thank you so very much Catherine and Team Xero. The new features are fantastic.

iOnline Accounts  

"Ability to insert the Reference as a placeholder into a Sales email please!"


Daniel Buhler  

I love it how Xero have marked this as complete but we cant use a persons First Name as a place holder. This was actually mentioned in the original request by Irma Smith - 20 Feb 2012.

Philip Duncan  

definitely agree with Phillip.

Ryan Cross