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Expense Claims - Payment in another / foreign currency

Started by Andre Labaki in Feature Requests | Done!

Currently we can only pay expenses from bank accounts that are using the base currency. But it is very important to be able to pay the claims from any bank account otherwise we will have to do two entries: transfer funds from one bank account to another and then pay the expense claim.
Official Xero Reply
Hi everyone, appreciate all the feedback that we’ve been receiving - it’s really helped us shape new Xero Expenses! I’m happy to let you know that this is now fully released and available for everyone to sign up to.

As mentioned before, there’ll be a per user charge for using new Xero Expenses. However, we wanted to give you all a chance to have a play with it first, so this’ll be free until 28 Sept 2018.

You can checkout all the info on what’s included on our blog.

Apologies for any confusion around our recent updates. With today’s release, I want to clarify exactly what you can / cannot do as over the years this request has grown to multiple expectations.

With new Xero Expenses you can;
- Create an Expense in a foreign currency - this'll show in base currency once it’s entered (save/submit or approve)
- View detail of how your base currency has been calculated on the Expenses Bill
- Apply payment to an Expenses Bill from a foreign currency bank account
- Set an exchange rate when applying a payment to an Expense Bill
- View detail of the currency that the Expense was entered, in the new Expenses section

It’s currently not possible to;
- Display an Expenses Bill in the currency that it was initially entered in
- Apply payment in the foreign currency - converted to base currency from the rate entered
- Set the exchange rate while entering the Expense in the app

If you feel that any of these requests are important for new Expenses, then please do come back and add a new feature request, so we can get a fresh idea of demand. For now, we’re going to close off this thread so that you can all have your well deserved votes back.

I understand that new Xero Expenses won’t be for everyone, in which case, you can always use Bills to enter in expenses that your employees need to be reimbursed for.

On another note, I want to confirm that we’ll be phasing out the existing “classic” expense claims from 31 January 2019. While you won’t be able to create new expenses from then, you’ll still be able to view approved claims via reports in Xero.

Thanks again for all of your comments here, we’ve been working hard to make Expenses as awesome as possible so we’d love to continue to hear your thoughts on what you’d like next.

Kavi S (Community Manager)