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Business Community - Restore datestamps on this forum

Started by Matthew Minshull in Feature Requests | Idea

Removing the datestamps on this forum to disguise your lack of development is like putting a sticking plaster over a severed leg. It does nothing to placate your paying customers but only serves to antagonise us further.

It is confusing when threads are merged and is becoming quite disconcerting. Also, there are many, many threads that have comments from Xero Staff like, "We are spending next year focussing on Reporting enhancements..." and "Will update in a few weeks on progress, so stay tuned", which are now utterly redundant.

I have tried to defend you in being diplomatic on this forum, but removing the datestamps is one kick in the face too many and defies belief.

In the meantime, I encourage all to do what I have started doing:

Posted: 10:52 15/06/2017
Official Xero Reply
We're becoming a large company, but bear in mind we are still people - our three strong Community team included!
We introduced the Official update a few years back so that Xero users would read the most up to date comment by us. That was being read, but more and more the date was what people were looking at, and commenting about. Regardless of what's said in it - the main response was 'when is this happening' or 'please update us again'. I 100% believe in keeping the line of communication open, but it's not always useful to write the same comment, every few months when there's been no change.

The team work on a lot of things - the problem at the moment is that most development is on larger projects that have taken a year or so to work on. So it may look like we're not shipping product - when in reality so much is going on behind the scenes. When a request has been made doesn't have bearing on when it's developed. It's all how it fits in the development plan. I won't go into too much more detail on that as I have before.

There are so many requests, all varying widely in complexity and I can't stress enough that we can't work on everything - as much as we'd like to.

While we don't plan to reinstate the time stamps, what I can say is that a lot is going to happen in the Community space within the next year, which we'll let you know once confirmed, all in good time.

Brittany H (Community Manager)

Best Reply as chosen by Matthew Minshull (Original Poster)
It would be nice to have the date/time stamps back on the posts for personal organizational purposes. I can't think of a major forum that doesn't have date/time stamped on the messages. When reviewing and post or comment that I make its helpful to see what I said and when. It's valuable context for me.

I can imagine the outcry from Redditors and Hacker News users not having the context of time/dates within comments being epic.

Without context the community forum here would be unhelpful and engagement will drop off. Once engagement drops off adoption of the products will as well.

Its stands to reason that suffering the slings and arrows of "why haven't you built this!" shoutiness is minor in comparison to creating resentment among the user base by cutting off the voice of the users.

Software development and its adoption of "openness and community" is a two edged sword. On one hand you cultivate good ideas and can bring the best forward. On the other hand you become beholden to the needs of the active community. And the end of the day making a good product the above two precepts in a requirement.

It's much easier to maintain and grow an existing customer base when the customer base is happy and feels listened too than it is to acquire new customers. The latter being much costlier.

So my vote is for bringing the time/date stamps back, and since I voted for 10 things already I had to remove a vote for something else that I though was important to my company (emailing reports). I hope Xero understands that I am giving up support for a desperately needed feature of the application in favor or an element of Xero's own community forum that's gone missing.

2017 keeps getting stranger and stranger.

29 September 2017 10:37 EDT

Justin Stevens