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Bank Feed Request - Transferwise Borderless (Bank) Account

Started by Norbert Nordstern in Feature Requests | Done!

Since a couple of days there are Transfer Wise Borderless Accounts
Working similiar to a bank account and saving a lot of UK Bank fees.
It would be great to be able to get a feed from them.
Official Xero Reply
Hi everyone, I just wanted to loop back here and high-light the integration that James mentioned above and recently announced at XeroCon. You can now directly connect your Transferwise business or personal account to Xero to automate bank feeds into your Xero org - Just to note, for currencies other than GBP the org will need to have multi-currency functionality. :)

Apologies we haven't managed to swoop in earlier to post here. We'll change status now and return each of your votes. Thank you all who helped through the beta, and please don't hesitate to reach out to Support if you need any help getting setup and connected.

Kelly M (Community Manager)

Best Reply as chosen by Lauren C (Community Manager)
Hi everyone, we have enhanced the beta sign up a bit so its possible to sign yourself up now - details below.

Please bear in mind we are still in beta which means:
1) we would love your feedback on the experience, or what could be added next
2) its possible you may encounter some issues
3) we may need to temporarily stop the signup should any major issues occur but will let you know here if thats the case
Any feedback or issues, please let us know - you can email me directly at james.bell@transferwise.com or to business@transferwise.com and mention you are part of the beta.

To get yourself set up:
1. Log in to transferwise.com on the web
2. Visit https://transferwise.com/tF37eebPfd (you must be logged in for this to work) (note: if you see "Page not found" you might need to close/re-open your browser to get back on)
3. If it worked fine, you will be on your activity page, next go to your balances tab - you should see a "Connect to accounting" button appear. Click that and follow the flow to get set up!

James Bell