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Fractions of cents in unit prices - more decimal places

Started by Ben Wilson in Feature Requests | Done!

It would be helpful you could price items in the unit price column in fractions of cents i.e. $0.051, for 5.1 cents. At the moment you can seem to do this .
Official Xero Reply
Hi, just wanted to confirm that on 23 June 2014 we released support for up to 4 decimal places on unit price:

- you can enter a unit price of up to 4 decimal places on all invoices, POs & expense receipts
- you can enter a sales/purchase price on inventory items up to 4 decimal places
- the API will shortly be extended to support 4 decimal places, allowing add-on partners (in particular, inventory management solutions) to take advantage of this - more information on progress here.
- mobile apps will display extra precision, as expected

We have no plans to go beyond 4dp, at this stage. As this thread has become very large, we're going to mark it as Completed and encourage you to start other requests for 5dp and beyond. By doing this, we can get a better idea of demand for these. Thanks.

Penny W (Xero Staff)