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Quotations please!

Started by Quinten van der Werf -   in Feature Requests | Scheduled

Can we please have a real quotation system to complement the invoicing?

I provide quotations to customers for many of my services before securing their sale. To keep a copy of a quotation in the system, I save an invoice as Draft and use the template system to try and mark it as a draft. It would be much easier to have a proper quotation system where you can turn quotation's into invoices and still retain a copy of the quotation.

Would definitely use this feature regularly.

Luke Rollans  

I've been doing the same thing, using a draft mode invoice, and then it sits there until I need to recycle it. But real quotations or bids would be nice.

Suzanne Lafontaine  

I love most things about Xero and really can't see myself wanting to integrate another add on into my work flow so being able to quote out of Xero would be a big advantage Adapting the draft invoice capability is not the way to go.

Dirk Phillips  

Would love to see this.

John Cushman  

Oh yes!

Andrew Mogridge  

You can update your settings so "quotation" prints on your draft invoices instead of "draft".

Gillian Krzanich  

^ Definitely a decent workaround, but I find that having the payment slip and other details on a "quote" is unprofessional. A dedicated template for a quote would be much better.

Luke Rollans  

How about Workflow Max?
We're xero newbies but the review of our accounting and job management processes threw up a need to do this. We googled workflow/xero/plug in and it came up with this.
It has CRM (basic), job estimating, quoting and progress management.
Cool thing is that when the job is finished you push it through to xero for invoicing and there it is all input and ready to approve/send.
Xero seem to like this too as they just bought the company.

Don Tregartha  

+1 for this. I am using the draft workaround but agree should be implemented

Tom Castleman  

Not ideal, but we have spent a fair bit of time amending the invoice word template and our quotes actually look quite good now. A comprehensive solution built into Xero would be ideal. Quoteroller looks good but doesnt integrate with Xero very well, but they are working on it...

Andrew Hemphill  

Great to see the +1'ing! We will get to this when we can but in the meantime, editing the draft invoice template to resemble a quote is your best bet. Sounds like most of you have found your way to editing our standard invoice theme to create a quote but if you use a DOCX theme you can create one to use specifically at the quoting stage that has components suitable for quotes e.g. different labels on the number or reference field, remove the payment strip/cut-away or other items you don't want to appear.

Catherine Walker (Community Manager)  

Quotes are in nearly every other accounting package. I would like to see this feature in Xero. Soon.

Richard Johnstone  

Hi everyone, this is how I handle Quotes. I set up a customised branding called Quotes. I then customise the invoice to redraft as a purchase order, taking out, payslip, due dates, payment details (all the invoice branding) etc. The client then just does a quote using this branding and when their customers have accepted and the invoice is ready to be sent, they go into the quote, change the branding to standard and approve the invoice. The invoice is sent out. No retyping of quotes or invoices. if anyone is still unsure please feel free to email me bill@primefocusgrowth.com Cheers Bill

Bill Tyrrell  

We use the three stage approach with one of our clients. The initial call goes in as Draft, when the quote is accepted it is 'Submitted' then when the job is done it's turned into an invoice. Wit hdifferent docx themes for each stage.

Jacki Knight  


Thanks a lot for that!

Alistair Dent  

Any updates on adding a "real quotation system" I can't wait for this to happen. As I want to be able to convert a quote to an invoice and still have copies of all quotes, I feel that having to create a custom branding is just not good enough.

Craig Pamment  

We're still a way off creating our own quoting system but it is a high demand item that we want to prioritise for this year. Just to let you know, since this thread started and as mentioned by @Andew above, there are some recent add-on partners released specific to quoting which may be of some interest:
- Quotient
- QuoteRoller
WorkflowMax was mentioned above by @Don - these newer add-ons offer something a bit simpler. Still great to hear from you all looking for a quoting system though - keep the requests coming!

Catherine Walker (Community Manager)  

I also use theme Docx for my clients but love to see quotes as separate function in Xero.

Bhavani Depuru  

Catherine I imagine that I like a lot of the other respondents to this request, want to see a situation where we have a number of features under one roof. Rather than having to jump in between add ons or stand alone solutions it would be great if there were a way of progressing a quote to an invoice without having to stop and start the process and where all the information is saved in one program. It will be great to see this become a part of the Xero functionality.

Dirk Phillips  

All those add-ons are fine if you are doing loads and loads of quotes but if you are only doing a few quotes a week it doesn't really justify the extra monthly cost that they charge, and like Dirk says, I think its a lot better having everything under one roof.

Craig Pamment  

We really need the quotes feature. Our largest clients require that we issue a quote prior to providing us with a PO#. The ideal workflow for us would be to be able to create a quote that could then be converted to an invoice when accepted by the client. All we'd have to do then is add the PO number to the invoice and send.

Daniel Gibbons  

Daniel, please do check out Workflowmax. We create jobs in it then attach the bought in costs, in costs and time charges. From there it creates the estimates. These can be revised if required and are listed as unaccepted. When the client issue the PO, you select the quote and mark as approved. When the job is done, you just send it to Xero via the built in link - no rekeying, it just becomes a xero invoice that you approve and send to client.

I don't work for xero or workflowmax - I just hate to see folks wasting ages on workarounds when there is a great solution ready to go.

Don Tregartha  

Catherine, I am only new to Xero and didn't know that it didn't have quotes. I was going to trial it for a new client but their main business is doing quotes and now Xero won't compare in price to MYOB or Quickbooks. I know that there are add-ons but they have add-on prices compared with the other two which have the quotes integrated in the price.

Freda Madden  

Freda, please see my post above. It works very well and wont cost you a cent more. I have banners and signwriters using it as well as a builder. Its not an issue at all. If you would like to.discuss please contact me. Cheers Bill

Bill Tyrrell  

Hey Xero, how is the quotations process going? I have just deleted my Quote Roller account after having spent more than 7 frustrating hours attempting to put a fairly simplistic quote together. Not satisfied with the frankly god awful result I will now go back to old school quoting with MS Word (not an ideal situation you would agree). My Clients expect a written Quote from me as part of the sales process. If Xero is not able to provide an integrated solution then Quickbooks looks like a pretty appealing option right now.

Dirk Phillips  

I've seen lots of people here recommend customising the branding to create quotes. The problem I have here is twofold. One is that I need to keep a copy of our quoted alongside the invoice. So now I have to either print and keep a copy of the quote somewhere, outside of the Xero system. Or I keep the quote as a draft and duplicate it as an invoice. The problem there is that I end up with many draft invoices cluttering up my system, and potentially obscuring real draft invoices.

Quinten van der Werf  

This would be fantastic, but I think there are so many other priorities that are more important to running business accounting properly that are missing.

Luke Burrell  

Merged: Generating (and archiving) Quotations in Xero

I currently use Xero to generate quotations, by using draft invoices. I then have a separate template that I apply which changes the resulting PDF to read as a quotation.

There are some great advantages to this:
1) I can see the $ value of the work that I currently have out in quotations.
2) I can easily generate invoices at the press of a button, by converting the draft to 'approved'.

The main draw-back is that I would like to be able to archive the quotations that are not converted to invoices, which is not currently supported. At the moment I can only delete draft invoices. I need to remove quotations that have 'expired' in order to show the correct $ value of quotations currently out. Currently I have to download the expired quotations as PDFs and store them on a hard drive before I delete them.

It would be great to have either

The ability to archive draft invoices,


A fully integrated quotation to invoicing system within Xero.

(Especially if I could add users that can generate quotations but not see the rest of the company finances).



Adrian King  

Also, would be great to have an editable filename prefix for PDF files, that can be set in the invoicing templates.

At the moment I have set the automatic numbering to be just numbers (leaving off the 'INV-' at the beginning). And then in my templates, (I have one for estimates, one for quotations and one for invoices), I add the relevant prefix for that template just before the «InvoiceNumber» field. (for example: Q-«InvoiceNumber»

This works fine for the content of the PDFs, but I still have to edit the file name of the PDF to change it from 'Invoice 00012.pdf' to 'Q-00012.pdf'.

it would be great if the all saved with the appropriate filename as well.

(PS: Xero Rocks)

Adrian King  

@Adrian, thanks for this detail - I've merged your post into this thread to keep all quotes requests together and also to note what you're saying about needing to keep the quote. As I've said above we have this on our rather large To Do list but it won't be released in the short term.
Regarding your filename suggestions - this has been posted on another thread - good to see support for this.

Catherine Walker (Community Manager)  

When I joined Xero I was told this feature would be coming out before the end of this year. Is this still going to happen? A quoting feature is very important to me.

Xander van der Merwe  

All you would need to do is have a new template for 'draft invoices' that said quotation. Would be easy? All quotes are draft invoices, and once approved become actual invoices.

Brady Dyer  

I know you can do it that way, but that is a work around. We need real quotes with the ability to link quotes to invoices as invoices are raised against completed work.

Xander van der Merwe  

I agree, work arounds are ok as a temporary measure but not a long term solution.
I also like to keep a copy of all quotes, so rather than having to look through all your pdf's, it would be nice if all quotes stayed in xero.

Craig Pamment  

Definitely +1 on the archiving expired quotes (draft invoices) or having some form of notation indicating they are lost but with the ability to re-open if that customer comes back and changes their mind (happens sometimes)

Kavita Chhiba  

+1 Quotes and estimates

Keith Heneghan  

+1 i have been using quotes in quick books for years... just started using xero and find it ridiculous that it doesn't have these standard features.

xero please help !

Andrea Gibson  

We too would like the quote feature but need to be able to keep the quotes even after they become invoices (or not)

Orion Television Systems - Accounts  

+1 Didn't even cross my mind that xero wouldn't support quoting. Disappointing.

Andrew Haydon  

+1 we need this!

Accounts @ Yolk  

Yes please this would add so much value to one of the few areas that Xero is weak in

Tony Miles  

+1 ... definitely need quotation capability

Harry Andrews  

Would love to have quotation definitely needed. It will also be cool to click a button when the quote has been acceppted, when job is done quote details transfered to invoice or vis versa.

Gerard Bond  

Quotes in our business typical contain a lot of detail with headings, sub-headings and bullet points to ensure that we can describe quoted items in sufficient detail to avoid confusion later. We can do those in Word or Excel, but then it means doubling up with the official Quote that we'd like to have in Xero, plus we'd have an additional document.

From that perspective it would be nice if the Quote Items editor provides for rich text formatting. Thinking about it, it would be nice if the Invoice Items editor also supports rich text formatting in a slightly larger editor. Even this editor where I'm posting this comment is better.

The ability to create multiple invoices from a quote (e.g. deposit and progress payments) is also required in our business.

Xander van der Merwe  

Branding works well but is not the perfect solution especially if you want to retain and rachive quotes so a more comprehesive solution would be better.

Phil Cooper  

I would agree "quoting" should be number one feature to streamline the process especially for SMB. More than two years from first request and nothing were done.
Just started trial but this is first feature, after setup accounting, I started to dig in - such Disappointing.....
That will be hard to get my business without implementing this feature inside your framework. Not sure If you care what people saying here, but anyway this is my few cents...

Andrey Borisov  

I think it is the very basic function in an accounting system. ASAP please!!

Account Department  

no quote, then no invoice and no income. Then no money. Then no need accounting. Then no need xero.

Andy O  

I agree wholeheartedly with comments from other users!
Quotations are a basic (and vital) function for many businesses who are not fortunate enough to simply churn out Invoices.
This is one aspect where Xero fails to deliver its usual effortless interface!
Even MYOB has a better (and less confusing) facility for Quotes.
Please abandon the Branding process and give us a real Quotation system . . please . . .
My clients find it very confusing and frequently accidentally convert Quotes into Invoices (by clicking "Approve" instead of "Save" - and suffer the resulting frustration.
In order to change a Quote that has been transmuted into an unwanted (and therefore invalid) Invoice, they are are then obliged to create a new Quote by copying the Invoice, changing the branding and remembering to void the unwanted Invoice!
The branding process seems to be an attempt to overlay an identifying title on top of a single transaction.
Surely Xero must recognise that a Quote is not an Invoice by another name. It represents a separate (and, from an accounting viewpoint, virtual or imaginary) transaction that exists independently outside of the Accounts and is separate and distinct from the Invoice that may or may not be created from the Quote (while the Invoice is definitely an accounting document with all that that entails).
My clients definitely can't be bothered messing about with .docx workarounds. They want to be able to click a button that says "Create Quote" and, later, be able to click a button that says "Accepted" thus creating an Invoice which is able to be freely edited. At the same time, they also want to be able to access and refer back to the original Quote.
Surely it wouldn't be a major task to design such a facility?
Please keep up the good work and lift Xero above criticism over its Quote facility . .
Cheers - Allan Hart

Allan Hart  

Absolutely need this.........

Mitch Uzelac  

Whenever I use Xero I am happy. Except when I have to generate a quote. Then I am really sad.

Greg DeVore  

Please, please, please add a proper quote feature!! The work around is clunky and so susceptible to mistakes that it makes this wonderful product really fall down....

Leanne Tovo  

+1 on that!

Plus fully customization HTML email : https://community.xero.com/business/discussion/904190/

N'tchidjè Doumbia  

Merged: Quote Option

A quote option would be good like MYOB has, as we do a lot of quotes that get changed to invoices

Clyde Marais  


Having only started a trial of Xero yesterday, as good as everything looks, the lack of support for generating quotes is an immediate put off. Having to use Word to generate quotes defeats the goal of having a completely online solution and since we have a distributed team, is far from ideal.

What worries me is that this is one of the highest voted and oldest feature request and it does not look like it has been started.

Ben Foster  

As you say some of us have been waiting quite some time for what appears to be a basic requirement. Given Xero's lack of action it may be that a change to a more established option could very well be on the cards.

Dirk Phillips  

I posted a work around, which I just checked was on 21 February 2012, Xero thats 12 months now and quotes havent come up. We need this now as we shouldnt have to use an addon or work around as a basic function. Bring it on Xero !

Bill Tyrrell  

It's been 2 days shy of a year since I posted this feature request. I see it is scheduled now - can someone from Xero please let us know what this means - do you have a date set for this addition that we can look forward to?

Quinten van der Werf  

We have just signed up to Xero in order to move away from MYOB. I am shocked to see that the software does not apply concurrent reference numbers to quotes, created in any fashion. This is a certain requirement for my business and without it we will have to look for an alternative to Xero.
I understand this function is in development. Please could you clarify when it will be applied???.

Steve Potter  

Tokes (Xero Product Manager) said that there was something coming in this area. Don't hold your breath - it could easily be a year away, but they are definitely working towards it.

Peter McCarroll  


Ive come over from quickbooks online and must admit quickbooks was very good but there Indian support was terrible and I was always finding bugs and took them 6+ months to fix. Thing im finding is there is not a good quoting system seems like a quick fix solution.

One thing why the current quote system doesn't work is because you don't get a quote number and takes current next invoice number.

Quickbooks would have a quote system and then you can add quote to an invoice, I find this so much easier and quicker. OK the system works but when you have a shop and you have a customer waiting, time is the key.

William Charles  

PROBLEM: Xero never should have launched without built-in quoting. It is insane that you treat quotes as an afterthought. I can't invoice a job without first quoting it and being awarded the work.

SOLUTION: Buy-out Quotient (that wouldn't cost so much while they are still small) and integrate what they're doing directly into Xero. You'd have to Xero-ify the interface but whatever, that's no biggie. There... Killer! You automatically one-up half the competition out there (but you will need to add signatures... which I've already hounded Quotient about.) Thanks for listening.

PS: I first wrote you guys about the quote feature more than a year ago. Time to stop thinking about it and time to start doing something about it!!!

Mark Bagley  

Agree with what Mark says above - buy out Quotient and add signatures!
That would be awesome!

Anton Gerner  


Account Department  

Buying another company isn't going to be a quick solution - especially if you want it integrated with everything else in Xero. Xero have plenty of developer resource, this feature just needs to be prioritized.

Although creating an invoice template is not exactly ideal, I have finally got round to doing this. There are a few (smaller) developments that Xero *could* do to make this process a little more bearable.

1 - Allow copying and modification of branding theme.

In order to create the quote template you have to create a docx theme. What would be much nicer is if we could copy a branding theme (which we have already customized i.e. logo, font) and then download the docx templates for that.

2 - Give us more options in Branding Theme settings

In our case there wasn't that much that had to be done to change the invoice template to look like a quote.

We changed:

Title (this can already be set by Draft Invoice Title)
Sub Headings - Quote Date/Number - Xero could add a "Invoice Type" setting that could be used as a prefix for these headings
VAT - this is kind of annoying as this column shouldn't even be displayed if you're not VAT registered.
Total Net Payments

In short, Xero could provide a much *better* quote experience by adding just a few more configurable options to Branding themes.

Ben Foster  

Didn't even cross my mind that xero wouldn't support quoting. Disappointing.

- Also needs a PO field
- A 'save and continue editing' button as well as just a 'save' button
- Let you create a heading per description. I don't want to create hundreds of items, this is messy when we have so many one-offs.
- Make the description field pop-open when editing, the current space is waaay too small.
- Give the option to add subtotals through-out the whole invoice document... we can then apply discounts to groups of items (Quickbooks does this ;)
- Let you have the option of sequential invoicing numbering per contact group

If you did all of this Xero would be perfect for me ;)

Steve Kennell  

+1 for adding quoting to Xero rather than using a 3rd party...

Rick Hutchinson  

+1 for adding quotes in a simple way rather than using "Draft Invoices"

Riyad Mukhtar  

+1 for adding xero's own quoting system rather than 3rd parties who eventually increase the cost of Xero's subscription for a feature that should be there in the first place.

Riyad Mukhtar  

For that kind of monthly fee, a NICE quoting system should be included. Ability to quote, have the client review, and accept the quote. Then we can simply convert the quote to an invoice with auto-numbering. This would be perfect. The Quotient system is nice, Xero should have an inside system similar. Even the Free Waveaccouting has a nice feature quoting...

N'tchidjè Doumbia  

Its been 6 months since the last input from Xero on this issue. It would be nice if they would give us some sort of update to say if this is a feature they are working on and how far away it is.
Quoting is part of business and should be part of Xero.

Craig Pamment  


Alex Morse  

Hi Everyone,

Our current plan is to work on the following highly requested, and related, features. It's likely they'll be delivered in the following order,

- Purchase Orders
- Quotes
- "Simple" Stock (we'll be talking more about what this means at our XeroCon events later this year)

We are actively working on purchase orders now but there's still a fair bit to get through. We are doing some early design work on Quotes now but active development won't be able to start until we've made more progress on POs (and not because we don't think it's important!) - meaning Quotes may not be out until late this year. Yes, I know this isn't soon enough for a lot of you but we are doing all we can to move as fast as possible!

P.S. if you know any good web developers, please send them my way

Andrew Tokeley (Xero Staff)  

Oh at last! Great! :-)

If in the mean time you could at least just add a ''view'' column in the Awaiting approval tab. That's not crazy development, could be done fast and calm a lot of people. It's nice work around of quote. So like that before approving an invoice we can see if they saw it or not while discussing with customer. Just an icon showing if an invoice in the AWAITING APPROVAL has been sent and/or seen.


N'tchidjè Doumbia  

Hi Andrew,
Always happy to help, we've already fiddled with some code to get a few extra features working (I didn't tell you that ;)
If you need any development help or just testing support please feel free to get in touch steve@digitaljunkie.co.uk

Steve Kennell  

What more can you say, everyone has said it all, bring on Quotes...

Russell Harland  

A simple solution would be adding a status' for the invoice to create different workflows. Most quote scenarios can be solved like this and others that just need a status.

like Administration
Draft > Awaiting Approval > Approved > Awaiting Payment > Paid

like eCommerce
Draft > Awaiting Approval > Awaiting Payment > Paid > Fulfilled

like Software Development
Draft (Quote) > Awaiting Approval > Approved > Design > Development > Testing > Awaiting Signoff > Awaiting Payment > Paid

All of these scenarios and many more could be implemented with basic statuses to simulate workflow.

Draft remains the same
Awaiting Approval remains the same
Approved (user added)
Started Work (user added)
Awaiting Payment remains the same

The ability to add a status or two will give you a basic workflow and a way to quote.
I own a software development company and to have a status between sending the quote to the customer and invoicing them would be brilliant.

Glenn Murray  

For starters, the invoice 'drafts' (where all our quotes are) should not appear in the Dashboard window 'Money Coming In'!!

To give users the ability to distinguish "drafts" from real Quotes, wouldn't this be simply solved by having a 'Save as Quote' option in the New invoice section?

Please also consider adding a feature that will prompt the person creating a new invoice that an existing Quote for that company exists - a la MYOB

Laurette Lubbers  

Ideally a real quoting module will be more comprehensive than just a "Save as Quote" button. Our quotes most often cover work that will result in a deposit and one or more progress payments and then a final sign-off payment. We would like to track all those resulting invoices against the original accepted quote.

Xander van der Merwe  

Cant believe this system has everything and is based around making it easier for the user but there is no quote feature built in, quick, quick, get onto it, please

Paul Hobbs  

16 months after 1st request and still no progress. Whats going on how about some updates

Clyde Marais  

There was an update on 10 May 2013. See above.

Anton Gerner  

+1 For Quotes!!!! Been using XERO for a few months and starting to really get fed up with the lack of some basic functionality and reading through the various forums, requests such as these seem to go nowhere for extremely long periods. I think it's time to make the move to MYOB seeing they have finally shifted their focus to a cloud based system!!

Nick Margiolakis  

Are you sure you want to move to MYOB?

Anton Gerner  

Agreed, we're thinking of moving back to Quickbooks. We had some pretty crazy tools there which even included being able to make subtotals, viewing accounts by tree view and division specific reporting. I think we're all asking a bit much to have quotes too!

Steve Kennell  

I have been trying to do quotes in Xero and naming them quotes and this is causing major issues looks like having to switch back to MYOB or quick books may be the only solution. cant believe that emails got priority over this one

Clyde Marais  

If Xero could do it, it would be nice. But I doubt Xero will do it better than Quote Roller, which already integrates with Xero. I'd prefer it if Xero spent their time on making Xero an even better accounting app, before spending resources trying to add on new features.

One of the reasons I signed up with Xero is because of the number of good integrations it has. I just want Xero to be the killer accounting app portion of a network of interconnected apps I have setup for various purposes.

If you do create this feature, I'd also love to see a way to hide it from the interface. The last thing I want is bloated software with tons of links I never use.

Tait Lawton  

I am a new Xero customer - just finished my first month. And I know I should have thought to confirm that it had a quote feature, but I never imagined that a sophisticated program like Xero would not have that as a standard part of the package. Now I need to create quotes and I am stuck trying to figure out a workaround. Having read the comments from users and would-be users almost three years ago asking for this feature, I am wondering if I just made a huge mistake in switching to Xero. Really bummed, Xero.

Brian Calhoun  

Hi Everyone,
I develop the MS Office Outlook Integration Tools (http://www.quickwindevelopment.com/?page_id=1091). Outlook is the first release, I plan to bring out add-ons for Excel and Word in the next few weeks.

I'm currently in the process of adding a quote system to the Outlook Integration Tools (see this post). It's going to be a form similar to the sales invoice in Xero (with the option to save as a draft invoice). When you're finished, it will format out a new mail in some sort of quote template ready for you to send to your client.

I'm totally open to suggestions on how to make this better, feel free to send me suggestions at ruairi@quickwindevelopment.com.

Ruairi M  

Hi everyone,
The quote update has been released for the Outlook Integration Tools. Click here to find out more:

Easily create quotes direct from Outlook with the option of saving them as draft invoices.

The Outlook Integration Tools are currently $99 AUD; a one off fee and all future updates are free. Want it to do something more? Just email me and I'll see what I can do.


Ruairi M  

I am not so sure that I see the point in spending money on a bunch of add-ons when the core product should be supplying me with those features as part of its base package. I do not mean to belittle anybody's third party product but lets face it I can get all the product I need from Quicken at a price that is not that far removed from what I would have to fork out for Xero and the various add-ons to match Quicken's specs.

Dirk Phillips  

Hi Dirk, thanks for your feedback. Yeah I got to agree, if Quicken gives you what you need then by all means go for it.

Im a Xero customer as well as third party developer. I designed the Outlook Integration Tools around what I needed it to do for my business. For me that meant having quotes that could be quickly sent from my email with minimal fuss and maintaining up to date contact information between Outlook and Xero.

Now that it's released, I'm keen to hear what cool things the community want both in Outlook and other Office apps. So the real value here that I'm selling is that when you buy my software, you're buying access to me and I'm very much open to making this project whatever the community want it to be.

Ruairi M  

I had a client inform me today they were moving back to MYOB as they can't do quotes.

Tristan Creed  

I would like to use either this feature or draft sales invoices to send Pro-Forma invoices.

So my question is will the Pay Now link be enabled for Quotations?

The Pay Now link is not enabled for draft Sales Invoices and so have to be approved first. The problem with this is that they immediately show in the Chart of Accounts and P + L.
So hopefully Quotations could be the answer.

Matthew Minshull  

I would love to see this feature as well!

Joseph Serrone  

This would really complete the process for us! Very excited that it's scheduled.

Cath Atkinson  

I have several clients who came from MYOB and arent happy with the work around for Quotes from Xero - hope it doesnt take too long to get Quotes.

Carol Wilkinson  

If You Think That Having No Quotes Is Bad Wait Until You Get Geoop And Have Job Credits Exceeding 1000 And Your Credit Card Expires and you dont update your details in time. They Stop You Using Your Account And U Cant Even Get Into The Jobs You Have Paid For And Then On Top Of This When You Phone Them They Take Their Time Restoring The Service And Tell You Someone Will Call You And Days Later They Still Havent Called. To Top It Off They Dont Even Havd The decency To apologize For Their Mistakes. Im Definately Not A Happy Customer And When Asked About Xero I Will Be Telling Other Businesses Not To Waste Their Time With This Program.
Bad Service And Customer Support.

Linda Marais  

That Was Geoop Which Is An Affiliate Program Of Xero And It Has Quoting Options.Advice To Anyone Considering Using It Dont Save Yourself The Heart Ache

Clyde Marais  

Give me quotes!!!

I have edited the 'credit note' template to work for quotes but it would be amazing to draft a quote and then automatically convert it into an invoice. Would save so much time and double entry! I'm currently using Base to record leads and there is already an integration function to generate an invoice in Xero, from Base, so should not really be that hard to do!!

Clare Bradbury  

Personally I don’t think this program should have been opened to the public until all the issues were sorted out with it due to all the little glitches, and as you have only just got the spell check working, you don’t have a quote function , you don’t have an order function, you cannot look up customer/supplier/or staff details unless you have a name, MYOB and all the other programs can search by phone number, address, surname and first name. These are just the basics requirements for running a business. Maybe you need to take a serious look at your program.


Clyde Marais  

The one and only thing missing for me - Quoting Option soon please

James Horn  

Is "Quotes" even going to be released as a new feature in any coming updates?
Xero I suggest you check "Harvest" you can learn a thing or two from their Quotes and Estimates System.
Quotient as a 3rd app is costly and just makes thing scattered all over the place, we need this feature to be included in Xero....!!!

Riyad Mukhtar  

We want quotes...we want quotes...we want quotes...

Bottom line...there are various little work around' and ways of manipulating the system to make the best of a bad case. The reality is, that Quotes don't exist and is a major shortcoming in a business that needs this function to be at its fingertips. This should be a priority for the development team..

Neill van der Walt  

This discussions seems to be going on since 20 Feb 2012.....lets wait a little longer then..

Neill van der Walt  

Were we not informed that Quotes would be added in late 2012??? It is now late 2013 and still no idea when it is going to be released? I would have seen this highly requested "feature" as a much higher priority than developing a new iOS version????? PS - it really shouldn't be called a "feature" - it should be a commonly available module in any accounting software programme.

Sharol Exley  

One would have though it was more important, they obviously are not listening to us!!

Nick Margiolakis  

Hi - appreciate the desire for Quotes to be integrated into Xero and we are serious about delivering this as soon as we can. We demonstrated our designs for Quotes at recent XeroCon events but have still not started development in earnest. However, the work we have done, and are about to release on Purchase Orders, does help with the foundations of what needs to be done and should speed things up once we start.

We typically don't give out delivery dates because there are simply too many factors that can influence them and when we re-evaluate timeframes all it does is make you all more frustrated. Having said that, I can tell you that it won't be this year, I'm afraid.

We will be changing the status of this request to "Started" as soon as development begins - this should give you an indication that it is being actively worked on and we're getting closer to releasing.

Andrew Tokeley (Xero Staff)  

very disappointing. This post started Feb 2012 and 2 years later Xero may response by adding this feature which is by the way very very basic feature in other Cloud base or any other accounting software.

Nick Demir  

Serious question: given that Xero has just raised a big pile of money, why wouldn't you just buy one of the existing quote vendors and integrate them? Quotient already has good integration with Xero, and they're also a NZ company. As others have mentioned, users have been waiting for this feature to be native to Xero for almost two years.

Daniel Gibbons  

Hi Andrew, in your earlier post you mentioned 'Quotes may not be out until late this year'. Looks like development won't even be started this year! What is it going to take to get this basic essential started? For every comment posted here there will tens of other users silently getting increasingly disapointed.

Steve Kennell  

what add on do you recommend for quoting then?? to add detailed descriptions and add A4 terms and conditions sheet to each quote?

we are a heating and cooling business that needs to be able to quote on the road.

We were recommended GeoOP, but not sure if this is the right one we need. Please help ASAP!

daniel hackett  


Have you checked out www.QuoteRoller.com and the integration with Xero. We love our Xero users and want to keep them happy

Let me know if you need any specific help?


Dustin Yoder  


Are you from quote roller?

Our business has recently changed and we are down an admin staff, so we thought if we purchased a couple of iPads with Internet access for out of the office then the quoting can be done at the clients residence rather than hand written and then entered into currently MYOB which have a GREAT quoting system already that from one click turns that quote into an invoice. How hard is this for Xero to design, seriously it should be a BASIC function of the package that is paid for.

Will quote roller be able to do provide the same as MYOB in regards to quotes and converting them to invoices? This is the only thing currently holding us back from switching to be a Xero customer.

If anyone else could recommend an addon (which we really shouldn't be paying for) to be able to quote like in Myob, please list.....

daniel hackett  

Wasting time and money developing a new iOS version, when the current software and version is incomplete. it should not have gone public until all the basic functions are working. this program doesn't even auto save. if you have a power failure or multiple windows opened it times out and you can't even get back into save. quotes and purchase orders etc. are basic requirements for running a business. These guys obviously have no clue and are not taking this seriously the 1st request goes back to 20/2/12 and we are still no closer. I don't see why we should be paying for after market software to do the basics.
Go on Xero give us ALL a 50% discount as we only seem to have half the program.
You've had more than enough time to get this right, you even said on 18/10/13 you haven't even started to make this basic feature.
I've been asked what i think of Xero by potential customers and you guys have lost heaps of business as every time someone asks me I tell them you cant quote, no auto save function so i keep losing my typed in data. no purchase orders, basically not ready, to run your business on.

Clyde Marais  

Personally I'd rather wait for Xero to get Quotes right, rather than rush out an inferior solution. If you are so desperate for a quote function, then use one of the add ons while you wait for Xero to release their quote functionality. Also, stop complaining!
There is always MYOB!

Anton Gerner  

These functions should have been in the software from the start. there should be no inferior solution Anton Gerner. I have the right to comment about the software here, it is incomplete. Maybe if you supported the people that complained this software would already have been developed. I also should not have to push the save button every 15 minutes as recommended by Xero support, to stop their software from logging me out when i am busy invoicing large jobs with many different parts to them. The software should at least auto save before it logs you out even if it is a duplicate draft invoice with the same number. The whole idea of this forum is to raise issues so that people can comment on them as there are many others with similar issues, who just sit on the side line and wait for others to do the dirty work.

Clyde Marais  

To the guys at Xero, you can see from the above that this is starting to get a bit out of control, I'm sure that you don't want customers getting frustrated with each other. I suggest that you sit your development team down and ask them for a firm production plan, I run a development company, this can be done.

This is too big an issue just to keep pushing it down the road. This needs to be prioritised above things like paying by paypal, there are too many nice-to-have's getting put infront of the essentials.

Can you get everyone together, get some firm plans and get back to us all please with some structured and definitive plans.

Many Thanks

Steve Kennell  

Very good idea, Steve.

Anton Gerner  

I also agree. Come on Xero, please at least show us that you are not ignoring us, even if nothing is planned yet. Real draft invoices are getting lost among the hundreds of quotations that I have stored in Xero (I can't convert drafts to invoices as I need a record of the original quotation). Also, not being able to find draft invoices from the customers overview page (where their finalized invoices are) makes it harder to keep track of all these drafts. It's driving me batty.

Quinten van der Werf  

One of the things that attracted me to Xero was the promise of community-focussed development, that is, development driven by the requirements of the Xero community.

Unfortunately as can be seen by the lack of progress with Quote functionality Xero are clearly prioritising "nice-to-have's" (as Steve puts it) or "marketing-driven" developments. You only have to look at the feature requests that have been started and order by votes to see this.

So far the only reason we've had responses from the Xero team is because I have tweeted @Xero bringing it to their attention. If this is the only way we can get a reaction then you could share your support on Twitter or retweeting https://twitter.com/benfosterdev/status/390755138178015232.

It's sad to resort to such methods but as the developer of my own SAAS product, if you're not developing your product around the needs of your users, who are you developing it for?

Ben Foster  

Good idea. I've retweeted it as well.

Quinten van der Werf  

Well, Purchase Orders did have a higher vote count than Quotations, so it probably makes sense that it went before Quotes. However, I do not recall seeing File Storage and native iPad applications being higher on the list than Quotations or did I miss that?

Anyway, as mentioned earlier in the thread, when I joined Xero early in 2012, it was indicated to me during my trial that it was going to be available before the end of last 2012.

Now we are told it won't be there before the end of 2013.

So not sure how priorities are set at Xero HQ, but suffice to say that some very important functionality (e.g. Quotes) is being overlooked for less important functionality.

Xander van der Merwe  

All I want to know is will the payment links be enabled - for customers without a credit facility?

At the moment, this is not the case for Draft Invoices. Most of our pro-forma/prepayment transactions are paid by card as the customer normally requires the service or goods yesterday and we have no other way of processing card transactions :(

For those that think PayPal is a 'nice to have', you are obviously entitled to your own opinion. However, if some of these completed features were still outstanding, then may be the voting rankings would be looking a little different. Indeed, Quotations only gets my vote because things like PayPal and Files have been crossed off the list.

What a shame this discussion has turned into a protest rather than shaping how this feature will work and what benefits it will provide.

Matthew Minshull  

I also agree with the above.

I actually started trialling MYOB today and have to say I was impressed with the progress they have made the past few months. I also think it's actually a much more user friendly product and actually has functionality that small business owners like myself need rather than the fluff Xero keeps adding.

Once I figure out how to extract my data from Xero I will be making the move across!

Nick Margiolakis  

Well, the constant delays for quotes and POs have lost Xero at least this customer. I wanted to make this work. I wanted to not use QuickBooks Online. But you keep farting around with iPad apps and road trips instead of putting those resources towards implementation of core functionality (POs, quotes, payroll), and that doesn't work for those of us who have actual businesses to run (versus just burning through startup money). I suppose this poor prioritization probably reflects on how the product actually functions, so you all have probably saved me headaches and frustrations down the road by steering me towards more conventional and established products.

Donald Love  

Hi guys, any luck with coming back to us with a firm production schedule yet or details of when this schedule will be made available.

Steve Kennell  

Another key feature that seems to take ages - surely calculator mode and uploading files could of waited so that key features could be added, which the competition have and Xero is lagging behind on - come on quotes where are you?

Will Wood  

The amount of collected employee hours we're using up with ongoing workaround solutions to a quoting system is no longer a 'temporary problem'. It's been a LONG time and as stated above, a number of other fluffy add ons have taken priority. Every one of our bookings required a quote and a deposit and further alterations at a later stage...every one... every day. Come on xero. This is a priority and it's been years on this thread.
Look forward to progress, lots of good things coming out of xero.

Al Belcher  

Simple Question: When is this long promised, basic functionality going to be implemented?

Can I suggest you spend less time on jacking up the prices for your product and start work on delivering on the basic functionality that just about all of your competitors can offer!

Luke Pickering  

I agree Luke Pickering, my client is getting very annoyed and has already stated they will go back to MYOB at end of financial year end because whilst not perfect either it is easier to deal with quotes and part-payments!!

Karen Edmunds  

I like everybody else, cannot believe that quotes are not part of the basic accounting system. When they are produced I do hope they update the budget which is also very much in need of a major upgrade. Produce a quote for delivery in three months time I would expect to see it in the budget, I certainly hope so but have not seen this mentioned by anyone else. I would have also thought that quotes would have been before POs, don't they come first in most cases or is he referring to supplier purchase orders?

Derek Gower  

Just a quick update to let you know where we're at - we're in a holding pattern on starting work on quotes. The designs are ready and we understand the scope but our product teams are all focused on other features at present (primarily improved reporting). As per my last comment - Quotes will not be delivered until next year. I'll update this thread when we start. Sorry it's not more festive news and thank you for your patience.

@Derek - POs came first because, unlike Quotes, there was no real work-around.

Andrew Tokeley (Xero Staff)  

I create a draft and use a custom template. If the "quotation" is accepted by the client I approve the draft and change the invoice template. It works but its not the best way to do it. What really would be cool to be able to provide a quotation online to customers and attache working papers to it. And if you want to really get the most out of it, enablle comments on the online quotation.

Sysret Kastrati  

And enable payments too -- something not available on draft invoices -- for customers on prepayment account.

Matthew Minshull  

Guess we'll crack 2 years of open request soon before anything is delivered.

I also expect that Andrew T will collapse the thread soon, just like he did on PO's when Xero couldn't match their long given promises.

It is pathetic that Xero really ignore basic functionality, yet consider to deliver nonsense fluffy functionality.

The worst thing is, that some of these are actually very simple to implement, just Xero try and tell us that they are hard - but some of us actually have experience with complex (much more complex than Xero is, anyway) web apps and actually do know what we're talking about....

Matthew Duckett  

Extract the digit !!!

Boooo Hisss...

Angus Malcolm  

I am new here. 2 Years to add what any accounting package should have as a base integral component, satisfactory?. Have I made the wrong choice. Come on you guys.

Ross Briggs  

Any indication as to when this year quotations will be added?

Sandra De Sousa  

Before you think about this being requested for two years, there is another forum where this was requested in September 2010. And it has had false promises made there too.
I've only been with Xero for 1 month, but I have already pulled the plug. If I knew of a firm date, I would have stayed, but three years... not two..... verging on ridiculous.
I'm now on Curdbee which has the quoting system already in there and for the top package, it's still cheaper than Xero.
Sad really as I admit I did like Xero. But the competition is stiff out there and in all honesty, almost any business these days rely on being able to quote customers.
The workaround that Xero suggest isn't a good one at all.

Andrew Rowley  

Andrew, last comment December 19th, January almost gone, patience going, where is Xero at. From you last post where you "promise to update thread" one can only assume you have not yet started.

Derek Gower  

Absolutely. Well, I actually ended up going to Freshbooks. Curdbee was OK, but they are migrating to something called Hiveage. Their import facility wasn't working so I emailed support. They said it would be switched on a few days ago and it still isn't. Hmmm..... heard all this before (Xero)...... So Freshbooks has online payment, Quotes, Purchases, everything I need. A bit more expensive, but working nicely thank you.
Xero account now deleted.
Will I ever go back? I would like to have said yes. But their response to this thread alone has been lacking in enthusiasm. Looks like a fair few people are considering moving away.
I daresay that a fair few are joining up too, so I don't suppose they care that much.
Me.... I couldn't care less anymore.

Andrew Rowley  

+1 I would like to see this feature added as well. What's the status???

Guy Lepage  

I am looking for an accounting package but i'm not signing up for one that takes 2 years to start adding a feature.....

James Doven  

We need the Quote feature up and running!

Melissa Radosevic  

Honestly, three years.... I'm thinking that we're all wasting our breath.
Let's say they put quotes in this week (Right... yes......) And now lets say that someone thinks that adding a field to the customer details area is a good idea and the community jumps on board and they all say that it's a fabulous idea. How long might that take?
Another three years. Don't forget, this is not two years, it's three.
September 2010 the quotes were requested.
A lot of software providers say 'We listen to what our customers want' and most deliver.
Xero isn't.... on the latter part. They may listen, but they are not responding.
It can't be difficult. Otherwise how did they put the other functions in?
Surely a quote is the same as an Invoice but stored differently with a link to make it and Invoice.
Hell, I've done a bit of Filemaker programming and it's not that hard to do.... and I'm only an amateur..


Andrew Rowley  

I would not be surprised if xero have a financial interest in.....

- Quotient
- QuoteRoller

As thats all they seem to say is a workaround. I was told last month by xero staff that ...

"We have started work on the Quotes functionality but it is still in the early design and analysis stages. Unfortunately we are unable to provide an exact date when it will be released, but it should be within the next few months."

I am holding xero to "the next few months".

Ross Briggs  

I have been coding for years and have done a lot of work on databases and ERP systems. I KNOW it's not that hard.
As you say they probably have some financial interest in those quoting programs...

James Doven  

Determining priorities is something that we have to look at all the time, and while Community voting is a big part of that, it’s not the only factor in these decisions. What is extremely important for those who’ve voted and commented here, can be completely irrelevant to others. So we work on many things at once to try and keep you all happy! We have been focussing on developing a number of reports for the next few releases, after that we can concentrate more of our efforts on creating Quotes.

I know you all want Quotes yesterday, but please bear with us until we make this happen! As our Product Manager Andrew said, designs are ready, and we’ll update you when development has started. Note we’ve taken a slightly different approach than invoices for Quotes, so that they can have more personalisation (not quite as easy as copying invoice functionality and joining the dots!).

@Ross just want to assert that we do not have financial interest in Quotient and Quoteroller. That’s not what we’re about.

Brittany H (Community Manager)  

Being in software development myself I also understand about priorities but I also understand about keeping to commitments, something that Xero has failed to do. We all have businesses to run and have to make either short or long term decisions based on the information we are given. Going back through this thread I find we have been fed assurances, if we just wait a bit longer all will be OK and we will be kept up to date. This has not happened, as it is now almost eight weeks since we heard from Andrew, despite telling us how difficult it is we also have deadlines, surely you have a time line which you can share and then stick to? From what we have been advised so far it could be next Christmas, who knows?

Derek Gower  

Why dont you just Purchase Quotient and bake it into Xero, I found it on your add-in list last year and It is so intuitive and easy to use!

Justen Beasley  

Guys, chill out, we can now add our own photo's to our profiles and we have Xero TV! Quoting can wait... who needs confirmed costs with their clients anyway, such a small detail... hey Xero, keep up the good work :)

p.s can I add my tweets to my profile too, that would be, so like cool, then people would know when I'm surfing which would really help my business.

Steve Kennell  

Just reading above it looks like Andrew is in a 'holding pattern'. That sounds very cosy! is it a pretty pattern too? I'm in a waiting pattern, it's still pretty cool, lots of surprising things happen, it's like a drama, I'm waiting to find out who done it, except I'm not sure yet that it been done? Which means it's a who will do it :) Much more fun!

Steve Kennell  

Steve, hopefully soon they will give us the ability to login with facebook too - it is something I have been desperately waiting on. Considering all the developers they have hired recently, I would expect they're right on it.

More seriously, as I note above, Xero is continuously bragging in the media about how much capital they've raised and how this is allowing them to hire more developers, yet they're delivering worthless updates nobody is interested in.

Andrew Tokeley, I know how long functionality like this takes to implement in a web app. I challenge you to solely dedicate one of your new developers (you have them, you keep bragging in the media) to developing a quotes module for 1 week - if they haven't developed this in one week, might I suggest you're hiring the wrong people.

It can be done, it just requires commitment, not obfuscation and treating your customers like idiots, when we know how not hard this is.

Matthew Duckett  

Way to go Matthew! Now we're getting somewhere, might I also suggest more break-out rooms, more break-out rooms means more radical ideas, do you have a table foot able area? I can't see how you'd get out of a holding pattern without a table foot able area, any other suggestions anyone?

Steve Kennell  

Andrew, do you have a copy of your holding pattern that you could show us? My secretary is great at colour theory, perhaps she could help?

Steve Kennell  

Thought I can use a secondary invoice template for the quoting purpose ... still hope we can have a dedicate quote function and I so look forward to the design of it.

Amos Chen  

So sarcasm aside, can you guys get to work on this? This is basic functionality. Any B2B company out there needs this and using drafts is a silly band-aid that makes me look like an amateur any time I try and suggest Xero to anyone. I know 3 people who would leave Quickbooks in a second if there were quotes and POs. Heck, you got POs, that was major and excellent (even if the code you used is for some reason slower than the rest of Xero, not sure why), but now you're dragging your feet on Quotes? Come on folks, get to work here.

We don't need a better phone app. We need quotes. And no one wants to do bank reconciliations on their phone, that's depressing and absurd. We want to quote our customers so that we can earn new business so we can continue to pay you!

James Moore  

@Xero other companies publish feature road maps publicly online, so their loyal/valued customers can see where they are and what to expect.

May I suggest you do something similar with a simple "Feature / Quarter Expected" format.

Bert McGaughey  

I have seen some photos from last weeks Xerocon of the Quotes screen.
Hopefully quotes are coming soon!

Anton Gerner  

This is holding back moving another company I work for to Xero, seems wrong to pay more for the quote add-on (Quotient) than Xero itself - just for raising quotes!

Ian Kidd  

So March 2014 is here. We should expect an announcement soon then? Like "Started"
How hard can it be?

Ross Briggs  

I find this very frustrating and sub standard
With no quotes feature when I send estimates by re branding a invoice it makes my company look unprofessional
Disappointed !!!!!


So you have not even started on Quotes as yet!

Well bugger me! So it is not really coming after all!

I guess this very basic functionality must be just too hard for a company like Xero to implement. Its only been, I can remember how many years now?

I am now actively looking for a new accounting app as it is apparent you guys don't care about implementing real functionality, nor do you care about the user that will fund your wages long after the IPO money has run out!

I no longer recommend your application to anyone!

Luke Pickering  

We have been looking at a quoting add-on for a while, I understand that you could use draft invoices for this functionality but it's not quite the same.

Emily Mason  

Is there any update on when this will be out?

Matthew Lovett  

+1 - sooner the better.

Dalton Electrical PL  

Using a draft invoice is no use to the way my company works, as it leaves too many possibilities for errors, including using an invoice number for a draft, instead of providing a dedicated Quotation number.
Other programs have this facility, and could be very tempting if this is not resolved.

Tudor Ellis  

Guys, enough with the excuses now , more developers = quicker turnaround times. This is a GLARING hole in your offering. have you started development?

Andrew Doe  

Hi Andrew, hows that holding pattern? You've gone very quiet

Steve Kennell  

Merged: Quotes are a Priority

Hey all,

I would like to know why xero's development team is ignoring the fact that many of their consumers, have requested quotation feature since 2012. Until the moment, xero didn't even care to start developing this feature, or develop a better tool to use invoice drafts as quotes.

I believe that this kind of approach, will help in the long run to reduce the number of consumers. Based on what i have read about xero as a company, you guys didn't reach the break even point yet, and still suffering from losses. While your model is to concrete on long term profitability by adopting growth, your actions toward your costumers doesn't translate that. A feature like quotes which is considered an important tool in the hands of any business, has been ignored from a long time despite the calls for it.

I would love to recommend xero to my fellow entrepreneurs in the Middle East, help spread the word about xero. But, lacking this kind of tool is considered a deal breaker for a lot of small companies.

Yassine Elmane  

Vote for you, please vote my same request below as well. Thanks!


P.S. Floral Design  

Merged: Still no quoting feature....4 years on.

Some of the posts about a quoting feature are from early 2010....so how much longer?

Dene Smith  

Hi, I'm the Product Owner tasked with getting Quotes over the line. The status of this feature is still sitting on "Scheduled" which reflects that my team are lined up to tackle it once they free up from other more pressing work. We are still committed to completing this and as soon as my team actively start the development work I will change the status to "Started". This will be a good indication that things are moving. I know that you've all been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Quotes (me too!) so thank you for your patience.

Sonya Jones (Staff)  

Sorry Sonya but that was not hard to write or take a lot of thought, you only needed to cut a paste the previous posts, a few different words, same message. Delighted along with the other multitude who have voted to read that "We are still committed to completing this". I can hear the sighs of relief coming through my office window. Don't you think a bit pathetic after all the previous promises ?

Derek Gower  

COMPLETELY agree Derek!!! They obviously take us for idiots ... grrrrrrrrrr!!!!

Nick Margiolakis  

You couldn't have been any more patronising if you had tried, Sonya.

Come on, FFS, we have heard this repeated message from you lot for years now.

How about detailing some of this "more pressing work". What is it, logging in with facebook? because everything you have been releasing of late adds little to no value to users.

Derek summed this up very well in one word.... PATHETIC.

Matthew Duckett  

Why dont you guys go the easy way and Acquire Quotations and bake it into Xero??? They did and excellent job with their product and I know you could make it even better!

Justen Beasley  

It appears the 'pressing work' is perhaps the focus on the US market. Take a look here http://help.xero.com/#AllChanges
I am afraid I have lost confidence in the voting system :(

Matthew Minshull  

@Mathew .. I totally agree with you, since this feature is the most voted for in the community and still xero didn't do anything about it.

Just Sad ... time to start looking for other replacements for xero

Yassine Elmane  

I used Xero for a short time until I saw this forum. Posted a few +1's but got nowhere.
I could see where this was going, so jumped ship and went back to Freshbooks, where I was before.
It doesn't have the full accounting that Xero has, but it does basic stuff.
Quotes! Yes.
Invoices Yes
Support tickets basic but yes
Emails invoices and thank you's for payemnts.

From seeing Xero's responses over the period of time this has been asked for, I would never come back now, not even if they introduced quotes (unlikely... come on... be honest!).
Why wouldn't I come back? Simples. What if we request something else?
Probably a few of us will have retired before it gets implemented.

What annoys me the most is that quotes are a REALLY important requirement for the vast number of traders out here. In every country.
It should have been there from the very start.
It's a sham. really it is.
Run Forrest Run.... I did.


Andrew Rowley  

They obviously are out of their depth with this one. I would have thought that they would have at least employed someone to do the programming required or outsourced the project. They seem too busy with the fluffy stuff not realizing how much business they are losing as i tell everyone that i deal with that the program is incomplete an would never have changed over to Xero had i known that this issue would be ignored for so long. I bet the investors that sank dollars into this company had no idea that it is only a partly complete program.

Clyde Marais  

This issue was raised on another forum in September 2010 going on towards 4 years to develop a bit of software is pathetic, you have had customers offer to do i for you guys if yous are no capable of doing the programming your selves.

Clyde Marais  

Here's the plan... Xero bring in an agency to help, their own team seem busy on Instragram plugin's, this agency has a two month turn around for the quotes tool (sensible timeframe). The first two weeks spent familiarising themselves with existing frame-works and architecture and the new layout visuals which were told are already ready. 3 weeks are spent in the initial build (it really wouldn't take longer unless you were determined that it should). We're now on 5 weeks, the last 3 weeks spent on test groups and refinements. 2 months... it should only take 2 months, that time again... 2 months.

Steve Kennell  

This is a must tool for every company that Quotes for jobs. This i would have thought should have been done before the Purchase orders. You are unable to order goods unless the quote has been accepted!!!!!!!!

Mike Anders Glass Guy