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Quotations please!

Started by Quinten van der Werf in Feature Requests | Done!

Can we please have a real quotation system to complement the invoicing?

I provide quotations to customers for many of my services before securing their sale. To keep a copy of a quotation in the system, I save an invoice as Draft and use the template system to try and mark it as a draft. It would be much easier to have a proper quotation system where you can turn quotation's into invoices and still retain a copy of the quotation.
Official Xero Reply
Hi everyone, thanks again for the feedback you’ve been giving over the last week. As we’ve said there’s still some improvements we’d like to add to Quotes in Xero!

So we can keep track of what’s most important to you all we’ve curated the list of all recent requests for Quotes.

Have a look below to see where you’d like to add your feedback (and votes!) to - if it’s not there feel free to create your own. We’ll keep you updated, but we’d appreciate all feedback to go on specific threads.


User Role: Quotes access only
Search function
Title and Summary to flow through to Sales Invoices
Add new Quote from within Contact record
Default Expiry Date
View and pay deposit online
Copy to Purchase Order
Convert to a deposit invoice and remaining amount invoice
Quicker Print button instead of email
Ability to Markup prices
Option to select different contact email addresses
Dashboard - Track Quotes

Laura Cardinal (Xero Staff)