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Edit invoices & tax when invoice is paid or part paid

Started by David Bowles in Feature Requests | Done!

While the accounts posted to can be edited even tho payment is attached, currently we cannot edit the amounts or tax codes of an invoice without deleting the payments first.
This is annoying.
This thread has evolved to include editing all parts of a paid/part-paid Invoice. Remember, as an Advisor, Find & Recode allows you to edit the Tax Rate & Account Code of a part/fully paid invoice.
Matt, Community Manager
Official Xero Reply
Hey all, I have some good news.

We’ve made a few changes today so that you’re now able to edit the following fields on paid/part-paid invoices and bills:
Contact, due date, invoice number, reference, and line item descriptions.

For those who need to increase the invoice amount or add additional items you’ll still need to create a new invoice for the changes. Our recommendation for how to handle this is:
1. create a new invoice with the additional line items
2. when the payment comes in from your customer - apply this to the original invoice. This will create an overpayment
3. when you go into the new invoice - you will be able to apply the overpayment
4. If you need to send an updated invoice to the customer showing line items, amounts etc - you can now copy multiple invoices into a new sales invoice - see release notes here.

If you need to change tax rates, Find & Recode is an efficient and easy way to do this as an adviser.

With the release of Find & Recode, and these changes made today, most items on a paid invoice can be edited. Currently we have no plans to extend this. So we have returned your votes for this feature request and, based on our analysis of the comments in this thread, created these new feature requests:
a. Sales Invoices - Add/remove line items on a paid/part-paid invoice
b. Sales Invoices - Edit the Unit Price and Quantity of a paid/part-paid invoice

Thanks again for your thoughts, criticisms and pushing us! We want Xero to become the best thing since sliced bread, so please continue to add your thoughts on the requests we’ve linked above.

Peter Harvey (Xero Staff)