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Auto statements and invoice reminders to prevent late payment and payment chasing

Started by Luke B (w) in Feature Requests | Done!

Auto statements and invoice reminders. This is what I'd like to be able to do:

Send reminder (5) days before invoice is due. {set a html email with wildcard entries}
Send reminder on due date. {set a html email with wildcard entries}
Send reminder (7) days past due date. {set a html email with wildcard entries}
Send reminder (30) days past due date. {set a html email with wildcard entries}

Send statements every (60) days. {set a html email with wildcard entries}

This would be a fantastic feature that would save me a lot of time and ensure invoices are promptly followed up as I cannot always get around to it.

This is quite a basic feature that I have seen in many of the competitions packages (Zoho Books, Saasu etc). At $50 per month, this should not be a paid extra feature ($30 via Debtor Daddy), thats just crazy.
Official Xero Reply
Hi everyone, I’m so happy to let you know that Invoice Reminders has been released today. A big effort by the team - we hope you all enjoy!

You can turn on reminders for your organisation from within your Invoice Settings, and Awaiting Payment screen, to sent up to 5 email reminders to your customers. You also have the option to turn on/off for individual contacts and invoices - with the reminders scheduled to send based on set date intervals from before, or after, the due date.

As always, we will be closely monitoring feedback post release. Right now it’s not in our immediate plans to add late charges to invoices or provide the option to automatically send statements. If these are important to you please vote on the feature and do provide details of your industry and how you would like to see these features work.

Penny W (Xero Staff)