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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |CRM

4.7 out of 5 stars
Based on 16 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Exsalerate, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Exsalerate

Simple, Effective, Affordable CRM software, designed with the small to medium business in mind. Increase sales and improve client retention. For more information, check out Exsalerate.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Exsalerate, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, contact the Exsalerate team.

Great integration, excellent support. They are continually improving the CRM and its integration with Xero.
Would recommend this to my clients.

Kevin Medri  

Exsalerate has been a blessing for our business seamlessly and effortlessly combining all information into useful data which has improved our client relationships with our sales team.
The set up process was easy with great quick support.

A cost effective CRM was a big part of our decision saving a large outlay with easy monthly installments.
Great guys and very helpful totally reccommend!

sharlene ealam  

I have found Exsalerate to be flexible yet simplistic. It is easy to navigate, and lets me see immediately where I am at with all my prospects and clients. The colour coding and flow of work makes keeping on top of everything a breeze. The To Do List is my best friend, how did I ever manage without it? Great price, and all the team were great to deal with. I still can't believe how easy it was to set up and start using. Very professional and I highly recommend Exsalerate to all businesses!

Stephen Pilcher  

We searched for a CRM system that was compatible with Xero and WorkFlowMax for a long time and settled on Exsalerate. The initial set up meeting and assistance was really helpful and the system is easy to use and inexpensive to run. The to-do lists are great and the trace-ability of customer communications is really good. Exsalerate is like a hub that stores all of our info from the accounts system, the order processing system and our emails. I would highly recommend this system.

Susan Jones  

The Xero integration works perfectly and seamlessly (set and forget). The data is always reliable and delivered fast. Unlike other systems we trialled, Exsalerate has been great for us and our growth. We made the right move and I haven't seen a better combination of integrated applications than Exsalerate and Xero. I highly recommend this app.

Mitch Alagich  

WOW - What a difference EXSALERATE has made to our business both in terms of the CRM functionality as well as Workflow Management. In this day and age accessible, manageable information is a powerful point of difference. EXSALERATE has empowered everyone in our team (24) from the Accounts people (XERO) through to our Broker Sales Force to make more informed decisions when dealing with our Clients and Prospects. Workflow Management has also helped us cater for the rapid growth we are currently experiencing. Any issues have been dealt with effectively and promptly allowing us to stay focused on whats important - More Sales.... thanks BIG time!

Phil Coutts  

This is so fast and easy to set up. The integrations with Xero and Mailchimp are easy and these make the data collected and displayed really useful. It's great to have one place where you can see what is going on.
The support was first rate during the set up stage.
Our sales team is happy as it is so much easier to use than what they were using (Sage) and they have a lot more transparency.
It is also a great price.

Simon Oldham  

We moved to Exsalerate from Zoho CRM. We could not be happier with the experience and the service received. Highly recommended. Thanks from the Pure SEO family!

Richard Conway  

Love this CRM! - it's the first one we've used that gets small business. Everything you need without complications. Simple integration with Xero and Mailchimp. Finally we have a system we are confident to move forward with. We were personally contacted when we started our trial also which was nice. Keep up the good work!

Pete Sutton  

Really love the product. We switched to exsalerate due to the Workflowmax integration. The new mailchimp integration is a bonus. Any assistance is instant and always very helpful. Well done team.

Business Buddy  

Hi Philip I appreciate your feedback although a little disappointed that you gave a 1 star review based on a feature which we said was imminent. If you log on now you will see that you have the ability for you to change the currency to GBP.

Kind Regards
Steve Bonnici
CEO Exsalerate

Steve Bonnici  

Not impressed with this system. Asked for help to change the currency over to GBP was told that 'we can make it universal, and there will be a setting soon to change to GBP' Surely that is basics for a CRM system from the start ???

Philip Mowat  

I have been looking for a CRM for some time, and exsalerate sparked my interest due to the integration with both Xero and Workflow Max. The simple thing of my sales team being able to quickly identify if accounts are overdue and where the ops team is at regarding project completion, all from one place is great. The level of support I have received when I have had queries is also fantastic, thanks guys for providing an affordable and easy to use platform.

I look forward to continuing updates as i am sure you will continue to find ways to make the management of both sales and operations teams more seamless.

Tracie Eaton  

I had a chat to the Exalerate at the #XeroRoadshow in Melbourne. I came away impressed from that first chat. The real interest stemmed from this CRM linking to both Xero and WorkflowMax. This swung the deal. Lots of great features. Todo list/Calendar. Emails to clients go into the CRM. Sales information feeds in, jobs flow into WorkflowMax. It is affordable and easy to use.When I've had an query, I've had great customer service.

A perfect complimentary CRM cloud computing solution to businesses using Xero and WorkflowMax.

Martin Tunley  

I trialled 4 CRM systems, and chose Exsalerate because it was the most practical and user friendly, whilst not costing the earth. It helps us keep informed about all communication between all our staff with our customers, highlights when they haven't paid their bill, creates simple "To do" Lists, and lots of other useful features. The Exsalerate team are always open to new ideas for enhancement and love feedback. I would highly recommend this CRM system.


The Exsalerate Xero integration gives us just what we want. When looking at a customer record in Exsalerate it graphs the customers Sales over time and by product/service to give our account managers a clear picture of the clients spend with us and a picture of what products are growing, decreasing as well as opportunities to sell in additional products the client is not using.
Where most of the CRM integration we looked at simply updated customer records, Exsalerate does that plus provides this valuable sales date to our team.

Doug Hanna