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AU Payroll: Long Service Leave Accrual

Started by Belinda Dawson in Payroll Feature Requests | Idea

If an employee completes 10 years of service they accrue 13 wks of LSL.
They then accrue a further 1.3 wks for each completed year thereafter.
As far as I can see, Xero does not automatically accrue the 13 wks on the 10 year anniversary and you cannot set up to accrue a further 1.3wls for each completed year on the anniversay.
It accrues every pay. This is not correct
Official Xero Reply
Hi everyone, we're sliding through the year already in May 2019. and I just wanted to jump back in, now some time since my last update here.

Over this time, our team have developed and delivered Single Touch Payroll to all businesses with 20+ employees. With more recent announcements by the ATO the teams work for STP has been extended as they ensure all AU businesses can comply with the ATO.

Looking further afield, the team's next plan is EOFY tax enhancements, improvements to the Payroll platform and Audit history for Payroll.
With these projects in mind, I do want to be transparent that long service leave isn't in the teams agenda for 2019. If there is any change I'll return to let all of you know here.

Kelly M (Community Manager)