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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Reporting

4.8 out of 5 stars
Based on 115 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and FUTRLI, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?


Tomorrow's insights, today. Forecast tomorrow, understand today and action a better future for your business. If you're an accountant, let us help you change the conversation. For more information, check out FUTRLI.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with FUTRLI, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out the FUTRLI Support Centre or this page for information on connecting FUTRLI to Xero.

Futrli is amazing and plays an integral part with the services that we are providing our clients. The reporting within Futrli means that we can really help our clients understand their numbers and help them achieve their goals. Implementing Futrli across our whole client base has created additional opportunities, helped us win new work and ultimately has allowed us to work closer with our clients. We are now having more regular meetings with clients to discuss the numbers and are now looking forward to introducing predict to our clients that will become so important in 2021 and beyond. If you haven't yet had chance to look at Futrli then I strongly recommend you do. Once you are hooked you will never look back. The team at Futrli are incredible and are always on hand to support us on our journey which is so important when introducing new technology to both the Sagars team and our clients.

Paul Lodder  

Futrli has become a key part of our service to clients, and enables us to provide powerful reports in a consistent way, with minimal intervention. No more formatting excel reports for us!

It takes some investment on time on our team members' parts to understand it fully, but it's time well spent as it delivers on that investment many times over.

Clients love the output too.

Duncan Lloyd  

Futrli is an amazing reporting software that delivers clear, precise and fun information to clients. I have loved using the software to prepare client data and the support team at Futrli are superb!

Katie Cook  

As Futrli Certified Partners, we’ve been using the software to support clients and have delivered life-changing reports for them, particularly over recent months to assist government Coronavirus loan applications with successful outcomes.

Matt Jones  

Futrli is an amazingly versatile Xero add on that transforms reporting so you can focus on reviewing and reacting to the results rather than compiling the figures.
The charts and graphs really bring the figures to life and you can quickly see patterns and trends that help ensure you make the right decisions for your business.
The 3 way forecasting is fantastic to let you see what the future could look like. It's so flexible and easy to create, you save hours, days, weeks faffing around with spreadsheets, and because its connected to Xero its always up to date.
There's so much you can do with Futrli, the support team are great, always respond promptly, weekly webinars mean we're always picking up new tips to do even more with Futrli and our account manager is always happy to jump on a call and offer support. I love that our account manager knows the product inside out too.

Sharon Brown  

Very useful software and was pivotal in helping clients navigate through Covid with a view of cashflow and also in supporting applications for government backed schemes. I'd like to say a specific thank you to Ron Pearson for his ongoing support - fantastic customer service.

Gavin James  

Originally signing up back when it was Crunchboards, it wasn't the right time for me. But when I came back in September 2018, I had an exceptional onboarding team, and my account managers have always been on hand to help me out with anything, helping me grow the services and deliver what I need. The support team have always responded super quickly when I've had an issue (usually my own fault!!). Our clients love the visual reports that we are able to produce, and our business has grown as a result of the services we can deliver using Futrli.

Flow has enabled our clients to understand the basics of cashflow - what affects it, and what needs to be done to protect it. I'm looking forward to the next stage of the platform.

Tamsyn Jefferson-Harvey  

We've been using Futrli as one of our go-to reporting tools for more than a year. It is a "kick-ass" app because it can integrate with Xero, it works beautifully, you can collaborate with your clients online, white-label option, highly customisable reporting capabilities, enables detailed scenario planning and it can do consolidated reporting. Like all apps, it is not perfect but it is still the best out there. Two key features I would love to see are multi-currency consolidation capability and local-currency based billing.

Thanks to Hannah and her team for making it easy for us to have meaningful and value add client engagements.

Willem Haarhoff  

Futrli has been fantastic for me allowing me to prepare report for clients more efficiently and professionally bespoke to each clients' requirements

Flow is now prompt more advisory conversation with clients which has also been beneficial to both my practice and my clients.

The support from the team has been second to none where they have been responsive and dealt with queries quickly and effectively ensuring resolution.

It has become of of the key apps in my practice.

Sharon Broer  

We selected Futrli as our 'Advisor' tool of note. If you look across the software options out there, you will find the Futrli is the one tool that does ALL these 3 things; and does them with excellence: Visual Dashboarding, Consolidations and Cashflow Forecasting.

Having adpoted Futrli we found that when the right profile client comes around; we can have a rich conversation that goes past the basic cloud offering which is slowly becoming commoditised.

Definately recommend Futrli!

Ricardo Ghanem  

Hi Dannielle,

Thank you for taking the time out to leave a review. I’m sorry that we weren’t able to meet your needs on this occasion. Having spoken with the team and looked through all notes after discussion with you, there are a couple of points I would like to clarify relating to your review.

Firstly, I’m sorry to hear of the delays you experienced in us replying to you by email. The Sales colleague you reached out to, was on the road visiting customers in the afternoon and replied to you at 8pm when he got home. We also have teams in Australia and New Zealand, but you had a relationship with a team member in the UK. As part of his role, he meets with lots of customers daily, either over the phone or face-to-face. This means we can’t always reply straight away, but we always do our best to reply as promptly as we can.

You are right in saying that we used to offer a smaller starter package. Unfortunately, that package has not been available to prospective customers for nearly 2 years. Our starter level package for accounting firms and bookkeepers who are transitioning their firm into Advisory is Futrli Limited, which enables you to connect up to 20 customers for USD$350. Alongside this, our customer success team will put your through a simple and fast implementation program designed to meet your immediate need for at least one client, helping you tailor the software to how you want to use it. You also have dedicated account management support as well as the option to go through our CPD-accredited Futrli Certification training. This is tailored to help your advisory strategy, internal & external roll out, marketing, pricing and of course getting the best out of the software post implementation. It's a formula that works.

I note you were keen to access the certification and undergo 1:1 training without charge, prior to becoming a subscriber. Regrettably that is not a sustainable business model for us, I wish it was of course! There is a 7 day trial that anyone can sign up to that gives you full access to the software and gives you the chance to familiarise yourself with it and help you learn as well as fantastic help documentation as well.

Unfortunately, I'm so sorry it looks like you wanted a package we no longer sell, I know that's frustrating so I'm sorry.

We wish you well in your future endeavours and hope this reply addresses your concerns. If not, please feel free to get in touch direct using the chat box on www.futrli.com


Hannah Dawson  

I think this service is cool and I’d really like to add it to my practice. I’ve tried working with these people several times and it’s always a huge ordeal. They’re not focused on serving their customers.

The first time I looked at it their sales guy couldn’t show me how it would work. It seemed like he didn’t know how to use the platform. There’s complaints all over social media about the same thing from other accountants. They just tell you to buy the program and go through their training. Apparently it’s so complicated they can’t show this in a screen share? Or maybe it’s too complicated for their sales people to learn properly?

I was concerned that it would take a long time to get set up because of the complaints I’ve heard from others — and I’d be paying for a software that wasn’t up and running. Seems like once it is setup the software works well but a lot of people drop out before the software is setup.

Now I’m back again trying to test it out and I can’t get an accountant account without having at least 20 clients and paying $350 / mon. They used to offer a smaller starter package.

This time when I reached out I’m on a deadline for a customer. I didn’t hear back. They’re all based in the UK and don’t respond to emails quickly even during their business hrs. On top of that the tone was completely unhelpful. Apparently they don’t want my money. It’s sad that they are so out of touch with customers that I have post here to get real help.

Dannielle Spencer  

It is the only cash forecast tool that, you know, does a cash flow forecast!

I have searched for about 2 years for a tool that can correctly do a cash flow forecast.

It allows you to enter all your repeating expenses and repeating income. You can state whether the item has GST/VAT. You also tell it when you usually pay/reclaim your accumulated GST/VAT.

Using those simple values, it will then show the resultant expected bank balance at the end of every day (or week or month or quarter or year), including (and this is the thing NONE of the others do, to my UTTER amazement) automatically calculate and then deduct/add the net quarterly GST/VAT payment.

It has far more fancy features than that. which I could go on about but won't. The thing that matters is the fundamental features mentioned above.

Filipe McManus  

We have been actively using Futrli for around the last 6 weeks and I couldn't be happier with the product. Andrew has been a great help every step of the way and has helped open my eyes to how this can be used with other clients going forward. Support has been first class!

Craig Sinclair  

With Andrews help we have built and refined some very clear Beauty Industry specific boards.

We hope that the information we can now present in a digestible format will help our clients understand what is going on within their business and move it forward in a positive way!

We can see the potential to create a great deal of value for our clients.

Sarah Elphee  

Impressed with the Futrli boards and set up. We have had great support from Andrew at Futrli and set up a number of reports for clients and now starting a roll-out. Boards look impressive and clear and it will be good to see client reactions.

Lucy Everall  

What an amazing experience getting to know the FUTRLI team ( Nick, Andrew and James ) and helping our entire team getting certified, white labelled and trained on FUTRLI this has been great experience gents thank you so much and also for the software. All that i can say at this point is WOW this software transforms our practices and creates opportunities.

1 1  

As a CFO, Futrli has given me visibility to manage the financial operations of our early-stage, Series A-backed, 40 person team in Nairobi, Kenya from a distance. I can now work remote back in my home country of the US (!) while effectively preparing our board, department heads, and executive team for success. Highly recommended - it's been working for PayGo Energy!

Zach Kolp  

We absolutely love Futrli and the team at Futrli! We're confident enough with it that just 5 weeks in we have already completed the certification, white labeled, presented to our first clients and sold to our first clients!

Our success manager Tresia was a massive part of getting us up and running smoothly, she's been an absolute star!

The more time you spend getting to learn it, the better you realise it is. The front end board and cards look fantastic whereas the back end formula and forecasting sections are genius. It really is the perfect mix for accountants presenting complex data in a simple way.

The only negative is how crap it makes our previous methods look! 😂

Andy Middler  

Thanks Cameron, it’s not a “fatal flaw” but as with other forecasting apps a necessary process at month end. As you also have to re-forecast invoice assumptions at month end, cash reconciliation needs to happen. For that reason, you can either reforecast the actual cash inflow, or use the AR/AP method to make adjustments.

2018 will see exciting developments by way of direct, invoice based forecasting, which will be made possible by the work we are doing to open our API. This will link to enhancements such as the one you have mentioned as well as many others.


There is a lot to love about Futrli however it does have a couple of fatal flaws. Not sure if many people realise but even when you have prior month actual s futrli still calculates current month cash received/spent on what the original forecast sales/costs were. So say for example you have a big drop against forecast in Sales in November, your forecast for December will still show plenty of cash coming in. Can be a big trap! It does this with the forecast GST payments also. Their is a work around by entering journals into the forecast but it takes away that "seamless experience"

Cameron Taylor  

I got off to a bad start with Futrli - but the tenancity of the team at Futrli meant I stuck with it, and boy am I glad I did. It is simply fantastic! Powerful, flexible and intuative to use. Well done and thank you Futrli, my life just became a whole lot easier!

Stuart Gordon  

I have had exactly the same experience as Dan Beaumont (26 Sep 2017) and want to agree with his caution around using Futrli with Xero where you have foreign currencies and therefore unrealised fx gain/loss calculations in Xero

Richard Brown  

We have been using Futrli for about 12 months and have been stoked with the ease with which budgets can be prepared and the ease in reporting results. Monthly reporting to clients is now a breeze, and the graphical reports makes it easy to convey necessary information.

Bill Mancer  

A must have piece of cloud software - really enables you to assess the client and add value to their business.

Tom Lewis  

Futrli is brilliantly flexible and many of our clients have expressed their delight over the visual displays. It's so easy to relay an important point when it's staring them in the face. The support staff have continued to be incredibly helpful and generally reply within the hour - a great turnaround time. They also are so willing to assist me when I'm building boards and have trouble with displaying certain things - they even update/build cards on my behalf based on what I'm trying to achieve.

Ben Ackner  

I have looked far and wide for solid forecasting platforms and futrli is the best. And futrli does much more than forecasting, i just mention it because it is a very pleasant suprise. It helps us manage a handufll a business and also keep board members abreast of progress.

fife bentley  

I've just started using the FUTRLI product and am incredibly excited and optimistic about the potential it has to bring my client service efforts to previously unreachable levels. The product is powerful, intuitive and well designed. I can't say enough about their support team either. They are very patient and in a matter of minutes resolve even the most vexing issues. I can't wait to see how far I can go by partnering with them.

Dan Coccoluto  

On the whole I'd say that FUTRLI is a good product. Pretty intuitive and easy to use but (and this is a pretty big but) if you are a multi-currency business then you will have problems with the import function from Xero. For reasons that are beyond my technical expertise (something to do with ghost transactions in Xero apparently), the dollar transactions and balances do not pull through from Xero correctly into FUTRLI. I've been talking to them for over a year about this issue and as yet FUTRLI have no firm date for a fix, just that it's 'in the roadmap'.

Dan Beaumont  

Have now had the white labelled version in place for a couple of months, which allows us to bring the look and feel more in line with our brand. Client engagement with the financials is much enhanced and also allows them to take away some of their outdated processes which relied on data manipulation in spreadsheets. Everyone we show loves it - including our own team that now gets to see the Futrli boards on a regular basis for our own reporting/monitoring (practice what you preach!!)

Allan Wilson  

This is an excellent product. I've moved all my reporting to the platform and it makes my life much easier. The team are super responsive and the product updates means it gets better and better. There are still things that I'd like to see it do, but whenever I suggested anything to the team its usually already in the works. Its easily the best reporting package I've used. Keep up the good work.

Stephen Jarvis  

Futrli is a total game-changer - whether you're a small business owner looking for a clear and concise way to understand the key drivers that are powering your business, or an accountancy firm wanting to roll out some next-level advisory services services to your clients.

Its reporting capabilities are easy to get to grips with, and enable you to produce dashboards that both look great and are super powerful. However the best feature is the forecasting engine, that finally brings the budgeting process away from Excel and into a much more robust and efficient system. Ace.

Richard Sykes  

I've been using Futrli for a number of months now and love it - client feedback is excellent and lately started using Consolidated Reporting - wow!

Pat Mac Sweeney  

had an excellent support from Team at Futrli, loving it

Muhammad Akram  

I have genuinely sung Futrli's praises to all of the managers in the office all month since I began my journey through the in depth certification process and a couple of them have started asking me to look at forecasts for their bigger clients to see if we can replicate and improve upon what they have in place already.

The staff are always attentive and happy to answer any questions to help guide you along the way as well as having plenty of useful FAQs and walk through guides.

The software itself is extremely easy to use for nearly all abilities and the fact that it is a constantly updated and expanding program is an exciting prospect for the future.

I look forward to getting stuck in with it!

David Bates  

Futrli is a game changer. It allows me to report to clients faster, and in a more focused way, tailoring my reporting to the clients needs.
Easy to use and understand, and yet still pretty flexible too... especially when you start bringing in non-financial data too.
The forecasting element takes the product to another level again. Quick and easy forecasts in seconds, allowing for any level of detail you require. Could not be happier that we found this software.

Andrew Perrett  

I really like the functionality that Futrli has to offer.

However, it has a terrible problem with speed.

It was slow when I started using it a few months ago, but not it seems be even worse.

This is slowing down my workflow and has prevented the forecasts being reviewed in meetings.

I'm still waiting to understand the cause of the issue and whether it will be fixed.

James Taqvi  

Hi, I wanted to see if you had feedback on getting training on using Crunchboards with Xero. Has anyone had any experience or recommendations on best use of time in learning all the features of Crunchboards esp around setting up a new consolidation and a new chart of accounts for a group of entities. Thanks

Louise Shegog  

Thanks Brianna,

Appreciate the review and am happy to report that we are in the middle of designing some functionality that will make you very happy based upon what you have just posted. Can't give any more away, but all in hand!

Hannah Dawson  

I find Crunchboards very easy to use and navigate.
There are some functionalities that it is missing (e.g. outstanding invoices in Xero pulling through to the cash flow forecast), which means that its usefulness is limited depending on client requirements.
However, I love that Crunchboards are always working on improving and constantly releasing updates. Their customer service is top notch and I never have to wait long for a response.

Brianna Hendry  

Crunchboards allows us for the first time to easily produce management reports and forecasts for all our cloud book keeping clients. This added value is something which our clients will find incredibly useful and it opens up topics for discussion.

Rob Wood  

Crunchboards is a brilliant package and extremely easy to set up. The budget, cashflow is so easy follow and is great for collaborating with our clients - they love being able to login and see what is going on when they want to rather than us simply presenting them with periodic reports! I highly recommend this as one of your staple add-on's to Xero!!

Emma Fox  

Many people hate pages of figures and do not really understand them. Crunchboards provides a great overview in many different graphical formats depending on the data. This has great appeal for those that prefer "visuals" with the ability to see the figures in tables if required.

It is possible to report on all relevant clients and "keep an eye" on various accounts without having to go into the client each time - so it is easy to monitor for example the balances on directors' loan accounts, or the net pay and PAYE control accounts and inter-company accounts- hugely beneficial!

Kevin Salter  

Crunchboards is a fantastic platform for advisers to present a visual representation of business performance through to clients... with particular strength around building different forcast scenarios with custom formula based premise.
The ability to group, consolidate, and then graph both financial and non financial KPIs is a must for sophisticated advisers.

Cate Kemp  

I have been using Crunchboards as an Accountant/Bookkeeper for over a year now. This program provides no end of reflective information for my clients. It is easily updated and always shows the current information straight from the accounts file (Xero).
For those clients that need to drill further into their information, this program allows an effortless report,graph or data that can then be analysed for timely decision making.
Well done Crunchboards!!

Kate Woolcock  

Crunchboards is fantastic!

No longer do I have to rewrite the Profit & Loss into Excel to get average looking graphs, simply update Xero and it feeds through to beautiful graphs and tables.

The system is constantly updated to stay ahead of the curve with friendly and helpful staff ready to answer any questions you may have.

Richard King  

Crunchboards is amazing.

The system is fantastic and the team is incredible.

They are always looking for new and innovative ways to make the system better and i don't know how we could run our business properly without it.

Ben Norman  

I absolutely LOVE Crunchboards! I wish that I had investigated their product earlier. Being that I'm very analytically minded and have training in mathematics as well as accounting this product allow me to be as detailed as I want or need to be as well as making sure everything ties together.

I can see many uses for the software and that Crunchboards will save me many hours of frustration trying to find those pesky out of balances in the future!

Marianna Agostino  

The great thing about Crunchboards, well one of the great things about Crunchboards (and i think there are loads) is the speed at which they implement changes to go from good to better to great functionality on all areas - suggestions are taken on board and actioned. The speed and consistency at which they release product updates (which, refreshingly, actually do update the product) is phenomenal. The platform is awesome, the support is fantastic and the reporting is flexible, visual and powerful. Highly recommended.

Jane Aylwin  

I have tried many Management Reporting software and have found Crunchboards to be the best.

All functions are brilliantly designed, and user friendly but I especially find the the Cash Flow forecasting function to be the most benefit to my business and my clients.

Crunchboards is that good, that I have even had top accounting firms ask me how I produce my Management Reports, as they can't believe the information I am pulling from Xero and reporting on.

I must say thank you to the support team at Crunchboards as they always respond in a timely fashion and are always there to help me no matter what. The support I have received is just another advantage of CrunchBoards. You just cant beat their customer service.

Amy Dingley - Ardent Bookkeeping

Amy Dutoit  

Only had CrunchBoards for a week but I can see already how this is going to change the way we work with our clients. It is going to make us so much more efficient and at the same time blow clients away with fast up-to-date information focusing on the future of their business. I cannot begin to tell you how long I have waited for something like this. I remember using WinForecast back in 2002, or at least trying to. I cannot believe how easy I can adapt Crunchboards to deal with my diverse client base.

Thank you, I love you and I cannot wait for 2017 and growing my business all thanks to you, Xero and Receipt Bank. What a force to be reckoned with.

Emma Lodge  

I have been working with Crunchboards for over 3 months now and find the app to be one of the best around. A large proportion of my job is transferring clients to cloud technology and crunchboards is now a key part of this.

If you need to look to the future with your business, whilst having access to real time historic data - get on board with crunchboards.

Allan Davidson  

Been working with CrunchBoards for about a month now, and recently had the new scenario layout turned on - it makes it much easier to move around within the numbers, and the enhanced graph is great too. Gotta say, I really like what CB has done overall, and the improvements they're continuing to make -- It's clear to me that this is a well thought out design that's got serious functionality under the hood too. Thank you so much to the CB team for creating this type of product that, from my perspective, stands alone in terms of capability. The more I plug around and get familiar with the product, the more I get excited to use this with our customers to help them grow in financial strength. (Not to mention the help I see it being for my internal financial management too). Thanks again!!

Adrian Simmons  

We are a small software company (35 people) that has a fairly autonomous structure (using Holacracy - www.holacracy.org). CrunchBoards has helped us make our financial information more visible to all staff so they have greater context within which they can make decisions that affect the business.
Key staff now discuss business-critical choices with the understanding of how they impact, for better or worse, our bottom line.

Andrew Weston  

Crunchboards is an essential tool for planning our business growth -- and has become so in a matter of a few days since installing it. Their support is also top-class. Highly recommended.

Richard Alderson  

At DS Accountancy we pride ourselves on giving our clients the most up to date and relevant information to help them grow their businesses. Whilst compliance work is the backbone of most practices we aim to go beyond this and offer a proactive and efficient service to our clients. We use Xero and Crunchboards to help us do this. Crunchboards has been an amazing tool and the 3 way forecasting allows us to quickly create forecasts based on different scenarios which we can change easily to suit the clients needs. This can be easily tracked and monitored on the boards that are created and look fantastic. The great thing about crunchboards is how the client actually wants to engage in the system due to its stylish looks and intuitive features.

The staff at crunchboards have been extremely helpful and i would highly recommend the product!

Joe David  

We had a visit from Amy back in October 2014 and we have watched Crunchboards grow and develop awesome new features.

We reviewed many options out there, as you could imagine there are hundreds available. We chose Crunchboards as it allows you communicate with clients in terms that they will understand, whilst remaining easy for clients to visually understand with graphs options which continue to expand.
Its easy for both and advisor and clients to navigate, has awesome flexibility in creating KPI "Key Predictive Indicators" (thanks Amy for passing on her clients interesting new way of thinking about KPI) to suit any client's business.

Not only is the product constantly adding new features the team is also so egar to hear feedback and ideas for improvement.

This is a product i am excited to use and would highly recommend.

Josie Attard  

Have have many years of management accounting and reporting experience in corporates and in practice. This product is just awesome. A 'must have' tool for helping your clients to manage and grow a business. 6 out of 5!!!!

Shirley Jackson  

It would have been great to have had CrunchBoards at the start when I set up Komodo Digital. It’s the best forecasting tool we’ve used, it’s incredibly powerful and in contrast to working with spreadsheets there’s no comparison. Pinpointing and exploiting a market opportunity by delivering great services and products is where I want to use my time rather than wrestling with the financial scenarios and what-ifs. CrunchBoards allows me to minimise time spent on forecasting and focus my time on actual delivery.

We use CrunchBoards most days. If a new contract lands then we need to model the effect on top line sales and expenses quickly and easily and with CrunchBoards I can see in seconds the impact on different scenarios across P&L, Balance Sheet and Cashflow thanks to the softwares all-in-one capability. How does the acquisition of a new client affect when we should hire next? CrunchBoards will give me that answer.

I can look at my P&L for the next 3 years or visualise our core KPIs from the forecast. For example what does Wages as a % of overall expenses or sales look like? Advertising expenses as a % of revenue? A great feature is being able to copy scenarios in one click. In an instant you see a completely different outcome of what’s ahead.

Being involved in the technology sector, it is critical to be aware of what’s going on and what’s happening next because what’s happening next is ultimately where you are going to create your revenue and if you’re not preparing for it then you’re always going to be playing catch up. It’s easy to get wrong too which can be costly. CrunchBoards helps us navigate the future, mitigate risks and maximise opportunities.

Andy Greener  

We're a 20 year old business, a 3-site bar group, in the North of England. We've been using CrunchBoards for over 12 months and I now couldn't run my business without it. It has helped us triple our profits in that time frame and made it look easy. It has dramatically reduced our response rates. If things go right or wrong, we’re on it. The speed that you can implement change to leverage success or address warning areas is incredible. In the past, we’d serve customers day in, day out, and we might be running a certain product line at a loss, we just couldn’t see that without CrunchBoards. It’s the full financial picture. I can focus in on my balance sheet when I need to but keep an eye on the operational KPIs day to day. The clarity has made a substantial impact on individual sites and the Group as a whole, we really value that it has united our team on the numbers that matter. “The team absolutely love the visuals. Now, they make an impact. It helps them understand it which makes their lives easier and their performance better. But, you can’t just stare at the numbers you have to focus on what you can do to change them, CrunchBoards brings that message home. We strive for quality service and standards to drive better turnover and now there’s always one eye on our margins and profit.

Martin Greenhow  

We have been blown away with CrunchBoards. We already use and trust Xero for our accounting, but CrunchBoards took it to the next level of driving our business. The data is integrated, the dashboards are clean and simple, and it's all much prettier and easier to understand than spreadsheets, which we hate (which is especially important for a creative agency like ourselves).

Because of Crunchboards, we found that the conversations we have with our accountants at My Accountancy Place began to change. Instead of just looking at the accounts, checking cash and profit, we started to look at the non-financial numbers. We’d been working on our own KPI’s and systems for a while, but having a monthly CrunchBoards meeting means that we now action things a lot faster.

Better yet, we're now discovering that monthly isn't enough, and we're getting access to CrunchBoards ourselves so we can check in and analyse the numbers on a daily basis. Business isn't monthly, so why would our reporting be?

As a professional speaker and the managing director of a marketing agency, it is critical that I'm able to make decisions about our business based on the best information and metrics available. It's been amazing for me to see the impact of these metrics reported against our income, so we can make better decisions not just in the future, but today!

Karen Reyburn  

My bookkeeping practice has two possible weaknesses which every piece of software needs to help me to address.

1. I work from home, so I have all of my client meetings at their premises. This means that I either have print out and carry half my office with me, or the software needs to be available to view and demonstrate on my mobile phone.

2. The value that the software brings to the client has to be obvious as I have been blessed with the charisma of a potato so cannot sell anything.

CrunchBoards deals with both of these points with absolute ease. My client's love seeing the different charts and exploring how we can better monitor and track their data. I have never gone to a client meeting with the intention of selling CrunchBoards. Instead, I know I have it there to show them once they steer the conversation towards a problem that CrunchBoards can help them solve.

Being able to instantly provide my clients with a solution to their problem has resulted in a 100% sign up rate so far. It really is the easiest upgrade/additional service to sell. I love it.


Claire Owen-Jones  

At CBW, the thing that has impressed us most about Crunchboards is the flexibility of the reporting. There are far more options available, so you can tailor the reports to meet your specific needs. It's also extremely intuitive, and the various graphs and charts bring the data alive for our clients.

The reports look great, and there is some functionality in there that allows the end user to play with them. This interaction enhances the financial reporting experience for our clients.

Scott Carney  

Definitely my favourite so far as budgeting and cashflow forecasting is concerned. Takes those 50 tab spreadsheets and turns them into intelligent forecasting. Pair that with the reporting on the boards, and you've got a winning combo.

Chris Hooper  

Crunchboards are now the management reporting and forecasting solution for all of our business clients. Stuart, Craig and Dave in Sydney have made the transition to Crunchboards seamless.

Our firm, Eagle Financial Pty Ltd, have found all other products simply fell short of the mark or were way too cumbersome.

We look forward to introducing Crunchboards to new clients to come, and have already found new client leads because they've heard we use it.

TIP: If Crunchboards make it easy for the public to find local accountant users (similar to Xero), this might be a WIN/WIN for us and Crunchboards.

Adam Johns  

Absolutely love the product, and the way it integrates with Xero. The team at Crunchboards are extremely helpful and friendly, and truly listen to user feedback.

I have been looking for a product like this for a long while as well as a replacement for Sage forecasting. It has really helped us to deliver our Cloud package.

Looking forward to all the enhancements coming over the next few months.

Simon Pinion  

Fantastic product, intuitive and easy to use.

Elevates the service offering to clients and offers a real time solution for management information ensuring decisions are based on up to date accurate information.

The team at crunchbaords are as impressive as the product itself.

Keep it going ...

Anthony Snoddy  

Specialising in music means we need special solutions for our clients who are either travelling all over the World on tour or devoted to making music in the studio. Our clients need information at irregular times, but they need it to be consistent and meaningful, and to suit their creative side it has to be well designed! For such a modern industry, the accounting and business management solutions are still stuck in the past. Not anymore!

We have introduced our clients to the awesome super charged mix of Xero and CrunchBoards and it has elevated our service offering to another level. The ease in which we can create individual cards for our clients is ridiculously quick, but even more than that we can tailor the cards to analyse any data we need it to. With so many different income streams and jurisdictions to interpret, it was always a very time consuming service for us to offer. However, now our cards are set up and everything syncs to Xero, the management information is just sat there waiting for us!

We are so happy with this product, it's what we have been waiting for, for the past 3-4 years! Hats off to the CrunchBoards team for creating and maintaining such a wonderful solution - you guys rock!!

Scott Sartin  

Number crunching is now so much more!
When it comes to the "crunch" this is it. Tailored solutions provide outstanding individual results. Clients can make well informed business decisions whilst valuing our input more than ever. Win / Win !!!
Thanks for all of the help so far!

Elliot Cargill  

After searching and hoping for a long time now to find a product which can assist with our clients businesses to present up to date and future management figures, in an informative and visually pleasing way, we have finally found the ideal partner in Crunchboards.

The time that Crunchboards saves is invaluable. It has allowed us to focus more on adding value and assisting in business decisions which can influence the future and growth of our existing clients, as well as helping to attract new business.
This along with the assistance from the excellent team at Crunchboards, in which everyone I have dealt with to date have been prompt and very helpful, is why our own team is excited about our future and the capabilities we have to work with our clients. In particular, Helen’s enthusiasm and support has been very much appreciated.

We look forward to having a long future working with Crunchboards.

Marcus Wallen  

When Team CB met Team CB it was a match made in heaven! At Charlton Baker, we have always been very proactive when it comes to providing valuable business insight to our clients, but we have been restricted in growing this service offering like many others due to the limited solutions available.....until now.

CrunchBoards is everything we have been waiting for and more. From seamless real time syncing with Xero, to easy design and replication of reports, flexibility of data analysis and KPIs, good looking output, time defying Scenario preparation to help us see the future in seconds, and so much more! With the future updates to follow, we are super excited.

Turning numbers into words for our clients is what we do, but CrunchBoards has left us lost for words it's so good.

Not forgetting of course the @Crunchie UK team have been fantastic to work with!

Xero Administrator  

Fantastic product! It takes accounting services to the next level. Great support team, always happy to help and very quick in responding.

Diana Britton  

Fantastic support from the team at Crunchboards and a fantastic product. Always adding new features. Great to be able to focus on a forward thinking service for clients and this is the tool that really enables that. Love it.

Olly Evans  

As a one man practice, I never expected to be in a position to offer clients everything that CrunchBoards gives them without charging the world for it due to the amount of effort that I would have had to put in.
But now I can with very little effort whatsoever. From day one all the team at CrunchBoards have been amazing with their knowledge and support and have helped me immensely with my transition to using their product.
It's another game-changer for me and my clients and every time I either show them the reporting or give them forecasts you can see their amazement in getting it. It's opened up another avenue for me and I can't say enough how wonderful it is!

Phillip Davies  

Operating on the cutting edge of innovation, we wanted a forecasting product that complimented our existing suite of add-ons and services with the core foundation being Xero. Spreadsheets were killing us and making us look bad. I feel like Crunchboards was made just for me in that it ticks all the boxes of being easy to implement, run various scenarios, auto-udpates via Xero and be shared with clients as a real-time dashboard. This now forms part of our core-offering to clients alongside Xero. I think I can still hear clients mouths hitting the ground the first time they see it and we are able to keep an eye on whats going on and jump in when needed as a massive value add. Thanks Stuart and CB team! :)

Brad Turville  

Amazing ! This is management reporting from here on end of. No comparison.

And then.. just when you think it can't get any better - Scenarios. Boom goodbye Excel hello future.

ps thanks for all the help to the CB team they were amazing throughout!! (Especially Helen :))

Ian Woollard ACA  

What an amazing product - takes forecasting to the next level - and is SO much more than just a forecasting product. Clients are going to love this, and excellent online support - really really helpful - and quick.

Sarah Leonard  

I have been looking around for cash forecasting tools and am delighted to have chosen Crunchboards, the team support that I have received in my first 2 weeks has been outstanding. I have hit them with some challenging issues and they have overcome every one of them in a professional and reliable manner. I am now on track to get the reports that I need for my clients. I am really looking forward to the coming releases in Q4 as I can see these being integral to how I will be using Crunchboards.

Ruth Howe  

We had looked around for quite a while for the perfect solution to our business advisory service, and had been quite disappointed with the quality and scalability of these solutions....until CrunchBoards came along!
We've been using the software for more than 6 months now, and whether it's building consistent boards across our client base, or bespoke boards tailored to the clients own KPI's (using some non-financial information), CrunchBoards provides us with the perfect visual solution without having to manipulate excel or Google Sheets.
The cash flow forecasting tool allow us to go one step further and work through some 'what if' analysis with clients. Furthermore, the service provided from Hannah, Amy, Ross and the team is top notch.
We are certainly another very happy Crunchboards partner!

Mike Hill  

I'm a big CrunchBoards fan. Along with Expensify and InvoiceSherpa it is one of my top 3 Xero integrations. We have been using CrunchBoards for more than a year and really value being able to quickly explore key financial performance metrics and compare performance against plan and previous years. The ability to give different stakeholders tailored views is also really useful. I hope Xero realise that 3rd party integrations are a key source of Xero wonderfulness and the best thing Xero can do for clients is to support integration partners and continue to develop the core rather than compete with new functionality they don't do as well.

Scott Robinson  

Amy, Hannah and their CrunchBoards team really get it with respect to the forecasting needs of small business clients. We reviewed many options to meet real world requirements and only CrunchBoards met our criteria.
It's like boarding a train, safe in the knowledge that you will reach your destination and enjoy the journey with first class service.

Colin Hunt  

The need for improved management reporting for clients has been a focus for a while - we appreciate that although we might like pages of numbers, it's not always what clients want! I looked at Spotlight and CrunchBoards but was impressed with the Forecasting functionality within CrunchBoards and the decision was made! We're now part way through the on boarding process and the training has been superb. Can't wait to 'go live' with sending boards to our clients next month!

Debbie Boulton  

CrunchBoards is a brilliant product. It has allowed us to deliver amazing analysis to clients effortlessly. I was downloading data and manipulating in Excel to produce management packs to clients which is just not sustainable. Boards are quick and easy to set up, and once set up update automatically. So, if we spot a trend to investigate further, we simply set up a new board.

Even better, I have secured new clients by demo-ing CrunchBoards. One specifically based on the forecasting and budgeting capabilities. So, as well as giving current clients a great service, it's helping me grow my own business.

Simon Lee  

We have been searching for a cloud based management accounting package for sometime. Following the demonstration of the Crunchboard package is was obvious we had found the crucial partner we had been looking for. The on boarding process was fantastic and ensured we were ready to launch the service to our clients. The service is now live and provided to every cloud based client as standard. They love the information and the fact we go the extra yard for them. A no brainer

Phil Ellerby  

Paul Redmond from RDA Accountants and I usually do not write reviews, however CrunchBoards is the BEST add on that Xero has from an Accountants point of view. You can really get under the skin of a business and help the business owner increase profitability make instant business decisions, based on the most up to date information available.
Their cashflow modelling is the best that I have used in my 30 years in this business. The other consideration that I really like is if you suggest improvements or ask for something they will always take your recommendation seriously. Their training is great also.
But most important the team are nice people to work with and they love what they do

Paul Redmond  

When I saw CrunchBoards at the recent Xero roadshow, I had that same feeling of utter excitement that I had when I first saw Xero. We invested in it straight away and are currently going through the onboarding process. So impressed with all the help we are receiving to make the best use of this very powerful package and so looking forward to rolling it out to all our clients. Really enjoying being an accountant these days!

Penny Rowden  

Crunchboards is amazing! This add-on has done wonders for our business and has really increased our profitability. Within a week of signing up as a partner we took an extra £700+vat of fee income. It really has paid for itself.

UPDATE JAN 2017: I have been involved with the software development world most of my life and can vouch for Hannah. It is perfectly normal for this type of business to post losses for up to the first 10-15 years of their lives. Software development is a long game and the losses being posted should not be anything to worry about. The other thing to remember is that CrunchBoards are currently signing up accountants at £200-500+vat per month, whcih soon adds up. Especially if they can get 100+ accountants onboard.

David Jones  

I am LOVING the product - I am able to achieve stuff simply that I have been working on for years THANK YOU

Cate Harrison  

Crunchboards is another exciting development in the accounting game. Combining the power of Xero data with the flexibility of Excel is true genius.
We use Crunchboards as a collaborative tool for our clients, easily bringing historical data to life rather than numbers of a printed page, and more importantly providing a great base to explore the future with clients.
Amy's support even with the disadvantages of Timezones has been amazing! It is truly a honour to be a Crunchboards partner.

Stephen Simpson  

Fantastic product – so much so we have convinced all of BDO in NZ to adopt it! Seriously.
Like so many before us, we had been spending too much time, by too few people, drilling through client financial info to find those jewels of information that can be displayed in a meaningful set of Excel-based KPIs. Not anymore. I can now get grads preparing fantastic looking boards for our clients. It is that intuitive to use, even easier to replicate and spread across a practice.
But it gets better. People need to take some time and invest it in the Scenario functionality. So much easier to use than the others. Combine that with some well-thought out email alerts and you are dealing in real time, right alongside your client.
For us, it’s about harnessing the conversation opportunity with our clients. This is exactly what CrunchBoards allows you to do. With the live updates from Xero, you are dealing with live data, not static dashboards.
And I must add that the support from Amy & Hannah is an absolutely first-class. Thanks heaps, I think Xero and CrunchBoards just saved accounting. 

Andrew MacDonell  

CrunchBoards has become crucial to the way we operate Clear Business Dynamics. As a relatively new business it is important to understand our current position across a range of KPI's.

Before CrunchBoards we were using other tools which only showed us high level data and left out the context and relationships that we needed to make key growth decisions.
Having first seen the product in October last year i am impressed at the consistency of the products development and the commitment to creating a valuable knowledge base to help us get the most from the product.

By far the leading performance management tool in the Xero eco system.

Michael Macolino  

We at Moore Stephens, an accounting firm in the Adelaide CBD, understand the value of real-time management information. My role is to keep our clients abreast of key industry developments, particularly with regard to the burgeoning trend towards cloud accounting and the many benefits that it provides.

As a Xero Gold Partner, we recently investigated a number of Xero add-ons in relation to dashboard management reporting and Crunchboards certainly stood out from the crowd.

Crunchboards allows us to provide real-time information and is customisable and scalable to suit business' needs, whether using monthly or quarterly dashboards.

Peppe Fusco  

I have had a great experience with the product. For me, this has been my favorite add-on since discovering bill.com with Xero. I had some complex project reporting needs from data in Xero and their software handled it amazingly! Fathom/Spotlight both couldn't handle it but Crunchboards did. Now I can provide beautiful visualized reports to my larger clients and wow them with all the insights we can pull from it. Highly recommend them! Waiting for PDF exports of the dashboards and then I'll be one extremely satisfied customer.

Nicholas Bird  

We have just signed up to Crunchboards and I am really looking forward to getting this out across our entire client base, enabling us to move up a few gears in terms of the services we provide for our clients. As finance directors and managers for our clients, I can see this being the key tool going forward for communicating effectively financial information to non finance people. I met the guys from Crunchboards at the Xerocon in February and really liked what I saw. Whilst I have found Sage Forecasting very useful over the years, this is clearly from the current century! The management accounts and KPI potential here is immense and clients will absolutely love it.

Gary White  

I am so grateful that I was recommended CrunchBoards - to say I was blown away when I saw how easy it was to produce amazing management reports is an understatement!

I must say also they've been a joy to deal with and I am SO excited about making CrunchBoards an integral part of my service in the future!

Jason Blackman  

I cannot praise the team at CrunchBoards highly enough especially Helen for her above and beyond call of duty! When they say you are hand held through the software you truly are.

The software is intuitive and easy to use. It integrates seamlessly with Xero and gives you the ability to analyse your data in a much more understandable way. Not everyone is an accountant, so it lets us accountants explain the bones of a business to a client in a format they "get". Real time really is real time with CrunchBoards.

Love it , love it love it!!!

Joanne Halsall  

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the message - it seems that you've missed a bit of the app as you can do exactly what you want to achieve with regards to re-sizing cards. You could have one huge Card to fill the entire screen for example.

Resizing and adjusting the layout of your Boards, including reordering the position of Cards is a really simple process in the "Edit" mode for Boards. Please see this video here: http://vimeopro.com/crunchboards/tv/video/113638206

Our support team is also on hand to give you a tour as well via our an in-app messenger, which is available in the top right of your screen under the help dropdown (that's also where the tutorials, videos and docs are).

We'll follow up with you personally now, so we can answer any more questions you have.

Speak soon!

Amy Harris  

There are a lot of positive reviews for this add on but I'm not seeing it. I've been dying for a great visual reporting add on to Xero Sadly this one isn't it for me.

There is a ton of great information in there and the flexibility in creating the data you want to access is extensive, but the interface is just bad. The whole card concept doesn't work. You're limited to a little box for data/charts/graphs that should be taking up a full screen. You can't resize the cards to the size you need them to be. Because you're limited to these small cards the text is virtually unreadable unless you zoom in the browser page.

Things get even worse on an iPad.

The potential for this to be a great add on is there. They just need to rethink their entire design philosophy because it just doesn't work.

Additionally, as a small business $50 a month is a bit too much. If you're an accountant that is using this for multiple clients that is not much, but there should be a small business price of about $20 a month.

I guess I can't post in a review more than once. Makes sense..

WRT sizing, I see now that you can resize the windows as Amy mentions below. I missed that because it's only available when creating a card. Once a card has been created, even in edit mode, you can't change the size of it unless you "add a new card" which isn't intuitive. Once in "add a new card" mode then existing cards get the option to resize. Seems like that should be available when editing a card.

Jeff Singer  

CrunchBoards is a fantastic analytical tool allowing you to show a client the key metrics in a wonderfully visual way.

Superb integration with Xero. Forecasting tool is very easy for clients and accountants to build and understand. Granular permission rights allow various stakeholders of the business access to various boards. Utilises tracking codes within Xero to compare results between sales teams, geographic locations etc.

Its going to save allot of the old excel spreadsheet crunching while still retaining the power of excel to build KPI metrics and formulas.

And that's just the client focused side!

Linking all your top clients can allow you to set alerts to monitor key business indicators on one page and receive an email when one may reach a target or fall behind expected outcomes, allowing you to be proactive at contacting your clients with much greater ease.

Cant wait to see what extra features are released in the future of this add on.

Alex Pearce  

I've always enjoyed budgeting and forecasting for clients and now CrunchBoards has made it even more fun. I'm looking forward to all the developments in their pipeline.

Bonita Cory  

This Add-on is a must if you are looking for intelligent reporting for your business.

It gives you the detail you need to see where you have been and also forecasts to see where you are going, this is invaluable if you are looking to approach banks for finance or give investors or decision makers the key data for the business.

The great thing with Crunchboards is that you can display the lists of numbers that us accountants love or display the results graphically so anyone without a financial understanding can still see trends etc.

There is functionality to allow certain users to see certain areas only. The example being a salesman can see targets for sales and how they have performed against those targets but they cannot see cash at bank or profits.

All in all a great addition if you are a Xero user.

Brian Mason  

For me, it's simple. I want to give my clients the kind of service that they rave about. I've been in this game for over 30 years and I've worked with countless business owners (and I'm an accountant!) but that's the point - I've never witnessed anything like this. My clients are hooked. I genuinely love tech and finding newer and better ways to work and CrunchBoards delivers massively for my own practice here too. I would never go back to historical reporting apps or spreadsheets. CrunchBoards is the future.

Amanda Fisher  

After working at Xero for the past few years. I decided to venture back to being an accountant. And so, when I made the move, I picked the Best of the Best Add-ons to use and Crunch Boards is one of those !!! I really appreciate the work the team has put into their product, training and service (which seems to be round the clock).

I am Very happy to be one of the founding accounting partners in Oz and have rolled out CB to every client I have.

Daniel Moore  

After not believing that Crunchboards could be that good, I was nervous to begin with and kept asking what is the catch. I ca't see one yet. The amount of time it will remove in exporting data from accounting software and punching it through Excel to report and analyse will be huge; can't wait for all of my clients to see it, and to allow something I have always dreamed of to happen - to have real time data to discuss with my clients and what the plans look like for their future, this will be awesome; can't wait for non financial data to come into play soon as well.

Amy's follow up through the pre-sales process was first class.

Michael Harvey  

We're a business with a game plan. CrunchBoards is left field. For us, it's the answer to our 'I wish/dream team' moments. We genuinely didn't think client management existed in this way and the intelligence and experience we deliver on the ground is the home run. Don't get CrunchBoards confused with other reporting tools or spreadsheets, the platform they've built is insanely flexible so it works for our diverse range of clients. We have small businesses using CrunchBoards right up to multi-million turnover global entities. Due to our assorted client mix we are working with people who have varying skills sets and understanding of their financials. CrunchBoards can communicate to them all and at the appropriate levels. Get on-board...!

MHA Carpenter Box  

Often when you give a business owner any report - P&L / Balance Sheet etc they glaze over looking at a row of figures. CrunchBoards gives them the opportunity to see how their business in performing in a graphical way that they can understand. Clients are taking more of an interest.

Rosemary Gale  

Just fantastic. I love the ease I can create a board and apply the same or similar board to another entity. Every client I've shown has gone "Wow". A weekly report for a restaurant now takes a minute instead of importing to an excel spreadsheet and checking data to ensure it is right.

Martin Tunley  

Real time financial intelligence, Crunchboards is the most exciting add on I have used with Xero. Our clients enjoy the graphical and exciting ways to clearly show the real time performance of there business, we have used it across a number of types of businesses including Hospitality and Pharmacy. Crunchboards creates conversation with our clients and allows us advisers to see visual real time KPI's.

The ease of use is one of the many reasons why Crunchboards is streets ahead of it's competitors.

Congratulations to Amy and Hannah for creating a real innovative game changer as a reporting Add on to Xero!!!

Tom Paine  

Probably the most incredible application I have had the privilege of working with. Our current clients are absolutely blown away by the richness of the information and the ability to adapt in such a short space of time.

Gone are the days of sweating over pivot tables and charts using dated data.

This is a game changer!! We love it!!

Ryan Coates  

Fantastic Product!

Flexible and easy to use, great for use across a range of industries.

I completely agree with those who have written before me.... this product will have an impact on how accountants work, giving them (and other Business Advisors) the ability to really help their clients grow their business.

Being able to track in real time, using custom formulas, the insights gained are far more valuable then what has been available prior via other products and/or excel spreadsheets.

Great looking product, presents the data well.

Great work, looking forward to doing more and more with Crunchboards.

Garry Dukes  

I am still a bit in SHOCK!

I thought I would never find a day that my spreadsheets would be DEAD. I focus on 1 industry and our service is very specific - which meant I ploughed allot of resource on creating monthly Overview sheets, of course as soon as the data in Xero Updates.... the Spreadsheets don't.

I can see this being a massive assets to my business moving forward not only in cheaper labour costs but the marketing element too, My clients are very visual and the graphs just bring it home!

I have been looking for a solution for nearly 6 months and now I've found it.

Great work guys!

Chris Cheeney  

Crunchboards is going to be (if it isn't already) a phenomenon in the accounting industry! It's as simple as that. I'm describing it to colleagues and clients as "live management information and accounts" because that is something they understand i.e. the analysis of a businesses performance by metrics way beyond P&L and Balance Sheet reports.

But it doesn't stop there. CB has a vast array of additional features that enable you to completely tailor the information you provide to clients and also enables them to monitor those metrics in real time with the ability to create alerts that allow a business owner to sleep at night.

Why did we move all of our clients in to the cloud with Xero in the first place? Lot's of reasons but a fundamental one was so that we could collaborate with business owners and provide proactive guidance and advice about business performance to enable strategic business decisions to be made. Extending that way of working with CB is the next natural step and will become the only way of making a real difference as an accountant as compliance services are eliminated by technology.

But then CB goes even further by allowing you to look forward and create scenarios and forecasts to help a business owner steer their ship in the right direction rather than according to where it's been. It's why the front windscreen on a car is bigger than the rear window, so you can see where you're going rather than where you've been. Try driving your car home tonight in reverse if you don't believe me!

Paul Meades  

Crunchboards has provided the perfect product to compliment Xero.

After spending numerous hours preparing management reports in Excel and Castaway (or Winforecast for the older folk), it has been a great experience to prepare the same information in only minutes!

The support and service providing by Amy and Hannah is brilliant.

If you are serious about getting the most out of your reporting, you need Crunchboards.

Craig Seddon  

As a virtual CFO practice, we've been looking for a dashboard and forecasting platform to add to our product offering for several years now. We have explored other solutions, but they didn't provide anything that I couldn't already do in Excel.

That changed with Crunchboards. We are now able to deploy a high-value solution across our entire client base, and move from discussing what happened last month/year to understanding how today's decisions might impact the future of their business. It's always been our goal to provide a finance solution rather than just being an accountancy practice, and this does it for us.

We recently demoed the Xero/Crunchboards platform to a banker. His response - "if I could require every company in our loan portfolio to be on this platform, I would. Instead, I will just have to strongly suggest it." He is excited about the real-time analysis, and how it will allow him to proactively assist his client base, rather than reacting to months-old information. The alerting system in particular piqued his interest.

In short, paired with a solid education program and regular touchpoints from a trusted advisor, this is what small businesses and entrepreneurs have been needing to grow smarter and succeed faster.

Dan Schmidt  

It's rare in business to have another " conversion on the road to Damascus moment." The first was with Xero and the Aha moment that followed. That same Aha moment was when I first saw the power of Crunch Boards! A truly revolutionary product that is easy to use. A truly passionate team at CB about such a revolutionary product. CB opened my eyes and put a spring back in my step and made me realise what an exciting time it is to be an accountant.

Paul Miller  

I'm with Brad, as soon as you see CB you just love it and then every client name pops into your head and that's when the magic happens.

Thanks so much for helping pull out the brown cardigan and comb overs from the closet! Can't wait to see what's coming up (Dear CB Dev Team, break even's please).

Amy and Hannah not only cute and talented but you have rocked the accounting world by offering something different which these days is not easy.

Well done, Merry Merry Christmas from the Kiwis

Gayle Buchanan  

Crunchboards is the product our business has been waiting for. After one Demo with Amy, I knew Crunchboards was going to have a considerable effect on not only our business, but on the entire hospitality industry.

One of the challenges that hospitality business owners face is that they rarely have accurate, up-to-date numbers to work with - Reports come, but they often come far too late. One month of poor performance can take many months, even a year for a business to claw back.

What Crunchboards allows us to do is give the industry up-to-date reports on a weekly basis. This has always been a possibility, but never with the efficiency, ease and aesthetically appealing design that Crunchboards provides.

Now our Clients have weekly P&Ls & KPI’s at their fingertips. It is rewarding for us when we have the opportunity to engage with our clients and talk about business benchmarks rather than just completing the mundane compliance work.

Once you have your Crunchboard setup, the data then flows from Xero automatically. No more exporting to Excel! It’s amazing that the service that is of the highest value to our Clients is now one of the easiest services for us to provide…

Nick Hazel  

I have been very impressed with Crunchboards. It is now an essential part of our management accounting practice. The fact that it is so flexible means that dashboards can be built to meet each clients needs. A huge bonus is also the scenario planning.
The team is very excited at the potential Crunchboards offers our clients and even ourselves internally with the alert function

I have also found Amy and Hannah to be very approachable and are only too happy to help.
This is my favourite add-on without a doubt

Matt Sharwood  

As soon I had a demo of crunchboards I could see how it can change our practice.It sould be part of any proactive accounting practice.

It makes it real. And real-time. We can create a Board to look at our hospitality clients' food GPs to explore trends; as easily as creating a Board for a client who's exploring a pending expansion. The team love creating Boards to monitor their personal clients, we have regular internal meetings and CrunchBoards is the tool at the heart of these discussions. CrunchBoards cleverly empowers your team and clients to embrace change as they have made adoption so easy... you don't need a training manual or certification!

Brad Golchin  

For months (no years) I have been looking for a reporting add on that gives me flexibility in the types of reports I can generate from Xero. Up until now I have multiple spreadsheets with my tailored reporting, which is time consuming and not "live". Crunchboards is changing that for me (spreadsheets will be a thing of the past). The ability to create multiple cards on the one dashboard, giving me live updates on how the business is travelling. Being able to create my own formulas, KPIs gives me complete ownership of the reporting process. Cant wait for scenarios (forecasting / cashflow) to come live, this will give me the complete package.

Craig Graham  

Crunchboards is an amazing package which is extremely easy to set up and links seamlessly into Xero, mitigating the time taken to put together performance reports.

The reporting dashboard is clear and concise and allows us to tailor the information provided to the client, but also offers the client the ability to filter out or report on information that they want to see.

The alerts function allows us to keep the entire team up to date with key events throughout the business year and flags up any discrepancies which may occur, allowing us to raise these issues with client sooner.

This has allowed us to have the opportunity to offer additional reporting functionality to clients and overall become more proactive with the service which we can provide going forward.

Scott Kennedy