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Community updates - Frequently Asked Questions

Started by Kelly M (Community Manager) -   in Using Xero

Why have you removed the dates on Feature Requests.

Realistically the age of a request does not push up it’s priority. We want to remove the frustration from you all thinking it’s ‘taken 3 years to do X’, When in actuality, it’s not in active development and can't be scheduled into our plans. This of course doesn’t solve the problem of us not developing what’s been requested. However, we are humans, working hard to develop for a bunch of different people - and it’s physically impossible for everything to be done.

What does the Status mean?

Idea - default status
Under Consideration - we’ve passed onto the team and they’re thinking about it. We’ll come back to update with a yes/no once they’ve investigated the idea
Working on it - in active development, we’ll give an ETA in a comment
Done! - completed, your vote is returned which you can spend elsewhere
No plans - voting has been closed off and votes returned as this isn’t likely to be worked on

Hopefully these make more sense, and set a better expectation around what we are/aren’t doing.

What are you working on?

We have a few dozen teams who are all working on different parts of Xero. It may look as though we’ve slowed down, but that’s because we’re currently in the middle of a few major projects that all due to be released this year:

New Invoicing
New Expense Claims
Job Costing
Improved Payment Services
Improvements to Contacts

Plus a lot more! You can always see what we’re working on by filtering Community Feature Requests by ‘Working on it’

Do Community Feature Requests influence development.

In short, yes! However, there’s so much that goes into the prioritisation process, it’s not the only factor taken into consideration. It is the best place for you to leave your feedback and to hear from the horse’s mouth directly on what we’re/aren’t working on. So please do continue to add your votes and comments on what you’d like to see next. This Blog from our CPO, is incredibly relevant in giving you an insight of how we make things happen at Xero!
Removing the date of a post is absurd and actually makes the forums (even) less helpful. We Xero customers now have no idea when Xero posted something. WHEN a post was made IS relevant.

Why have you removed the dates on Feature Requests.

Realistically the age of a request does not push up it’s priority. Not only do we want to remove the frustration from you all thinking it’s ‘taken 3 years to do X’, but it’s also fairly frustrating for us to have to justify why ‘it’s taken so long’. When in actual fact, it’s not in active development and just doesn’t fit into our plans. This of course doesn’t solve the problem of us not developing what’s been requested. However, we are humans, working hard to develop for a bunch of different people - and it’s physically impossible for everything to be done.

J H  

I can only echo what 'J H' said. It's ridiculous to remove the dates. It really feels like an attempt to hide quite how many essentially feature requests Xero has ignored for 5+ years.

The reason your users are getting frustrated is that there's some really very basic and essential functionality is still missing, and that makes it hard to do very basic things like easily and correctly reconcile accounts.

There's a clear issue that Xero is perceived as moving very very slowly (an impressive reputation to achieve for such a new company without all the historical baggage the bigger players have), and hiding the dates does nothing to solve that issue. The lack of communication really doesn't help either.

Joseph Heenan  

Removing dates on feature requests is a great idea. Wish I'd thought of it.

EDIT: Someone said people will assume this is sarcastic. It is not.

Adam Sentz  

I'd love to see that, um, creativity(?) put toward implementing features rather than deprecating timestamps.

J H  

"New Invoicing, New Expense Claims, Improved Payment Services, Improvements to Contacts'

Well all of these sound very one directional.

Why contacts need improvement? We have enough unnecessary things there anyway except when sending an email there is no option to choose which contact to send it to. So I have to delete all automatically put there!
Expense claims work fine, what is there to develop?
Payment Services - lost me here...
New Invoicing - this works fine too. Invoices miss a couple more fields to add (or connect to POs). But then again, it seems POs are just a "no go" for development area. Why?

Daisy Nikolova  

Merged: Coverup tactics

Love the way that instead of fixing payroll feature requests that have been reported for over 4 years, they modify the reporting of issues in here so that dates are no longer displayed..... great fix..... this is about as bad as it gets from an ethics position

Sonia Myers  

Hi Sonia - We're certainly not covering up anything here; the fact is the date has no bearing on whether the product idea is in the team's plans.

The reasons why we removed the dates are outlined in more detail on this thread. I've also merged there to keep feedback on the Community updates in one place.

Tim S (Community Manager)  

Cool to hear that you like many of those areas already, Daisy. We've had many request for these sort of changes throughout our community, as well as through other channels.
Our development process is much wider scope than just these forums, also we must consider market and industry standard & trends. We try hard to keep up, but know we can't please everyone at once, so we're doing our best to communicate what we are currently working on to everyone so you can be in the know.

Kelly M (Community Manager)  

I am absolutely gobsmacked that Xero have removed the dates on posts! The issue for us users, and potential users, isn't that we think because a requested was posted 3 years ago we assume that it must now be moving to the top of the to do list, but that we have a right to know how long it takes Xero to consider things for development. So I can quite see why you have removed them, so we can't complain, rightly, about long a request has been ongoing with no end in sight! For potential users browsing the forum too, how are they supposed to make an informed decision about whether or not to move to Xero? There are lots of great features in Xero, lots still to come and I completely understand that you can't do everything at once, but doing things like this undermines all the good and the trust we have in you, it's totally misleading and poor service.

Roxanne Sedgbeer  

This thread is a case study in itself of how to alienate current and potential customers.
a) Xero states it values customer feedback
b) customer feedback on removal of dates from threads is overwhelming negative
c) Xero explains why the customer feedback is wrong/irrelevant, ignores it.
I'd give you a timeline of these events, but....

Tony Stewart  

Falling well short of the mark:
"At Xero, we aim to provide a great product and customer experience to our small business customers and their accountants and bookkeepers.”
7 Jun 2017

J H  

I've seen a number of questionable choices over the years in regards to customer relations but this is almost laughable. Knowing when a feature was requested, and more importantly, when Xero responded to that request is incredibly important. Especially when all of the Xero updates use vague language such as "sometime this year". You can try to spin it however you like but this is clearly an attempt to cover up your terribly slow development cycle.

I can't help but feel disheartened when I see you talk about your investments in machine learning and AI when you seem to have so much trouble with check printing and invoicing. You seem to forget that some of your users have extensive backgrounds in programming and you aren't fooling anyone by overstating the complexity of implementing certain features. If changes aren't made to your development pipeline in the near future you are going to see a significant exodus of subscribers. The SaaS accounting space is getting increasingly crowded and hiding behind the "complexity" of pushing feature requests just isn't going to cut it anymore.

Mike Freeman  

I'm looking for a date on a post not so much to see how long something is taking, but to see if what I want to comment on is on old news or not. If I want to reply/comment on a thread from 2014, I might not bother, but look for a more recent thread or start a new one. Removing the date is dumb and it seems that you are only doing it for the sake of Xero and not the customer. I agree with the comments above about it NOT being a good idea to remove dates, especially Roxanne. And while I have everyone's attention....can someone please give me the link to comment on the Xero Android Mobile App. I've looked and found one, but didn't comment because I didn't know how old it was!

Sandy Hobbs  

I'm going to echo Mike Freeman above.

Removing the dates makes things WORSE, not better. It makes the support and community team look duplicitous, which is crazy, because that's the team supposed to be involved in assuaging concerns, not creating new problems.


Posted June 12th, 2017

James Moore  

Echoing all the above. This is anti-customer plain and simple.

Phil Swansborough  

I appreciate it might be frustrating to have to respond when people complain that something has been requested and not acted upon for five years.

Now imagine the frustration of requesting something relatively simple with very broad support from the community and not seeing any progress for five years.

Not sure why making Xero's life easier became the guiding principle for interacting with customers on this forum. I don't see any customer benefit from this unless it is to hide how long things take to develop from new users who haven't been around enough to be frustrated.

Removing the dates just increases frustration. If you want to help make things better with the community increase your transparency versus decreasing it.


Chris McKulka  

Without the date, when a Xero consultant says it is being worked on or should be available in a couple of months - how do we know when this is?? Removal of the dates does nothing to help.

I'm also amused by the rationale "Not only do we want to remove the frustration from you all thinking it’s ‘taken 3 years to do X’, but it’s also fairly frustrating for us to have to justify why ‘it’s taken so long’."

We are the PAYING customers hearing that you are removing something to eliminate your frustration at having "to justify why its taken so long" to your customers is WRONG. The date stamp reflects when it became and issue for a customer and yes, this information is important and should be seen by all.

Removing the date stamp does NOT remove the frustration from the customers, in fact, I would have to say from reading through a number of these tonight, it is creating even more frustration!

Trish Giunta  

Xero covered up by adding a Best Reply (now the often changed Official Xero Reply), hiding user posts unless we hit an extra button to learn the truth. This was not enough, so Xero has no industry standard change logs. It then dropped dates from posts, so we do not see it never makes even most wanted changes for many years. It recently covered up (archived, hid) all protests on removing dates from posts in Google “Dates on feature requests” “Xero Community”. You get “That discussion was archived by the Community Manager.”

I once was #3 in U.S. Xero clients, but Xero is now a zero. User turnover is probably as bad as senior U.S. staff turnover. My last Xero client will covert to QuickBooks. I will archive what Xero CEO Rod Drury wrote about me, his link to my blog and all I initially wrote about Xero.


There's a feature request on this subject here that you can vote for:


Joseph Heenan  

No cover ups here. Like minded threads were merged together and this request is now visible at the link Joseph's noted above - We understand the frustration of dates being removed in some places making our own updates a little ambiguous. On the other hand, perception of requests had noticeably changed.The frame of thought being that a request raised in 2013 should have higher priority than something started in 2017, which in reality isn't the case.

There are many inputs for deciding what comes next, this can include legal requirements, the size of the project/available resources, the votes on Community, how much a feature is used as a % of users, number of Support requests, and the lists goes on.

Not excusing your post, we're sad to see you go, Mike. But wish you the best on all future endeavors.

Kelly M (Community Manager)  

Thanks for the response Kelly.

We've been Xero users for 5+ years, so I'd question some of these metrics - eg. "how much a feature is used as a % of users" - we don't use quite a lot of Xero features we want to use (or use them much less than we expected) because they have relatively minor but fundamental flaws. Many of the Xero features I do use I use not because I want to, but because of flaws in other features.

We also gave up contacting support, so I wouldn't rely much on that metric either. Googling the community space gives far more accurate and timely answers than we ever got from support.

Conversely, I hope you DO use view counts on community threads to figure out what your user's pain points are.

I really hope Xero are looking at ways to be more transparent; I (as an end user who's rather too familiar with software engineering) and also our accountants really struggle to understand why Xero moves both so slowly and in odd directions. If the answer is (and I've seen this implied) that Xero had massive scalability issues in their database architecture and had to spend many man years reengineering it you'd be much better off being up front about it - even write a few blogs about what you did wrong and what you've done to fix it, that would win a lot of respect.

A quote I got from an accountant (paraphrased) was "we always assume Xero will never fix anything and plan based on that, we're rarely wrong".

BTW: I did find a way to view the dates feature requests were opened. I'm not going to share how to do it here for obvious reasons, but the data is there if you know where to look ;-)

Joseph Heenan  

Hi Support

Our Xero account is suspended as our account is overdue.

We have attempted to make a number of payments over the past few weeks, and after each payment attempt an onscreen message appears, advising that our "payment is being processed" which could take up to an hour.

As of today, we still do not have access to our organisation, despite a number of payment attempts, even updating Xero billing with an alternate payment card.

We have telephoned support and left voice messages numerous times, and we have not had any contact in response from Xero.

Please help as you are hindering our business with your lack of response.

Nick Leslie  

Hiya Nick - looks like you've reached out to the Sales phone line - they're not able to help with questions about your account. However I know you've also emailed the team, and they'll get to your email when they can - I'll escalate that for you now. Don't want you to go without Xero for too long!

Brittany H (Community Manager)  

Date: 20th Jul 2017
Adding a status to a feature request is great, but why not keep date stamps as well? This can only provide greater transparency and better inform Xero and its customers.

Has Xero researched reputable software organisations and identified the removal of date stamps as best practice? If so please provide examples.

Lets look at community forums for some large software providers who deliver cloud services.
Microsoft and Google community forums both maintain date stamps.

Where is your real world justification Kelly?

Your profile indicates ".....helping to communicate and advocate your ideas and aid in the discussions in Xero Business Community forums".

Over the last year I've read numerous comments on this community forum and I don't see much "advocating" on behalf of customers. The Xero Community team seem more intent on PR than customer advocacy and more focused on defending every single action by Xero as perfect decision.

Eugene Maprock  

@Eugene You nailed exactly what everyone else here (except Xero) sees.

If you read the tea leaves sounds like this forum is going away or changing drastically at some point. Based on recent actions I can't say I expect it to be an improvement or what business users need. Xero lacks vision.

J H  

Does this mean that some of the ones that have been open since 2012 will finally be set to No Plans?

Andrew P  

Here is a great review of the decision to remove date stamps: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SlOPAH7pM0Y.

This decision may better serve Xero, but it clearly does not serve the many Xero users whose input has made the product useful and popular. Can I have back all my Feature Request votes in order to vote NO to this frustrating and shameful decision by Xero?!

Bryan Lindley  

Best comment yet!

In that spirit I offer this - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4f61aL_ILT8.

Except in this instance they forget the water!

Chris McKulka  

I made a request to add dates because I did not realize they had been intentionally removed. It said my request would be merged here. As far as I can tell my request was just archived and I was given this link.

I can't see a single positive comment to this change from anyone except Xero. It sounds like Xero wasn't able to be responsive enough and chose to remove a data point that highlighted this.

The consumer needs less information/transparency is never the right answer.

Greg Claessens  

Just to confirm here's the thread I've merged your post to, Greg - I provided this link as it does also explain why we decided to remove dates.

Kelly M (Community Manager)  

I think removing the dates is a very poor decision which is indicative of an almost contemptuous attitude from Xero. It is a shame that it has come to this as I honestly believe that Xero's support attitude started out very positive years ago, it has obviously now turned 180 degrees to become negative and secretive instead.

David Brennan  

Whatever you are doing with the Contacts is not what I would call an improvement. Half of the information I need is now hiding in behind other arrows which also means I spend more time clicking the damn mouse. Quite frankly I am sick of your so called improvements. You are simply making an already slow program even slower.

Ashleigh Hughes  

You can't be serious!
I had to check the date on my phone to make sure it wasn't April 01st. Unfortunately Samsung has removed all time and date references on their phones so that people don't get to upset and frustrated that weeks/months/years keep ticking away while Xero continues to ignore clients requests and requirements.
Your lack of concern for user issues is concerning Xero.

Dane Latham  

I am seeing the dates of the posts now, is Xero going to include the post date again?

Greg Claessens  

They’ve removed dates from certain threads such as (bug reports Xero moved and deemed) “feature request”.

Ah-hem, Thu Aug 24 3:50pm PDT.

J H  

This makes it even worse. I was excited. For a minute there I thought they were choosing to be responsive.

Greg Claessens  

Very low move by Xero to remove the dates from Feature Requests. The explanation makes no sense and this move makes the user experience worse. End of. Listen to your users! Perhaps we should all end our posts like this: Posted 30/08/17.

Simon Gates  

Hey Xero, you know why folks are angry and frustrated?
Because they care. I'd love to be using software that I could recommend to friends. I looked at my history of votes (four out of fourteen have been realised, or perhaps I abandoned one or two of those). I'd say that all of them are request for either basic functionality that competitors are already providing, increased consistency in interfaces (basic UX and UI functionality, really) and for half-baked implementations (now marked as "Done"!?) to become fully baked.

Xero still has a lot going for it, but this obsession with marketing at the cost of nuts and bolts programming is going to spell the end. Why do I keep on harping about it here? Because I still care. I want it to at least become the software I thought I was buying into.
(Oh, and be a sport and turn the timestamps back on. 1SEP2017)

Andrew P  

Why have you removed the dates on Feature Requests?
The dates are relevant to us users, it lets us know if a request is currently being asked for, it lets us know if its worth the time coming back to check on updates or to give up on it.
How does the vote system work? Is there a certain number required for Xero to look at a request? If so what is that number?
One big problem I think is happening is that because of Xero's lack of development on some very important basic requests partnership companies have developed add-ons for users to buy for these requests, now Xero finds itself in the position where it wont develop certain request because it will upset it's relationship with these partnership companies.
POSTED: 11-Sept-2017

Ross Persson  

Hey folks, the fun thing is we could all go and create a feature request to put dates back on feature requests. On a serious note, IMO this reflects tunnel vision and a disconnect on Xero's part. I think they are seeing this only from their viewpoint of users complaining because a request was x years old. But if you look at where the most complaining was, it's on ones with a lot of requests, and that was just a way to express frustration.

The dates were very important for users to see, because they could see if other users had also posted about a request recently, and it in turn made them feel like it was worthwhile to comment. Now that's gone, and every request just feels lost.

The entire reasoning is also bogus, because we also know that the number of votes don't necessaril impact what's developed either. So using the date reasoning, they might as well now remove the number of requests. In fact that would be more valid than removing dates, because it pretty much becomes a joke to make requests when other requests have hundreds. Forums which show votes pretty much stop users from bothering to make new requests.

David Haddad  

Is it just me or does this thread seem to be the only one with date stamps.......mmmmmm

Brian Matthews  

Don't be so cynical! They wouldn't do that... would they?

It really is bizarre, its like Xero's formerly open customer service department has been taken over by a stereotypical big corporate. You can almost imagine the meetings discussing how best to muzzle the customers...

David Brennan  

@David, if only they’d dedicate those efforts to fixing the many little things that are obvious to the many business users on this forum.
Just in case... 27 Sep 2017

J H  

Slippery slope when this happens


Paul Smith  

Not really fitting here, Paul. Comparing how the team evaluates different feature ideas isn't comparable to Holocaust denial. Anything inappropriate like this in the future, and you'll be suspended indefinitely.

Tim S (Community Manager)  

I think the removal of dates is a very bad idea. It feels like the company is hiding things when in fact it looks as though you are getting closer to making a profit.
You could tackle the impact of some requests taking a long time to come by actually giving dates as when you do start working on ideas and when you expect them to arrive. It is very difficult to say when software will be finished so you can't reliably predict when something will be finished - but you can say if working on or when scheduled.

Humphrey Drummond  

Completely understand how it could seem that way, Humphrey, but just know we are trying to be transparent with statuses as you've said. We've renamed the statuses to be more clear about where they are in development. The fact is that the date of the initial request doesn't mean:
A. There's always been a lot of votes for it.
B. That the team's added this to the road map right away
C. That an older post in 2012 would be a higher priority than a post made in 2017 that makes more sense to the road map.

There are some comments in here saying the dates being removed discourage you from voting, but this is actually one of the points of removing them. Just because something is an old request with only 20, it doesn't mean it's not going to happen. If everyone adds their vote for this now, we'd seriously consider implementing. The scarcity of the # of votes you have is designed to give the Product Teams here a good idea of demand based off need not age of request.

We'll continue monitoring this thread for feedback and appreciate the considerations listed, but the changes we've made have had a net positive effect, and there are no immediate plans to reverse any of them.

Tim S (Community Manager)  

I can see the concern re. having really old dates on stuff potentially discouraging voting. Doesn't mean that is valid. Without data it is speculation. Curious how you measure the net positive effect you are claiming. How are you controlling for confounding influences? Is your sample size sufficiently powered to reach statistical significance?

I have a hard time imagining why removing dates on the comments is positive. Certainly all the feedback I have seen from customers (including me) is this is very negative, diminishes trust, etc. It makes participating in the forums much more difficult. And while there is certainly selection bias in the set of people that participate, it absolutely has discouraged participation based on spontaneous customer statements.

I don't faith in your openness to feedback re. removing dates since I have seen that be ~100% negative and that has been discounted / ignored.

This continues to be both frustrating and disappointing.

Chris McKulka  

"We'll continue monitoring this thread for feedback and appreciate the considerations listed, but the changes we've made have had a net positive effect, and there are no immediate plans to reverse any of them.”

I guess alienating and pissing off your paying and most involved customers is a “net positive”.

J H  

"Just because something is an old request with only 20, it doesn't mean it's not going to happen. If everyone adds their vote for this now, we'd seriously consider implementing. The scarcity of the # of votes you have is designed to give the Product Teams here a good idea of demand based off need not age of request."

Tim, I think that you will find that your customers prefer have the date stamp, it helps us know if this is a new issue or an old one, I've started putting a date on my posts now to get around this.
We are really left in the dark over this voting system, how many votes are required to get Xero's attention, I know you can't say that if you get a certain number of votes you will definitely a request, but please give us an indication of how many to make you at least consider.
One of the best ways for Xero to know if there is a huge demand for a feature request is to see how many add-on have been created with that feature.

Ross Persson  

Fair question, Ross. It's a bit complicated to say in one go, but the # of votes is only part of the decision making process. The specific team will view all the threads and # of votes and have a look at the comments in each of them. The # of votes on a US Payroll feature is vastly different from a feature that affects everyone like Contacts, so the scale will vary.

For example, I recently sent over a list of all threads on Bank Reconciliation and sent over every one over about 5 or so unless it was very new which I included. So the team will look at those, sorted by votes, and see which ideas might fit the road map.

The other impact is the scale of the project. A quick win for changing the Discuss tab is going to need less votes than a complete overhaul of the back end accounting engine. The blog post Brittany wrote here goes over a number of these considerations in more detail.

Tim S (Community Manager)  

A "net positive effect" from hiding the dates? Can you please explain how you arrive at this conclusion?

I haven't seen any comments at all on any threads where your customers (ie people like me) have said that they find it nice or an improvement that threads don't have dates on them. Conversely I have seen many comments stating the opposite.

So I presume this "net positive effect" is not based on your customers liking the change, but more on some internal metric which rates higher than customer approval? Perhaps your customers are putting less pressure on you now because your customers have less idea what is going on in general?

Please advise.

David Brennan  

Totally agree with you David Brennan.
Xero are not asking before they just go ahead and do whatever they want. They should be asking us as users what we think of the ideas they come up with. I am sick of the changes that are being made without our knowledge. They are a pain in the A...


Ashleigh Hughes  

I don't think Xero should ask us before changing things. Quite the contrary actually.

But I do think they should expect their customers to be very unhappy, and voice that unhappiness, if they under-perform and then blatantly try to cover up that poor performance by burying the information.

Obviously Xero are never going to admit it, but the evidence is strong that this is what is really happening here.

David Brennan  

I have a question...if someone post expenses through bank payment and later someone else remove & redo that expense and then allocate that bank payment to a amount stands in current liability.

How we can see the original entry..where we needs to see so that we would be able to identify who has entered that bank payment

Please note this is directly recorded bank payment not any supplier payment

Umesh Hans  

Hi Tim,
I am sure you have got the message from most of us.
My reaction when you removed the dates is that it indicates there is a problem with the speed of development and possibly with the health of the company. So I looked up the accounts briefly and although you are loss making at the moment you are projected to make a profit next year. By this action you have me seriously worried and wondering a) about backup if you went bust, b) wondering if I have made the right choice in migrating our company to Xero. It has taken me about six months and I am not keen to repeat.

If you were truly wanting to encourage people to vote you could do it in other ways. Eg your team could post every six months or year or so that you think the idea is a great idea and if you had more votes it would might make the next planning cycle.
It doesn't even have to be much work if you had a bot tagging all the good ideas that need more attention.

But removing dates ....

Humphrey Drummond  

I'm sorry you feel that way, Humphrey. As I've explained in my comment to Ross above, there's a lot that we do behind the scenes to get valuable comments and data to the Product Teams.

We post updates a heck of a lot more than every six months, and we do this on hundreds (if not thousands) of feature request threads. The development teams are hard at work and you can have a look at our blog for more updates on what's been released in the last month or so.

@Umesh - probably not the best thread to ask this query. You may want to do a Google search for similar threads or create a new one in the Accounting section :)

Tim S (Community Manager)  

Here's some advice from Xero's blog on how to select a good software service:

Read the software provider’s forums. There will always be some negative feedback and that's not necessarily a problem – it's how it's dealt with that matters. If an application provider can't look after its own customers properly, that's not a good advertisement for the software!


30 Sep 2017

Chris Russ  

^Ouch. "If an application provider can't look after its own customers properly, that's not a good advertisement for the software!” I have to agree with Xero on that one.

I do honestly wonder if they use their own software for Xero accounting?

29 Sep 2017

J H  

@Chris that is an excellent quote which highlights everything that is wrong about this situation.

This is a classic example of a company starting off well with a fresh look and attitude, then over time losing their way. Quite likely new customer relations management was brought in who had no idea of the original company culture and instead started to implement the increasingly "us vs them" customer relations attitude we are seeing now. It would be impossible to argue at this point that Xero are maintaining their own published standards for customer relations.

At this point I imagine backing down would cost the current relationships management team too much face to even consider. So the only prospect for a change in direction would be if the executive team takes notice and steps in.

David Brennan  

Agreed. The feel of the Xero responses on the boards has become much more defensive and terse recently. (I wonder if the person who told me "I've already told you" realised how that sounded?) I do wonder if there is a new management in the customer relations that has basically taken a different line to the spirit of cooperation which was there earlier.
Having said that, a lot of things still remained unfixed even during those heady days of better relationships.
I still maintain that we complain because we care. When we stop caring, then we've lost our loyalty, that's when we'll probably move to another software platform. (ie if I didn't feel some loyalty to the product, I'd have moved already. But I don't think that loyalty is appreciated).

Andrew P  

Hi Andrew
If I had anything to do with the choice of Accounting program that we use I would have moved to MYOB months ago.

Ashleigh Hughes  

Tim S,

My apologies if I have offended you or XERO. Please don’t ban me from the forums as I require access to support clients.

I was just trying to let you know that removing historical information (dates) is a form of historical revisionism/negationism which would be a bad precedent for open forums.

The Wikipedia link was merely provided as an offical and factual definition of Historical negationisn with many examples. While it happened to contain one reference to holocaust denial, I was referring to the section on free speech and "In modern times, negationism may spread via new media, such as the Internet."

XERO is a terrific and beautiful accounting software :) It's ok - I can live with date removal :

Paul Smith  

"We post updates a heck of a lot more than every six months, and we do this on hundreds (if not thousands) of feature request threads."

How can we even start to verify this claim? You've taken the dates away!
If they're ever reinstated, then we'll be able to assess whether that claim is accurate or not.
I see a lot of the ones I've voted on with big (now immeasurable) gaps in them.

Andrew P  

@Paul - Thanks for clarifying.:)

@Andrew - Have a look on the Feature Request tab or have a look on the Community Manager comment history. We also include dates in the official comments for your reference.

Tim S (Community Manager)  

Hi Tim, I think we were talking about different things. When you say "we post updates" you were meaning something other than posting within the Feature Request conversation, right? Because there's no dates there.
When you say "Have a look on the Feature Request tab" what do you mean?

I do note that some of the official responses do include dates here and there
eg https://community.xero.com/business/discussion/71041/ last official reply mentions Nov 2016.
https://community.xero.com/business/discussion/201056/ last official reply mentions Jul 2016 (in the past tense - the next time mentioned is Jan 2017, after at least a doezen replies so I'd place it at about Sep 2016).
The two examples I chose because they are the two top features ordered by number of votes.

Andrew P  

Removing dates from feature request discussion damages the brand more than Xero's slow response to user requests.

I do wonder if Rod Drury would expect customer feedback to be treated with more respect.

Chris Russ  

Timestamps are everything within a medium where I can look at something posted yesterday in one browser tab and something else posted ten years ago in another. One source may completely negate the other but without a timeframe I can't figure out what cancels out what. You have voided all time references in your official replies as I frequently see "not this year, in the next six months, it will be happening soon", etc. Selective time stamps is a disservice to your customers.

Heather Solomon  

Xero> "the date has no bearing on whether the product idea is in the team's plans"

That statement has only one interpretation, and it's a terrible indictment of Xero's culture.

Joshua Goodall  

Im using Samsung 8 + and it wont upload picture in add receipt.
Has anybody encountered same problem?

Marko Sipka  

This cracks me up; This is so obviously a move designed to reduce the heat Xero gets for it's snail pace development, there is no other reason for it. The fact that features sit on the sidelines without being roadmapped for years IS the point.

The idea that your refusal to roadmap a feature means that people are not waiting for it is ridiculous.

Stop playing games and just build great software.

Mathew Taylor  

I totally accept that Xero can't provide every feature request. It's just not commercially viable to please everyone. But there are so many replies from Xero saying "we are working on it & a new report etc will be out *soon* ".

The problem is with no date, *soon* is meaningless. I discovered this when the new Account Transaction report running balance was pulled. It wasn't until Xero posted in the comment a date of their comment that I actually realised the problem was current (last week). Without that you have no idea if this has been resolve & isn't working for just me. I was about to contact support to ask where this feature had gone.

Xero should be brave enough to have dates on all community posts even if it gets "its been 3 years since we asked for this" statements. Xero shouldn't be hiding from the commercial reality of not being able to please everyone.

By comparison to their direct competitors IMO, Xero is a long way ahead in features and adding new features.

Matthew Keyser  

Matthew, I've started putting the date in the text of my comments, at the bottom, we should all start doing this to get around the removal of dates in the requests section.

Ross Persson  

Merged: Dates on Feature Requests

Please can dates be added to Feature Requests and Community Posts?

I have been searching the Community extensively but have no idea how current the posts are as they're not dated.


Deborah Howell  

Hiya Debby, appreciate you taking the time to have a wee-look around the Community. I'm going to join your post with an existing request around this to keep all the similar conversation under the one umbrella.

I want to be upfront and let you know that, removing the date on requests was an intentional decision (we've explained more about this here) and, there are no plans to change this.

Do understand wanting to know the progress of a request though, and this is where the Status on becomes quite handy. Along with the changes to the dates, we also updated the Status labels on the requests to give a more transparent view into where your idea sits - the link above has a run down on what each of these mean. When there's news to share, myself and the Community Managers will jump on asap to update the requests with the most relevant Status.

Kavi S (Community Manager)