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Email Templates - HTML template to send with invoices

Started by Catherine Walker (Community Manager) in Feature Requests | Idea

We've introduced and closed the original feature request for email templates and I've started this one as a request beyond the basic email template that was identified on the thread - a request for HTML email templates.

Please vote and comment on this specifically on this thread.

Official Xero Reply
Hi everyone, now in March 2018 appreciate we could have been better here in communicating the upcoming changes, and are looking into how we can improve this going forward. We made these updates to ensure that emails sent through Xero look more professional, and allow for you all to track when your clients have viewed invoices. This may not work for every process, and someone’s created a feature request to remove the Online Invoice link here, which you’re welcome to add your feedback on.

For those that don’t want your Trading Name to be displayed

A way to do this for the company name versus branding name issue is to create a logo that just has your brand name on it. Here’s a quick one I mocked up to show you all. A Feature Request has been added for this, so if you feel strongly please do add your feedback there so we can monitor all thoughts.

For those that don’t want the logo to be displayed

You can either upload a ‘logo’ that’s got nothing to it (a white image) or upload a logo that has your trading name in it. As explained above.

For those that use Docx

As the logo is contained within the Docx file itself, a logo can’t be automatically pulled from that document. We’re actively working on a fix to allow Docx branding themes to support a logo specifically for emails. UPDATE: This has since been added.

For those that need a better quality/non-square logo

Upload your logo in the branding theme itself, not the organisation settings. This will provide a higher quality image on your emails.

For those that are experiencing errors uploading logo in Organisation Settings

If you upload your logo via the Organisation Settings, it’ll be applied to invoice emails you send to your customers that use the original Standard branding theme. If you create subsequent Standard themes, you’ll need to upload the logo to the theme itself.

For those part of a Practice

Upload the logo not in the Organisation Settings, but the individual brand settings.

We’re open to feedback, so please keep it coming.

Brittany H (Community Manager)