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Which Add On will work best for Builders?

Started by Haidee Kritzinger -   in Using Xero Connected Apps

Hope someone has gone through this process before. We have a few clients in the Building/ Construction industry. The need an Add on to quote, keep track of building expenses/income, linked pricelist to suppliers of building material, etc. At any time they could be working on 2 to 3 building sites(homes & commercial).

Any shared experiences would be greatly appreciated.

Haidee Kritzinger
Strettons - Taupo
07 376 1724
Haidee- Did you ever get responses or find a solution? I have a similar client need.

Amanda Aguillard, CPA  

Hi Amanda, sorry no replies.

Haidee Kritzinger  

Following. We're builders/earthmovers and I'm looking right now.

Rebecca Formosa  

Ditto. Am in the same boat...

Brandy Luna  

Please let me know if you prefer any specific Add On.

Haidee Kritzinger  

Please let me know as well

Tim Breden  

Hi everyone, while we can't recommend which Add-on to use, we can direct you to our new Add-on Marketplace :) Browse by industry, or category to find what you're looking for. Let us know here what ends up working for you!

Brittany H (Community Manager)  

Merged: What's the best add-on software? - small trades contractors business

What's the best software add-on for a 1-3 person construction team (enquiry/quoting/management)? We need something simple. Quotient looks great but has no ipad/iphone app which is essential, WorkFlowMax looks good too (perhaps more features than we need) but has some negative feedback about being useless for builders. Any advice for us on what to trail? Thanks

Ingrid Papau  

Ingrid just letting you know I've merged these threads together to keep all the discussion in one place.

Brittany H (Community Manager)  

HI Haidee, Amanda, Brandy, Tim and Rebecca,

We are working to take our (non complex) Lead/Job/Inventory system to the trade industry, would be great to talk to hear what you need (if still looking) and see if what we are working on for the UK market would work for you, feel free to email me directly lee@rarelyimpossible.com or add me on skype (leemallon) to speak more.


Lee Mallon  

I have a client who uses Buildertrend www.buildertrend.com however they don't use it's full functionality and it is not yet linked to Xero. I am trying to get them all up to speed on the technology side and they are utilising the purchase order system with their suppliers. It is difficult when suppliers are not computer savvy and stick to a manual system as many sub trades do.

Vicki Fraser  

A bit late to the discussion, however for a company based in London SW19 we are a small electrician outfit 3 persons, we looked at Workflow add on and it was too weighted to 'Professional services' for us and we are now happily using 'Tradify' which links up to Xero for accounting and invoicing really well. Also the bank linking with Metro it all works like a dream, really chuffed.