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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Payments

3.5 out of 5 stars
Based on 4 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and TransferMate, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About TransferMate

Save time and money on your international foreign currency payments. TransferMate offers better exchange rates & lower fees than using the bank.
For more information, check out TransferMate.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with TransferMate, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

If you need help connecting TransferMate to Xero check out the TransferMate setup guide.
If you're having any problems with TransferMate contact them directly or use their live chat support.

Found whole process quite easy. Lots of help available from people at Transfermate, and system works great for me. Don't understand how one user above stated "... combined with charges that were higher than our UK bank meant that there were no cost-savings to be made for us"
I don't know which UK bank they are using but Santander charge £15.00 for euro transfers and transfermate is only £5.00
Find their service great

Ken Meredith  

Didn't work for us. A difficult user interface, the lack of ability to batch multiple payment, combined with charges that were higher than our UK bank meant that there were no cost-savings to be made for us.

Andy Leppard  

Would be interested to see reviews from users who have previously been using paypal for overseas payments.

Jennifer Waugh  

We have a client who would love to use Transfermate however upon registering they are experiencing difficulty getting Invoices retrieved from Xero and adding the bank account. They are also having some trouble getting support to resolve the issue.

Update regarding our experience. Issues were resolved and our client is now using TransferMate. Besides the application process taking a while, the follow up service was great. Thanks Barry

Tania Magon  

Hi Laraine
I would appreciate updated feedback in the last month or so since you started using this Add On. I am trying to choose one.

Annie Reeves  

Hi Laraine
Thanks for the feedback. Very much appreciated.
You can contact our team at newzealand@transfermate.com
or live chat at www.transfermate.com/chat for an instant chat.
One of our compliance team was out of office. Contacting the
above will ensure an instant response.

Best regards
Transfermate team

shane farrell  

I agree that trying to work with Transfermate was very frustrating. After providing all the necessary papers, we got "out-of-office" emails with an assurance they would contact us when they returned. Since then, nothing.
A pity, as it sounded like a good fit with Xero for our business.
UPDATE: Within a few hours of posting this I had a phone call from them, with apologies. Thanks Transfermate, now I look forward to trying the system out with our next foreign currency payment.

Laraine Frizzell  

Hi, thank you for the feedback. Could you send more details to xero@transfermate.com
so that the team can look into this further. We would not normally
reject an application from a client. If you have had less than satisfactory feedback we would appreciate the opportunity to look into it for you immediately.

Best regards
TransferMate Customer Service

customer service  

Update regarding our experience. Issues were finally resolved and we are now using TransferMate. TransferMate has greatly simplified our foreign currency payments process, not to mention the cost to execute the transaction is by far the lowest we have seen (most services charge a fee and use highly unfavorable exchange rates). They will soon add the ability to include information along with the payment such as invoice number so our vendors can match the incoming payment. The application process for Transfermate services does need to be streamlined as it did take quite a while to establish. Regardless, great service.

PacAtlantic Accounting