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4.9 out of 5 stars
Based on 18 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Hubdoc, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Hubdoc

Paperwork on auto-pilot. Receipts, bills and statements - all in one place - automatically synced to Xero. For more information, check out Hubdoc.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Hubdoc, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out the Hubdoc support center or this page for information on connecting Hubdoc to Xero.

love Hubdoc. Why? It automatically pulls my clients' bills, receipts and statements into one secure hub. Plus, for every bill or invoice, Hubdoc automatically creates a journal entry in Xero with a source document attached to it. No more data entry. No more logging into dozens of sites each month. No more chasing clients for receipts and statements.

The greatest add-on of all time. A great product with a great team supporting it.

Ryan Kagan  

This is the best thing I've seen happen in the online banking/accounting app world yet. I've long wanted to rid myself and our clients of paper. The solutions to date have always left gaps in the process never reaching the full paperless outcome. Hubdoc has done it. It automatically pulls the bills, bank statements and receipts along with the CSV file. My bookkeeper can see the full statement details as well as upload the data seamlessly. I can take photos of my receipts and Hubdoc pulls the details electronically and pushes that directly into Xero. If you want to truly be paperless and save hours of your time then this is the one stop app to do it.

My hat is tipped to the team at Hubdoc who've done the difficult thinking and development to put this together.

Michael Palmer  

Hubdoc is a must-have app for anyone interested in automating their bookkeeping workflow and eliminating data entry. It has changed the way we run our business.

As a Xero Partner who focuses on cloud accounting solutions and optimizing our internal processes, I am always looking for solutions that will improve productivity and enable Zero Data Entry. Hubdoc helps me achieve that goal. I have looked at different approaches to collecting documents and statements: task management solutions to bug customers for information, calendar reminders, and routing all statements to specific email addresses.
Hubdoc solves this problem. It puts your clients’ monthly bills and statements on autopilot. It is an automated document collection, storage and organization platform on steroids that lives in the cloud and integrates with Xero.

This productivity tool will enable your team to support more clients in less time while providing more value. Hubdoc covers a significant portion of the document collection process required to maintain accurate and auditable financial information. It will eliminate a significant portion of the administrative communications with your clients to collect the documents they have and you need.

Hubdoc is being designed for accountants to manage multiple clients. Hubdoc is launching a multi-client dashboard soon, and they have volume pricing available to accountants and bookkeepers.

Xero Integration
Hubdoc’s focus is accounting practices and the Xero integration is a core feature. When Hubdoc collects a new invoice, it will automatically create a bill in Xero and attach the source document to the bill.

Hubdoc checks for statements daily so as soon as the statement is available, it is pulled in, and then it is synced over to Xero. Hubdoc provides the ability to map the bill to the right vendor and code it to the right account.

You can choose if the bill goes into Draft to be reviewed before processing or as Approved depending on your workflow.

Hubdoc is a modern cloud software company. They continually collect feedback from accountants and their customers to improve the product and are constantly adding new banks, credit cards, utilities, etc.

Our team loves this tool. It saves them time to focus on more valuable tasks, like analyzing our clients financials and managing cash flow vs. the drudgery of data entry. This tool enables us to support more clients better with less effort.

Scott Scharf  

Started testing this last week and liked what I saw initially, but then when I saw how HubDoc "just does it" I was hooked! What do I mean, I scanned an auto repair receipt into HubDoc, (that's all I did) and HubDoc read the receipt, sent it to Xero which created a draft bill and coded it to my automobile expense account. This is going to save a ton of time and create tons a value for our customers!!!

Tom Limroth  

Hubdoc is awesome. Totally automates the drudgery of entering expenses and invoices into Xero plus gives me a consolidated one stop place to find statements and invoices without manually logging into numerous vendor websites. ePost in Canada sucks and takes 5 days longer to notify me of my monthly Bell Canada bill plus doesn't track what I've paid or not paid. Definitely recommended.

Blair Collins  

I've been using Hubdoc to pull invoices from my vendor accounts and then Hubdoc sends that bill to Xero and simultaneously creates a draft bill in Xero with the support doc attached to the bill. Probably best described with a flow chart but it is a really cool program and works great!

David Tunstall  

I've been using Hubdoc personal and for business for the past 8 months now and it's great!

-No more paper at all
-No need to meet with my clients every month
-Cost effective and easy to use

I recommend Hubdoc to every business and every accounting company and department.

By far worth it!

Patrick Payne  

I have been using Hubdoc both for myself and for several of my clients. The set it and forget it aspect of this tool ensures my clients info is pro-actively gathered and stored in a central site. This reduces the time we have to spend tracking down statements that are no longer available online. In addition the ability to snap a picture from the mobile app and or email bills directly into Xero is awesome. However, it is the incredible customer service that we have received that makes me recommend this product over and over again.

Andrew Wall  

Hubdoc is a huge time saver and I can't image using Xero without it anymore! Just email your receipts to Hubdoc and it feeds the information to Xero creating bills which can then reconcile to the bank feed. I spend less time asking clients for details of transactions so they can be recorded properly. The source document is linked to the xero transaction already thanks to Hubdoc! This leaves me more time to focus on providing services that my clients value!

Michelle Fortunato  

Hubdoc is a great complimentary product to Xero as it allows clients to have all relevant information in one location. The send to Xero function is crucial in making processes streamlined and reduce copying. Support and Service has been excellent so far and we recommend to all our clients.

Cloudmeb Services  

Simply, Hubdoc is the last missing puzzle piece for streamlining the accounting of my clients. It does all of the tasks that all of the alternatives just didn't do that well.

- Super easy and quick mobile app for physical receipts
- Forwarding of email receipts - and it renders HTML receipts properly!!!
- Automatically pulls bank statements, amazon receipts, utility bills, and so many others.

And this all rolls into Xero very nicely and constantly getting better.
Best part, the Hubdoc staff is very friendly who I have had the pleasure of chatting with on multiple occasions.

Patrick Courtnage  

I love HubDoc. It used to suck up hours of my time to download bank statements for our accountants. Click clickety click - a life wasted. Thanks, HubDoc!

Ken Simpson  

I am a huge HubDoc fan and supporter. Great app and great technical support. We continue to encourage all clients to implement Hubdoc too.


Peter Aprile  

Not only does the service work, but the team works to implement service-enhancements, which is a rarity. Thanks, Hubdoc! You're fantastic.

Joe McHugh  

Hubdoc's add-on is a must-have service for any small business owner. It saves an enormous amount of time and reduces paper files. And add to it a world-class customer service team that's diligent and committed to helping its customers get the most from a subscription.

Brian Anthony Martinez  

Hubdoc has saved us a crazy amount of time. It just works. Xero without Hubdoc is not something I'd even remotely consider going back to.

David Boyd  

Hubdoc delivers INSANE value when it comes to creating financial processes that bulletproof your business by retrieving and storing your documentation..... "automagically". There's no such thing as "hands-off" when it comes to accounting and recordkeeping but Hubdoc has done it. The team at Hubdoc is phenomenal and I can only imagine what more Hubdoc will bring to us, our clients, and our industry as a whole moving forward based on the experience so far. #gamechanger #financialbliss

Jessica Mae Stafford  

Has anyone used the Hub Doc and Bill.com integration? Was curious what the quality of the integration was and if everyone recommends this solution?

Adam Sharrow  

Cool interface, great to see it all "show up" in the accounting system. Amounts and Vendors are perfect (and easy to change), account coding is not always accurate, doesn't necessarily grab the coding you have set for the vendor in Xero...:(

Linda Wulf