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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Bills + Expenses

4.2 out of 5 stars
Based on 107 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Hubdoc, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Hubdoc

Paperwork on auto-pilot. Receipts, bills and statements - all in one place - automatically synced to Xero. For more information, check out Hubdoc.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Hubdoc, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out the Hubdoc support center or this page for information on connecting Hubdoc to Xero.

Like others who have posted on this thread, I am absolutely fuming at Xero for pushing out such an underdeveloped feature expecting its users to beta test it for them, for free. I only have half a dozen automated accounts connected to Hubdoc, but out of those six only two are working!! I'm only a small business and I am pulling my hair out over Hubdoc. It is possibly THE worst feature I have ever experienced from ANY software provider - that includes Microsoft!

This week I have received a notification from Hubdoc to say that it cannot log into my Xero account, so that my monthly invoice from Xero themselves can be retrieved!! If they cannot get the login experience correct for their own website, how on earth are we meant to have the confidence in them that they will ever fix the issues with logging into external websites?

Since Hubdoc launched I spend more time on my accounts than previously. I've had an open ticket with Xero Support since April, due to the technical issues I have with logging into accounts, mainly because Hubdoc doesn't work well with accounts where 2FA is turned on. In this day and age, where we are all advised to have an additional layer of security on our online accounts, I find it incredulous that Hubdoc/Xero cannot work with these parameters.

For those who are having a good experience with Hubdoc, I would love to know your secret!

Is it enough for me to consider leaving Xero? Absolutely it is. If this is the way that they treat their customers. They obviously believe that our time is not as valuable as theirs, given that they are using us as Beta Testers!

Apologies for the rant.

Nicola Brennan  

This post will probably be deleted but all Xero/Hubdoc engineers need to do is use the Quickbooks Online receipt capture via app and email forwards Then they would know how WE need Hubdoc to work. As so many have said, at the moment it is worse than useless

Graham Hyman  

When I watched the hubdoc training video, I was excited about the prospect of automating boring repetitive tasks, but my experience so far has been that it takes longer than manually importing documents and entering information directly into Xero. Trying to add accounts that have 2 factor authentication setup is impossible. I'm afraid I'm not going to waste anymore time with Hubdoc. The mobile app is so bad I've deleted it.

It feels like there is the potential there for this to be a good solution, but it requires quite some development, and I haven't got time to be the beta tester.

Kenton Simons  

This app is designed to improve productivity. It doesn't.
It is so slow and crashes all the time, it would be quicker for me to manually enter and upload documents to transactions myself.

Nicole de Wever  

Love Hubdocs - we've just implemented it in our organisation. One feature that is essential is the ability to add a note when uploading the document in the iphone app to explain the purchase.

As an example, we have directors who attend meetings that we need to keep track of who they hosted for hospitality/fringe benefits, but they cannot let our accounts team know more details apart from using the tag to say they were at a meeting. There are many more examples where the ability to add a note at the time of uploading a document would be of great benefit to the accounts team. I know you can do this in the PC software, but most of our users never log in on their PC's, they just use their phone to upload expenses.

Linda Brown  

Slow, crashes all the time and doesn’t work as it should, reading the reviews I’m not the only one having problems, up to Oct 2019 it looks like 5 stars all the way, the next review March 2020 all are 1 star, is that when Xero started giving users this great added value?

John Sandells  

I should be paid for using my time on it to make it work. I will persevere as one would hope Xero will fix it, but yeah I miss Receipt Bank a lot. The only reason we switched is because Hubdoc is free. For now it's a blight on the Xero name. It gets my blood boiling sometimes.

John Philp  

Absolute pile of garbage. Don't waste time on even evaluating. Primarily it is painfully slow at OCR, making it feel useless and unresponsive. Then when entering multiple lines of data the integration with Xero is so terribly slow that an invoice with four lines of data took over 3 mintues. Error messages when using "multiple" lines - even though there are none. In essence Hubdoc developers should be ashamed to waste valuable air.

Rob Stanley  

Totally embarrassing. As an adviser I went out to some new clients promoting the Hubdoc integration as one of the selling points. I find that none of clients were using it and were 'too polite' to feedback. First I thought this was an onboarding issue which I have come across before with these kind of mobile scanners. I now find these comments from other users and find it doesn't work at all on my account. Won't even save the photos.

Totally embarrasing as I will now have to go out to those clients, with apologies and switch all to receipt bank. I see that most of the positive reviews for this were pre-2020. Strikes me that Xero have 'tinkered' with the mainstream app and done some damage.

Wouldn't touch this with a ten foot barge pole.

Adrian Maudsley  

I was really excited when i heard that Xero was going to include this for free for all business edition Xero plans however now using the program I am completely dissatisfied with it. Even though it accompanies Xero plans I wouldn't personally recommend that anyone use this feature. Xero has a lot of work to do to improve the functionality of Hubdoc and needs to take on board users feedback as a priority!

Rebecca Keating  

It has to be the worst piece of software I have ever used. Continually throwing errors, can't get invoices to publish. Having to go back to Receipt Bank.

Xerox should be embarrassed endorsing this product.

gareth harvey  

We couldn't get this to work well for Biztech Lawyers... some of the functionality was great but it doesn't have the capacity to do expenses, which made it difficult to use for both direct invoices and expenses. AB

Anthony Bekker  

I've used Datamolino, great support. I've used Autoentry, good support. I've used Receiptbank, good support. I've used Hubdoc, Support? what's that? There is nowhere to raise a ticket within Hubdoc and it's ability to correctly read documents, post them to draft or approved seems to vary each time a document is uploaded, doesn't understand the difference between a credit or bill. Most of the invoices I would want fetched are not in their system either. Cannot set a payment terms period so future due bills look overdue in Xero. Has to be free, even Xero wouldn't have the nerve to charge for this!
Oh, NO stars!

Richard James  

Dreadful! Publish invoices as credit notes or vice versa. So much time spent fixing errors and double entering info. Xero really needs an integrated intray like MYOB which saves so much time!

pauline SIKWETI  

Terrible, terrible piece of junk.

Stephen Morris  

total waste of time! So annoyed I even bothered with it. It's a peice of crap!

Lisa Wain  

I am in complete disbelief that Xero are endorsing this product. It is not fit for purpose. The amount of editing that has to be done is really not a time saving exercise. It can't differentiate between a credit note and an invoice. So if I have a supplier set to 'auto publish' it will publish it as an invoice, even if it's a credit note, and vice versa. It is clunky, slow, constantly fires up the message 'stop long running script'. I should be paid for wasting my time using it!

Shauna Heseltine  

A just passable product for invoices and receipts that are forwarded in by email, a terrible product for photo capturing receipts.

The App (on Android) takes ages to open. The camera capture does not have auto cropping and it seems that receipts captured this way have no OCR performed on them.

Editing the documents (whether emailed or "snapped") is clumsy and not very intuitive. and syncing back to Xero is at least a 2 stage process.

I would give it less than 1 star if possible.

Xero should look at the Quickbooks App's new receipt capture facility. Quick, simple and very efficient

Graham Hyman  

I too am trying to see the logic in using (and recommending) Hubdoc. Ok I get it's looks like an easy repository of documents (invoices), but the recently improved OCR processing of Xero itself seems (to me) to be just as effective and within the one application.

I'm worried with the better reviews are we missing the point? or is it just that Xero has now developed to supersede the need for Hubdoc?

Elliot Brunton  

I’m on Xero and I would pay extra for zero to remove this app and stop giving me a false 'value added' claim on how amazing Hubdoc is. After a stressful 4hrs to try and make it work sitting together with an IT savy friend, we found much needed relief in a paid app that has saved me time, effort and errors. I am shocked that Xero puts its name against this product. Have they even tried it for themselves?
What a ........ liberty!

Onur Cajina  

I'm with all the latest reviews, and I feel like I am missing something. Hubdoc is a waste of time, I really don't understand why Xero bothered integrating Hubdoc. It is clunky and not user friendly. If anything it slows me down by having to load another window and asks me more questions than Xero platform does. I would love to hear how people currently use Hubdoc with Xero, as the old review seem to love it.

Aaron Wells  

Hubdoc in my Xero subscription was an exciting announcement, until I trialled the software and was underwhelmed.

The mobile app is nothing more than take a photo of a receipt. No ability to add a customer/description. We can tag to allocate a receipt/invoice to a customer or expense code, however after assigning a tag there is no option to mark the document as done. Same in the browser app.

Before Hubdoc I print an invoice and the field worker writes which customer or expense type then I enter into Xero. I can't see that Hubdoc is replacing this process. Essentially our field worker would need to spend more time coding invoices with the only benefit being electronic invoice filing.

I'm interested to know how other customers are making Hubdoc work for them.

Lisa Hanson  

Have i got a different hubdoc to everyone else?
aside from the nonsense of creating fake emails just to connect it to a company in xero, as far as i can tell it integrates with absolutely nothing?
Autofetch....... no it doesn't. It cetainly doesnt connect to any UK banks as far as i can see.
Basically you can upload a document, and save it.
much the same as my desktop but twice as cumbersome.
I'm curious who uses it. It automates absolutely nothing. Unless i have missed the big red button that says AUTOMATE.

Steve Grail  

If I am honest, I really don't like Hubdoc at all in comparison to Receipt Bank which I have used for a few years now.
1)When sending a document to Xero, the total is fine, however, the net total entered is the gross total so you then get an error message in xero to say "totals don't match".
2) I have to enter the supplier twice - once at the top and once in destinations - why??!
3) I cannot upload a combined receipt or a bill with more than one page via the app - B&Q have very long receipts so you cannot see the full receipt detail in one shot - therefore you need to take two photos - Receipt Bank gives you the option to upload a combined photo receipt as one document via the app!.
4) Due dates are not automatically populated
5) There is no option to adjust for pennies with VAT total's

Receipt Bank is far more advanced and the functionality is a lot better allowing for greater efficiencies in your administration - another great feature being if you have a number of receipts to upload and they are ok for just one photo, you have the option to take multi shots continuously and each photo will be uploaded as a separate document.

So I am afraid I will be going back to Receipt Bank - and no I don't work for them even though it sounds like I do! Just wish people would test things with real people before releasing them because Hubdoc just feels rushed an not thought through. I guess for those who have not used a system like this before its good - but there are better options!
Happy to be a guinea pig for testing if they decide to improve.

Gemma Papp  

Struggling to see the point. It doesn't integrate with my Dropbox even though I've tried resetting the integration multiple times. The document capture is woeful. It just takes a photograph. I've only got a certain amount of time for new features and Hubdoc has now exhausted this. I'll stick with Dropbox and Xero Expenses. They work. Thanks goodness we're not getting charged extra for this.

Steven Rudland  

Hubdoc is our go to system at Watson & Watt for fetching source documents and automating the vast majority of bookkeeping entries. It's a massive time saver and keeps everything nice and tidy

Nathan Watt  

As a new user to both Xero and Hubdoc, I am excited about the ease of flow and digitized process replacing my old, manual way of handling multiple receipts (debit card and credit card). I have recently discovered a disappointing issue with Hubdoc when publishing a SPEND MONEY receipt with errors in it. The correction is really clunky as their "re-publish" function only works on Document Types "Purchase" or "Credit Note" where a "draft" status is available. Heads up users: My clerks (like most!) make mistakes sometimes and the real test of a great software is how easy it is to correct those mistakes. I've dialoged extensively with both Hubdoc and Xero where no immediate easier remedy is available. I was asked by Xero to consider posting this -- so here it is! Anyone else battling this?

Kate Merrill  

My team and I adopted Hubdoc a few years ago. Since the adoption it has changed the way we interact with our clients. It is easy to use and saves time and energy chasing up clients for paperwork. We look forward to seeing further improvements and know we can rely on the amazing support team anytime

Jolene Lutman  

Hubdoc has been an invaluable addition to our workflow. In the last 6 months that we have been using it there have been improvements in processing time so that now some documents are being processed instantly.
It has improved our workflow - we are no longer waiting for clients to provide the information at the end of the month/quarter when they all bring it in at the last minute and helps us to keep the client data file up to date for real time decision making.
The support team are very helpful and ensure that any request is followed through to full resolution.
We especially like the affordable price point and that it is equal for every client.
The autofetch of bank statements and other documents is a huge timesaver.

Jodi Negri - Cairns Accounting Services Pty Ltd  

I started using Hubdoc late last year for several of my Tradies and what a game changer. No more screwed up faded receipts having to be excavated from the glove box or under the seats and no more lost receipts as they snap a photo as soon as they get the receipt. I can process the receipts long before I catch up with them to collect the paperwork which means I don't have a big rush at the end of the quarter. Easy to set up, easy to use and the team at Hubdoc are so helpful if you ever have a problem.

Elizabeth Homann  

Wow a total game changer. Hubdoc has bought in efficiencies to my practice that I had been looking for. No more chasing clients for bank statements & bills. The CSV import for bank accounts is amazing, as we are unable to get bank feeds for some account types. From the ease of setup to the outstanding customer service, it has been a great experience.

Thank you to the team behind the development of this product. Thank you also to the support team, who are always on hand to assist with enquiries & ensure we are utilising all the efficiencies Hubdoc has to offer.

Sharyne Leask  

Last year in September my business was looking for an effective and price accessible Receipt Management app to implement across our client base. We used Shoeboxed/Squirrel Street, but we found its limitations with the integration to the accounting packages made it difficult for us to use it effectively. We looked at the time it took us to complete our bookkeeping tasks and 30%-40% of our time was spent towards chasing paperwork from clients. Our goal was cut that time and make it as easy as possible for our clients to provide us with paperwork.
I looked at ReceiptBank (too difficult and expensive) Expensify (out of the price range) and then I stumbled into Hubdoc. It surpassed all my expectations:
- Price range Vs Document Limit ($25 + 300 documents PER DAY!!!) ReceiptBank limit is like 50 documents per month.
- Automatic Fetching - NO ONE else had that at the time
- Customizable email address to give to Suppliers
- Xero Integration - a choice between Purchases/Spend Money AND Expense Claim
The app is super easy to use. Hubdoc is now our non negotiable deal with our bookkeeping clients, "take it and use it and we'll pay for it" All our supplier paperwork runs through it and for some of our bigger clients all Customer Statements run through Hubdoc as well
The majority of our consulting clients also want it set up and absolutely love it
The support has been great, still a few enhancements to make the product 100%, which I am really looking forward to it!
Hubdoc in an integral part of our business, honestly I don't even remember how we coped without such a precious tool!

Paolo Coniglio  

We love how we've been able to integrate Hubdoc into our VIDEN app so our clients can easily snap a pic of an receipt and it automatically gets processed by our team.

Also impressed with the level of support by both customer success and the dev team. Good work guys!

Cloud Users Viden  

Hubdoc is a great time saver in my bookkeeping business. No more chasing receipts and dockets from clients. And my clients love the convenience of taking a quick photo and not having to file it away for later. I love the way it integrates seamlessly with Xero and Quickbooks. The fetch of bank statements and invoices means I have source documents without having to lift a finger. A great app!!

Amanda Larkin  

Hubdoc is the best, I love how they respond if we have queries, they are also there for our clients if needed also. Our workflow is alot more efficient now due to is training clients on taking the photos and setting up the auto collect, having bank statements every month instead of waiting for the client to send, We are on the way to a paperless office all with the help and support from HUBDOC
I cannot speak more highly of this team I would love to give 10 stars plus for this adon

Helen Kelly  

Hudbocs is great! Such a simple statement but so true. Hubdocs has helped streamline the processing of invoices. My clients like the ease of emailing the documents to one email address for processing. For me it is saves time as all invoices are sent to one area, and I can process all invoices for clients without having to switch between accounting packages. For one client we save 1 hour per month in processing their invoices using autosync. A cost saving that has been passed back to the client.

The response from their support team when I had an issue was fast and they kept me in the loop until the issue was fixed.

Roslyn Van Welie  

I have been using Hubdoc in my Bookkeeping/BAS agent practice & find that my clients do use the app & i get their paperwork without the hassle also getting bank & credit card statements so easy & automatic feeds from large suppliers is awesome

Belinda Cooper  

Great program - use for many clients and the ease of obtaining their bank statements in pdf and csv form is a winner for me!

Daniel Mathers  

Hubdoc just does what it's meant to do. Fuss free & user friendly. My clients and I love using the software. It's an awesome time saver. No more rummaging through the dreaded 'shoe box of receipts'. And no more chasing up clients for bank statements with the fetch feature. Oh, and the tagging feature is ace - so easy to search the files using the tags!

Kylie Hall  

If I didn't have Hubdoc, I couldn't take on half the clients that I do - absolutely saves me countless hours of boring data entry each month. Plus, there's an added bonus of extracting the invoices from Telstra and bank statements - no more finding the passwords to login and manually print off. Saving heaps of time & heaps of savings on paper, ink & room in the office for paperwork. It's a big yes from me.

I have previously tried 3 other apps that do roughly the same thing - but Hubdoc has my vote - great value for money & easy to use - I even got a free scanner during a promotion! Can't ask for better than that. Thank you

Kathy Monson  

Hubdoc is hands down one of our favourite apps.

Easy to use for our business and for our clients. 20/10 for customer service the team are totally awesome with a very quick turnaround time of max an hour and they make you feel like part of the "Hubdoc" family. Their fetching of bills and invoices is a total game changer!

Natalie Lennon  

Every new client of mine is introduced to Hubdoc because it will SAVE them money. Know your product, know how it works with Xero, know your client and now put it all together. Hubdoc works excellent with Xero, the team is getting back to you within in same day.

Heike Northey  

We absolutely love Hubdoc! Clients love it because of its so easy to use

Heather Shaw  

Hubdoc is an excellent tool for my business, it has created a streamlined efficient process in both my business and for my clients. They love the app to use on the go. My clients can keep busy and I can keep their accounts up to date without any hassles.

The support team are excellent as well I have not dropped off their radar after the sale they are consistently checking in which is really appreciated.

A great app that I highly recommend for all businesses looking to go paperless!

Emily Gallwey  

Love Hubdoc! The phone app makes it so easy for our clients to upload their receipts and invoices. It is an integral part of running out practice. I also love the transparent pricing structure :)

Mary-Clare Switz  

We love Hubdoc. It's ability to pull bank statements in PDF format and other regular bills is great. Also the ability to convert other PDF bills and receipts. The team is great and very helpful.

Arun Arunasalam  

Hubdoc is an invaluable tool in our practice, that we actually insist our clients use as part of their engagement with us. It's easy for the clients to use, makes document management easy, and the fetching saves everyone the hassle searching for and uploading docs, not to mention saving us from the tedium of data entry. The App is constantly improving, and support is always responsive and go out of their way to be helpful.

Most importantly, it saves us and our clients time, making it easier to focus on the things in their business that really matter.

Nicole Gadd  

Hubdoc has completely revolutionized my Business. No more chasing paperwork from Clients. Bank Statements, Bills, Invoices automatically collected. The ability to scan, email, drag & drop, or even take a photo with the app to get the extra paperwork in. Data entry is so much easier too with the majority of it done for me.
I now have the ability to work from anywhere, even while we were away camping for 7 weeks.

Thank you Hubdoc for such an amazing program.

Janie Holdstock  

I have switched to Hubdoc from another product and am very pleased to have done so. The app is awesome. It has saved time, energy AND money. The Fetch feature has allowed me to stop receiving a number of paper documents. The support is first class and there have been no billing surprises.

Jacinta Hoare  

HUBDOC is a keeper- clients love it, mobile users love it and it removes the flow choke point- particularly bank statements

Ben Kelly  

I don't need to add a great deal of detail as this is more than covered in other reviews. Hubdoc is great!! And if they ever want to host me for a visit to their office in Canada I will be more than happy to attend. There is so much hype about various apps. But Hubdoc is a keeper.

Mark Sharman  

Amazing customer service, always prompt, and a great system that has become an integral part of the way I run my business. No more data entry as Hubdoc accurately extracts the information from receipts uploaded by clients and sends it into Xero. The fetch capability is second to none. Highly recommend this product

Amar Latif  

The Hubdoc team are amazing, always very responsive to any questions we have.

App works well, being able to fetch bank statements is a godsend! Highly recommend. Cheers

Michael Wark  

Hubdoc has really earned their 5 stars, ease of use, automation, eliminating tasks etc - it tackles so many admin heavy tasks - well done team!

Emma Ward  

One of the best tools for automating client accounts. Our clients love the simplicity of the interface and the automatic structuring of folders of suppliers. It's also great at this time of the year when we can get bank statements automatically instead of having to bug people for them.

Beau Gaudron  

I’m really seeing the great value Hubdoc is helping me create , in efficiency and time, I just had a help Session with Simon Lofts and everything was simple straight to the point and really easy to understand and implement (keep in mind I'm a tradie too) My bookkeeper and accounting firm are loving Hubdoc too, as everything is is 1 place not multiple download and emails etc. Thanks to the team at Hubdoc, I look forward to a bright future together with the team , cheers!

Paul Williams  

We love Hubdoc. We use it to run our own practice and it gives me peace of mind that I have full records for all transactions in Xero, and saves me heaps of time. For our clients it is amazing - we use it for all clients but especially super funds - collecting source data to give to the auditor of SMSFs without having to bother the client is a big win for both us and the client. We would highly recommend Hubdoc to any business or accounting/bookkeeping firm.

Adele Wardley  

We love Hudoc! It really has allowed us to be more efficient. It gives us flexibility in getting details to more than one source. This has been huge. Further it allows us to store receipts etc in one searchable database. Hubdoc has dramatically decreased our transaction time. We can now focus more on client analysis and helping them with their businesses!

Corey Swiftney  

Hubdoc has made our bookkeeping work so much more efficient. The ability to get bank and credit card statements alone cut our processing time. And the custome support is amazing...

Mario Raia  

Love Hubdoc.
Easy to load paperwork via email, drag and drop or the neat app.
User friendly interface for coding and setting rules.
All documents are automatically filed and easy to search
The ability to auto download bank statements is a game changer
Best solution to come along since Xero itself .

Alastair Wilkie  

I signed up for Hubdoc and became a Hubdoc Certified Advanced Partner in 2016 and have never looked back. Now I only use Hubdoc for my clients. Love it and my clients love it too. It is so easy to use and apart from using it to capture bills and statements I also set up hubdoc for sending source documents between offices in different states and the best part is that the client now can keep a copy of the source document in Hubdoc and also send the document to Xero file and its upload is almost instant. No more scanning and sending documents by emails and accessing the documents in Hubdoc file is so easy. Clients are happy we are happy! Great App and great supporting team too.

Lyn Ho  

BAMM is always looking at efficiencies and improving relationships with our clients - Hubdoc does this in spades. Not having to nag our clients for bank statements and tax invoices every month saves time, money and helps maintain strong relationships with our clients. Clients hired us for a reason, they don't want to be bothered with admin, Hubdoc is the key for us here at BAMM and with their ever-improving OCR I envisage they will give some of the big-hitters like ReceiptBank a run for their money and take a huge slice of the pie. When I go to Xerocon and events like these, speakers often talk about 'getting on the wave' when it comes to technology and change. I personally think the time to jump on the Hubdoc wave is now and I am hanging ten :)

Denise Palmer  

I cannot say enough good things about this application not only does it pull all of the various statements from so many different vendors but will also pull the check images and deposit images which I find come in very handy when I have to reconcile multiple checks.

Marc Rayner  

Hubdoc rovlotionzed the way we work. What a great App to use. Prior to Hubdoc we used to courier documents back and forth. With Hubdoc we are 100% paperless and our clients love it

Mohamed Ismail, CPA, CGA  

I love Hubdoc. I have one inbox for all of my client's documents. The team is constantly updating features to make this even a better value. You can't go wrong using Hubdoc.

Michael Sandidge  

Hubdoc is one of the most useful apps I have ever used. I appreciate the updates that Hubdoc is doing to the app like multiple lines for expenses. It is also good for clients that want to go paper less, but they first have to learn to put all receipts, invoices in. I keep hoping that Hubdoc would add to this the deposits which would be a good feature.

Donna Truitt  

This is a game changer for our clients. Most of our clients have a hard time keeping track of their hard copy receipts, but by using HubDoc, they are able to snap a picture and forget about it! We include a HubDoc subscription with most of our packages, absolutely love it!

Brett Gonsalves  

We have been using Hubdoc for over a year now and it has changed the way we work with our clients. It is part of our standard set up for most new clients and allows our clients to "Fix it and Forget it." Not only do we use it in our office, I talk about it to any other CPA, accountant, bookkeeper and even the bankers I work with. Love it, love it, love it! They best part....I don't have to call my clients and say, "Can you send me the June credit card statement?" and they send May...and then have to call them back and tell them it is the wrong one. We have all been there. No more! Not only do we get the statements when they are available, we also get CSV's which upload into Xero (for many, not all accounts but Hubdoc is always adding accounts), and copies of checks (so no longer having to bug clients about "Who did you write that check to?). I LOVE this software and highly recommend it to any firm that wants to make their lives and the lives of their clients easier. Now, who does not want to do that! :)

Cheryl Burgmaier  

Hubdoc has been a major game changer app for our firm. It has saved us so much time in chasing down clients for their documents, that our turn around time for reports is now exponentially quicker.

Our clients love it too. They love the accessibility to there documents as much as we do and are thrilled to be rid of all the paper and receipts that pile up and clutter their desks and offices.

The Hubdoc support team s amazing!

This is a must have app for any accounting firm of the future.

Natasha McLaren Doerr, CPA, CGA  

Hubdoc, where have you been all my life??? I love this tool! It's streamlined my processes and my clients also love it. What I like best is that, in addition to posting to Xero and to Bill.com, it also saves everything directly to a client's unique Dropbox folder so that I can share their documents with them at year end. Having the source document pushed to Xero is also a great feature.

Laura Pilkington  

Love using Hubdoc and recommend it to all our clients using Xero, and all those not on Xero yet either. Makes everybody's live so much easier: our clients have their transactions automatically posted to Xero and permanent records of their receipts; as accountant, we have instant access to our client info and support docs so we can provide better and faster service.

Fabien Gendron  

What a fantastic app! Really useful for securing documents I need from clients without the continual nagging!
I now use it personally and this saved me so much time when gathering documents for my personal tax returns. I set up Hubdoc to gather all personal documents I would need at year end. This way I wouldn't forget anything, especially in terms of claiming expenses for investments. All the information was in one place and so easy to gather for the accountant. It was awesome and saved so much time. No more digging for those bank statements or bills and receipts.
After initially focusing on Hubdoc for business, I found it refreshing to set up for the family and myself to make tax time so much easier.
Any trouble shooting along the way and the team at Hubdoc were responsive and happy to assist.

Thanks Hubdoc

Tim Hoopmann  

Great app, customer service and onboarding followup. In addition to fetching AP invoices and bank statements, this OCR also handles AR invoices for those clients who have their own unique industry subsystem where these invoices are generated so no more re-keying into the accounting system. The one thing I would like to see improvements on are employee expense receipt submission. The company also just received a round of investment funding so looking forward to the enhancement releases to come.

Elaine Wong  

I love Hubdoc. I use it for major clients. The automation saves time for both me and the client. I would recommend it to any business looking to streamline their accounting process. Relatively new to Australia and still a few loose ends but definitely the way to go.

Norman Vincent  

We love Hubdoc. We use it for all our clients that we complete the bookkeeping for. The automation saves time for both me and the client. I would recommend it to any business looking to streamline their accounting process. And when you combine it with Xero = magic.

Alissa Bryden  

Hubdoc is great tool! Using hubdoc with botkeeper and Xero = 100% automated bookkeeping. Hubdoc helps botkeeper to provide it's clients with the lowest priced bookkeeping possible.

Mega Bot  

I love Hubdoc. We use Hubdoc in our standard software stack with our clients and we have saved so much time by adding this in. It fetches documents like a champ, our clients love using it, and we don't have to sift through stacks of paper any more. Ah! Love it! Super bonus: Their team (I'm looking at you Yoseph and Jamie (x2)!) actually cares about building great software and actively take suggestions to make it ever better.

Cristina Garza  

We love Hubdoc! It's great because it saves us time. Now all our documents are in one place and we don't need to chase them down. It has made our lives easier and our clients lives easier as well!

Rebekah Denney  

Hubdoc automatically pulls my clients' bills, receipts and statements into one secure spot with the ability to push it to many other places including Xero. Hubdoc automatically creates a transaction in Xero with a source document attached. No more data entry. No more chasing clients for receipts and statements.

I love it! A great product with a great team supporting it.

Rohan Brown  

HubDoc is the best Apps!
It's a new level of bookkeping! It's "audit ready" bookkeeping :)
Save time and money.
I really recommend it to each of my client, and I use it in my own practice.

Alexander Novitskiy  

Hubdoc is the missing piece for our accounting workflows. It saves so much time for us and allows us to assign different vendor payments or invoices to the exact location, AND attaches a copy of that document to Xero automatically. Another great feature is that all incoming bills can get organized automatically in proper folder AND sync to other file repositories like Box.COM, etc. It is by far the easiest way to collect recurrent payments and allows us to be more transparent in our books. HubDoc probably saves us hours if not days per month in time spent on bookkeeping and accounting. Highly recommend for any business who is drowning in invoices and statements.

Uday Khosla  

Hubdoc is a really great App. It saves me so much time and is intuitive to use. My clients love all of the great features. I highly recommend using it for your practice.

Bryan Colvin  

Whether you have it all in the cloud or you're into lateral files, either way you need Hubdoc.
Hubdoc takes that process of plunking things into the accounting system that we thought we would never escape, blows it up, and solves it. Awesome.

Jill Gayle  

The easiest way to collect reoccurring and one time bills. Integration directly to accounting packages. Processing payable paperwork any other way is simply wasting your time

Marcin Delecki  


Hubdoc is a document management Addon for the Xero ecosystem. In a nutshell what it does is digitises or extracts key information from your paperwork via a process known as optical character recognition (OCR), which allows you to search for any scanned item by keyword.

I must admit one of my strong points isn’t filing, and paperwork does really pile up fast and furiously. The bugger of it all is when you are trying to find a particular receipt or document, and you have no idea where it is. Hubdoc is built for people like me. So lets have a look at Hubdoc and see how it works.

Please read the rest of the review at whichaddon.com

Marlon Wambeek  

Love Love Love Hubdoc!!!!

As a professional that works remotely and sometimes from a different country, Hubdoc comes in as a life saver.
Logging in to a Hubdoc and having all of the resources needed to complete the work for my client, having a client submit the receipts directly to Hudboc that are directly then codded and submitted to Xero, and having availability to pull the check images so that I can easily see the all the necessary information and code it correctly - all of that and much more is what places Hubdoc at the top of my list of apps. It is not a add-on, its a necessity in my practice. We include the Hubdoc subscription into our packages for our clients.


Jelena Arkula  

Hubdoc is an absolute game changer for me and my back office solutions business - I mean this in the most selfish way possible! The app has numerous applications for back office optimization - we have found a number of ways to reduce time spent on a monthly basis. The simplified combination of statement "fetching" and optical character recognition and Xero integration allows us to reduce and in some cases eliminate costly alternatives. Hubdoc isn't free, and it shouldn't be - they provide a valuable benefit that easily justifies the cost. All of this plus dedicated and responsive support. Seriously, you can't go wrong signing up for Hubdoc...please keep it up guys!!

Rustin Smith  

Hubdoc saves my practice time each month. All my clients bank statements are pulled into on place and you get reminders when they arrive. My staff has access to them without having each client bank login in data. Hubdocs saves time, provides tighter security for my clients and is easy to use. This is a winner!

Tina Seidel  

A virtual filing cabinet that allows you to just say no to killing trees! They guarantee that you will never have to ask your client for a statement - so far, I haven't had to ask my client's for a statement, check ✔. Then to top it off, they have made data entry a breeze, it's called #zerodataentry! They push the invoices into Xero, all I have to do is verify, and save. What a time-saver! Xero and Hubdoc what a combo, I can't see any reason for any of my Xero clients not to use Hubdoc. The team at Hubdoc are awesome, always ready to answer a question or provide tech support when needed. Love the app, love the team.

Laurie Seligman  

Once you have gone digital it can be time consuming accumulating bank, credit card and payroll statements electronically. This app does it automatically for you and even files them for you!

Laura Gannon  

Hubdoc has been an amazing tool that we have implemented into our practice! Hubdoc is a great solution for document management. We love that it will automatically fetch any available bank statements, etc when they are available, not to mention that they automatically sort the statements in appropriate folders. The integration with Xero has been great sending bills to Xero automatically. Hubdoc is a great tool that every business could implement into their workflow!

Steve Bogue  

Hubdoc changed the way we run our practice. We were 6 months in running a paperless office and spending too much time saving documents online. Hubdoc does that for you. More importantly, it fetches your bills and statements from your online accounts and send them automatically to your Xero. Hubdoc allowed us to replace an entry level staff position that was hard to fill and we can now concentrate on higher level analysis. My staff love it AND my clients love it. It's win-win all around.

Amelie Bertrand  

I cannot say enough about how Hubdoc has changed my world! I am new to Xero but I can't imagine it without Hubdoc already! My clients love it, I love it! Many of my clients work out of town and them having the ability to take pics (using the app on their phone) of the invoices and receipts is a game changer. No more of me having to waste time tracking down details or waiting for them to forward bank statements. I have it all where I want it, when I want it.
The reason I looked at Hubdoc in the beginning was that I was trying to scale my business and found the only way I could do that was by hiring more staff or becoming more efficient and utilizing technology to it's fullest. I am thrilled to say that the Xero / Hubdoc combo is the answer. I have already grown by 25% this year and I can see still more in the future. All without the extra overhead of staff etc.
This review would not be complete without a nod to the fabulous people at Hubdoc. You can always get a real person, with a real solution or answer to your questions!

Kelly Christian  

Cool interface, great to see it all "show up" in the accounting system. Amounts and Vendors are perfect (and easy to change), account coding is not always accurate, doesn't necessarily grab the coding you have set for the vendor in Xero...:(

Linda Wulf  

Has anyone used the Hub Doc and Bill.com integration? Was curious what the quality of the integration was and if everyone recommends this solution?

Adam Sharrow  

Hubdoc delivers INSANE value when it comes to creating financial processes that bulletproof your business by retrieving and storing your documentation..... "automagically". There's no such thing as "hands-off" when it comes to accounting and recordkeeping but Hubdoc has done it. The team at Hubdoc is phenomenal and I can only imagine what more Hubdoc will bring to us, our clients, and our industry as a whole moving forward based on the experience so far. #gamechanger #financialbliss

Jessica Mae Stafford  

Hubdoc has saved us a crazy amount of time. It just works. Xero without Hubdoc is not something I'd even remotely consider going back to.

David Boyd  

Hubdoc's add-on is a must-have service for any small business owner. It saves an enormous amount of time and reduces paper files. And add to it a world-class customer service team that's diligent and committed to helping its customers get the most from a subscription.

Brian Anthony Martinez  

Not only does the service work, but the team works to implement service-enhancements, which is a rarity. Thanks, Hubdoc! You're fantastic.

Joe McHugh  

I am a huge HubDoc fan and supporter. Great app and great technical support. We continue to encourage all clients to implement Hubdoc too.


Peter Aprile  

I love HubDoc. It used to suck up hours of my time to download bank statements for our accountants. Click clickety click - a life wasted. Thanks, HubDoc!

Ken Simpson  

Simply, Hubdoc is the last missing puzzle piece for streamlining the accounting of my clients. It does all of the tasks that all of the alternatives just didn't do that well.

- Super easy and quick mobile app for physical receipts
- Forwarding of email receipts - and it renders HTML receipts properly!!!
- Automatically pulls bank statements, amazon receipts, utility bills, and so many others.

And this all rolls into Xero very nicely and constantly getting better.
Best part, the Hubdoc staff is very friendly who I have had the pleasure of chatting with on multiple occasions.

Patrick Courtnage  

Hubdoc is a great complimentary product to Xero as it allows clients to have all relevant information in one location. The send to Xero function is crucial in making processes streamlined and reduce copying. Support and Service has been excellent so far and we recommend to all our clients.

Cloudmeb Services  

Hubdoc is a huge time saver and I can't image using Xero without it anymore! Just email your receipts to Hubdoc and it feeds the information to Xero creating bills which can then reconcile to the bank feed. I spend less time asking clients for details of transactions so they can be recorded properly. The source document is linked to the xero transaction already thanks to Hubdoc! This leaves me more time to focus on providing services that my clients value!

Michelle Fortunato  

I have been using Hubdoc both for myself and for several of my clients. The set it and forget it aspect of this tool ensures my clients info is pro-actively gathered and stored in a central site. This reduces the time we have to spend tracking down statements that are no longer available online. In addition the ability to snap a picture from the mobile app and or email bills directly into Xero is awesome. However, it is the incredible customer service that we have received that makes me recommend this product over and over again.

Andrew Wall CPA, CMA  

I've been using Hubdoc personal and for business for the past 8 months now and it's great!

-No more paper at all
-No need to meet with my clients every month
-Cost effective and easy to use

I recommend Hubdoc to every business and every accounting company and department.

By far worth it!

Patrick Payne  

I've been using Hubdoc to pull invoices from my vendor accounts and then Hubdoc sends that bill to Xero and simultaneously creates a draft bill in Xero with the support doc attached to the bill. Probably best described with a flow chart but it is a really cool program and works great!

David Tunstall  

Hubdoc is awesome. Totally automates the drudgery of entering expenses and invoices into Xero plus gives me a consolidated one stop place to find statements and invoices without manually logging into numerous vendor websites. ePost in Canada sucks and takes 5 days longer to notify me of my monthly Bell Canada bill plus doesn't track what I've paid or not paid. Definitely recommended.

Blair Collins  

Started testing this last week and liked what I saw initially, but then when I saw how HubDoc "just does it" I was hooked! What do I mean, I scanned an auto repair receipt into HubDoc, (that's all I did) and HubDoc read the receipt, sent it to Xero which created a draft bill and coded it to my automobile expense account. This is going to save a ton of time and create tons a value for our customers!!!

Tom Limroth  

Hubdoc is a must-have app for anyone interested in automating their bookkeeping workflow and eliminating data entry. It has changed the way we run our business.

As a Xero Partner who focuses on cloud accounting solutions and optimizing our internal processes, I am always looking for solutions that will improve productivity and enable Zero Data Entry. Hubdoc helps me achieve that goal. I have looked at different approaches to collecting documents and statements: task management solutions to bug customers for information, calendar reminders, and routing all statements to specific email addresses.
Hubdoc solves this problem. It puts your clients’ monthly bills and statements on autopilot. It is an automated document collection, storage and organization platform on steroids that lives in the cloud and integrates with Xero.

This productivity tool will enable your team to support more clients in less time while providing more value. Hubdoc covers a significant portion of the document collection process required to maintain accurate and auditable financial information. It will eliminate a significant portion of the administrative communications with your clients to collect the documents they have and you need.

Hubdoc is being designed for accountants to manage multiple clients. Hubdoc is launching a multi-client dashboard soon, and they have volume pricing available to accountants and bookkeepers.

Xero Integration
Hubdoc’s focus is accounting practices and the Xero integration is a core feature. When Hubdoc collects a new invoice, it will automatically create a bill in Xero and attach the source document to the bill.

Hubdoc checks for statements daily so as soon as the statement is available, it is pulled in, and then it is synced over to Xero. Hubdoc provides the ability to map the bill to the right vendor and code it to the right account.

You can choose if the bill goes into Draft to be reviewed before processing or as Approved depending on your workflow.

Hubdoc is a modern cloud software company. They continually collect feedback from accountants and their customers to improve the product and are constantly adding new banks, credit cards, utilities, etc.

Our team loves this tool. It saves them time to focus on more valuable tasks, like analyzing our clients financials and managing cash flow vs. the drudgery of data entry. This tool enables us to support more clients better with less effort.

Scott Scharf  

This is the best thing I've seen happen in the online banking/accounting app world yet. I've long wanted to rid myself and our clients of paper. The solutions to date have always left gaps in the process never reaching the full paperless outcome. Hubdoc has done it. It automatically pulls the bills, bank statements and receipts along with the CSV file. My bookkeeper can see the full statement details as well as upload the data seamlessly. I can take photos of my receipts and Hubdoc pulls the details electronically and pushes that directly into Xero. If you want to truly be paperless and save hours of your time then this is the one stop app to do it.

My hat is tipped to the team at Hubdoc who've done the difficult thinking and development to put this together.

Michael Palmer  

love Hubdoc. Why? It automatically pulls my clients' bills, receipts and statements into one secure hub. Plus, for every bill or invoice, Hubdoc automatically creates a journal entry in Xero with a source document attached to it. No more data entry. No more logging into dozens of sites each month. No more chasing clients for receipts and statements.

The greatest add-on of all time. A great product with a great team supporting it.

Ryan Kagan