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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Point of sale

1.6 out of 5 stars
Based on 10 user ratings

About Square

Accept credit cards from an iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Run your business with free point of sale software and free back office tools. For more information, check out Square.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Square, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out the Square support center or this page for information on connecting Square to Xero.

Worse than useless, the daily sales invoice doesn't work as we use a stock management system which generates invoices so you end up with duplicated invoices and no way other than via manual intervention of tying up the individual invoices with the transfers from square to the bank account, would be better off without this.

Rachel Stimson  

Not very good. Applies monthly journal to “fix” GST even if business is not registered for GST. Cannot split Square sales categories into different Xero account. Gift card payments go into the same Xero account as credit card payments. And forget about inventory integration.

Consider doing a manual invoice off square reports instead.

Paul Ruberry  

Terrible integration with Xero. GST businesses beware. The GST never reconciles. When we got in contact with Square, they just said too bad. If you are not registered for GST the product would be ok to use. For all our clients that are registered for GST and use Square, we don't integrate with Xero any longer. We manually enter each sale in with the correct GST applied.

Clare Burns  

Hey Patrick, this page is just meant for the review of our app partner! Each each user can only comment once, so Jonathan will not be able to come back to you here. Feel free to set up your profile in Xero Central and start a Discussion in our Connected apps & services topic there.

Kavi S (Community Manager)  

Jonathon We are just about to take square to just take card payments and link all these payments in Xero. Looking at your comments it does not look too good. do you find just using card payments do you link this with square and if so is this working OK .

Patrick Moore  

Integration isn't integrated at all...
Reconciliation is just down-right confusing now.
I use Square reader to accept card payments...that's all...simple really...but no...it's not simple once Xero becomes involved...

Jonathan Johannessen  

Very poor integration, can only set up one sales account.

Xero have placed Square as a default app on the Connected Aps Tab - what kind underhand tactic is this? Xero have joined the ranks of Google and Microsoft with underhand selling tactics - bad show Xero.

Mike Wheatley  

Hi Tom - Just wanted to pipe in to let you know Square integration is now available in the UK.
You can find detail on setting this up, here in our Help Centre. :)

Kelly M (Community Manager)  

Apparently, this add-on cannot be integrated with Xero for UK businesses.

Tom Trainer  

As mentioned, the Square integration is anything but integrated. However, if you set up an account with a service like Stripe, it will do exactly what you expect it to do. I agree this is frustrating, as like you, I have been using Square and would've liked to continue using Square. For now this is all I/we can do.

Daniel Burns  

Ugh 2500 characters really? Bottom line, if you invoice customers, this integration is useless and can't be configured to work for you. Because it forces you to 'catch all' invoice each day against a single revenue code.

See my full review here: https://community.xero.com/business/discussion/13541764/

Mike Baptiste  

I've used Square for several years, and liked it. In switching our accounting to Xero, I thought we'd simplify the (cumbersome) task of invoicing and reconciling. Not so.

When signing up, I thought 'Square Integration' would mean several things it turns out it doesn't mean. Instead of Square integration being helpful, it's actually pointless for us.

It turns out you can't set up an invoice in Xero, and send it to a customer by email, with the option to have them pay it via Square, and then have the whole thing automatically entered in Xero. This is what 'Square Integration' ought to mean (and from reading your help/feature request section, it turns out many people have the same frustration).

Every Square transaction we make, either by swipe or online invoice (which is most common for us) needs to be applied to a customer and invoice. But as it is, Square just makes one invoice in Xero per day, so multiple payments all get lumped together with no information about what the invoice was for, how much individual transactions are for, who the payment is from, etc.

That is totally useless.

So we still have to create an invoice in Square, and email it to the customer. They pay it online. Then we have to create an invoice in Xero. Then we have to figure out the mess Square makes with their single invoices for multiple payments per day on Square's very frustrating website. Or we have to manually enter the Square payment into Xero. So this system is no better than the system we had in place before when we were using ancient Quicken software.

I just want a simple, unified way to create an invoice, email to a customer, have them pay it online, and have it all instantly applied in Xero with no further hassle. At the end of the month, I want to click a single button to reconcile my bank account. Sadly, Square and Xero don't have anything like this set up, which is extremely frustrating.

Fritz Liedtke  

We have have been using Square and the Square Market for one of my own companies. It is a start-up apparel company and we choose Square since there was little learning curve and no investment to set it up. We use the Square Market to embedded products on our website (Reelminapparel.com), the ipad and mobile POS solution.

With the Xero integration it is effortless to get the sales and payments over to Xero. All that is left is to match the deposits when they come over from the bank feed.


Jay Kimelman  

We've been a Square user since soon after Square began and we switched our entire merchant system to them 2 years ago. There will always be caveats about usability and for your specific domain you should research. For a confectionary/bakery Square gets the job done with little overhead. They have a long roadmap ahead to become an extraordinary service but we've really had little trouble with running 2 retail storefronts and wholesale/retail accounts.

Recently the Xero team integrated Square and the workload has gotten even faster. We look forward to deeper levels of this digital-handshake but again, they have taken hours off my clock and turned it into minutes spent. I love that.

Andy Ciordia