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Entryless v Receipt Bank v any others ?

Started by Les Gray -   in Using Xero Connected Apps

As far as I can see, there is little to choose feature-wise between Entryless & Receipt Bank. Or am I missing something fundamental ?

Need to make a decision as to which one to adopt in our Practice (c25 clients), and obviously want to get it right.

Does either have a 'killer feature' that distinguishes it from the competition ? Or a fatal flaw ?

Or is there a further alternative add-on that I've not investigated yet ?

Thanks in advance for any advice / guidance.
I just switched from Shoebox to Receipt Bank. It works very well. I am very happy with it

Michael Altringer  

We use receipt bank, and it's ok, but mostly for very basic invoices. Each receipt is entered as a single line item, so if you have a receipt for multiple items across multiple Accounts, you have to go in and enter all that manually anyway.
Also, if you submit a nice crisp .pdf of a receipt (not a scan), you still get back a not so crisp .jpg file as your Xero attachment, and I don't understand why.

Caitlin Thompson  

I am still busy testing but I haven't found a bulk approve function in Entryless yet. You have to view and approve invoice by invoice before these get uploaded to Xero. If I go through the invoices one at a time I prefer to do this in Xero as it let's you know if there are any duplicates. Receipt bank allows you to "approve" a number of invoices at one time.

Receipt bank offers a post and scan service, but Entryless brings in the Due date and is better priced....

I would more than likely recommend different add on's based on different client's needs.

Michelle Gomes  

This is Jan from Datamolino.

In comparison to RB, we also capture "invoice description" so you have a better idea about the bill when you work with it in Xero.

Datamolino can also capture "invoice line items", which can be helpful in certain situations.

have a look at www.datamolino.com

Jan Korecky  

i've tested out a bunch of these
-no dropbox (or cloud storage integration) BAD
-new invoices require user input of vendor name before their algo can learn it. too. BAD.
Both features are provided by competitors.
-it captures invoice line items. (but by description)
-dates are captured in euro mode. (very bad for US customers)

-multiple company drop down list. GOOD.
-fast support/email/zendesk GOOD!
-Dropbox integration -raw, it can sync any folder. Not as good as RB

Receipt-bank (RB)
-dropbox integration is workflow based so 2 folders. Invoice Folder and Archive Folder. Instantly know what has or hasnt been processed just by looking at the dropbox folder. GREAT. 2 ROLES. MAIN USER AND CPA

Datamolino is missing core features.
Entryless is slower than RB but its also 10$ cheaper per month.
Entryless has 4 roles. CPA junior, CPA, approver, owner. (VERY proper)

As a designer, i prefer RB but as a business guy I prefer Entryless.

RB workflow is much simpler as it is a 2 role set up. CPA and Data Approver guy.
In Entryless, each role is more pronounced. And you can set up multiple Approvers. You have the CPA jr. approve payments. Only the CPA Master can approve banks. So the CPA has master control over Entryless. And the Owner has master control over Xero/QB. So a big corporation with a huge staff running multiple companies would prefer Entryless.

I think Entryless is better because it has Approver mode. Basically, you can just give a guy his own password and the only thing he can do is approve shit. Real world small company wise-it's not like I use Xero's roles that much either. But it's good to have when you start expanding. I pick Entryless because I have 120-150 invoices a month. I have vendor credit as well so i dont need the speed RB provides.

There is another solution would be Scan2Invoice which is a software that manually scopes out the specific names, dates and total. To be honest, I could probably code something like that in 2 days,C#, and a redbull. The only hard part is making it play nice with the XERO API. But S2I is like $139 one time fee. You might as well pay the guy. Then again, why are you using XERO anyways? Just run GNUcash and import all your banktransactions. :)
Not that xero bankfeeds are so great. Reparsing paper bank feeds is a lot better than waiting for the yodlee feed to reload.


abby abby  

Jan from Datamolino, In reply to Abby:

thanks for the US centered review. I do not understand why you are not comparing all features and just list couple of Datamolino features that you deem bad. Also, in my opinion "core features" are data capture and export endpoints in Xero. Without core features we would not be having such a nice growth of users :)

For the record:

-no dropbox (or cloud storage integration) -- True. Although "sexi" from a developer perspective, not a widely requested feature in our customer base yet, so we focus on other priorities

- new invoices require user input of vendor name before their algo can learn it. too. -- In our experience, many Xero users have duplicate contacts -- this "learning process" ensures that we pair the Supplier to the correct Contact in Xero. At the same time we learn the preffered settings for this Supplier, so it is 2 in 1. Isn't that GOOD? (again, this is our experience with bookkeepers and accountants -- they have control where we export. Competitors sometimes just create a contact in Xero from the Supplier name and export -- and create duplicate contacts)

- it captures invoice line items. (but by description) --- Not sure if this is an objection or not. Yes, Datamolino captures line items from SCANS and digital PDFs. Description + Amount ... We also capture DESCRIPTION of the invoice for the standard capture -- others just send an empty description to Xero

- dates are displayed in EU format. True. But are sent to Xero in correct format. If the system is sure it is a US invoice, it will always capture the date in the correct order. But I concede that dates such as 5/3/2017 are tricky.

- Support -- if you read the reviews of Datamolino you can notice that SUPPORT is mentioned a lot. We use Intercom chat and have median response time to support queries of 4 minutes for the past month.

Each solution has its merits. So it is great that you took the time to find the one that suits your needs. Datamolino focuses a lot on bookkeeping firms and accounting firms. They seem to prefer the quality of our data capture and the personal touch of our support team on chat and on the phone.

Have a great summer!

Jan Korecky  

exactly why would xero users have duplicate contacts? In fact XERO has hard-coded duplicate contacts out of the system. You basically can't have two contacts with the same name.

2) scraping the invoice line item is fairly useless to a larger company who wants to keep track of items using item-codes. It's a lot better if it scraped Tomato and say itemcode '5413'. That way my data entry guy can put in 5413 and get tomato from the xero inventory system. Otherwise i can just do a search for 'tomato' in my system and get the same thing from my ocr pdfs.

The real reason you don't do syncing is because syncing is messy. For instance, Entryless won't show things they failed to upload. They dont have a preprocessed and post processed folder.

after considering all options, i believe receipt bank is much better. Even if doing multi company is a big hassle.

abby abby  

re: duplicate contacts --- they have duplicate contacts, where they have created a name variation for the same business entity. Example: Tesco, Tesco, Ltd., Tesco Ltd. .... This is just one example.

Yes, Xero does not allow the "exact name", but the duplicates I am talking about exist. They happen from user error, or using data capture add-ons that are liberal in creating contacts based on "captured supplier name".

2) That is your opinion. The reality is more varied than that. ... In Datamolino - we are actually capable of capturing every line item detail and use this with our API partners. In Xero, it is a question on how to best integrate with the inventory system. Here things get complicated quickly. That is why we decided to keep the line item level functionality for bookkeepers -- it helps them categorise items into different ledger accounts. Which is useful. That is why we have paying clients for this feature.

When it comes to inventory and line item codes -- most Supplier Invoices that are processed by Xero clients may not have item codes. Then, as you probably know, you can have different suppliers, each using their own item code nomenclature. Xero clients are smaller companies that cannot force their suppliers to use their item codes.

And btw. the real reason we do not do some things may be different than you think. We have to choose our priorities.

As with everything. Each tool has its strong points. Look at the reviews of Datamolino if you want to see why Datamolino is attracting new clients all the time and why the existing clients are very happy.

Thank you.


Jan Korecky